the good old day


Brandy for the Parson (1952)

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What is Kaptain Kimby up to?! She hasn't been this obv supporting kaylor since the good old days..... ;)

Not sure, but bless the Kaptain for all her support!

good morning this is a redraw of an old picture I did!

Day 28 - Draw a family portrait! Doesn’t have to be your fam though!

Izy and I decided that Markus would have the biggest family out of all six of the main characters from our comic thing (which I really need to discuss with her into bringing it back.)

Here’s the original picture:

I finally learned how color tone works and not everyone is fucking pale.

Ok so now that EXO is triple million sellers

Shoutout to predebut EXO. Shoutout to MAMA and History and Wolf. ShoutOut to “Open arms” and “DangDangDang.” Shoutout to EXO ShowTime. Shoutout to EXO on WeeklyIdol and RunningMan.Shoutout to #EMAzing EXO. Shoutout to Yehet,Krispy Lays, Kkaebsong and Galaxy memes. Shoutout to the fanfic authors,fansites, subbers, fanartists, cover singers,giffers, graphic editors, dancers and meme makers. Shoutout to Baekhundred,Changdictator and silv3rt3ar. Shoutout to exo M. Shoutout to Kris Luhan and Tao. Shoutout to the Chinese fandom. Shoutout to ot12. Shoutout to pre 2013 exo when they weren’t 1 million sellers.

Self-proclaimed nice guy: I’m a gentleman :) I pull chairs out for women

Me, thinking about the good old days when gentlemen were god-honest cads and took you on a date to the local opium den and ate you out in the theatre box: cool beans