the good of this city

I often hear two seemingly conflicting ideas expressed by queer people and directed mostly at cis and straight people. One is “we’re the same as you”, which implies “we’re safe, we just want to be normal citizens like you, have families, go shopping and maybe not tell everybody about details of my sex life”. The other is “We’re different from you”, which emphasizes diversity, how queer experience differs from cishet one, often mixed either with justified anger or a very “in your face” celebration of said diversity.

Today I’ve been on my first ever Pride.

I thought about going for some time already, but there were always conflicting other responsibilities, illnesses, or I didn’t have anyone to go with me, or I was simply too afraid to go. I almost didn’t go this year too - Irian was supposed to work today - but an extended sick leave (ending today) allowed us to go.

I feel like I’ve seen a bit of both approaches.

On the one hand - it was mostly on the “safe” side. No dreaded public nudity, no provocative outfits or angry shouts (the motto was “Love not war”). On the other - I’ve seen so much different people there. There were families with kids, there were young and old people, I even saw a few people in wheelchairs. There was so much unapologetic joy and friendliness and colors. Noone cared that we were disturbing traffic or that we were loud or anything. There were small attempts at counter-protests, but honestly, they were barely notice-able? I saw some signs, but if they tried to shout something, I couldn’t hear, and the police dealt with everything really smoothly. Mostly? People were smiling at us. Watched us from balconies and windows. Some waved at us and were answered with a whole group of rainbow-flagged waves. Some made photos. There were even some cheers and supportive shouts.

We were like “this is us, here we are, we don’t have to hide. We can be whatever we want, and you can’t stop us and today we are HAPPY”

It felt just a little bit magical.

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally


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