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Guys, not to get intense, but WE KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR SOULS. Yep, we’ve been all up in that murky goodness, and once we got past the Chipotle burritos and the floating face of your AP Lang crush (he cute tho), we discovered what you truly want more than anything: ALL MARAUDERS, ALL THE TIME.

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Introducing the Septiceye Strength Project !!!

I don’t know about everyone else, but since I’ve joined the Jacksepticeye community I’ve found a lot of something I hadn’t seen in fandoms before: happiness. This community is rampant with positivity, love, and support for one another and I have never felt so welcome in a place.

Random people message me to have a good day, I get Internet hugs when I’m sad, and more. And although we all should be proud of ourselves, I think we have a common denominator to thank: the man himself.

Jack has created a community where no one feels alone and where I and many others can come to find support no matter where they come from, or what their sexuality, gender identity, or race is. It’s incredibly powerful and I can’t speak of it enough to do justice.
Before I get carried away, I want to share some statistics with you:

Over one million people die by suicide worldwide each year.

The global suicide rate is 16 per 100,000 population.

On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.

1.8% of worldwide deaths are suicides.

Global suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 years.

I wanted to do something to not only show my incredible, inexpressible thanks for Jack but also to help people. I created the SepticEyeStrength Project because of that.

The goal of this project is to not only show our thanks for Jack, but also to show how powerful we are as a community and how we can act as a serious proponent of change.

The goal of the SepticEyeStrength Project is to raise $2,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, as there is no credible international one, by the end of 2017. To do this, I need your help.

Although the plan is to eventually get there, the project must first gain ground. We must get social media recognition (hopefully from the man himself!) and support.

First order of business is that I need a team. A group of people anywhere between 16-25 who want to help. (To apply, you can click this link:

The second order of buisiness is immediate action. TODAY (February 19th) I am starting the “Messages for Jack” event, using the tag #septiceyestrength as a place to express thanks, love, and anything you want to say to Jack, especially if you have a story where he has helped you through hard times.

In addition, if you want to go the extra mile, post a picture of yourself holding up a sign that has the tag on it and a message to Jack. My goal is to get this tag active enough so that the project can gain ground, so that we can open the charity initiative and hopefully pass our goal.

Whether or not you plan to actually want to get involved, this project and Jack mean the world to me. Please spread this, follow this blog, and follow our twitter @septiceyestrong.

Thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me. Don’t forget to keep being bosses.

How I ship Gency:

I like to think that Angela is a kind but very very tired soul that continues to push herself beyond her limits for the good of humanity. She’s constantly trying to improve medical science and works long hours to make it happen. She will sometimes go days without sleep on the job and forget to eat. Over the years, it has made her jaded - almost dead inside. But she does what she must.

One day, a body is rushed to her by Blackwatch all the way from Japan. She has never seen this man - or what’s left of him - before, but he’s obviously very important to Overwatch’s interests if he was rushed to her to be saved. So she begins the grueling process of breathing life back into his body. Thanks to the advances in medicine that she has pioneered, she is able to save the miraculous, weak heartbeat in him. Regardless, she still works for months slowly rebuilding him and salvaging any organic parts possible. All the while he is comatose.

The first time he awakens, he is disoriented, angry, and violent. Angela has to call for back up to restrain him so she can explain where he is, what has happened, and that he is safe. Gabriel Reyes enters during this time. Reyes doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells the man - Shimada Genji - that he was saved because they need his knowledge of the Shimada clan in order to dismantle it - that he will be instrumental in taking down his family business. Angela is horrified. She’d never been told to what end Overwatch needed this man - only that he held valuable information. She only guessed who or what he could be. Perhaps an important diplomat or undercover agent - but not an outsider. Not someone who would be in their debt for life. Her operations on him were costly. There was no way Overwatch would do that and expect nothing in return. Though they worked for the safety of the world - Angela knew they were not a charity.

She shoots a piercing glare in Reyes’ direction - saying silently, “This is NOT what I signed up for! We WILL talk about this later!” Reyes ignores her look. He waits for Shimada’s response. The man is silent. Thinking. After a pregnant pause, his gaze crawls up to their faces and a chill runs through Angela’s spine.

“I could be more than just information,” he says with seething rage boiling in his eyes. Reyes lifts an eyebrow. Angela can’t breathe. Shimada continues, “It would be my pleasure to assist in destroying my brother’s empire.” His lips curl at the word brother.

Reyes and Shimada exchange hard stares at one another. Reyes is the first to speak. “What are you asking, boy?”

“Let me personally assist on this project. On the field. I know more secrets than just the business of the empire - and how to exploit them. I am already a trained fighter with extensive experience in stealth and… Other fields of interest to your organization.” The menace in his gaze reveals that he speaks the truth.

Angela leaves abruptly. She doesn’t need to look at Reyes to know that he will accept Shimada’s offer. She is so very tired.

She assists in Shimada’s recovery. She fine-tunes his motor skills. She helps him learn to walk again. She helps familiarize him with his new functions… She refuses to comply with Blackwatch’s request to integrate weaponry into his cybernetic body. She hates weapons. She hates violence - it’s what stole her parents from her in the war. She has only ever killed in battle when absolutely necessary and in self-defense, and she has no intention of making instrument of death.

They confiscate her medical files on Shimada-san. She is told she will no longer be his overseeing doctor. She does not see him for a long time.

She cannot help but worry about him. She spent months caring for him in his most vulnerable state, yet here he is working for Blackwatch with cybernetic weapons and enhancements. His new armor covers his face. She has not seen it since the day he awoke.

Over the years, she occasionally hears of strides made in the Shimada Empire Project. Inside jobs. Sabotage. Assassinations. She always thinks of Shimada-san.

Then everything goes to hell.

With the Swiss headquarters razed to the ground and Overwatch outlawed by the PETRAS Act, Angela is alone and so very tired. Overwatch and Blackwatch agents have scattered across the Earth, she among them. Despite the weight of the world on her shoulders, she can’t help but wonder in the back of her mind what Shimada will do now. His rage and bitterness had driven his actions since the day he was revived. Where would he go with no organization or project? She worries.

A year passes. She receives a letter - a hand-written letter?? It’s covered with postage and forwarding stamps to multiple addresses. It is from Shimada. The contents are awkward with apologies and abundant with reluctance at even writing to her. He is apparently staying with the Shambali monks in Nepal under the teachings of Zenyatta Tekhartha. He writes that Zenyatta insisted that he begin writing letters to someone in his life as a part of his healing process. Healing process? He ends the letter with an apology for bothering her.

“Healing process”… Her heart warms at the thought. She writes him back, expressing that she is not bothered by his letters and informing him of her current mailing address for future ones.

For the next three years she looks forward to every letter. She is still overworked. Still trying to better the world. Still so very tired. But his letters remind her that working to help others heal is valid and worth the pain. His transformation is gradual, but evident. At first he is guarded - only sharing bare minimum details of his lessons. As they exchange letters, however, she begins to see his walls crumble as he shares more personal thoughts and feelings. He even starts to inject wry humor into his script. She doesn’t know for certain, and maybe it could never truly be this way, but Angela believes she is getting to meet the man from before the fight with his brother. He asks that she refer to him by his first name, Genji, so that he is not reminded of the name he shares with his brother, Hanzo.

Genji still refers to her as Miss Ziegler.

The Overwatch recall blindsides her, yet she travels to Gibraltar as soon as possible… She knows where she belongs. She writes Genji from Gibraltar informing him of her new address. She does not receive a reply. She worries.

One day, several weeks after the recall, a stranger covered from head to toe in intricately designed garments appears on their doorstep, an omnic companion in tow. Winston greets them hesitantly, Angela unconsciously stands slightly behind the gorilla. The stranger stares past Winston and into Angela’s face, saying nothing at first. Several moments pass. The omnic places a hand on the man’s shoulder, and he seems to relax a bit. He is hesitating. Why? Slowly, the man lifts his hands to undo the headdress covering his face, all the while keeping his gaze locked on Angela.

A moment more passes as he unties the cloth around his head. Then all at once the headdress is off, leaving his face naked.

Rich brown eyes meet hers, steadied with courage. Pale, old scars marble his face, crawling upward and across his cheeks, nose, and lips. His mechanical jaw clenches in apprehension. His black hair is plastered to his forehead from the headdress he’d been wearing not long ago.

Angela cannot breathe as she looks upon the face that she has not seen since the day she revived him.


She is hugging him before she realizes what she’s doing. His arms hover over her back, shock evident in his face. Pulling back and wiping joyful tears from her eyes, she apologizes for surprising him.“But,” she adds with a wry smile “you surprised me first! So we are even.”

The shock in his eyes melts into something softer that she cannot name. He chuckles. “I suppose you are right, Miss Ziegler.”

She feels a prick of annoyance at his formality, but quickly squashes it. After all, she’s just heard him laugh for the first time. She smiles genuinely. “You seem well, Genji.”

What passes across his expression can be described as nothing other than the purest of inner tranquility. The corners of his lips upturn just slightly. His gaze is soft, unguarded as he looks into her eyes. The shadows of the violent rage that boiled in his soul so many years ago are nowhere to be found. “I am a different man now. I am whole.”

Her heart squeezes. Tears blur her vision and she cannot help grinning as the joy for him thrums throughout her body. “…That is wonderful!” she manages.

She is the furthest thing from tired.

Sometimes people need to heal before love can blossom. Falling in love is not the cure-all. But loving others, building those relationships through the thick of it all - that is one of the most important bonds you can ever have.


One day, a woman walked into my life.
I hurt her deeply with the harshest words possible.
I pushed her away as much as I could. 
But, she still came back to me. 
She is so much like me, I see myself often when I look at her. She has the physical wounds that I have. 
The tears that fill my brain are flowing through her heart as well. I gave her those wounds.
I made her cry. 
I should not have met her. I should not have allowed her to come into my life. Father, I’m regretting it. 
This is the first time…that I have ever regretted in my life.


His name is Jack.  His name is Jack and he has soft eyes and a soft voice.  His sleeves are rolled halfway up his forearms. Bitty absolutely does not stare at the way his capable fingers pick up apples to lift and smell.  (He also ignores the way Jack’s eyes slip closed, the corners of his mouth slipping up.)

From down the way comes the smell of fresh kettle corn.  It mixes with the smells of baked goods and fresh fruit, the last flowers of the season. Bitty had breathed in, and watched as this man—Jack, he’d said, mouth pink—with his broad shoulders and his sad eyes made his way from stall to stall, thorough.  Bitty had never seen him before.

“First time, huh?” he’d said, when the man—Jack—reached him.  And then he’d blushed and wished the ground beneath him would swallow him whole.

“That obvious, eh?”

“Only to somebody lookin’.”

He’d earned a raised eyebrow for that.  “You were looking.”

Lord.  “People watching is a great way to pass the time.”

A smile, small and curving, had appeared between them.  Bitty ached to hold it within the cup of his hands and keep it close.

“I’m Jack,” he’d said, the corners of his eyes crinkling.

Bitty had been done for.

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He’s autographing his wanted poster for them :D

Feels good man.

Given how much those hats mean to Jack, this is a really strong symbol. Also he literally just pulled that out of the back of his robe like HOW?


I’ve never seen Jack this excited to murder before. Not that I blame him but…

Sweet, delicious karma.

The following scene: too explicit for a children’s cartoon. Rip those jerks, amirite? I am right.

And that’s season 2! I was thinking for a while this episode was a 6/10, a lot of the humour didn’t fly with me, but the scene with the family was so strong that it earned an extra point all on its own, so 7/10!

Season 3’s up next, what it does next, who can say? I’m looking forward to it. See you then!

Love Song [Jungkook Angst]

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

love song; a song about love

Loving him was like a love song.

Every little detail in every love song was the perfect way to describe how you felt for him. He was beautiful and it was getting hard to not falling in love more than you already did. Just like how you would fall in love, instantly, with any love song, because Jeon Jungkook was just like them.

Beautiful and addictive.

But he was out of your reach, like everything else that was too beautiful, too addictive and too unreal.

There was no place for you in his heart, in his love song, when he already had her in it.

You were out, shopping for clothes when you saw something you weren’t supposed to see. Soljin, his girlfriend, was out, holding hands and kissing another man. A man you had never seen or heard about before. But you knew whatever this was, it wasn’t good. It was going to break him.

And the last thing you wanted was for her to break him. You knew how much he adored her, how much he loved her.

You had never liked her, there were so many things you didn’t like about her, aside from the fact that she was lucky enough to have someone like him in her life, as a boyfriend. Soljin was never your friend, she was just a friend of friends. Just someone you had to get to know because of your friends.

But somehow, Jungkook had fallen and he had fallen like never before. You still remember the day when he told you that he was in love with a girl. You guys were eighteen then and your heart had almost leaped out of your chest thinking that he might had guessed what that you were in love with him and that he loved you back.

“It’s Soljin.”

How funny and how cliché?

You had hated her since then.

After following Soljin and the unknown man around for a whole day and ending the day with standing right outside a hotel that you just saw the two of them walk inside, together. It made you sick, knowing that she had been screwing another man all this time while being the sweet girlfriend of Jungkook’s.

The hate you had for her couldn’t get any bigger.

There were two choices.

You could either ignore this and not tell Jungkook and feel guilty for the rest of your life. Or you could tell him although it was going to break him and at least be able to see him in the eyes without guilt.

So you chose the second option. There was no way in hell you were going to ignore this and let this happen when you could’ve easily stopped it. There was no way in hell that bitch deserved the love that he felt for her.

Taking up your phone, you dialed his number.

“Hi Y/N, what’s up?”

“Are you free tonight? I need to talk to you.”

There was a short pause before Jungkook replied. “Yeah, sure. Is it bad that I’m imagining a really scary and angry Y/N at the moment?”

You had been angry. Angry over the fact that Soljin could do this to him. But hearing Jungkook’s voice calmed you down and you found yourself smiling.

“Yes, It’s bad and I’m really scary and angry so you better show up in time. 9pm, at my place.”

You could’ve guessed.

Jungkook wasn’t listening to what you were saying.

He didn’t believe in that his girlfriend of two years was cheating because why would he? They were the ultimate sweet hearts and it would take more than one of his best friends telling him that she saw Soljin with another, older, man, kissing and arriving at a hotel after a long day shopping.

“You’re talking bullshit right now, Y/N.” He said, raising his voice a bit. You sighed and blamed yourself for being stupid and not taking any photos for evidence. If only you had been a little smarter and thought a step ahead.

“Do you think I would joke about these things, Jungkook? I’m not talking bullshit. I’m saying the truth. Why can’t you just trust me and talk with her?”

Jungkook shook his head, taking a sip from the water that you had given him. “There’s nothing to talk about. She’s innocent and she’s my girlfriend, I know her. Soljin would never do something like that.”

You gulped and ignored the constant pain that in your heart. Now was not the time to care about yourself and your feelings. The one you loved and cared about was going to get hurt and that was more important than your unknown feelings for him.

“Are you seriously that blind? If you don’t believe in what I’m saying then fine. At least just call her, ask her where she is?”

There was something that flicked in his eyes and before you knew it, he was standing up, pointing at you.

“I’m not blind, Y/N. You know who’s blind?” He started, laughing humorless.

“You are, Y/N. I know the reason to why you’re doing all this. You’re trying too hard to get me to break up with my girlfriend. But I’m not blind, Y/N, because I know that you’re in love with me and I can’t fucking believe that I was so stupid to think that you could be selfless and let me be happy.” Shaking his head, he leaned forward until he was inches away from you. His eyes staring right into yours.

“Because you’re trying to break me right now, Y/N, and that’s fucking selfish.”

He grabbed his jacket and before he left, leaving you shocked and hurt, he looked at you with those eyes that told you more than words.

“I don’t love you, Y/N. I’m sorry if I lead you on. I love her. Only her.

He was leaving. But he really wasn’t. He was never there in the first place but it still felt like he had taken a part of you with him.

It hurt.

There were no calls, no texts, no contact - nothing from him and it made you realise that maybe, you had done something utterly stupid. Something that wasn’t your business in the first place.

You couldn’t blame him for getting angry because if you were him, you would probably get irritated that someone that was in love with him was trying to break things up with him and the one he was in love with.

It was sad, having an one-sided love story. But even if you tried, there was no way to stop the feelings you had for him. It had gotten to the point where you even started to blame yourself for not being able to control your own feelings. What was the hard part with stopping those damn feelings?

Oh, yeah, realising, admitting and accepting. Those were the hard parts.

A few knocks on your front door made you wake up from your thoughts and you frowned, it was over midnight and you weren’t that popular to have friends come over at such late time.

Standing up, you slipped in your cardigan before making your way to the hall.
Who you saw at the other side was not someone you had fallen in love with.

He was completely destroyed. There was no trace of peacefulness the moment he stepped into your apartment, looking like someone just ripped every piece of his heart out from it’s place. God, it was heartbreaking to see his puffy eyes as tears slid down his face like a freaking waterfall.

“Jungkook, Jesus Christ, calm down.” You said and threw his arm over your shoulder to help him inside, to your bedroom. A sad Jungkook wasn’t enough, he was drunk as well.

He kept mumbling something about knowing something and it was getting hard to hold onto his weight. You bite down on your bottom lip as you walked him over to the right side before pushing him down onto the bed.

“What the hell happened to you?” You asked in frustration and plopped down next to him on the bed, sitting right beside him.

“She fucking ended it.”

Shutting your eyes, you let out a loud sigh. You freaking knew it.

“Just calm down, okay?”

“Calm down? You’re telling me to calm fucking down?! How the hell am I supposed to calm down when everything in my body feels like it’s burning, Y/N?”

There was a long, awkward silence after that before Jungkook broke out in tears.

“I should’ve listened to you and broken up with her before I had to witness that myself. It hurts, it hurts so fucking much, Y/N. You have no idea how much it hurts to have your heart broken by the only one that you love.”

Yes, you had. But you didn’t tell him that because this wasn’t about you.

“I was going to surprise her at our apartment. I told her I had to leave for a concert in Tokyo and she told me that she was going to stay at home all weekend because she felt sick. And I fucking believed in every single word she said because I’m an idiot.” He shook his head and placed his hands over his face.

“She brought another man to our home. She brought another man into our bedroom. She was doing all this behind my back and I was blind to let her do that, although you had tried to tell me about this.”

God, it must’ve been a hell to witness something like that.

“And I can’t stop blaming myself for telling you all that shit that night. You were right and I was wrong and I’m so sorry, Y/N.” You felt his hand grab yours and just by that, it sent shivers down your spine.

You knew it was wrong but you couldn’t hurt him more than that so you let him hold your hand. But what you didn’t realise was that you were back to square one. You were letting him in, letting him break down the walls you had built up in the past weeks.

“I’m sorry for hurting you that night, Y/N. I never meant to.”

“It’s fine, I’m fine. But you have to move on, get better and forget about her.” You told him and watched as his hand squeezed yours.

“I know it hurts but perhaps it was meant to be like this, Jungkook-ah. You can’t get everything you wish for in life and love always seems to one of those things that you can’t get. But perhaps it’s easier this way? Don’t you think?” You asked, quietly.

“Some people are like love songs, beautiful and addictive. You can’t get them out of your mind because they suits you perfectly, just like love songs.”

Because he was the only person on your mind and he was your love song.


Hope you guys had/have a great day and even if you don’t celebrate vday, like me, I hope this bad one shot somehow gave you some Jungkook feels. 

And update on my life; School’s killing me, as usual. But I’m having a break from school right now and sickness is taking over instead of school. I did a smoothie last night (strawberries anad banana) and my entire family, icluding me, ended up getting food poisoned because there was a slight problem with the frozen - six months old - strawberries. But I’m fine guys, I was just really sick last night and this morning but I’m better now because I went out and ate froyo with my sisters and mom ;)) Oh and omg “Spring Day” is so beautiful I feel like crying. Our boys are so talented, you guys, let’s cheer them on, forever!!

I miss you guys loads and I hope I can update at least once a month! Please give this a heart if you liked it and I will see you soon!

Love you!! <333

Part 1 - Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole

Lately it seems that everything I write ends up never seeing the light of day so I wanted to write something fun, that might actually get read. If you guys like it I’ll continue the story. 

Let me know what you think!

I woke up, eyes bleary, head pounding in a hospital bed I’d never been in, but could have sworn I’d seen before. As I rubbed my eyes, I racked my brain to try and remember how I’d gotten here, but could only come up with fragmented moments on the subway platform. It was a fair assumption to say that I’d passed out. Something like that had happened to me once before, and upon coming to had left me feeling very similar.

“It’s good to see you’re up.”

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knife emojis ranked

emoji one: best knife. 10/10. not too simple, not too detailed. elegant. would stab with.

apple: pretty good. lots of shading. nice details. would also stab with.

google: too cartoony for stabbing, but perfect for chopping onions. 7/10.

lg: strangely shaped blade, but still knice (knife nice). would absolutely make salad with.

facebook: weirdly detailed but still really knice. would use.

htc: very simple, has a strange charm.

samsung: looks like strange clipart. too three-dimensional. 

mozilla: very bubbly. could not stab. looks like it belongs in a fischer price set. 5/10

twitter: whoever designed this knife has clearly never seen a knife before, much less stabbed a man thirty-seven times. 3/10. F for no effort.

emojidex: this is it. the Worst Knife. i never thought i could hate a knife so much. the shading is fucked. nothing on this knife looks quite like a knife. this knife lives in a cardboard box at the bottom of the uncanny valley. i hate the knife and if you use it i will reach through your computer screen and violently disembowel you. 2/10.


Nyleen Kay Marshall (4) was having a picnic with her family in the Elkhorn Mountains, in Montana, when she disappeared. It was June 25th, 1983, and was last seen around 4 pm, while playing with some other kids. Right before she vanished, a man in a purple jogging suit was seen in the area, but it’s impossible to say if he’s connected to the disappearance.

Nyleen has never been found, but the story that followed her vanishing is a harrowing and surprising one. Three years after she went missing, a letter arrived from Wisconsin from a man who claimed that Nyleen was with him –he referred to her as Kay– and that she was loved and being taken care of. He said he had a good income and was homeschooling the girl. This person also shared details about the case that hadn’t been made public. 

Also, investigators received several anonymous calls from a man claiming to be the one who had sent the letter, and they were traced to different public phones in Edgerton, Wisconsin. They claimed the content of the letter and the calls indicated possible sexual abuse against Nyleen, but they haven’t shared why. The person who contacted them has never been identified.

In 1990, Unsolved Mysteries did an episode about Nyleen’s case and someone called saying they believed one of their schoolmates was her. However, it turned out the girl was Monica Bonilla, another missing child that had been abducted by her father in 1982. She was reunited with her mother.

In another tragic twist, in 1995, Nyleen’s mother Nancy was raped and murdered in Mexico.


We were in love, really
We liked each other, really
Felt like going crazy, felt like I’d burst, really
So let’s leave now again
I miss you again today
Because you remain in my heart and I can’t erase you, really,
I’m hurting like this

Because I love you, tears fall
Because my heart hurts, tears fall again
In case I lose you again, in case I lose you again
My two eyes only look at you
Look at me, who loves you
Because tears fall like this, because tears keep falling,
Even if I’m born again, even if I’m born again, it’s you

I said that I hate the start of goodbyes
But if I love again, if I miss you, really,
Can you come back?

I only see you

I’m waiting and waiting for you
In case you come back, in case you come back again
Even if I’m rained on, even if I walk in the snow
Even if I’m born again, it’s only you

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader
Inspired by the post above from @demisexualmerrill
Trigger Warnings: Some badly google translated French lol

You never really learned how to deal with certain customers. You know, the ones who are angry and nitpick everything. Or the ones that can’t decide on which shade of pink they want. You never got those kind of customers in the flower shop that you’d worked at for two years. It was hard for any customer to not revert to a good mood upon walking inside the store.

So you were surprised when a man with a head of full, shoulder-length black hair tied into a ponytail at the nape of his neck burst into the shop.

You’d seen him before, but never knew his name. He was always with three others, all of them seeming much more calm than this one. If he wasn’t rushing across the square with a cup of coffee in his hands, he was at the book store, reading books that seemed irrelevant to you. Bouncing from here to there with a briefcase or a backpack. You didn’t understand how someone could be so busy. But there was something about him. Something that kept you looking for him, every morning at exactly 10 AM.

Two whole years, you’ve been watching from afar. And here he was, somewhat angrily slamming a twenty dollar bill on the counter and asking, “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”

You blinked. Of all the ways you thought you’d meet, this was not one of them. “What?”

“There’s this guy at my law firm. Jefferson. He keeps being nice to me in front of our boss and, in result, is making me seem like a petulant child.” You hummed, letting him know you were listening. “Washington– that’s my boss–thinks I should do something nice, and obviously I don’t want to do that, so this is as close to nice as I’m getting.”

“Well, I’m not sure there’s a way to do that specifically.” He let out a groan. “But, I think I have an idea to get back at him.”

He looked up, into your eyes, a smile quickly taking over his lips. “You’re a lifesaver…” He trailed off, asking for your name.

“Y/N. All in a day’s work as a florist…”


“Alex.” You tested his name on your tongue. “I like it.”

As you two discussed a plan, you felt your heart skip a beat every time his eyes brightened. He truly was a beautiful specimen. He was incredibly intelligent as well. Somewhere around the middle of the plan, you found yourself listening to him ramble of the history of dandelions. “Sorry,” He had said, “My friend, John, studied biology and he knows about these sort of things. And he won’t hesitate to tell me so.” You laughed as he pulled his hair down. He ran his hand through it, attempting to push it away from his face.

Wow. Just when you thought he couldn’t look better.

“Okay, just take these to him afterwards, and you’ve got your revenge.” You told him, handing over a bouquet of purple tulips. “I can’t thank you enough Y/N. How much will these be?”

You thought about it as you walked back to the counter. You really didn’t want this to be the last time you talk to him. You had to find a way to stay in contact. “Don’t worry about it. It’s on the house.” You told him. “I couldn’t let you do that,” Alex said. “Really, it’s no problem. Just keep me updated. I want to know if it works.” You insisted.

He protested once more to which you responded with a pointed look. Raising his hands in surrender, he thanked you once more and turned to leave. As soon as he got to the door, he spun around, “Actually,” He said, a bit shyly, “Could I have your number? To keep you updated and all.”

You felt yourself almost bounce in excitement as he handed his phone to you. You jokingly put in your contact as Lifesaver. “I’ll text you.” He smiled.

And just as he arrived, he was gone.

The both of you couldn’t stop thinking about each other for the next week. Alex had been sitting across the square with a coffee and his laptop, somewhat ignoring the conversation that his friends were having about the Joker and Harley Quinn. “Look,” John started, “All I’m saying is that the Joker is abusive and I don’t think anyone should idolize his relationship with Harley Quinn.”

“You’re such a prude,” Hercules laughed loudly, “It’s a comic book and he’s a villain! What else would you expect?”

“He has a point, mon ami.” Lafayette added.

“Well, what do you think, Alex?” John asked. Alex, however, wasn’t listening. With his coffee cup pressed to his lips, he was staring over the peak of his laptop at the flower shop. He could see you watering the plants just outside as you spoke to one of your friends. “Alex!” Laf snapped in front of his face and he shook out of his daze. “Huh?”

“What were you staring at?” John asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Alex said, all too quickly. “My work.”

Herc leaned closer to Alex and looked in his direction, his eyes landing on you. “Ooh, Alex has a girlfriend.” He teased. “She’s not my girlfriend.” Alex responded, pushing him away. Laf and John turned to look at you just as your friend made you laugh. You looked like the epitome of happiness and beauty. “Go, talk to her.” John grinned.

“I did. Last week. She’s the one who came up with the flower idea.”

“Je le savais!” Laf boasted in his native tongue. “Cette idée était trop beau pour être le vôtre.”

“Je t'emmerde.” Alex responded.

“So, you have something to talk about.” Herc shrugged. “That’s not the problem.” Alex sulked. “I asked for her number.” They looked at him expectantly, “And?”

“It’s been a week and I haven’t texted her at all.”


“He hasn’t texted you at all?” Your best friend, Mae, asked incredulously.

“Not one word. And it’s been a week.” You complained. “It would be easier to deal with if I didn’t see him everyday.” Mae was taken aback, “Wait, you see him everyday?”

“He walks across the square to get to work. And he hangs out here sometimes.”

“And you haven’t talked to him because?”

“I don’t want to scare him off. What, just walk up to him and ask why he hasn’t texted me?” You chuckled. “Yes! Don’t you think you deserve answers if you thought you got on well?” Mae responded.

“I’m not doing that.” You decided. Although you were never the desperate type, it did upset you that he wasn’t interested enough to text you. Or maybe he just hasn’t had the time. You didn’t know everything about the man. If he wanted to text you, you thought, he’d text you. Just let it go.

You glanced at him from across the square. His hair was down, framing his face as he drank his coffee and conversed with his grinning friends. He had just closed his laptop, giving one of his friends a look. “Wait,” Mae said once more, “Is that him? The one with the coffee and laptop.”

“What?” You asked, snapping out of it, “No.”

“It is!” She exclaimed. “He’s cute.”

“Isn’t he?”

Mae sighed, looking at her watch. “I’ve gotta go. But if he doesn’t make a move, you make one.” She pecked your cheek and nodded before taking off in the direction of her parents’ house. You cast one more glance his way, surprised when his eyes caught yours. You looked down and quickly headed back into the flower shop. Well that was embarrassing.


“Oh my god, that was so embarrassing.” Alex said, face palming himself. “She caught me staring. My life is over.”

Herc rolled his eyes, “You’re not fifteen anymore, Hamilton. Just get up and go talk to her.” John and Laf sniggered at the blushing man who’d just dropped his head onto the table. “Come on, man.” John said. “You’re Alexander Hamilton; you’ve got this.”

Alex sat up with a bit of determination in his eyes. “You’re right.” He said, more to himself than to them. “I’m Alexander Hamilton.” He stood up. “I’ve got this.”

You were reading a book, sitting at the counter when you saw a twenty dollar bill slide into your sight. Although you hadn’t seen or heard him enter, you knew it was the man who you’d been thinking about for the past week. You looked up at him, watching him scratch the nape of his neck shyly, “So, uh, how do you say will you go out with me in flower?”

You grinned as he looked at you, relaxing now that you were smiling. So he hadn’t thrown away his shot. “I’m not sure. Maybe you should say it in English.”

He chuckled, leaning closer to you on the counter. “How does tonight sound?”

“Pick me up after work? I get off at 5.”


He seemed a bit hesitant, but he leaned over and briefly pressed his lips to your cheek. You rolled your eyes and grabbed his collar, softly pressing your lips to his. It was a short, sweet, and innocent kiss, but you relished it. It was nothing less than perfect.

As you both pulled away, he laughed, “You’re a lifesaver, Y/N.”

You giggled along with him, “All in a day’s work as a florist, Alex.”

“My family was trying to protect me because they knew I had a lot of schoolwork, and so they didn’t tell me that my grandfather was very ill. When I found out, I ran to the consulate, got a visa, and flew to India the next morning, but by the time I arrived, my grandfather had passed away. He wasn’t a wealthy man. He was a farmer like most of my family. But I’ve never seen a community come together for someone the way the village assembled for him. After I left the village that day, I always think about the religion of my grandfather and the importance of caring about the people around me. I was never religious before, but now I am. In my religion, honest work is considered a way of showing devotion to God. My grandfather was someone who worked hard every day and did everything he could to help the people around him. It’s good to be successful and have a good job, but my master’s degree and going to medical school will mean little if I don’t share what I’ve learned with the people around me.”

Welp. Just felt threatened for the first time in my life.

Im at my hometown’s fish fry and this man I’ve never seen before started talking to me in line and asked where I lived. I’m from a small town, this isn’t unusual, but he told me he’s gonna get the property that has a house completely surrounded by satellite dishes and like a 30 ft wooden wall around the property. That worries me a lot and then he sat next to me at the table.

He hasn’t talked to me yet, but thank goodness my dad is on my left. Idk why but I just feel a little uneasy and its a weird feeling…

New Memories To Be Made

Graves had heard stories of the heroic young wizard who’d saved his life. He had thought he’d had a pretty good idea of what Newton Scamander was like and yet, as he stood before him he couldn’t believe his eyes. They’d said he was many a things but not beautiful. Graves was breathless, without a doubt he’d never seen someone with such fine features. With eyes that shown brighter than any star, a passionate fire burning low at the edges, hidden behind soft words and gentle gestures. Graves had no doubt the stories were true, but the man that stood before him then was nothing less of an angel in Graves eyes, much less someone who’d been battle hardened.

“I believe I owe you a many thanks for saving my life.” Graves spoke, humbly bowing his head.

Newt shook like a leaf. His head giving a quick shake of no.

“Please Mr.Graves, I didn’t do much. I’m just glad to see you’re doing well.” Newt smiled and Graves swore he heard Sirens singing, this man would surely be the death of him.

“All is well, I’ve healed rather nicely. Though I do seem to be missing some patches of my memory. Apparently I’m just fine without it. Doctors say I’m fine to work and that’s what matters.”

Newt gave a sour look.

“Your memories? I- I’m sorry Mr. Graves. That doesn’t seem all that pleasant.”

“I can live without them. Besides I can always make more.” Graves top lip quirked up and Newt’s cheeks gave way to a soft hue of pink.

“Would it be rude to offer to buy you coffee? I would love to talk with you some more.” Graves said.

Newt scuffed his foot along the ground, even with his head looking down Graves could see the pink on the tips of his ears.

“I would like that very much Mr. Graves.”

“Please, just call me Percival.”

Newt floundered, eyes widening.

“I- yes. You may call me Newt as well.” Newt smiled, eyelashes fluttering in a way that made Graves stomach do flips.

“Shall we?” Graves held out his arm.

“Yes, let’s.” Newt answered wrapping his arm around Graves.

As they left the compound Tina huffed. Newt had come to visit her and yet one look at tall, dark, and handsome and he was gone. She puffed her cheeks out, only to end up smiling. The two of them did look rather cute together, arm in arm, walking side by side.

“What a cute couple they’d turn out to be.”

[As such, I couldn’t think of anything better to do with my time. Have this short ficlet. ♡´・ᴗ・`♡]

The Captain You Seek

My first IronFalcon and this one’s dedicated to @bloody-bee-tea because their’s was the first IronFalcon fic I read. I hope I do this justice :D

“Your mark is an indication of the person you seek,” Yinsen told Tony without looking up from the ring of metal he was melting, “Are you telling me that you seek no one, Mr. Stark?”

“I seek the future, not the past,” Tony answered cryptically and Yinsen paused for a second before letting the riddle go. Tony traced a finger over his now metal covered chest, the shield’s mark literally cut out. He knew that Yinsen had seen the shield and he didn’t want to tell him that his soulmate was dead. What good will it come to seek a ghost?

Nothing, that was what. 

He never got to prove that to Yinsen though, when the man died for him.

Tony escaped from Afghanistan, and the first thing he called out for was Rhodey, not a cheeseburger. The cheeseburger came to bite back his terror and tiredness. Rhodey though, he needed Rhodey first.

“What the hell is that, Tones?” Rhodey asked as soon as he saw the metal contraption jutting out og Tony’s chest as they flew back home.

“My new mark,” Tony slurred from pain and deliriousness. Rhodey had said nothing and simply held his hand, the chickenshit sap. Tony knew even as he slipped into the darkness that Rhodey got it. Rhodey always got it, whatever Tony babbled in his madness. So he would get this too.

He would get that Tony was finally free and trapped. The longing and temptation was out of his life, and so was the misery of knowing every living second that his supposed mate was long dead. In place of the winged shield, the one where two angel like wings sprang from an extremely familiar tri-circle shield, now Tony had something of his own. A horrible reminder of a good man’s death for his life, but still one that would help him move on and be who he could be, instead of who he might have been if a drowned legend were alive.

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A thought

Heading to bed, but I had to share this thought. Imagine a world where Superman grew up watching Steven Universe.

Where a young Clark Kent could follow the story of a boy of extraterrestrial origin learning about his own powers. Some were useful (like his bubble) some were scary (like the cat fingers) and he didn’t know what he could do since new powers he didn’t understand would keep popping up. 

Imagine how Clark would have identified with him in “The Test″ when the Gems were talking about how Steven was a kind of life form they’d never seen before, and while they were trying their best, they weren’t sure if they were raising him how he needed.

Imagine him smiling over Greg Universe. A human man who didn’t always understand what was going on in his son’s life, but loved him unconditionally, just like Ma and Pa loved him.

And imagine his glee when Steven continued to save the day, not because of his amazing powers, but because he truly was a good person who’d rather talk to people than fight them.

And just imagine on quiets nights in Metropolis, him floating about the city, where no one could here him, and singing softly under his breath “Is there anything that’s worth more than Peace and Love on the planet Earth.”

The Stars Over the Sun

Hercules x Female Reader


Word Count: 1780

A/N: Um, so sorry about my week+ hiatus there. I think I wrote and erased and rewrote this about twelve times, I couldn’t decide on the plot I liked best. I’m pretty happy with which plot I went with, but it might be confusing, so idk. It’s just a little Herc fluff. This is mostly just dialogue, which was really strange for me to write, so it might not be as good of quality as my other imagines, but here we are. Hopefully you like it! Here we go!

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