the good luck one is so important to me

All three of the boys’ single covers fit them so well:

Niall’s is like, “This is me. Here’s a bunch of writing because writing is important. It’s not fancy, but it’s real and it’s showing my process.

Louis’ is like, “Look at this cool, kind of funky font. It’s looks very electric and beat driven. Also, this is my friend, Steve.”

Harry’s is like, “You’ll never see my face, bitch. But here I am in the water. No one knows why or what’s going on. Good luck figuring this out!”

The Best

pairing: platonic hamilsquad x depressed!reader

genre: angst! modern au

word count: 1700

warning: mentions of depression, death/suicide

summary: you haven’t been at school all week, you haven’t been answering texts. eventually, the boys decided that they’re not going to wait for you to reply anymore, and take matters into their own hands.

a/n: yoo so sorry for the angsty thing, i was planning on putting up some starboy laurens fluff but ive been having a pretty bad day meself so. wrote some angst cuz it made me feel better. if you’re having a bad day i hope it helps and i hope u feel good tomorrow!

You had spent the week in bed. Your work was beginning to pile up – in both a metaphorical and literal sense, you thought as you looked at the pile of papers on your desk – and you probably got more texts in the past five days than you’ve gotten in the past year. Everyone was worried about you. Just today, Alexander had left you 3 voicemails and he sent you 51 messages in the span of 6 minutes; John sent you 2 pictures of Lafayette and Hercules playing checkers, and then one of himself pouting because, as he put it, he ‘wanted to see you’; Lafayette sent you a video of himself singing some French song that was supposed to be a lullaby but it didn’t really help; Hercules sent you a picture of himself in a ridiculous hat. 

Nothing cheered you up. You hadn’t had this bad of a spell in years, but lately things had gotten worse and couldn’t bring yourself to do anything. You just couldn’t.

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Okay this probably mostly applies for the math/science AP’s, but let me tell you the #1 thing that I’ve learned while studying for AP Chem.


Haha, yeah you’re funny. BUT NO.

I can’t tell you how many practice questions I got wrong just because I didn’t read one or two words of the question.

My advice to y'all is to underline EVERYTHING IMPORTANT, so that you know exactly what you’re answering.

Good luck to everyone :)

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Well, yeah. But he went full 'no-homo' about these rings. "No, it's just a lucky charm! A gift in gratitude!" I don't get why Kubo made him deny it. Personally I like Victuri, but there are some canon things that bother me too. Sorry, this is only my problem, I understand

I personally think Yuuri was too shy and insecure at that point to admit to himself what he was doing. A part of him still felt he didn’t deserve Victor. If he really wanted just lucky charms, he wouldn’t have bought explicitly a wedding ring. But he did, buy a wedding ring. And not satisfied with that, he took Victor to a church and put the “lucky charm” on Victor’s ring finger ( “it’s on the right hand!” you’ll say, and i’ll raise you JJ and Isabella who also wear their engagement rings on their right hands). 

I think it was a moment of him being subconsciously honest about what he wanted (to stay with Victor, who has become “irreplaceable” for him) and his rationality mixed with anxiety being unwilling to catch up and accept that, so he made up an excuse for himself.

Another instance of Yuuri denying something was at the start of the series, when Takeshi asked him if he thought he could surpass Victor, and Yuuri, embarrassed, was quick to refuse -even though his phrasing right before that indicated he felt otherwise. 

Later on, we learn Yuuri never went in expecting to lose and he specifically said he’d been wanting to win since the last GPF, meaning he did think he could surpass Victor, even before they properly met.

To me, it feels like grasping at straws to say “Yuuri denied it, so he doesn’t reciprocate” whilst at the same time saying “Even if Victor explicitly said it, they’re not engaged, it was a joke.” (to this, by the way, Yuuri did not in fact react with refusal).

Kubo mentioned in a recent interview, how important Yuuri’s body language and expressions are to show what he wants. This is not the face of a man whose only intent is exchanging good luck charms.

Just one episode letter, Yuuri also kissed the ring right after Victor did. It’s an indirect kiss no matter how you slice it, which is a very intimate gesture, done on purpose.

Katsuki Yuuri is an unreliable narrator. He lies to us and to himself all the damned time. He denies things that go entirely against what he actually feels and wants constantly. It baffles me that people put so much weight on one little instance of verbal denial, ignoring all the physical and visual cues that show us a much more honest insight of his feelings

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Hello it's me again! I have a question about character arcs. It's not a huge one, just tiny changes in a character's personality. How do you show it without shoving the arc into the reader's face? She became more mature through the books and broke a few times, just tiny character arcs, how do you make it realistic? Thank you! :) I hope you are doing well :)

Hello again, nonny!  I don’t know who you are, but you’re my fave <3

Originally posted by everybodyluvs-jon

Now, to your question.  There are a few methods of displaying character development without seeming showy.  You shouldn’t do too much too quickly – start with the small moments, where it seems natural and may not even be caught by a first glance, but it’s there for people to remember and go, “Oh, hey!”  Your character is becoming more selfless?  Have them wave someone ahead of them at an intersection.  Your character’s learning to stop caring what other people think?  Let them wear that lime-green scarf that Character B criticized in Chapter 3.  Take the small opportunities and exploit them for good!

Establish a pattern this way, though you shouldn’t create a perfect record.  No one rides a character arc without setbacks or stalling, so allow the growth be fluid.  Then, whenever you can fit it into the plot, create a Defining Moment for their character arc – or two or three Defining Moments along the way.  After all, characters and their internal conflict are the driving force of the plot.  Each of your character arcs should have something to do with how the story turns out; otherwise, it’s extraneous and should be cut.

And lastly, I don’t think you should worry about being showy – that may impede your storytelling.  Readers expect character development to be front and center, poking them in the nose, shouting, “Check me out!  I’m important!”  Just make sure that when everybody’s watching your character grow, they’re growing realistically – with peaks and valleys, and failures and successes, and getting freaked out by their own growth and going right back to square one.  The spotlight’s going to be on you no matter what, so make sure you’re putting on a good show.

Anywho, that’s my advice.  If you need further help, my inbox is always open and a-waiting :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

What Did She Ask You When You Were Alone With Her?

Prompt #3 is DONE. Sorry this took so long. I actually wrote a whole other scene and then completely deleted it and rewrote another one but it’s SO much better now. 

I have another one lined up after this and then I’m free for some more, so SEND THEM MY WAY. Thanks for reading! xx

Prompt: I’ve, uh, never done this before so I’m sorry if it’s not something you can work with in regards to story prompts, but. What about Barba introducing you to his mother?

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as someone who forgot how to dream of the future and be the master of my own destiny at one point, what im bout to say is important to me. im finally putting on the big bed trousers and setting my sights on getting recognition as an artist bc its the only thing im naturally good at and if you get recognition in something you’re good at, you can goof off and have a time with it, and u know me, im all about that sort of thing so im puttin all my chips in. wish me luck on this twisty road! and thanks for liking my art and stuff :-) its all bc of you goons that im realizing i could really pull off some great stunts with my talents. peace 🐶✌

General Succulent Advice

Hello! What are the conditions that succulents need?


Succulents (and all plants) need 3 things: sun, water, and nutrients


Most succulents prefer bright sun, and will show their best colours under full sun (at least 8 hours of direct sun a day). However they need to be acclimatized to full sun slowly! And of course, there are others that do okay with less sun and might even burn in harsh direct sun. Generally a few hours of direct sun a day will be enough to keep most succulents alive. 


Most succulents don’t like too much water. You can water them whenever their leaves start to wrinkle, which could take a couple days to a couple months. Some have winter growing cycles and some have summer growing cycles - they need more water when they’re growing.


Most succulents live in nutrient-poor soil with very little organic matter. It’s possible to raise happy plants in pure pumice, or pure water culture. They don’t really need much fertilising and can take care of themselves as long as they have enough sunlight. 

The key is to balance all three so that your plants are happy! Plants use sun, water, and nutrients in proportional amounts. So if your plant gets loads and loads of sun, it may need watering more often, and will be happy in a richer soil. If your plant doesn’t get much sun, then too much water will quickly kill it, while rich soil will cause it to grow a lot, but upwards and with floppy green leaves etiolating). One common issue is plants which get very little light but are planted in very rich soil and overwatered. They etiolate quickly and flop over or fall prey to mealybugs/rot. So it’s important to balance all the conditions according to your climate. 

For me, there’s definitely very hot direct sun for hours a day, but it’s also generally humid and rains everyday. So I pot most succulents in 50%-100% pumice, which helps prevent rot. In a dry sunny climate, they would do better in a richer soil. There isn’t one definite soil mix or watering schedule to suit all plants/gardeners, so do experiment with conditions and see what your plant responds to well :) Good luck!  

what’s the stitch? | pt.1

on ao3

from the high school senior that brought you wanna chat? comes another chat fic that no one asked for

just so we’re all on the same page, alya has the fox miraculous, nino the turtle, and chloe the bee. i latched onto this team of miraculous holders a while back and now i’m just throwing up random stuff. initially i wasn’t going to write more than a small snip of this but @breeeliss​ is a horrible enabler (<3)

i’m still working on the dynamics for them, especially since they’re still getting to know each other, so sorry if it’s rough

anyway let’s do this


Cat: What does this do?

Bee: what in fresh hell is this

Turtle: yo wassup this is rad
wait lemme see…


Ladybug: Chat what the hell did you do

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Okay this a super specific ask but I love your high school headcanons so for madara hashirama and tobirama, how do you think they would text a s/o? What are their texting habits? Emojis, no emojis? Read receipts and what not?

oh shit this is cute


•Too many emojis. His favorites are 😌 😃 ❤️ and 🌝 . He always sends the moon one to Tobirama and Tobirama gets pissed off because it looks like such a smug emoji 

•And you already know he has a million emojis next to his s/o’s name 

•Will double text with no hesitation whatsoever. He doesn’t care. He just wants to talk to his s/o. He’s so cute

•Good morning and good night texts are to be expected. Even if his s/o doesn’t answer him right away. And he remembers important events too so they should expect texts like “good luck on your test today!!!” or “let me know how the interview goes” like FUCK what a considerate boy

•Meme lord. Sends tooooo many memes. Has a meme for everything. Even if it’s not common memes, he has memes that are mostly inside jokes with his s/o and he knows exactly what to send them to get them cracking up. It’s just fun texting Hashirama. Text him if you’re having a bad day, he’ll cheer you up

•If we’re talking high school, Hashirama texts in class. Like constantly (if he can get away with it) He knows better than to text during an important lecture though

•Sends his s/o a lot of selfies, specifically if they ask “What are you doing?”. Hashirama figures a visual is much more fun than explaining it through boring text (he definitely prefers calls to text messages btw)

•Hashirama has his read receipts on, hence why he’s bound to answer asap. He doesn’t want his s/o to think he’s ignoring them. Now if his s/o has read receipts on, Hashirama gets anxious. Especially before the relationship where he’s just crushing on them a little. If he sees they read his message and they don’t answer him, he’s kinda like…. oh. ok. He’s pretty good about staying rational and not jumping to conclusions, so he won’t automatically get paranoid about “omg they don’t want to talk to me omg omg”. It’s just that he really likes talking to them so he gets a little bummed out when they leave him on read


•Absolutely awful at texting. He’s just not the the texting type. Before he and his s/o start dating, he’ll probably be more of an avid texter, simply because he’s keeping up with them and they’re in that shaky phase where he’s trying to make an effort because he really likes them. So he wants to talk to them as often as possible and wants them to know that he cares

•He’ll be so anxious waiting for their texts though lmao. He’ll be lying in bed at night just waiting for his crush to text something, and once he gets the text he’s like FUCK finally. But then he doesn’t reply for an hour because he doesn’t know that the hell to say. What a dork

•But once they’re actually a couple, he goes back to being a shitty texter. Poor s/o

•He has read receipts on. Will read a text and not answer. Even if it’s his s/o. But if his s/o does the same to him, he gets all pissed. But he refuses to double text unless it’s something really important. So he just sits there all pissed off waiting for them to answer him

•He’d prefer calls over text, though he’s not likely to answer calls either. He’s pretty much the type who just doesn’t have his phone on him. It’s not so much that he’s ignoring you, he’ll just forget (also his phone is probably on silent all the time. Let’s just say he’s in this groupchat with Hashirama and he can’t handle all the notifications because Hashirama texts SO MUCH)

•Doesn’t use emojis. Doesn’t even use :) or :( his texts are so bland

•He’ll text his s/o “text me when you get home” just to know when they’re safe. But that’s the most they’ll get out of him. They could say “I’m home” and he’ll reply “okay” but if they try to continue the conversation after that, it’s not worth. He’s already put his phone down and won’t pick it up again for a few hours. For someone who wants to keep tabs on literally everything and everyone, he’s awful at keeping up with his phone


•He’ll definitely hit his s/o with that read and no reply. It’s not always on purpose, he just forgets to reply if something else distracts him. And when he finally texts them back, there’s no “Sorry, I was busy”. He just continues the conversation. Which is a little frustrating? 

•He’ll also be the type not to reply to his s/o for a few hours, then text them something random and start a completely different conversation. You could say that most of the texting will be on Madara’s terms. And he’s sort of a mysterious texter? He’ll have you thinking he’s not going to reply, but then he does. It would make his s/o a little anxious, but they’d just have to understand Madara just doesn’t keep up with texting 

•Also don’t even think about pulling that “Oh, Madara’s going to take ten minutes to reply to me? I’ll take twenty to reply to him” shit. Because he will know. And it will annoy him. He will 100% leave his s/o on read for a full day if they try that with him

•But yeah he does get a little pissy if his s/o leaves him on read. At first he’s just like okay… whatever. But an hour passes and he’s looking at his phone like… I know you didn’t just read and not reply to my text. Honestly, he’ll tell them that. He’ll send them “I know you read that. Answer me, right now.” So demanding even over text, wow Madara

•He’s more of a late night texter. During the day, he’s doing other things. But he’ll reply more often to his s/o at night. Lots of long conversations with Madara will be at like 2 am. It’s like he never sleeps? Yet he’ll scold his s/o for being up so late and tell them “Go to bed right now. It’s past your bedtime”

•Also, Madara’s really just the type who would rather spend time with his s/o than text them throughout the day? So that’s another reason he won’t text too often. His s/o will probably be with him during his free time anyway, so there’s no need to text them that often

•Always uses proper grammar. No text talk. It’s a little odd, but it fits Madara


“'True love’?”

“Yeah. I mean, it only happens once in a lifetime, and–and you have to be lucky.”

“Well how would you know? I’m–”

“What do you mean, how would I know?”

“That’s not fair. I’m sorry. I’m sure, I mean, given the sheer volume of attempts, that you had to luck out once.”

“Yeah. All right. I had good odds, and yes, for one brief moment, it happened to me.”

“What, did you forget to get her number?”

“No, I got married.”

“Well if she was so perfect, why aren’t you still married to her?”

“That’s not important.”

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NozoUmi first kiss c:

“Maybe a kiss for good luck?” Nozomi teases. The club room is empty, the bustling outside doesn’t reflect the mood in the four walls.

“Are you still teasing me Nozomi?”

“Who says I’m teasing?” Nozomi takes one last look at the mirror, straightening her blazer once more and heads right for Umi. “Come here let me give you one last hug-”

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antoniosstark replied to your post ““marvel!!! is being so cruel!!!! by forcing us to see Actual Demon…”

i mean im sad for them? bc they will have to absolutely see tony everywhere bc ….news flash …outside of this hellsite he’s the number one fan favorite and their money maker , so good luck being bitter!

RIGHT like yikes pal what a bad time for them,,,,marvel needed him in cacw badly enough that rdj was like “okay but i need to be able to get some really good backstory/character development stuff in it has to be good for my character and for me as an actor” and they were like SURE THING OKIE DOKIE like he was there for a Reason ok people Like him he is Important,,,,when mr bob decides he’s bored/wants to spend his time on other stuff then he’ll be gone but Until Then buckle up and enjoy this decade of tony stark content we have been blessed with

Like here’s all I have so far, and now I’m just… stuck.

“Dad, Jaal wants to take me to meet his family.” It was, perhaps, one of the most difficult things Ryder had ever said to Alec, words spilling out in a rush, barely a pause between them, and certainly not a breath.

“Excellent. It’s important that we observe angara familial customs to strengthen our relationship with them. Good idea, Wren.” Her father’s praise was rare enough that she wanted to just bask in it for a minute, but no such luck. Alec had either not understood her, or was purposefully trying not to. Both options were equally unpleasant.

Steeling herself, Ryder shook her head. “Not us, dad. Just me.” Jaal’s invitation had been very blatantly not extended to the Pathfinder or to Ryder’s twin. Just Wren.

Where Alec’s face had been open, even eager, it now shut down, his more familiar, guarded expression taking its place, the frown between his eyes returning. It was his normal face, the one she had seen most of her life, but that didn’t mean it was a welcome change. “Absolutely not.” The condemnation rang down with a note of finality; Alec expected that what he said was law. The Pathfinder’s word must be followed. He wasn’t finished though; far from it. “I won’t have my own daughter jeopardizing our relationship with the angara for the sake of… a teenage infatuation.”

Well, you might b wondering why I’m not posting much these days, I’m alright dw, it’s just I’ve got finals going on this week and the week after so I’ll be super busy and my posts are gonna be very minimal it’s kinda important too since it’s my last year in high school so I’ve gotta get good grades at least this one time, wish me luck and I hope you all have a wonderful week, see you soon!!

Can we talk about how healthy it is that victor and yuuri were shown to get testy with each other in this episode? Like victor was disappointed in yuuri for being standoffish to minami and called him out on it. I’ll say it again. Victor, whose heart belongs to yuuri, still calls yuuri out on his behavior. And yuuri, instead of lashing out at Victor or defending himself irrationally, thinks about Victor’s words and then corrects his behavior. (“GOOD LUCK!”).

Likewise yuuri defies victor and doesn’t perform the modified program, (supposedly because he is stubborn and it’s probably but of a pride thing too) and instead of being angry, victor considers yuuri’s feelings, relates to him (“oh it’s me!”), and offers yuuri his support all the same.

This is so important because this is part of a healthy relationship (and I’m talking romantic and non-romantic). Here, neither of them is looking through love-goggles. One does not find the other “perfect.” One does not coddle the other. One is not dominant and controlling the other. Even yuuri, who idolizes (or at least used to idolize) victor, doesn’t put him on a pedestal. No, instead they call each other out. One doesn’t always follow the other’s wishes. And, even better, they listen to each other and try to understand each other. They respect each other. And that’s so healthy. Omg. I’m so glad this show portrays these little relationship-y things. There are cuddles and hugs and chapped lips. But there are also disagreements and disappointments and bickering. And that’s so important–especially when it comes to love.


One day somebody will look at you like this. They’ll feel so overjoyed at the sight of you that they can’t help but smile. They’ll be up all night thinking about you. They’ll stare after you long after you’ve gone, hoping you’ll come back for a second goodbye. They will love you so unconditionally, and to them, you are the most important person in the whole entire universe… Because you light up their world and you make them feel just as important and just as loved.

 Good luck out there.♡♥︎

Prepare the confetti canons, here are some Courferre fic recs!!!!

this is fact not fiction- costarring some cute Enjoltaire

After the Storm- super cute and fluffy and long Courferre??? Yes

pretend to love me- fake relationship!!! that is all 

my best days are with you- aka there is a sad lack of Valentine’s Day fics so I’ve read this at least eight times

I Know How to Love Only When You’re Holding Me- asexual courf. fake relationship. what more could you want (read the warnings!!)

(Not So) Mystery Guy- another important Valentine’s Day fic. Like really important. Please read

Scientific Inquiry- canon era!!!!!

heaven in a wildflower- have I recommended this one before?? I hope so becuase it is adorable

the way our horizons meet- tutoring au!!! pining!! enemies to friends to lovers!!

promises- too. cute. proposals!!

Even Brighter Than Usual- this changed me. the pining is So Real

You Look Great- still clutching my chest from this fic

this could really be a good life- they meet while walking their dogs how cute is that

a stroke of luck- Combeferre sneaking into Courf’s house. that’s all u need to know