the good luck one is so important to me

Can we talk about how healthy it is that victor and yuuri were shown to get testy with each other in this episode? Like victor was disappointed in yuuri for being standoffish to minami and called him out on it. I’ll say it again. Victor, whose heart belongs to yuuri, still calls yuuri out on his behavior. And yuuri, instead of lashing out at Victor or defending himself irrationally, thinks about Victor’s words and then corrects his behavior. (“GOOD LUCK!”).

Likewise yuuri defies victor and doesn’t perform the modified program, (supposedly because he is stubborn and it’s probably but of a pride thing too) and instead of being angry, victor considers yuuri’s feelings, relates to him (“oh it’s me!”), and offers yuuri his support all the same.

This is so important because this is part of a healthy relationship (and I’m talking romantic and non-romantic). Here, neither of them is looking through love-goggles. One does not find the other “perfect.” One does not coddle the other. One is not dominant and controlling the other. Even yuuri, who idolizes (or at least used to idolize) victor, doesn’t put him on a pedestal. No, instead they call each other out. One doesn’t always follow the other’s wishes. And, even better, they listen to each other and try to understand each other. They respect each other. And that’s so healthy. Omg. I’m so glad this show portrays these little relationship-y things. There are cuddles and hugs and chapped lips. But there are also disagreements and disappointments and bickering. And that’s so important–especially when it comes to love.

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Okay this a super specific ask but I love your high school headcanons so for madara hashirama and tobirama, how do you think they would text a s/o? What are their texting habits? Emojis, no emojis? Read receipts and what not?

oh shit this is cute


•Too many emojis. His favorites are 😌 😃 ❤️ and 🌝 . He always sends the moon one to Tobirama and Tobirama gets pissed off because it looks like such a smug emoji 

•And you already know he has a million emojis next to his s/o’s name 

•Will double text with no hesitation whatsoever. He doesn’t care. He just wants to talk to his s/o. He’s so cute

•Good morning and good night texts are to be expected. Even if his s/o doesn’t answer him right away. And he remembers important events too so they should expect texts like “good luck on your test today!!!” or “let me know how the interview goes” like FUCK what a considerate boy

•Meme lord. Sends tooooo many memes. Has a meme for everything. Even if it’s not common memes, he has memes that are mostly inside jokes with his s/o and he knows exactly what to send them to get them cracking up. It’s just fun texting Hashirama. Text him if you’re having a bad day, he’ll cheer you up

•If we’re talking high school, Hashirama texts in class. Like constantly (if he can get away with it) He knows better than to text during an important lecture though

•Sends his s/o a lot of selfies, specifically if they ask “What are you doing?”. Hashirama figures a visual is much more fun than explaining it through boring text (he definitely prefers calls to text messages btw)

•Hashirama has his read receipts on, hence why he’s bound to answer asap. He doesn’t want his s/o to think he’s ignoring them. Now if his s/o has read receipts on, Hashirama gets anxious. Especially before the relationship where he’s just crushing on them a little. If he sees they read his message and they don’t answer him, he’s kinda like…. oh. ok. He’s pretty good about staying rational and not jumping to conclusions, so he won’t automatically get paranoid about “omg they don’t want to talk to me omg omg”. It’s just that he really likes talking to them so he gets a little bummed out when they leave him on read


•Absolutely awful at texting. He’s just not the the texting type. Before he and his s/o start dating, he’ll probably be more of an avid texter, simply because he’s keeping up with them and they’re in that shaky phase where he’s trying to make an effort because he really likes them. So he wants to talk to them as often as possible and wants them to know that he cares

•He’ll be so anxious waiting for their texts though lmao. He’ll be lying in bed at night just waiting for his crush to text something, and once he gets the text he’s like FUCK finally. But then he doesn’t reply for an hour because he doesn’t know that the hell to say. What a dork

•But once they’re actually a couple, he goes back to being a shitty texter. Poor s/o

•He has read receipts on. Will read a text and not answer. Even if it’s his s/o. But if his s/o does the same to him, he gets all pissed. But he refuses to double text unless it’s something really important. So he just sits there all pissed off waiting for them to answer him

•He’d prefer calls over text, though he’s not likely to answer calls either. He’s pretty much the type who just doesn’t have his phone on him. It’s not so much that he’s ignoring you, he’ll just forget (also his phone is probably on silent all the time. Let’s just say he’s in this groupchat with Hashirama and he can’t handle all the notifications because Hashirama texts SO MUCH)

•Doesn’t use emojis. Doesn’t even use :) or :( his texts are so bland

•He’ll text his s/o “text me when you get home” just to know when they’re safe. But that’s the most they’ll get out of him. They could say “I’m home” and he’ll reply “okay” but if they try to continue the conversation after that, it’s not worth. He’s already put his phone down and won’t pick it up again for a few hours. For someone who wants to keep tabs on literally everything and everyone, he’s awful at keeping up with his phone


•He’ll definitely hit his s/o with that read and no reply. It’s not always on purpose, he just forgets to reply if something else distracts him. And when he finally texts them back, there’s no “Sorry, I was busy”. He just continues the conversation. Which is a little frustrating? 

•He’ll also be the type not to reply to his s/o for a few hours, then text them something random and start a completely different conversation. You could say that most of the texting will be on Madara’s terms. And he’s sort of a mysterious texter? He’ll have you thinking he’s not going to reply, but then he does. It would make his s/o a little anxious, but they’d just have to understand Madara just doesn’t keep up with texting 

•Also don’t even think about pulling that “Oh, Madara’s going to take ten minutes to reply to me? I’ll take twenty to reply to him” shit. Because he will know. And it will annoy him. He will 100% leave his s/o on read for a full day if they try that with him

•But yeah he does get a little pissy if his s/o leaves him on read. At first he’s just like okay… whatever. But an hour passes and he’s looking at his phone like… I know you didn’t just read and not reply to my text. Honestly, he’ll tell them that. He’ll send them “I know you read that. Answer me, right now.” So demanding even over text, wow Madara

•He’s more of a late night texter. During the day, he’s doing other things. But he’ll reply more often to his s/o at night. Lots of long conversations with Madara will be at like 2 am. It’s like he never sleeps? Yet he’ll scold his s/o for being up so late and tell them “Go to bed right now. It’s past your bedtime”

•Also, Madara’s really just the type who would rather spend time with his s/o than text them throughout the day? So that’s another reason he won’t text too often. His s/o will probably be with him during his free time anyway, so there’s no need to text them that often

•Always uses proper grammar. No text talk. It’s a little odd, but it fits Madara

A sprite edit I made of Forrest that I’m gonna try to import into my game. Wish me luck!

Here’s a comparison pic of the original protrait vs. my edit so you can see all the differences.

I made Takumi!Forrest of course, as that’s the one I have in game. I don’t know if it’s noticeable but I gave Forrest’s hair a light gradient that goes from purple to Takumi’s hair color to light brown.

He looks so pretty in purple ;A;

His expressions:

Edit: The portraits now work perfectly in-game. 

If you want to see more pics of how these look in-game or you want these in your own game, you can find more pics and the download links in this post.

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I've just hit an all time low in my life. I know I'm only 17, but I'm failing all my exams because I'm not motivated to study, my parents aren't talking to me anymore, my friends are starting to get confused as fuck about me and my teachers are like these weird beacons of like "you need to work I believe in you" but liked usually only have on of the three problems, and now it's becoming 3 potentially. I guess I just need to rant, nobody here understands me right now.

I’m sorry about all this! Having support is really important, so maybe you could reach out to some one and just let them know how you are feeling and that you need support through all this

Things will get better, and you are wonderful <3 I love you, Good luck

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i learned makeup through trial and error because i never thought to go on youtube 😭 the first time i tried to do eyeliner, i was in a play and it was so bad. i went to leave the dressing room and my friend marlena went "oh honey. here. let me help" 😂 but seriously while youtube is amazing for makeup, it's super important to remember that what works for someone on youtube, might not work for you. that's been one of my biggest struggles. good luck!

ahhhh thanks so much!!!

destan-of-the-shadows replied to your post: Sadness is trying to learn your native Language…

:“( *hugs* my grandfather was the only one we still had who spoke his native language. I still wish he had been cognizant enough to even teach me a few words. It’s so important, even if it’s hard to put into words why so. I hope they can find some happiness in passing it on, even a bit :( Good luck!

That’s always sad to hear. My brothers are all half brothers (Not that I consider them that), but point is their grandfather was the last speaker of their language and he passed away last year. Made the news paper. Colonization is so ugly. 

Thanks, love. 


yoooooo guys i just hit 60k????? which is insane!!

so a couple of months ago when i found out that amazon had signed Blurryface available for preorder, i ordered two. one for me and one for you guys. 

I can’t believe this many people follow me and this many people love and support twenty one pilots just as much as i do. i love this blog and talking to all of you guys and idk its important to me. so i wanted to be able to give back to you guys a little.

what better way to do that than to give you guys a SIGNED copy of twenty one pilots’ new album??

okay so here’s some ground rules:

  • reglob this, likes don’t count
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okay good luck to everyone! thanks so much for following me and liking this stupid lil blog!

Shit Powered Giraffe Collection (updated weekly)

Yeah, since I already made this post for my infamous tag “wayward victorian whores” for the Emilie Autumn fandom (dat fandom doe) contents and I’m creating loads of shit for SPG, guess who’s there? Shit Powered Giraffe masterpost so that, if you were spared because I have a different timezone than you mmmuricans, you can see all my stuff whenever you want.  Wow, such good thing, very important, much luck for you. Okay, here they are.

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Cz accidentally writes a passionate essay about UTAU and stuff.

Oops, long post guys. Sorry. I just sort of work up this morning and started typing it. It seems important, so I’m just gonna put it here and make sure to shove the rest of it into a read more down below. Good luck. LOL

I never had formal training in linguistics. In fact, I hadn’t studied it at all when I started my work in UTAU back in 2009. This gave me quite a disadvantage when it came to working with other people in the fandom. No one really took me seriously and I didn’t know any of the right vocabulary. “What do you mean by glottal stop??” But I think this may have actually given me an advantage when I started to work with English in UTAU.

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Found this on my Facebook feed. To repeat the picture’s text:

Eeveelutions are NOT random!!!

So after extensive testing and research over the past 3+ hours, my friends and I have discovered something very important.

Eeveelutions are based off of the Eevee’s moves.

Jolteon comes from Eevees with body slam as their second move, Vaporeon from ones with swift, and Flareon from ones with dig.

We observed this working 100% of the time with 10+ Eevees. So I’m fairly sure it isn’t luck.


Thank you, you’re welcome, and good night.

I never told you how my first class went

And I got so many messages telling me that it would be all right and wishing me luck!! I thought you might like to hear how it went, so without further ado:

The good:

  • we discussed the importance of politics, ethics and economics in Book 9 of The Odyssey, and it was really challenging and I learnt a lot 
  • the teacher liked that I knew about the poetic traditions and the variance in translations (we read a prose one in class, boo)
  • as the only one with a background in English rather than Archaeology or Philosophy, I was the only one who picked up on all the symbolism (eg the blinding of Polythemus was allegoric of his inability to see the benefits of civilisation over the individual)

The bad:

  • I was really nervous to speak a lot of the time, even though I knew a lot of the points, so it quite often happened that the teacher would ask a question, I would know the answer (and I expect some others did, too) no-one would respond and the teacher would answer it for us. It was a bit awks!
  • there was a lot I didn’t know, because I’m not so au fait on Philosophy, but hey - that’s why I’m taking the course! And I like learning, so it’s all good. This should be under ‘the good’, really

The ugly:

  • the others in the class, with the exception of a few university students, are a lot older than me (ie retired!) and they didn’t get my sense of humour, so when everyone under the age of 60 was late, I said “maybe they have all become terribly and inconveniently ill” and no-one laughed. It was hideous. The younger people got my other jokes once they’d arrived, though. I feel as though we may be forced to form an alliance

I am looking forward to next week, when we’ll be doing Oedipus Rex! I know the story, obvs, but I’m so ignorant as to the traditions of Greek drama, and apparently that’s going to be the main focus of the lesson. I have a lot of research to do before next week…

500 Follower Give Away!!

I’m so happy to say that I’ve recently reached a really important milestone to me and I want to say a small thank you to everyone that follows me!!

What you will get:

*A personalised playlist of music based on your blog.
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Good luck 💕💕


(Raffle Time!~

     Thank you guys so much for 200+ followers, It means so much to me omg. so I decided I’m going to do a small raffle, It’s really simple, all you have to do Is either like or reblog, If you do both, you are entered twice. i will be picking two winners, both winners will win a digital drawing of one character of their choice. I prefer minecraft characters, I can do skins and everything but i can also do a bust of a character if they are not minecraft related. -sorry for bad picture to the left, its so old cx the one on the right is my most recent work.-

it ends February 5th! Good luck to all who enter!)