the good life

You deserve to be insanely happy. You deserve to feel appreciated. You deserve to feel important to people that are important to you. You deserve to believe in yourself. Your dreams aren’t ridiculous. Your goals aren’t stupid and naive. You deserve to feel inner peace. You deserve to have clarity. You deserve to feel grounded. You deserve to feel safe. You deserve to feel loved and supported - especially by yourself.

The Good Life

Thanks to @cat-chan-fandom-hitchhiker for donating! You asked for some Tim fluff, so here it is! This was a lot of fun to write, actually.

Of all things Tim expects in the middle of a rare quiet afternoon in the manor, it’s not Dick hauling Damian into the room under the armpits, winking at him when all Tim can do is slowly lower his tablet and gape. He’d wanted to take advantage of the quiet and work, but it looks like Dick has other plans.

“Follow me, Timmy,” Dick says, brighten grin ever present, and he disappears down the hallway with Damian. Tim, curious despite himself, follows.

When he catches up to Dick, it’s at the pool. It’s freezing outside—the middle of December in Gotham isn’t exactly pleasant—so Tim’s glad that the doors that lead outside are firmly shut, and the room itself is pleasantly warm, a humidity in the air that has Tim almost relaxing.

He looks to Dick in askance, though, because he has no idea what they’re doing here.

Dick sets Damian down and pulls out his phone, not sparing either of his little brothers a glance. The brat just sends Dick a short glare and steps away, but that’s probably only because it’s Dick. If anybody else had picked him up and carried him that way, Tim doesn’t think anybody would find the body until it’s far, far too late.

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It’s not too late, it’s never too late.   —   Adam Gontier

Live well, have a good vacation, and keep going.
Everything we want to do, we have to live to do it, only live can do.

Groundswell - Eddie
Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You
Three Days Grace - Never Too Late
Three Days Grace - Break
Three Days Grace - The Good Life
Chalk Outline Official Music Video HD 1080p
Saint Asonia - Better Place


A new trailer for Deadly Premonition director, Swery’s, NEW game The Good Life dropped today at PAX West! I wrote up all my thoughts on the game and campaign in a big long mega post but figured I should post the trailer separately incase people wanted to share it without my wall of text :)

Putting up stores

I can understand how people used to grow and preserve most of their own food. They could do it because they were home all day. What labor it is to grow and nurture and harvest and put away, even if the work is often disguised by a feeling of accomplishment. 

The truth is I don’t always love canning, but that is mostly because it takes time and I’m always knee deep in things I need to get done. It also can be hot and the food comes ripe when it’s still sticky summer. 

Combining forces makes a big difference though; you only need to do half the things and it takes half the time and afterwards you go out to dinner and celebrate that you don’t have to cook or prepare one more item of food…until tomorrow when you’ll finish the canning.

Everything in this photo is pickled; fermented pickles, sour pickles, pickled okra, the always sacred dilly beans, and pickled radishes with scallions. 

There will be more and it leads me to wonder, should I consider ways to put away food that doesn’t involve pickling? One can only eat so many pickles, right?

The summer apples are just starting to drop, which means I will soon be drinking fresh cider, baking pies to give away, and making applesauce for dusty winter shelves.