the good kind of dirty

top gorillaz songs to dance to
  • Feel Good Inc.
  • DARE
  • Rock the House
  • Dirty Harry
  • DoYaThing
  • Superfast Jellyfish
  • Doncamatic
  • 5/4
  • Some Kind of Nature
  • Re-Hash
  • Pirate Jet
  • 19-2000
  • People
  • Hongkongaton
  • Bill Murray
  • Spitting Out The Demons
  • The Swagga (suggested by @softpastelnoodle)

One of my favorite things to imagine is post-Revelations Thom Rainier relearning some of his bad habits. He doesn’t need to keep up the perfectly virtuous and noble grey warden persona any more, and starts to slowly allow himself to be vain, to be lewd, to be proud. He’s changed, of course, he really is a better man – but he’s also realized that you don’t have to be perfect to be good.


Put Your Lovin’ On Me - COMING January 11, 7:30 a.m. CST

Summary: Bucky needs to forget. He needs someone who can help him erase all the wrongs he’s committed and the monster he thinks he is. You’re just what the doctor ordered.

  • WARNINGS: Smut, Angst, Fluff, nightmares, night terrors, PTSD-like symptoms, choking (not the good kind, but it leads to the good kind?), NSFW gifs ahead, metal arm kink, like a smidgen of dirty talk?

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Daryl Dixon imagine - It’s a game

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Summary: You show off just how good at shooting a crossbow you are to Daryl

Pairing: Daryl x reader

Word count: 779

Warnings: None really

When Rick’s group joined your Alexandria community, you were a little worried, purely because you knew what the new world had turned some people into. You had been outside the walls of Alexandria for a while before joining the community yourself. 

One man in Rick’s group that pulled your interest was a dirty looking biker kind. He was fairly good looking but quiet, he kept to himself. You noticed when they first arrived that he had a crossbow which made you like him even more. But Alexandria had a no weapon rule therefore he had to give it in. You hung it next to yours and realised just how similar they were. 

For days the man you liked so much wasn’t exactly sociable so you figured a way to get him to talk was take his weapon and use it. 

You hung your crossbow on your back and held Daryl’s in hand. Everyone knew you trained once a day since you hated not doing anything to make sure you could protect yourself. So today you decided to get a partner. 

You detoured from your usual route so you could walk past Daryl whom was sat on the porch of one of the houses Rick’s group had holed up in. 

“Hey Dixon! Follow me!” You held up his crossbow which got his attention, Daryl jumped up and trailed behind you as you left the compound. 

“Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing with my weapon?” Daryl grumbled as he chased after you. 

“(Y/N). I was just wondering how good you were. Plus you looked a little bored.” You tossed the crossbow towards Daryl, he caught it and eyed you suspiciously. 

“Thanks but no thanks.” Daryl grumbled, sliding his bow over his shoulder and turning to walk back to the gates. 

“You’re kidding? I just got you out of Alexandria with your crossbow and you’re gonna go back already.” You jogged up to him and cocked your eyebrow. Daryl stopped and stared down at you. “Come on, think of it as a game.” You pleaded. 

“I don’t play games.” Daryl continued walking towards the gates. 

“Look, Mr. I’m too good for all of you, you’re gonna show me what you got sooner or later so why not now.” You yelled after him. Daryl kept walking. 

You raised your crossbow and aimed it just past Daryl’s head and shot. 

Daryl stared back at you with a mixture of shock and anger. 

“What the hell you think you’re doing?! That coulda hit me!” Daryl growled. You smirked at his outburst and lowered your crossbow. 

“But it didn’t.” 

“You’re crazy, lady.” Daryl told you. You shook your head and took a step towards him. 

“No, just curious. One hour. Please.” You asked a final time. The trick shot must’ve made Daryl curious about you too because he gave in and followed you to your usual training area. 

You just had a few targets dotted around everywhere and hidden in an old tree stump you had some snacks, cigs and whiskey. 

“You wanna go first or shall I?” You gestured to the targets, Daryl popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. “I’ll take that as I’ll go first.”

It took you less then ten seconds to hit all the targets bullseye twice, and then you got an oncoming walker. Daryl watched you intently. He was curious about you.

“I’ve been doing this since I was five. Was world champion for a while then the walkers came along and fucked everything.” You told Daryl, sitting down to munch on a pack of crisps. Daryl put out his cigarette and stood up. 

“You hear that?” Daryl asked, a soft groaning could be heard. Four/five walkers minimum, you assumed. 

You both raised your crossbows and mowed down the oncoming walkers. But what you didn’t see was there was a crawler which tripped you up, causing you to fall onto Daryl. Daryl shot the crawler dead after you both hit the ground with an oomph. 

“Sorry.” You blushed a deep red as you realised you were the one on top. The man beneath you was firm, strong and smelt like Jack Daniels, gasoline and grease. 

“It’s okay, you alright?” Daryl asked as you both returned to your feet. 

“Yeah, fine, thanks.” You knew your cheeks were pinker than Carol’s sweater now. Daryl smirked down at you, amused at your now flustered state. “We should probably head back.” You stuffed your stash back into the tree stump. 

You headed back to the compound with Daryl close behind, smiling a small smile at you. Now he was even more curious about you. 

The Child of the Forest gets fancy clothes!
Feat. Amara, Skunky and Paul

Don’t know about this gang?
Read this story!

…as I promised today…. *cough* @ladydanya​ *cough*

I’m just being super careful with this, because I don’t want it to look too porny. What I extremely love about this fic is that at first, when you see the blindfold, your mind just goes “ah, okay, some good old kinky blindfolded sex” in some kind of dirty way, but instead it’s the most elegant, delicate and sensual sex (and relationship, and story) you’ll ever read.
Which is why is fundamental to me to recreate that atmosphere. I’m not sure I’m there yet, but don’t worry, I’ll soon be ;)

The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty

A/N: Okay so this piece is based off the song The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty by Panic! At the Disco (obviously). I apologize if there are any mistakes, or if it seems confusing, I kind rushed through it…

Oh, the good, the bad, and the dirty…

 The rain pounds the ground relentlessly. Thunder rolls in the sky, mixing the the soft hum of your lightsaber. You are soaked to the bone. Your clothes hangsfrom your body, weighing you down. The field in which you stand used to be filled with homes and people, until Kylo Ren brought his stormtroopers and burned it to the ground. He destroyed your home, and you were too late to save it.

Truth is that it was always going to end.

This symphony buzzing in my head.

You stand with your lightsaber in hand, your body in a defensive stance. Kylo Ren stands before you, his dark mask hiding the face you used to love. You can feel hot rage racing through your veins. He ruined everything. Not only did he destroy the new generation of Jedi, he also shattered your very being. You trained with him for as long as you can remember. You were both going to be Jedi. You were best friends growing up, then one day you were more than friends. You grew to love him in a way you had never experienced.

Although you try to contain your anger, knowing it doesn’t fuel the light within you, you can’t stop the rage building inside you. Every time you look at him, you are reminded of what he did to you, and to Luke. He left the light, leaving you to pick up the pieces. He promised to stay by your side, and he betrayed you.

Kylo’s lightsaber illuminates his metal mask, making him look even more fearsome, but you don’t let fear take you. You could never be afraid of Kylo. You learned the ways of the Force for years by Ben’s side, and although he claimed Ben was dead, you knew there was still light pulling him back. You could never fear Kylo knowing there was still light in him.

And you been gone so long

I forgot what you feel like

But I’m not gonna think about that right now

The anger inside you builds to the point where your arms shake. You try to calm it, just as Luke taught you, but you can’t seem to tame it. Kylo Ren destroyed your home, and you wanted him to pay. You stare right at Kylo as you scream, “You coward!”

Thunder roars around you, but you don’t even jump. All you can hear is the wails of dead villagers in your ears. You wait for Kylo’s reaction, but it doesn’t come. It’s hard to tell what he thinking with that hunk of metal covering his face, but you can hear the pain and anger in his voice as he yells, “I am not a coward!”

“You wrecked everything! I loved you, Ben, and you left me-”

“Ben is dead!” his mechanical voice bursts. “Ben was a fool!”

You shake your head. “No. Ben was an honorable man. Kylo Ren is the monster that killed him.”

“The light side has blinded you. Luke Skywalker is a Jedi scum that doesn’t know what he’s doing. The Jedi are dead. The Sith are strong.” Kylo reaches his hand out to you. “Come with me, and together, you and I can rule the galaxy.”

His words stun you. He is an idiot if he really believes you would ever join the Sith. You are a Jedi, and you will die as a Jedi. You raise your lightsaber up to guard your body as you say, “I will never join the dark side!”

The dark mask stares at you. “So be it.” That’s when Kylo attacks.

If you wanna start a fight

you better throw the first punch

make it a good one

You’re ready for him, blocking his first attempt to slash through your body. You grunt as you push against his massive strength. You draw upon the Force to push him back, spinning and attempting a strike at his shoulder. His crimson blade crashes against your (y/l/c), illuminating your faces in the dark storm around you. Kylo rears back and attempts to slash at your legs, only for you to block him again.

Again and again you block his attempts to disarm you. You know how he fights. All those years of being training partners means you’re familiar with his fighting style, but it also means he’s familiar with yours. Your lightsabers clash against each over and over again; evidence that proves you both know how the other fights.

It seems to be forever before one of you gains the upper hand. Luckily for you, you chose a technique that involved endurance. You trained to fight for long periods of time, until your enemy weakens, whereas Kylo’s technique was to simply overpower his opponent. You can feel Kylo gradually losing his focus. You open yourself to the Force and allow to flow through you, fueling the amount of strength needed to push Kylo to the ground.

He stumbles and falls on his back. You run to him and bring your lightsaber down just as he holds his up to block your strike. You can feel him struggling against your new burst of energy. You perform a quick maneuver that slides Kylo’s lightsaber out of his hand. It flies away from him, rolling in the mud. He now lies beneath you, defenseless. You can’t see his reaction to his defeat, but you have a good guess that he is furious and frustrated by his failure.

You point your lightsaber at him, ready to deliver the blow that will end his life. You can taste the sweet victory of triumph just in reach, but as you look down at the expressionless mask, you can’t help but think of the man behind it. You know there is still light in that man; you know it tortures him to know he can’t fully devote himself to the First Order. You lower your lightsaber as you realize you can’t kill him. You can’t kill Ben.

Lightning flashes in the sky, lighting up the mud-streaked mask. He is not a monster. He’s in pain. You feel it now. The torture of being pulled both ways.

“I can’t kill you,” you say, tossing away your lightsaber. You feel your throat tighten. Kylo tilts his head at you. You hold your ground, staring right at him. He pushes himself off the ground and stands up so he towers over you once again. You wait for him to pull his lightsaber to him so he can end your life. But he doesn’t. He reaches his hands up and pulls his mask off, revealing the face that haunted your dreams and nightmares for years.

Something crumbles within you as you look at him. You’ve ached for him for so long, and now he’s here. A part of you wants to hold him, feel his embrace, but the other part wants to scream at him for being so stupid. His expression is filled with misery. Your heart breaks for him. You want to help him.

I’m gonna keep getting underneath you

I’m gonna keep getting underneath you

And all our friends want us to fall in love

As you part your lips to say something, a bright light suddenly flashes above you. You glance up and see the Millennium Falcon hovers above you. You look back to Kylo, only to see he is striding back to his shuttle. Whatever little part of you has healed shatters as you see him walking away. You thought you would be bringing him back with you, but you have failed.

Your hair whips around wildly as the Falcon lands near you, ready to bring you back to the Resistance base. A fire of hope blooms within you as you decide to make a promise. You vow that you will never rest until the First Order is destroyed and Ben Solo is no longer a slave to the Sith.

The One Where Olicity Takes a Bath

You can all blame thank nikkibeckettcsmsimplyfragile​ and sailorslayer3641​ for this crack. And the next couple I put out too, because yeah, this has become a thing. Welcome to Flarrow Gets Friendly, where I plan to take everyone’s favorite Friends scenes and (Fl)Arrow-fy them! 

I already have several of my own personal favorites picked out, but I will take requests if there’s a scene you’re just dying to see! 

Also on ao3

Oliver hadn’t taken a bath in about twenty five years. The only memories he has of them are more from old pictures in photo albums of him and Tommy playing in the tub with their toy yachts than actual remembrance. So the first time Felicity suggest a bath, he turns his nose up. Why would she want them to sit in a bowl of dirty water when they could shower together and get the good kind of dirty?

But then he came home from a trip to the grocery store and found her surrounded by bubbles and candles, eyes closed as she hummed along to the music coming from the speaker on the counter. The tops of her breasts were peeking at him from under the bubbles, rosy from the hot water, and the steam had caught her hair, curling the tendrils that had escaped from where the rest sat atop her head.

He couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough.

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