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My contribution to @mysticmessimagines Valentine’s event, Jumin’s day.

The signs as Stranger Things objects

Aries: Lucas’ wrist rocket

Taurus: Steve’s nailed bat

Capricorn: Barb’s glasses

Scorpio: The deprivation

Virgo: Dustin’s tooth

Leo: Mike’s freckles

Gemini: Brenner’s suit

Cancer: Nancy’s ponytail

Libra: Hopper’s hat

Sagittarius: Ted’s chicken

Pisces: The kids’ supercoms

Aquarius: The Eggos hopper left in the forest

ALSO ONE HELL OF A THANK U TO @dadharbour for joining me on the wild ride of making this as my guide and showing me the ways of shitposting

rubyreddemise  asked:

Ok here's my best shot lol, I need a truly fluffy fic please. As you know my emotions have been on the non fun kind of roller coaster this week and reallly need a Prompto day of cuddles. Please include him addressing the depression and emotional roller coaster because it really helps.. hope this request makes some sort of sense..

I hope this is alright for you! Although it may be less fluffy than intended, but I hope you still like it! 

Prompto x Reader
My Everything ~
WC: 1234

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Takenaka's opinion of them...
  • Hanazawa: he looks pleasant and nice-looking but he's actually now planning your murder if you would ever show any sort of rudeness towards Mob. His thoughts never match with his words at ALL (unless it's at Kageyama)
  • Ritsu: he acts all polite but internally he has already managed to roast and insult you in every manner possible
  • Shou: it's a fucking disastrous spiral of commercial songs on repeat and depressing thoughts
  • Serizawa: he's smarter than he looks
  • Tome: is there anything else besides ALIENS?? Holy shit
  • Mezato: she's a gossip goldmine
  • Tokugawa: matches his words and he's actually more thoughtful than you might think
  • Musashi: so nosy!!
  • Minegishi: he managed to deduce all that in a glance??
  • Mob: heck he's the only one whose thoughts ACTUALLY match what he says. Rarely, if ever, does not.

Sometimes I forget that voice acting is a thing I enjoy doing. Anyway, here’s a comic dub my friend requested! Comic is by @twinkens-art

Comic under cut for convenience:

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anonymous asked:

some good blogs (pref svt) to follow? im new and i want to find some blogs to follow~ ^^

hmmm ill list a few for ya ♡♡ @ilovejun @darlinggyu @iluboo @97skmn @jecnwonu @dinosmixtape @dokyuml @plantsoo @spicyjunhui @h1ddenleaf @highlightsvt @03highlight @maenie @zeungkwan @lovegyu @momjeonghan @hanwooz @wonnhao 

anonymous asked:

sorry I'm a bit late, but I had to add to the usopp love. I've always been a fan of Usopp because he's easy to relate to personally

You’re not late!!! It’s never late to join the Usopp Love ♥

You’re right ^^ I think we have enough characters without flawless or that are always right. And then you have Usopp, a “coward” who always lies and have to make stupid treats to his enemies. But that’s not something that we would do?

I mean, if I have to fight against a creature which definitely is more strong than me… of course I would be scared.

We know that Straw Hats have their own style to fight, this style is based on what they’re good at or they know how to do. Nami has her Clima Tact, Franky have his weapons, Brook sometimes use his music, Chopper use his knowledges of medicine/anatomy to defeat the enemy, etc.

Usopp, is good to make new inventions, artifacts, is an excellent sniper and well, he’s good to lie. 

Sanji said “I’ll do what you can’t and you go do what I can’t”.

The Monster Trio is known because of their monstrous force, unfortunately many people love more those characters because they are strong, they aren’t afraid and they can’t be defeated, and when you meet a character like Usopp, well is hard to like the character. He’s not strong and he’s afraid.

And we forgot or we don’t see Usopp as a person. A normal person like us. Can we put on his shoes? And think about all his fights? Because… wow, how did he not die?

All he used was his abilities, sure some of them were dirty tricks or lies, but is what he knew to do. Is what he is capable to do. And we have to learn a lot about him.

It’s ok being afraid and that you’re not strong. But do whatever you’re capable of to help. To help your nakama. And all the fights he has won were for helping his nakama. And without know it, he has become stronger and brave.

Now, all I can say is that the Usopp we knew is just the before of the Usopp we know now, who is no far away to become a brave warrior.