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I Can’t Do This

Request: Fantastic as usual sweetie! Anywho, if you’re still excepting requests, I was wondering if you’d be willing to do a part 2 of “I Do…Not” where you and Newt have parted ways and, once he realized you were right, he finds you happily engaged/married? Angsty for everyone who loves the dear, but he can’t win EVERY time

Word Count: 2,506

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1

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Leta stands in the doorway, eyes wide as she takes in your joined hands, Newt’s parted lips, the lack of space between the two of you. “What are you two doing?”

You fall to the side as Newt rips his hand back and steps away from you. “Leta. Nothing. We were just speaking.”

“Newt.” You grab his arm, regaining your balance before you reply. “Don’t bother with her. She’s the one at fault.”

Leta scowls at you. “I’m not the jealous one trying to steal a husband.” Her eyes very pointedly land on the hand clutching onto Newt’s bicep.

You flush and drop it to your side. “I’m not trying to steal Newt. I’m trying to save him from life with a wench like you.”

Her glare turns to ice. “Wench? Really? Says the little girl that can’t get over her elementary crush.”

You want to scream as your ears heat up. “I don’t have a crush on Newt. I just want what’s best for him. Unlike you.”

“He’s my husband. How would you want any better for him than I do?”

“I don’t know, oh wait, that’s right.” You cock your head, meeting her challenge. “I’m not a cheating, lying bitch.”

You hurl the words at her knowing even as you say them that it won’t matter. Newt is a lost cause.

He proves it by grabbing your arm. “Stop that.”

You don’t turn to him, still staring Leta down. “Stop trying to protect you?”

“We’re not at Hogwarts anymore. I don’t need your help.”

“You obviously do.”

“No.” He says, voice cold. “I don’t.”

You stiffen, slowly spinning to meet his stony gaze. “You don’t need my help?”


“Do you even think you need me anymore, Newt, or am I completely expendable now that you have her?”

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oh hail Cockles High Lady! I have a theory about very drunk and flirty Jensen and all the Cockles tension at JIBCON . Misha seems a little annoyed about the "who Cas? who's Misha" and Jensen noticed and thought "oh no he's mad" and the apple juice apology didn't really work so Jensen got full on drunk and decided to go full out on the flirtiness and dirty jokes to make him forgive him and like you could see Misha being amused even though he was mad so it kinda worked?

agree !

also he was probably tired and sad about Cas


this week we have our young x-men front and center with jean grey #2 (featuring hope summers, quentin quire, and rachel summers) 

Telepaths Unite! The Phoenix is coming! And determined not to become its next victim, Jean Grey will enlist the help of its previous hosts…but will Rachel Grey, Quentin Quire and Hope Summers have the answers she’s searching for? 

 and x-men blue #4 (with our newest addition, jimmy hudson, as designated team wolverine.) the previews show the team slipping on some winter suits and setting out to investigate reports of a creature killing people in colorado. 

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Could you write Eposette for the angst meme thing with "Don't listen to them. Don't you EVER listen to them" ? It would make me the happiest bean.

“Ponine, why are you laying on the floor?”

Eponine shifted the book off her face just enough to see the curtain of brown curls that meant Cosette had to be bending down quite low over her right now. How she could keep her balance while doing that was still beyond her, but Eponine had never once seen Cosette fall.

“Because I’m stupid,” she mumbled, but the pages muffled her words enough that Cosette couldn’t hear. Or, at least, faked not being able to hear.

“Sorry, what?”

“I said-” Eponine slides the book to her chest. “-because I’m stupid.”

Cosette shook her head and sat down beside her. “Nonsense, sweet pea. Why would you ever say that about yourself?”

“Because it’s true.” Eponine rolled over onto her side, facing away. “I have empirical proof that I’m an idiot because I failed another exam. Another one! It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I keep screwing up.”

She wanted to throw the books and papers and everything else in the garbage for all the good it had done her. That’s where it all belonged at this point anyway.

“I don’t know why I’m even trying. I didn’t go to university in the first place for a damn reason. Everyone knew, my parents knew, I knew- why am I here?”

“Hey.” Cosette laid a gentle hand on her shoulder and rolled Eponine over to look her in the eye. “All those voices telling you you aren’t good enough? Don’t listen to them. Don’t you ever listen to them. Especially not the ones that sound like your parents, you know they’re wrong.”

“Yeah, but what if-”

“No ‘buts.’ No ‘what ifs.’ You failed a test or two. So what? Enjolras and Combeferre have failed tests before, too, but that doesn’t make them stupid. You are my bright, brilliant, and beautiful sweet pea, and no test grade will ever change that.”

Eponine sighed and slowly started to prop the book up on her chest. She fidgeted with the corner a page for a long moment before she shuffled over enough to rest her head on Cosette’s lap. “Do you, um… Do you think you could help me study for the next one?”

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I've got to say your arts give me life! Especially the John Hamish Watson. His eyes!!! It's a wonder! You just posted a tutorial of your watercolor but is that one painted the same way? Anyway thank you for sharing my arts with us. <3 <3 <3

Do you mean “sharing your arts”?? :))))))))) 

Thank you lovely anon! I can’t say how much I appreciate these. And why not show yourself, I’m curious to know who sent me such sweet words.

That John Hamish Watson painting is also one of my favourite so far. But tbh, the eyes are… well, off and it pained me so. About the painting process, yes it was more or less the same way but instead of just one color for the bg I used many, both watercolor and Acrylic Ink. I only have a few WIPs of that painting, hopefully it would be enough and helpful to you.

Started with a simple sketch, then I wet the whole painting with clear water and add in watercolor (blue, brown) and acrylic ink (sepia, black) in different parts and let them mix. I used a tissue to blob out color for the highlight parts. Watercolor tends to look darker when it’s still wet, so if you think one part of your painting looks too dark at that moment, try not to worry too much. 

Usually I would try to put some more shades to the “big” parts when it’s still semi-wet so it wouldn’t have too sharp edges, but not all the time. Once the glaze was dry, I add in more details, starting with the face (my habit). At the time, I didn’t know, but later on I realized the Acrylic Ink mix with watercolor created such beautiful grainy texture. It’s Inkredible :))))

(Should’ve realized my mistake at this point but nooooooo, my eyes were too biased to see the problem =.=) 

Once the face was done I moved on to the hair and clothes. Sometimes I will add more color to the bg if needed but in this one I didn’t as the initial glaze seemed to be enough. And voala! That’s it. (sorry no more wips shots after this state.

The previous “tutorial” is here if anyone needs. I hope this was useful to you, anon. Do try out that ink, the texture is fabulous. I used the same thing with the Redbeard and Sulking Sherlock piece.

God today has been a good day but also really exhausting bc a lot of stuff and walking going on (or well, more walking than I usually do haha) but!!! I have great life news that you can find in the tags below haha

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Uhh, tough one, let’s see…

Sacrifice Ceremony - The second imagine I have ever written. In which Ivar and the reader are holding a sacrifce ceremony and afterwards she has a surprise for him.

Going to England - Also one of my first imagines which I wrote even before the episode came out. The reader joins Ivar in the battle against King Aelle.

The Argument - Basically rough angry smut.

Family time - Just a big pile of fluff. The reader watches Ivar play with their son.

In the Morning - Finally one about Ubbe. The reader wakes up next to him after a night of heavy drinking.

Thanks to my lovely Heathen Army sister @underthenorthstar for sending this!