the good hope

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Hi Kaito. You remember that Kaito Aprreciation? Well, i decided that i will not continue it. Life is a little bitch right now, and i can never write it on time. I'm sorry..

So it finally comes to an end. Thank you for all your appreciation, don’t think I didn’t treasure it even tho I didn’t post it. I’m saving every single one of them, I was thinking about posting them all together once the month ended.

I’m sorry life is hard for you at the moment, but I want you to know that you’re an awesome person that did your besf to compliment me in different ways for almost 22 days. You’re amazing. I hope your life gets better soon, I’m cheering on you.

Frisk also sends you kisses, kind anon ♥

Never Lonely

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Seth Rollins/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirsty Crew! Welcome to another installment of me trying to write ‘Seth Rollins the sympathetic character’ instead of 'Seth Rollins the evil mastermind’! I hope I have done this sweet boy justice. Tagging my broskis @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes and the broski among men, @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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I think many of you would enjoy knowing that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (a phrase that is not going to get old anytime soon) has a polydactyl ginger cat which has now got its own Twitter account. All hail Paddles the First Cat. 

guys i miss drawing shitty mcu fan arts so badly right now

i hope jon davison knows he is a sweet & wondrous boy who is doing a fantastic job & i hope he is having a beautiful day

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what are ur favorite blogs?

ahhhh asks like these kind of scare me bc ALL of my mutuals r my fav!!!! but recently ive been rbing a lot from @na-rum @sixthchild @tayuya @blvckmilk @guncores @kozumek @tuofu @vicar-amelia @skyglowing @cyberjazz @mothcub @okumvras @ovrkill & a lot of other cool ppl !! & also i would take a million bullets for @eyespystye @pal-kia @rosiesakura

the winding road

Pairing: reddie

Word Count: 2299

Warning: it’s fluff mostly just boys talkin’ about their future;; richie swears like twice

Summary: “At the time, they both had chosen to ignore it. There was an awkward silence that lasted for what felt like hours, Richie made a joke, Eddie wiped his tears (he had been upset about something, but Richie couldn’t remember what) and everything felt normal again. They never bothered speaking about it, because they both were afraid of change, and something like… whatever it was – that would be the biggest change of all.

Until now.”

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“You guys wanna get a pizza, or something?” Ben asked, stepping down from the arcade cabinet and flexing his hands. He had put up a hard fight, but it seemed like not even he could come close to beating a (self-titled) legend. Richie had managed to win so many times, in fact, that the motion of typing his name in became muscle memory; and soon enough, RCHI was flashing in big yellow letters, boasting his skills to the world.

“I guess. Beats watching Richie destroy you over and over again.” Stan laughed, shoving his hands in his pockets. The arcade, despite being shelter from the wind, was still no match for the Autumn chill. “I’ve only got a five, though.”

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In trials one of k/eiths fears was being too selfish and only caring about himself (also amplified with that l/ances line) and now he was ready to die for others...but that is the "bad" way of showing selflessness. The same thing goes for the whole family thing( them being disconnected plus fake sh/iro). They are showing the fear. The bad solution. And at the 'the end' the good solution. I am going to cry like a bitch at the end and i am glad they are showing HOW NOT TO chase happiness...

yeah honestly i agree? i just hope they address that it was a bad solution/ decision because what keith did is also an important plot point and i don’t think they should gloss over it. they should acknowledge it in its entirety, especially because the bom is affecting him this much that he’s willing to throw everything away in a moments notice. also i think in a way he’s trying to overcompensate because he has been a bit selfish in the past and he’s aware of that, so now he’s trying to make up for it in any way he knows how. problem is, it isn’t the best solution and we don’t know whether the team caught wind of what he did or if they’re oblivious. i hope someone tells them so that they as a team, as his found family, can talk some sense into him.