the good bye andy

It bothers me so much when people judge you for liking a band or youtuber or actor/actress. Like, we’re not aiming to be these people with all of the same choices. But we sure as hell admire them for what they did with their lifes. Yeah, they might not have graduated high school but I can still aim to be the same kind of person with a diploma that they achieved without one. I probably make no sense anymore so good bye and remember that I love you.

It's not that difficult (Andy Biersack imagine)

I slowly opened my eyes when I heard the cries of a baby coming from the other room. I pried my husbands arms off of me as I got up. I looked at the clock and saw it was 3:45am. Again? Really! This has been happening every night! I walked into my little boy’s nursery to see him laying in his crib crying.

“Shhhh. Your fine.” I said rocking the tiny infant in my arms.

Once little James calmed down I set him back in his crib. I saw he wasn’t asleep, so I walked down stairs to the kitchen to get a bottle. I turned on the light and made his milk drink. I turned the light back off and walked back into James’s room. I picked him up again and walked over to the rocking chair. I sat there rocking him as I fed him his bottle.

Once he was finished I put his sleeping body back into the crib. Looking at the time before I went back into my room, I saw that a whole hour had passed. When I laid back in bed I closed my eyes before drifting back to sleep in my warm bed.
I groaned as I turned off my alarm. 8:30am. Great now it’s time to go to stupid work. I turned over to see Andy’s sleeping body laying perfectly beside me. I was so lucky to have him in my life. We’ve been married for 3 years now. We have a beautiful little boy who is only 6 months old. Could my life get any better?

After I showed I made a quick breakfast, I ate my plate and put Andy’s in the fridge. I went up to wake up James and feed him his morning bottle. After I fed him I changed him into a cute little outfit. He was going to aunt Sammie’s house today. On Mondays and Wednesdays he went there and the other three he went to a daycare.

Once he was fed I put him in his little play pen while I went to say goodbye to Andy. I walked upstairs and saw he had just gotten out of the shower. His hair was still wet even though he had on his clothes for the day.

“Hey babe. I’m about to leave for work. James is downstairs. I already fed him so you just have to bring him to Sammie’s house. Ok?” I said in a rushed tone as I tried to put on my shoes and grab all my stuff I need for the day.

“Well good morning to you to Y/N.” Andy said chuckling.

“Sorry. I just hardly got any sleep last night and I’m gonna be late.” I said while Andy walked over to me.

He snaked his arms around my waist as I put mine around his neck. He lowed his head and kissed me. We stayed this way for a good 3 minutes.

“We can counting this later. I gotta go. Bye love you!” I shouted as I was walking down the stairs.

“Love you too!” I heard andy shout after me.

I said good bye to James and got all my stuff before heading to work. When I got in my car I saw a text from andy. It read…

“Love you babe. Have a good day at work. And remember this baby stuff isn’t that difficult.”

I smiled before heading off to work. God I love that man.

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[TRANS] CHEN’s letter to an EXO-L:
We’ll work hard this year! So [recipient] work hard too this year! 2016! Let’s have a year without regrets!! There will be good things and bad things and things you don’t want but let’s work hard and fight together!! I’ll work hard with my music so I promise not only [recipient] but many people that I’ll give you good music! [Recipient] fighting!!
From. CHEN
Jongdae oppa ㅋ
trans: andie @ fychen ϟ please take out with full credit!

we were at the supermarket and my sister buys a lollipop, but she gives it to the cute cash register boy and says “you look like you had a bad day, here you can have it” and he smiles like an idiot

my 8 year old sister has more game than me.


2013 Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli fills in for Novak Djokovic at the BNP Paribas Showdown exhibition match against Andy Murray in New York. The reigning Wimbledon champions play a couple of points together.