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I forgot I had this sketch on my inktober sketchbook. My first attempt to draw them kissing 😘


N: Of course you can! The best non-magic books I suggest you are ‘The Gay Metropolis’ by Charles Kaiser, 'The Owl Service’ by Alan Gramer, 'Interworld’ by Michael Reaves and, obviously, the whole Harry Potter saga. Love ya!


I visited the Democratic National Committee with Peter Mandelson the following year. In a long, rambling and not very successful meeting, Peter turned to me and said in his typical stage whisper: ‘Do you know what the best thing about this meeting is, Philip? I will tell you. The best thing is the doughnuts.’
—  Philip Gould, The Unfinished Revolution

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i'm flying to australia to see my partner tomorrow and i'm v nervous but also v excited!!!!!!! do u have any advice for long flights o: it's cool if you don't!!!!

ooh im so happy for u!!!!!!!!!!!! the only time i was traveling w plane was when i was 9 lmao so my only advice is…. try not to have a cold or the air pressure will fuck u up lmao

wow straights don’t know how lucky they are. they are literally represented everywhere. u listen to a song on the radio ??? s t raight. u watch a tv show ??? 3 wild straight couples appear. u watch a movie ??? there is always a straight love plot squeezed into the story. u read a book ??? hello™ there are the straights again. like they don’t even have to search for things ??? while i need to graduate lesbian detective school to be freakin able to find one decent piece of lesbian fiction that i haven’t read 39290480939 times already because there are literally no alternatives ??? straights just need to open any book in the bookstore and there is already a straight romance flourishing on page one. imagine what that must feel like ?? can’t relate


BOOKS READ IN 2017: percy jackson & the olympians by rick riordan

It’s hard to enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one.