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“A current passes through the crowd with the news of each survivor. Relief and sorrow follow each other rapidly, because with the names of those who live comes the void of those who have not. Death brings life; life brings death.

There are no words in that fleeting moment between hope and the knowledge. There is no way to express how a heart can burst and break at the same time, how the sun can cut through the darkness but will cast shadows everywhere.

There are only fingers that entwine with another’s, arms that link solidarity.”

yourgiantpinkspacewife  asked:

If I may be so presumptuous to ask, what exactly are the problems you see in Dresden Files?

Sexism. Pretty much just a lot of sexism. Some of it I can excuse because that’s the genre, and Harry does get called out on his chauvanism periodically, but…I can only excuse it as part of the genre if it’s being subverted, or maybe made fun of a little, and it’s not. And Harry periodically being called out for, like, trying to protect women who don’t need it, doesn’t make up for

  • the constant sexualization of Molly, even though - hell, particularly because - every time it comes up, the narration is like, “I can’t think of her Like That because I remember her in diapers, but [description of Molly scantily clad with a model figure, etc.]”
  • I want to ship Thomas and Justine, I truly do, there’s a way that it’s really sweet and periodically even badass - and, you know, 1000% Fucked Up. I’ll take sex vampires as a trope of the Hardboiled Urban Fantasy genre, that’s fine - I particularly enjoyed the scene where Lara tore out Melanie’s organs and it was utterly horrifying despite still being incredibly erotic, and the narration balanced them well to great effect. But, dude. Justine was not there of her own free will for a long time. Just because Thomas “fell in love with her”, and Justine “fell in love with him” does not make that okay, nor, um, should that romance have happened at all. Thomas falling in love with what he thinks this girl is like - heck, what she truly is, kind, caring, brave, etc. except that oh by the way he’s lowkey mind-controlling her? Fine. Great. Typical, and potentially fun to watch as a Fucked Up thing. That never being acknowledged as Fucked Up, and in fact it works out perfectly for him? NO.
  • the Actual Nonsensical Bullshit of Hannah Ascher’s “death”, which I put in quote marks because I want to give Butcher the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s not actually dead. Because otherwise, he spent literally an entire book describing how she truly loves and understands fire, in a way possibly no other magic-user does, only for Harry to be like, “Ascher’s mistake was that she only knew magic, whereas I [a male, truly knowledgable and invested in my craft] understand Physics…so I tricked her into collapsing the roof with heat.”
    • I’m not saying that’s not an incredibly Harry Dresden thing to do - he really is invested in both the physical and arcane aspect of magic; it’s well-established and I appreciate the heck out of it. And that was a very clever trick, and just the sort of thing he’d pull. But it should not have worked on Hannah Ascher.
  • in general, Butcher has about three female types he’s comfortable writing. The Ingenue - innocent, naive, sexual but chaste, enamored of the male protagonist (Molly, Justine, Susan at first, Lash as she learned humanity.) The Mother - non-violent, support class, caring, non-sexual (Charity, Susan later, Isana from Codex Alera). And The Femme Fatale - powerful, deceptive, evil, sexual and acts on it (Mab, Lea, Lash at first, Lara, Bianca, Mavra, probably Elaine, Invidia from CA…) Only the Hero’s Romantic Interest is allowed to be neither innocent nor evil nor a mother (Karrin, CA’s Kitai) but even then she’s inevitably a step behind the protagonist in savviness and day-saving, and not just because he’s the protagonist. Or, kind of because he’s hte protagonist, but it…wears thin, you know? And it’s not like the have sex any time early in the series, so she’s still an Ingenue that way - note that Karrin’s been taken out of her regular combat role simultaneous with her and Harry actually consumating their romance. 
    • yes, there are women who don’t fit these tropes. Gard is pure muscle. Ivy is a girl - though she fills pretty much every other aspect of the Ingenue trope, and I painfully anticipate the inevitable timeskip that puts her post-puberty so Harry notices her equally inevitable new curves. Luccio bounced around - but she was, you know, being used to get to Harry via romance, so…femme fatale just without the agency…
  • also, sometimes he’s just a little too pleased with his own cleverness. Jim. Jim. Harry didn’t need to explicitly, in-narration remember to Uriel that scene where he was wishing for a Knight to come fight Cassius and Butters showed up. First off, that’s called foreshadowing, and you’re supposed to let it lie for clever readers to catch. Second, we all caught it. You didn’t need to draw attention. We’ve all been theorizing about this shit for the whole damn series. Third, unlike the fans, Harry is generally shit at remembering details like that, so it was genuinely out-of-character.

All that said, I do LOVE all the theorizing, and the characters are generally fun, with perhaps a mental filter to ignore some glaring failures and trends. The narration is snappy, the plot twists are solid and exciting, and the elaborate web of supernatural politics and secrets yet to be uncovered keeps me coming back for more. I fully intend to keep reading them, perhaps even do some rereading someday. I just…also fully intend to keep to my habit for the last few books, of not paying a cent for them. They’re fun, but I’m not sure how much I want to encourage all this.

Seeing the situation as a whole
She liked stepping out of line and playing games
He enjoyed basking in enthusiasm and his booming voice
He was, “loud and angry,” she had told him
“Sow you mouth shut or I’ll do it for you
Tie you up like a Christmas bow”
Although he didn't feel like she was ever giving
More of the type to receive and mold those around her
As if he were in her game of chess
He was a pawn for her to knock over when needed
She was never a fair player
He foughts battles against angry giants and fire breathing dragons
Conquering every obstacle she threw his way
He was never one to give into the manipulative schemes
Instead he sold his mind to his work and others happiness
With enough encouragement to out shine the Sun
He was a flaming ball of pent up energy
She was a darkening black hole
No matter how much she darkened his world
He illuminated through the shadows
Showing others that through the gloom
There will always be the light
—  The People I Work With (via I.N.T.)
Real talk - Hogwarts Houses

Listen up folks!
So, we all know about our Hogwarts houses and we also know that it is an unspoken rule that your Hogwarts house is kind of your own very important, very chaotic but also very lovable family.

However, I am slowly but steadily getting sick of hearing:

“Oh, you’re a Slytherin, so you are an evil piece of shit.”

Like, no. Kindly f*ck off. It’s true that once you have pissed me off, I’ll make your life miserable, but that doesn’t mean that I’m evil, at least not per se.

And this does not only go for Slytherins.
It goes for every house.

Gryffindors aren’t reckless.
Hufflepuffs aren’t vulnerable.
Ravenclaws aren’t boring.
Slytherins aren’t evil.

You wanna know how I know? Apart from the obvious evidence given in the books, let’s just take one short look at their freakin’ crests.


Their house animal is a bloody lion!
Yes, it’s true that male lions sometimes fight recklessly. BUT, a lion pride has a strict hierarchy and rules which are to be followed. The young lions are to be protected at all cost and the pride is literally living together. Whether they are hunting or grooming each other or simply lying on the sun together. They protect each other, the pride and their territory.

So, should you ever think that Gryffindors are happy go lucky idiots , than you are most likely fucking wrong. Thank you very much.


Oh boy, don’t even get me started… You think a badger is cute and harmless? Well, yes they are, but still. Have you ever heard of the honey-badger? Probably the most badass living mammal I have ever heard of. That animal eats snakes! Freakin’ snakes!!
It digs out the honey out off a bee hive and gets stung ten to twenty times and simply does not give a shit.

If you still think Hufflepuffs are vulnerable you better get ready to get your ass kicked.


Alright, so, Ravenclaws always read and have a stick up their arse? Well, think again!
Their animal is a motherfudging eagle. That creature is so epic even Americas bald eagle loses its feathers. Have you seen its claws? Because I have and they certainly aren’t just for decoration.

They might have their head in the clouds but from up there they can see all your flaws so shut the fuck up about Ravenclaws being boring.


Yes, you say the snake is an evil demon? Well , you thought wrong, asshat! It’s true that the snake is a sign of the wicked, but it is also known for its wisdom and healing. Snake poison is indeed used for certain antidotes hence the use of the snake as the sign of medicine.
Furthermore , in mythology it is the symbol of eternity and primal energy (Uroborus.)

So yeah, you wanna say that I’m a piece of shit? Okay, maybe so. But that has nothing to do with my Hogwarts house. So leave it.


I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods