the golf war


Gravity Falls Season 2 (2/2)

a little montage of stan calling mabel sweetie, pumpkin, etc. requested here by angelictactics!

here’s a stan and mabel bonding montage requested here by anonymous!

The supernatural beings of Gravity Falls

(I know I’m missing some, but I just did the more important ones)


“I’ll buy you a new one.”-Dipper

“I’ll but you a new one.”-Wendy

“I’ll get a new one.”-Pacifica


based off this cute idea

(they’re eating popcorn, peanut m&ms, and marshmallows, covered in sugar, mabel’s recipe) :) :) :)


Gravity Falls + The Pines Family

A Pacifica compilation based on some of her character TV Tropes from her page here.

| Dipper’s | Stan’s | Mabel’s | Ford’s | Bill’s |

| Stan and Dipper Comparison |

| Weirdmageddon Part 2 |