the golden years of taylor swift

An incredible amount of metrics this week, folks.

Television: The crossover no one wants to see: Jughead living on Krypton.

⬆ The Supergirl fandom stepped it up, pushing the show six spots up to No. 4.
Riverdale debuts at No. 10 with a new ship favorite: Beronica.

Movies: That must be a lonely Jedi.

☆ The next Star Wars movie is The Last Jedi, and the title reveal alone gives it a No. 1 debut.
Moonlight is found on the list for the first time at No. 9, and it’s fair to say we are all very here for that.

Music: @buzzfeed quiz proposal: are you more CrazySexyCool or SWEETSEXYSAVAGE?

Taylor Swift is no stranger to No. 1.
☆  Kehlani (No. 15) is back for the first time since April, and it’s all due to her SWEETSEXYSAVAGE album.

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Celebrities: #HeWillNotDivideUs

Shia LaBeouf returns at No. 1 with his #HeWillNotDivideUs protest project.
☆ War Doctor John Hurt (No. 9) passed away last week. After 60 years in the industry, he left a lasting impression on all of us. RIP.

Games: We’re living in the golden age of indie games.

Tattletail, an indie horror game starring Furby-esque characters, debuts at No. 19.
⬇︎ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (No. 14) needs CPR. It fell seven spots.

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Web stuff: Some good news, some not-so-good news.

Bo Burnham returns at No. 11 after The Big Sick gets a big, sick deal with Amazon (@amazon).
⬇︎ AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire drop to No. 5 and No.4, respectively. Not bad for most, but where you at, phandom?
Taylor Swift Performs 'Better Man' & 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' for First Time at Stunning Pre-Super Bowl Set
Taylor Swift emerged to face 9,000 screaming fans and perform a packed 16-song set -- including two tracks she'd never performed live before. "You have come from all over the world -- possibly to see football, but would it be all right with you if we played some music first?" Taylor asked the all-too-eager AT&T Presents DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night crowd. The answer was a resounding yes.

“If you guys scream loud enough, Taylor will hear you,” DJ/Swift friend Ruby Rose hollered from behind her turntables Saturday night inside a 62,500-square-foot mega-club custom-built (and soon to be unbuilt) for a series of high-profile Super Bowl week parties in Houston.

The opening act was probably right, given that the guest of honor was Instagramming videos of her cats from backstage just before that moment, and about 15 minutes later (no doubt after she heard fans’ chants of “Taylor! Taylor!” from her cat- and Haim-sister-filled dressing room), Taylor Swift emerged to face 9,000 screaming fans and perform a packed 17-song set – including two tracks she’d never performed live before.

“You have come from all over the world – possibly to see football, but would it be all right with you if we played some music first?” Taylor asked the all-too-eager AT&T Presents DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night crowd during the opening number, 1989 bonus track “New Romantics.” The answer was a resounding yes.

Below are highlights from the hour-and-a-half spectacle, which spanned from her 2008 hit “Love Story” to the first-ever performance of her most recent Billboard Hot 100 top five – albeit without her duet partner.

Going It Alone
“I don’t want you to think Zayn is going to come out, because he’s definitely not,” Swift immediately cautioned while introducing “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” her Fifty Shades Darker collaboration with the One Direction alum. “I saw a lot of phones go up in the air. The only one you have here is me, I’m so sorry.” The crowd didn’t seem to mind, helping Taylor out with the oh-oh-ohs during her stripped-down take on the steamy song.

Little Big Taylor
Another live debut was “Better Man,” the Hot Country Songs No. 1 that Swift wrote for Nashville quartet Little Big Town. Not only has she never performed it live, we’ve never heard her sing it ever. Swift made epic use of her background singers for the performance, having them join her out on the circular stage and creating her own vocal group, a la LBT. “I never really knew what it would feel like to hear my song on the radio and have someone else singing it. Turns out, it feels awesome,” she said before the song. “I feel really grateful to the artists who have decided to record the things that I have written. The one drawback is just that you don’t really get to hear the crowd sing the songs back to you.” This intro also led into an acoustic take on Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For,” which she famously wrote with her EDM ex.

On Theme
There’s a Taylor Swift song for every occasion – even Super Bowl. “I figured you guys are going to be watching football, and I wrote a song when I was 16 that features, like, cheer captains and bleachers, and I don’t know, I felt like it might be appropriate to play tonight,” she said to introduce her 2008 crossover smash “You Belong With Me.” “I mean, it’s really old, but…”

Grammys Flashback
For Swift’s last concert, at October’s Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, she apparently faked out a few fans when her bedazzled white grand piano rolled out onstage. “When I sat down at the piano, a lot of people were chanting the name of a song I haven’t played in a long time. You know what I’m talking about?” she asked, referencing her famous hair-flipping 2014 Grammys performance of the Red track “All Too Well” behind the keys. “So I figured that next time I was in Texas, if you wanted to hear ‘All Too Well,’ I would play it.” And so she did, re-creating the hair-eography that made the original performance so memorable (and meme-able).

Parking Lot to Paradise
When Swift’s multi-year deal with AT&T was announced back in October, one of the most exciting aspects of the partnership was the promised Super Saturday Night performance, portions of which will stream on DIRECTV’s Taylor Swift NOW at later dates (so don’t worry if you didn’t have the golden ticket in Houston). And the fact that the Club Nomadic venue – which also hosted Bruno Mars, The Chainsmokers and more artists over the past few days – was constructed out of thin air allowed for a lot of customization. “Literally, this was a parking lot in October,” Roger Hyde, DIRECTV/AT&T Entertainment Group SVP of creative services, told Billboard before Saturday’s party. “It literally was nothing. All they wanted was that it had a nice view of downtown Houston, and it had good access, and we had the opportunity to build something this big. Knowing what [Swift’s] folks wanted to do as far as the stage was concerned, we could build it around her. It’s literally a custom environment. It’s very intimate – as big as it is, it’s very intimate. No matter where you are, you’ll feel very close to her. And no matter what camera angle you see the footage from, there will be fans in the foreground and the background. She’s going to be surrounded by her greatest fans.” That setup included a video screen that spanned the entire stage, a circular platform in the middle of a sea of her supporters and a few well-timed bursts of pyro that kicked up the already-hot performance.

Only 2017 Show?
Did Texas once again score Swift’s only show of the year? Last year, her Grand Prix performance in Austin was her one-and-only live event of 2016. And she seems to think this could be it for this year – at least for now. “I have to be really honest with you about something: As far as I know, I’m doing one show in 2017. And as far as I know, this is that one show,” she said to wild cheers. “So what I’m trying to tell you is, by coming here tonight, you’re essentially attending 100 percent of my tour dates for the year, so thank you! You’re the crowd in my most recent daydreams, when I’m thinking about being onstage, so I was wondering: If you don’t feel like dancing for yourself or screaming for yourself, you don’t feel in the mood or whatever, you’re like stressed out, would you do it for me tonight?”

Speaking of Dancing…
Anyone who has watched a music awards show in the past five years knows Swift loves nothing more than to get her groove on. So we all knew how this party had to end. “Houston, would you like to dance?” she asked before her final number “Shake It Off” left fans dancing out the doors and into the crisp Houston night.

Taylor Swift’s set list for AT&T Presents DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night:
New Romantics
Blank Space
I Knew You Were Trouble
I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
You Belong With Me
This Is What You Came For
Better Man
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Love story
All Too Well
Enchanted/Wildest Dreams medley
Bad Blood
Out of the Woods
Shake It Off

you left a mark

for that one relationship that was hell to be a part of and hell to let go of.

001. droplets - lewis watson ft. gabrielle aplin // 002. clairvoyant - the story so far // 003. golden revolver - san cisco // 004. poison - front porch step // 005. the sickness unto death - typhoon // 006. keep breathing - ingrid michaelson // 007. another love - tom odell // 008. 505 - arctic monkeys // 009. feels like we only go backwards - tame impala // 010. landfill - daughter // 011. slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer // 012. toxic (cover) - melanie martinez // 013. three cheers for five years (acoustic) - mayday parade // 014. can’t make you love me - bon iver // 015. the last time - taylor swift ft. gary lightbody // 016. day old hate - city and colour // 017. dreams - gabrielle aplin ft. bastille // (l i s t e n)

How To Sum Up Semi Final 2
  • Latvia: *heart explodes as he looks into the camera*
  • Poland: How many key changes
  • Switzerland: Blue Queen
  • Israel: Diamonds for daaaaaayyyyyys
  • Belarus: *wolf howl: the sequel*
  • Serbia: Serving tassle warrior realness
  • Ireland: Maybe you shouldn't have left Westlife
  • Macedonia: Wait there's another language beside English?!?!
  • Lithuania: I've been waiting for this night for a year Donny
  • Australia: Diamonds for daaaaaayyyyyys: the sequel
  • Slovenia: Slovenian Taylor Swift
  • Bulgaria: #JusticeFor2011
  • Denmark: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
  • Ukraine: Please do not summon a demon on the eurovision stage
  • Norway: Did she just use a thesaurus for ice?
  • Albania: Golden Queen
  • Belgium: Silver Dancing Queen
the best day

(another for @thehalcyonclub ’s taylor swift writing night!)

annabelle irwin was everything you and ashton could have asked for.

she had taken nearly two years to come along, months of feverish trying and doctor visits. it wasn’t an easy journey, but she was worth it. she was perfection. golden wavy hair and dimples to mirror her father’s, but your eyes and nose. until her little brother, austin, came along three years after her (much to yours and ashton’s surprise; you hadn’t been trying at all) she was the only thing in your world that mattered. the true apple of both yours’ eyes.

at five, she was the ultimate daddy’s girl. she didn’t go anywhere without her hand in his, even now as she dragged him through the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect one. he didn’t seem to mind having to crouch and run as she skipped around in her search, getting into it while you followed a few feet behind, austin hoisted up onto your hip. his arms were thrown around your neck, using you for warmth in the chilly autumn air and as a pillow as he slept his busy day away.

in front of you, annie seemed to be telling her father an animated story, something about princesses and pirate ships. being ashton, of course he was egging her on, helping her name the characters and come up with complex plot ideas. they were both giggling, and you were smiling as you followed–this was what you always wanted. this was perfect, you couldn’t be happier.

“what about this one, annie?” ashton suddenly interrupted her story, pointing at a little pumpkin with a long stem on the corner of the bunch. annie paused abruptly, surveying the pumpkin her daddy pointed out. it took only a moment of intense concentration before her face broke out into a huge smile.

“that’s the one, daddy!” she exclaimed excitedly. “that’s the one, that’s it!”

“perfect choice, princess,” he replied, leaning down to peck her forehead before grabbing the pumpkin and saying, “i’m going to go tell the nice man we want this one, okay sweetheart? do you want to stay here with austin and mumma or come with me?” you smiled as she instantly wrapped her arms around ashton’s leg, hugging it tightly.

“with you!” she chanted. “daddy, i wanna go with you!”

“oh, all right,” ashton agreed, sounding reluctant, but the grin on his face proved the opposite. “but first… you have to escape the clutch of the evil pirates!” he scooped her up into his arms then, and she shrieked in laughter as ashton jogged with her over to the man running the small pumpkin farm. sighing and smiling, you softly pressed your lips to austin’s forehead before starting for the car, hoping to get your sleeping toddler buckled in before your energetic preschooler and equally as sprightly husband could get back.

“but daddy, golden skies make pirates lose their power,” annie was saying as they approached, still over ashton’s shoulder. all he could do was laugh, handing you the pumpkin before setting her back down.

“is that so?” he asked, still smiling at her.

“yes!” she told him enthusiastically. “the sky is gold right now daddy, so you don’t have any power!” at this, he rolled his eyes gently and ruffled her hair.

“alright, kiddo… but this isn’t over!” she giggled at how silly her daddy was before he grabbed her hand again, giving it a little sqeeze. “get in the car now, annie, we gotta get austin home so he can sleep in his bed.”

“but i’m not tired!” she said, but didn’t protest when ashton lifted her up into the backseat. by now she could buckle herself in, so ashton simply closed her door and joined you in the front.

“of course not,” he said, making sure all was calm in the back before starting the engine to the car and beginning to back out of the driveway.

“daddy?” annie’s voice was quiet from the backseat, and when you looked at her, her eyes were already beginning to droop.

“yeah, honey?”

“why do the trees change in fall?”

“because they need to get ready for winter, princess.”

within minutes, annie was asleep in the backseat. ashton kept stealing fond glances at her and austin in the backseat mirror he had gotten installed, nearly every 10 seconds as he drove the whole family home. the sky was indeed golden, and the drive home in the beautiful light had everyone in the car at peace, calm and extremely fond of each other.

“today was the best day,” ashton mumbled after a few moments, reaching over to grab your hand and place a kiss to your knuckles. “really amazing.”

“well, that’s good,” you mumbled sleepily. “if it had been a bad day, god, i might’ve had to have sex with you tonight to make up for it. it’s good it was good, i’m spared.” you yawned, but watched him stiffen from the cracks in your eyes. it took him a second, but he finally got to the right response.

“…today was a very bad day,” he amended, making you laugh. “i… mike and cal and luke kicked me out of the band. and i… i killed a man.”

“oh man…” you giggled, casting him a fond look but rolling your eyes at his eagerness. “that is a really bad day. well, i suppose after we put the kids to bed…”

all was golden in the sky - a dipper/pacifica mix [X]

01. style - taylor swift 02. fools - troye sivan 03. cementery - say anything 04. elusive - scott matthews 05. dear fellow traveler - sea wolf 06. young god - halsey 07. deer in the headlights - owl city 08. tear in my heart - twenty one pilots 09. when the day met the night - panic! at the disco 10. anything for you - ludo 11. shut up and dance - walk the moon 12. dust to dust - the civil wars 13. just the girl - the click five 14. as blue as your blood - the walkmen 15. take shelter - years & years 16. fluorescent adolescent - artic monkeys 17. come on over - royal blood 18. inevitable - anberlin 19. paper love - lydia 20.comes and goes - greg laswell  21. she’s killing me - a rocket to the moon
Kim Kardashian Didn't Just Ruin Taylor Swift, She Ruined Taylor Swift's Squad

“Women shouldn’t take down other women” is one of the most tired and tiring tenets of pop feminism, slung around by celebrities on social media whenever one of their squad members faces a slight, either outright or the kind you only get if you read into it just the right way. Taylor Swift, she of Giant Squad that actually physically represents the significance of females standing together, used it when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made a joke about her love life at the Golden Globes in 2013. And she used it again when Nicki Minaj called the VMAs out for honoring “women with very slim bodies” last year, assuming the remark was a direct insult of her nomination for video of the year.

And yet “women shouldn’t be mean to other women” was curiously absent in today’s fallout from Kim Kardashian posting Snapchat videos of Kanye West getting approval over the phone from Taylor Swift for that infamous “Famous” lyric. Theoretically, if we’re following the rules of pop feminism, Kim had done the worst thing she could possibly do to fellow female Taylor Swift – she exposed her for a liar and damaged her entire reputation, her carefully crafted image of victim and underdog that is the very fiber of her celebrity. She took down another woman, and she took her down hard.

So why wasn’t the rallying cry of Swift’s fans and her squad members – whose social followings she sure can use in this very moment when her 85.9 million on Instagram and her 79.6 million on Twitter are not enough – that Kim committed the cardinal sin of taking down another woman? And that the internet should sic itself on she who committed such a sin, and her alone?

It’s because the Taylor Swift image has been so damaged that even her squad of mega famous celebrities with enormous online followings in their own right cannot save her. Those who tried experienced fallout of their own: Selena Gomez and Martha Hunt chimed in to suggest we all talk about something “more important” today, presumably Black Lives Matter or the terror attacks in France or maybe even the looming Republican National Convention, prompting the internet to wonder why they had never before said anything about these very concerning news stories, making them look like phonies, too. If Kim exposed the artifice of Taylor’s celebrity, the scandal itself exposed the artifice of Taylor’s squad.

Taylor’s brand of girl power is not an unfamiliar one in the pop space. She surrounds herself with many powerful women – Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Blake Lively, just to name a few – functioning in roles where you might expect to see a man or at the very least, where you would not expect to see another Alpha Female who might threaten the limelight of the star herself. For Taylor, other powerful women are her dates at award shows, her friends at Instagram birthday parties and imagination-defying Fourth of July blow out bashes, her companions at the gym and in the paparazzi photos of her leaving said gym.

Beyoncé, on the other hand, is no stranger to surrounding herself with powerful women either, but does so off the red carpet and largely off social media: they appear alongside her in music videos or live performances, where she proudly showcases the incredible talents of female dancers and musicians. There is a difference between an artist who actually employs women to further her feminist message and one who seems to expect them to surround her as though bounce boards there simply to magnify her own limelight.

Taylor’s squad seemed like a good thing for all parties involved for a while. When you were with Taylor, you were #friendship goals, a happy Tumblr meme, an object of adoration, just like her. Fans enjoyed seeing their favorite Instagram stars hanging out together. There was something appealing about Taylor Swift being friends with girls who were newer on the celebrity scene, like Lorde. Taylor, the popular girl, was vanquishing the popular girl stereotype. She wasn’t there to bring other women down, she was there to bring them up. She wasn’t keeping her enemies closer than her friends in a second coming of Mean Girls. She was just being real, being a girlfriend. She was just being Taylor.

Now that she’s been exposed for telling lies and being disingenuous, we’re left to wonder what else in her carefully crafted world of celebrity is similarly fake. If she used the narrative around Kanye’s song to do nothing but further her own personal brand of victimhood, what else – who else – is she using?

Taylor has collected and diligently lined up her friends on either side of her in recent years, as though forming a defensive shield against the world, so she doesn’t have to do this thing called fame in the digital age alone. If Taylor wants us to believe that that is good for women, that not tearing each other down is the goal, then it’s hard to understand how her friends who are now going after Kim Kardashian and her family, either directly or indirectly, on her behalf are doing that. Taylor has become not just Taylor, but Taylor and Co. and you better not mess with them because they are a conglomerate of fame, the popular girls at the award show, and they together are ready to bring you down.

That is, until their ring leader is exposed so badly that the best thing to do is flee.



It’s no surprise to see Taylor Swift’s face up there. Below are some other great, great music videos from the year, as picked out be you people in our bloggers’ poll. Enjoy, and stay tuned for albums.

#1: taylorswift - “Blank Space”

#2: nickiminaj - “Anaconda”

#3: siamusic - “Chandelier”

#4: Iggy Azalea feat. charlixcx - “Fancy”

#5: iamdonald (Childish Gambino) - “Sweatpants”

#6: Meghan Trainor - “All About that Bass”

#7: charlixcx - “Boom Clap”

#8: f-k-a-twigs - “Two Weeks”

#9: haim - “My Song 5”

#10: Kendrick Lamar - “i”

#11: okgo - “I Won’t Let You Down

#12: stvincentmusic - “Digital Witness

#13: John Legend - “You & I

#14: officialflylo (Flying Lotus) - “Never Catch Me

#15: okgo - “The Writing’s On The Wall”

#16: nightmareonfiggst (Schoolboy Q) - “Man of The Year

#17: bloodorangeforever - “You’re Not Good Enough

#18: Die Antwoord - “Pitbull Terrier

#19: Chet Faker - “Talk is Cheap

#20: modernbaseballbandpa (Modern Baseball) - “Your Graduation

#21: troyesivan - “Happy Little Pill

#22: woodkid - “The Golden Age

#23: chromeo - “Old 45s

#24: PVRIS - “St. Patrick

#25: Future Islands - “Seasons (Waiting On You)

This Taylor Swift Infographic Shows All Her BFFs: Which One Will She Take To The Grammys?

The country pop princess holds court with a who’s-who of young Hollywood… and Meredith the cat.

It’s Grammys week, and that means go-time for music’s biggest stars as they decide what to wear, test out red-carpet poses in the mirror and, in Taylor Swift’s case, practice that surprise face.

Swift is up for four awards at this year’s ceremony, and we can’t imagine that the country pop phenom (and seven-time Grammy winner) will walk away empty-handed. But with no rumored beau to arrive on her arm, which of Swift’s best buddies will she celebrate with?

The 24-year-old once told Ryan Seacrest that she has “15 best friends,” but we here at MTV News think the tally might be even higher these days.

On the Golden Globes red carpet, Swift boldly declared Jack Antonoff her “best friend” and Lena Dunham her “other best friend.” Shortly thereafter, Swift found herself photo and interview bombed by Jennifer Lawrence, where the two exchanged stories of lengthy text message conversations and mutual admiration. Is J.Law T.Swift’s future bestie?!

But we digress. Swift has already flaunted her BFF status with the likes of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Emma Stone and even Meredith the cat. To help break it down for you, we’ve created this nifty infographic of the singer’s best pals past, present and future. From her childhood friends Abigail Anderson and Britany Maack to that time she became BFF’s with a crew of Victoria’s Secret models, behold: Taylor’s Besties Club.

And membership does have its perks. While Swift’s exes will sometimes get a musical nasty-gram in the form of a breakup song, her pals inspire fun jams like “22.”

We fully expect to see audience shots of Swift rocking out to the night’s performers with fellow nominee Sheeran and maybe even Perry by her side. Antonoff may not be directly nominated, but he does share a co-writing credit with Sara Bareilles on “Brave,” which is up for Best Pop Solo Performance. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him at least hitting the party circuit over the weekend.

Stick with us for up-to-the-minute info on the Grammys from our Grammys Red Carpet live stream, full fashion coverage, performance highlights and the complete Grammy winners list. [X]

It’s Taylor Swift’s world, and we’re just living in it. The 25-year-old singer wasn’t even nominated for a Golden Globe, and yet, at the InStyle and Warner Bros. After-Party on Jan. 11, it somehow became all about Swift and her growing list of BFFs.
—  Huffington Post

I wish when I was 12-years-old I had been able to watch a video of my favorite actress explaining in such an intellectual, beautiful, poignant way the definition of feminism. Because I would have understood it. And then earlier on in my life I would have proudly claimed I was a feminist because I would have understood what the word means.

LIKE SUNLIGHT a mix for harry and ginny, in three parts. for lucy

part one // before the war war

nothing came out the moldy peaches // somebody sweet to talk to she & him // family friend the vaccines // locked up big deal // sea of love cat power // california daze peace //

part two // during the war

all i wanted paramore // maps (acoustic) yeah yeah yeahs // sea of love the national // reminder mumford and sons // swapping spit big deal // cars and telephones arcade fire //

part three // after the war

long live taylor swift // coffee and tv blur // xo (beyonce cover) haim // angels the xx // you’ve got the love florence + the machine // after the storm mumford and sons //


Taylor Swift Takes a ‘Golden’ Chance

On an obvious, commercial level, it makes perfect sense for Taylor Swift to record end-credits for teen-targeted films. In 2012 she teamed up with T Bone Burnett and the Civil Wars for “The Hunger Games’” signature tune “Safe and Sound.” It helped lift the pic’s soundtrack to No. 10 on the Billboard chart, nabbing a Golden Globe nomination and a Grammy in the process.

Late last year she partnered with Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff to pen and perform “Sweeter Than Fiction” from the Weinstein Co.’s “One Chance,” for which she’ll once again be competing for best original song at the Golden Globes.

Yet on a less obvious, artistic level, it doesn’t make much sense at all. Writing for characters, and fitting her style into the tenor of an existing film, isn’t consistent with Swift’s m.o., which favors an inward-looking songwriting process that tends to attract such adjectives as confessional, intimate, purgative ….

“Also ‘diaristic,’” Swift interjects. “That’s a popular one.”

Diaristic though she may be, Swift does not actually write from a diary.

The closest she comes is the array of notes on her cell phone, filled with “phrases I thought of that would be better if you twisted it around in some way, phrases that rhyme really well with this other phrase that you could twist to make a sort of off-rhyme … I’m always making notes.” So marrying these stray observations with a more distanced perspective is hardly incompatible with her method.

“It’s almost a relief to turn the microscope around and not have to be so introspective, and draw directly from your life,” she says. “When I see a story play out and see all the different themes, one of them will always jump out at me. Like, with ‘Hunger Games’ there were so many different themes to draw from, and the one we drew from was ‘empathy.’”

For “One Chance,” inspired by the story of Paul Potts, a warehouse manager and amateur opera singer who won the first season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” Swift drew upon the outsider perspective that, for all her popularity, has long been a constant theme of her music.

“He’s a struggling opera singer, and no one gets it,” she says. “Which I related to a little bit growing up (in Pennsylvania) being so obsessed with country music — in my school, everyone was a little bit perplexed.”

Though it often gets lost in the swirl of celebrity and stagecraft that surrounds her, Swift has always been a songwriter first and foremost — she was, after all, the youngest tunesmith ever signed by Sony/ATV publishing. But adapting the wide-eyed yet subtly cynical teenage songwriting perspective on which she staked her early fame into a more mature, adult outlook is still a work in progress, and one that Swift seems to approach in an analytical way.

“Jody Rosen did a profile of me recently where he called (my songwriting) both purple and precise; a mixture of some very purple lines and some very precise details. I thought that was very astute,” she says. “I know I obsess over the different facets that people have to their personalities if you pick them apart.I’m obsessed by the idea that in real life there’s no such thing as a bad guy or a good guy. So thinking in character or writing from the perspective of a character, it’s really like picking one version of who I am.

“When I’m writing my own stuff, it’s about picking the specific corner that I want to view the world from. But for a character, it’s lucky when you have a really good performance. (Watching ‘One Chance’) I could see a song playing out as I saw the facial expressions, it was easy.”

This year will also see Swift take an onscreen role in another Weinstein production, Phillip Noyce’s adaptation of dystopian young adult novel “The Giver,” in which she plays the doomed “receiver” Rosemary. Yet these forays into film will likely be but footnotes to the yet-untitled and unscheduled fifth album she’s just beginning to sketch out.

While Swift composed the whole of her third album, “Speak Now,” alone, her latest, “Red,” saw some of its biggest successes arise from her songwriting partnerships with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Gary Lightbody, Dan Wilson and, most lucratively, Max Martin and Shellback. Her fifth will again see her work with the latter two, and the value of collaboration comes up several times in conversation with the singer.

“My favorite people to work with are the bluntest,” Swift says, “the ones who will say no. It’s important to have someone say, ‘That’s not good enough, go write a better pre-chorus,’ so I can go back to the drawing board. I don’t want people thinking if they’re too hard they won’t get to write with me again, when in fact it’s the contrary.”

Martin is perhaps the most commercially consistent hitmaker of the past few decades, and in Swift’s renewed partnership with him, it’s possible to infer the kinds of pressures the 24-year-old must be under to churn out another smash LP on par with her previous four. To date, even Swift’s lowest-selling album has been certified quadruple platinum, and her current 79-date world tour has already grossed $115 million.

“I have lot of goals, and one of them is to know when to stop,” she says. “I love the sound of applause but I don’t want to become addicted to it in order to feel whole. It’s the creative part of music-making that I could never live without.

“Hopefully in your life you make graceful decisions, dignified career choices. There are lots of different directions to go in, and I’m not anywhere close to being out of ideas here. But as I grow older, I hope I can continue to rely on gut feelings and continue to be self-aware. Self-awareness is usually the first thing to go when people lose touch. So ideally I can keep my wits about me.”





Taylor Swift Starts Crazy Dance Party at Golden Globes Bash With Hailee Steinfeld, Sarah Hyland

All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance! Taylor Swift was in a very festive mood after the 2014 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 12. Despite losing “Best Original Song” to U2's Bono, the “Sweeter Than Fiction” singer couldn’t wait to keep the party going.

Changing out of her floor-length Carolina Herrera ball gown and into a flirty, crocheted Julien MacDonald number, the 24-year-old country-pop superstar joined pals Jaime KingSarah Hyland, and Hailee Steinfeld at the Weinstein Company’s post-Globes bash at the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s Old Trader Vic’s. Not long after arriving, the group broke out into a raucous, impromptu dance party.

“Everyone was really into it,” an eyewitness told Us Weekly of the ladies, noting that they were “literally jumping and dancing” to the likes of R. KellyJay Z, and Rihanna. “Taylor was basically dancing as if she was at a heavy metal concert and loving it.”

“They were dancing HARD,” another source added. “Taylor had a flute of Moet [& Chandon champagne] in her hand and was dancing and singing along to Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me.’ Jaime King and Taylor were grinding along to the song, facing each other, but not in a sexual way.”

The girls “kicked it up a notch” further and got “really into it” when M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” came on, the onlooker said. They only stopped once the DJ started playing Lorde’s “Royals.”

Swift and her pals were the life of the party – and even attracted the attention of actor Peter Facinelli and his pals. A source told Us that the Twilight actor was excited to hear that the singer was at the bash but that he hesitated to approach her. By the time he and his friend got up the nerve to walk by, she was getting ready to leave – so they “chickened out.”