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Is it bad that more often than not I can't tell Jamie and Damon apart from their appearances

nah bro they have matching haircuts and are both old and ugly they’re basically twins 

(would you look at that? thats the same guy twice rite???)

but i can give you some pointers for future reference:

Jamie has no lips

Damon does have lips

Jamie has a soulless gaze without eyebrows

Damon has a soulless gaze with eyebrows

and if all else fails, look for the golden tooth. If he has a golden tooth, its probably damon.

When people watch Logan and discover the attractiveness of Boyd Holbrook for the first time

And to those worrying about your type being a villain with a cyborg hand, yellow shades, golden tooth and Southern accent, don’t worry, it’s not that you’re attracted to Donald Pierce, you’re attracted to Boyd. I know this ‘cause I saw him first in Hatfields & McCoys and he convinced me that my type was a lanky hillbilly shooting guns with a white eye. 

UNDERCHASER Character archives #5

☆ Name:Sans

☆ Nickname: Red, Edgy or Mr Grump

☆ Age: ???

☆ Species: Skeleton

☆ Height/Weight: 5′1

☆ Date of birth: ???

☆ Birth place: ???

☆ Residence: Underfell universe - Snowdin

☆ Occupation: Sentry

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Basic Stats:

  • Strength:1
  • Dexterity:2
  • Endurance: 1
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 10
  • Charisma: 2

☆ Abilities:

In combat, he uses “Gaster Blasters”, skull like creatures that shoot a kind of laser beam along with several bone attacks. Sans can use special abilities like Karmic Retribution depending on how much exp his target has accumulated and changing the gravity on souls.

Sans is aware of timelines and the SAVE function, not being able to retain memories of previous loaded timelines he is able to recognize when others are behaving unusually, determining that they already experienced those moments.

Sans feels like he is a fire ready to burst.

☆ Known weaknesses:

Others, tacos

☆ Personal

  • Likes: Mustard, jokes(specially dark one’s), his brother (prior to becoming captain of the royal guard)
  • Dislikes: Chaser, ketchup, tacos, Blue, everyone(?)
  • Gourmet of choice: Anything with mustard
  • Beverages of choice: Mustard
  • Personality: He’s usually very serious and goes berserk during battles.He’s aggressive towards others, he is ruthless and brutal, he seems to be too proud to admit his feelings usually keeping to himself or releasing them as insults instead. Previous to his world disappearance he served his brother on the royal guard, usually being pushed to his limits he is seen often sweating a lot because of the stress. He and Chaser!Sans bicker a lot. He believes in the “Kill or Be Killed” motto.

☆ Physical appearance:

  • Color: Bone
  • Eye color: Red with hints of orange and yellow
  • Clothes: Sans wears a dark grey and yellow, jacket and pants, the pants have a yellow stripe going from the top until the end of them, the jacket has a beige colored fluff on the arms and on the hoodie.He also wears a dark red shirt and red shoes with white ends and red shoelaces with corn yellow little crossed patterns.
  • Accessories: He has a yellow leash with small holes and a golden tooth.
  • Others: He has 2 red marks under his eyes they appeared suddenly, oddly enough they seem to resemble the marks of elderly from Chaser!Sans.

Sans feels like he is a fire ready to burst.

He and Chaser!Sans bicker a lot.

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Hi! I promise I’m not a Jaime’s redemption apologist but still wonder: what’s his degree of implication or intellectual authorship in the Lannister regime? He obviously profits from it, he killed Aerys, pushed Bran, attacked Ned’s men, fought Robb… but the two main Lannister war-crimes, raiding the Riverlands and the Red Wedding, were rather Tywin’s responsibility. To me, Jaime seemed an action man, ready to carry any of Tywin’s (or ocasionally Cersei’s) ideas without a second thought, but not exactly a plotter. He seemed content with his life as Robert’s guard, could he have urged Cersei to kill him? What do you think?

I believe Jaime is content to be the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard for life, but I don’t think he was involved in Cersei’s plan to get Robert killed. (Maybe I’ve forgotten something in the text, though?) That being said, I think Jaime would have happily killed Robert without a second thought if he felt he had cause. Even Robert believed Jaime would have killed him, given cause, which is why he never hit Cersei on the face. 

Ned touched her cheek gently. “Has he done this before?”

“Once or twice.” She shied away from his hand. “Never on the face before. Jaime would have killed him, even if it meant his own life.“ 

What’s Jaime’s degree of implication or intellectual authorship in the Lannister regime?

What degree of implication do you assign to Erwin Rommel in the Nazi regime? 

… um … this post is gonna get wild. Assume this post contains mentions of everything you might expect as soon as I bring up Nazis (possibly extremely triggering), as well as some things you aren’t expecting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Hey dude! I understand if you're busy and this might go overboard.. but could you please send me the episodes or write them (with the moments) of roy being parental to ed? I'm so sorry to ask this - very sorry to bug you. >_<''

overboard???? bOI THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF I LIVE FOR *cracks knuckles*

not everything will be parental necessarily, just interesting interactions i love between them too !

  • ep 1: roy acting like a dad and telling ed “well maybe you should listen to me more and you wont mess up!!!!” and ed being a grumpy teenager
  • ep 2: “im their commanding officer not their father” (yeah right), also roy telling ed that he has the choice to right his wrongs and move forward “even if the way ahead lies through a river of mud”
  • ep 4: roy telling ed he did a good job on the liore case and giving him a lead to the philosopher’s stone by telling him about tucker, roy getting havoc to pick ed and al up from tucker’s house, roy trying to get ed to realize that alchemists can be cruel monsters too
  • ep 5: roy saving ed from scar obv, him smiling as ed and al reunite
  • ep 6: this was only mentioned in the manga but roy making sure ed takes an escort with him after that fight with scar and orders him not to get killed
  • ep 16: roy not wanting to tell ed about hughes bc he doesnt want the bros to blame themselves :) also telling ed not to do anything crazy
  • ep 17: the entire maria ross incident :))))))
  • ep 21: ed and al visiting roy at the hospital, roy telling ed to watch himself, ed telling roy about doctor marcoh’s stone to heal havoc, roy worrying about ed facing scar again since last time he literally almost died, roy and riza helping the bros on their mission to capture a homunculus
  • ep 23: roy helping ed’s friend, lan fan, by bringing her to knox, finding an abandoned house for them all to hide in
  • ep 24: ed getting the colonel to leave because jfc man youre injured and need to deal with more important things like the fuhrer possibly being a homunculus????, “besides, we just left children out on the battlefield to do our fighting. if they’re brave enough to fight, then how can i just sit here and wait?”, “well fullmetal, looks like we’ve landed ourselves in a pit of hell”
  • ep 29: the entire scene with ed, al, mustang, and bradley, ed stealing roy’s money
  • ep 30: ed worrying about riza and roy and their whole plan to make amestris a democracy
  • ep 31: 520 cenz promise !!!!
  • ep 32: roy passing along info about the mysterious little girl and her black and white cat to ed
  • ep 53: “maybe i could lend you a hand, fullmetal. you just manage to make new friends everywhere you go”, “they were the enemy, it had to be done”, roy’s entire rage-induced outburst with envy
  • ep 54: “is that what you wanna be colonel!? another monster!?”
  • ep 55: roy denying that he needed ed’s help and yelling per usual
  • ep 57: roy yelling “no, fullmetal!” as ed gets sent to the gate to end up in father’s lair
  • ep 58: roy demanding to know where fullmetal went from the golden-toothed doctor
  • ep 59: roy being forced to go through the portal of truth and lose his eyesight and ed being shocked/furious about it
  • ep 62: roy cheering ed on as he fights father !!!!!
  • ep 63: ed looking over to roy and riza for guidance as he tries to figure out how to bring al back, also that is definitely roy’s military jacket that al is wrapped up in after he wakes up you can’t tell me otherwise
  • ep 64: “i know some people who might not like this, especially fullmetal”
  • bonus: the entirety of the abducted alchemist light novel
What Keeps Gemkind Alive

Almost two years ago I went to a mineral expo, saw a display of pyrite cubes, and fell in love immediately… and also made a gemsona, which were all the rage back then - a golden tooth for a gem, a rapier, a pyrite pirate… and then never did anything with her.

So here’s a quick, dark, vengeful, and entirely non-nice thing, that isn’t about her at all, really, but about a pearl, because I’m predictable, and is pretty much a blatant Bertolt Brecht/Pirate Jenny reference slash revenge fantasy slash awful pun. Mildly odd self-indulgence, perhaps. Warnings for discussion of Homeworld treatment of pearls.

She’s always been a good pearl.

The commander was given her brand-new at the same time as she was honoured with this posting, so, barring the rare trips her commander’s had to take, pearl’s experience of other places is very limited.

The orbital port isn’t big, but its placement makes it a frequent maintenance stop for ships on several important routes. Pearl knows this is correct, because many Gems much more important and much smarter and most certainly more right than her in all things have told her this - and how kind of them to offer her, a pearl, pleasantly simple explanations of matters far beyond her!

She makes sure to smile at them, bright and grateful - but not too wide. She’s always been so good, so obedient, the frequent visitors and old-timers agree. But it’s a real shame, they say, that her smile isn’t as nice as the rest of her. There’s something sharp, something hiding just behind it that they know couldn’t possibly be there, and must have been a trick of the light. An unfortunately unappealing feature on a creature otherwise so successfully made to be appealing. So she bows her head demurely and keeps all but tiny slivers of her smiles to herself.

They all like the chance to pretend a pearl, this pearl, is theirs. And they feel safe in the knowledge that the commander, so loathe to leave her fine, private offices, will never find out.

Pearl doesn’t like how they look at her, or how they touch her, or how they don’t. How she can be grabbed and pulled and pushed whenever someone decides they feel like it, or how she can be made to stand quietly in a corner while the planet spins and spins and spins for endless cycles, without so much as a look thrown her way. But she is good and she has always been good and she stays in her corner and gazes, intently, out through the viewports. Oh, they have a laugh at that, of course. What could there possibly be out there, of interest to a pearl? What’s gotten into her pretty little head?

Pearl watches, and waits, until the agate, in charge of keeping the crowd of visitors and passengers and crew from becoming too rowdy, takes her by the arm and turns her so she’s facing the wall and her strange, unyielding stare isn’t bothering anyone any longer. Her eyes skim over the tiny dents where the corner plating is welded together instead of over the countless stars outside, and she doesn’t move until someone decides they want her to.

She cleans things, often. She likes how the metal reinforcements in the floor glitter when she polishes them, rich and gold, like something else entirely. She’s a good pearl, she really is, but she gets caught up in it, sometimes, and a helpful visiting Gem who sees her lost and staring will make sure to nudge her, bring her back to reality, back to work. Have a little chuckle at the poor pearl who can’t really help it, can she, so silly, so easily distracted by a bit of shiny mesh in the flooring.

She keeps the cupboards and shelves and storage in order in every bit of the station, from the commander’s impossibly pristine office to the always-grimy, always fuel-stained maintenance area. She takes care to straighten out and arrange even the endless mess of wires and cabling the comm team always leaves tangled.

She does all these things, and she waits, and she smiles, but only to herself, because she knows what she’s waiting for, and they -  they do not.

“Proximity alert, we have an unknown ship approaching-”

“Intruders on decks one to five!”

Pearl waits.

“Where’s our distress signal? What are you doing?”

“The comms are down, ma’am! The lines have been cut and there’s- interference- I can’t-”

Pearl waits.

The ground shakes and bulkheads crumble under fire, and in the chaos the station crew cries out- the attack came out of nowhere, they say, the sensor systems somehow failed to detect any intrusion in the security perimeter, and a growing number of panicked voices takes up a cry of sabotage-!

Pearl leaves her corner, because with everyone busy running for their lives there’s no one around anymore to tell her not to, and she steps out of the main hall and strolls towards the teeming escape pod hangars.

And then, oh, there she is, finally, finally-

Her hair glistens in the light of the turned-down jets, dancing even in the still air of the artificial atmosphere bubble. She scans the crowd, and when she spots Pearl her lips widen into a joyous grin, the glint of her gem-incisor perfectly eye-catching as she struts forward. Terrified, defeated citrine guards scamper out of her way, trying to hide in the rubble.

Her darling is golden all over, and she holds Pearl close and tells her how much she’s missed her.

“What took you so long?” Pearl whispers into her chest, clinging tightly.

“My dear, getting a ship is far from easy,” Pyrite murmurs into her hair. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Whatever you want. All the time in all the worlds we talked about visiting, all yours and mine.”

Behind them, a citrine shuffles back into action, an improvised club raised above her hand - but she is slow and desperate, and a golden rapier, even distracted, makes short work of her.

“What should we do with the rest of them?” Pyrite asks, sounding almost bored as her crew rounds up the captured.

So Pearl considers her options, and ignores the scattered cries of you’re asking the pearl? from somewhere below her knees. It’s like she has done, in secret, retreating into herself to be alone with her thoughts, very many times before. Though there aren’t that many options she bothers to consider anymore, really - a bittersweet conclusion she’s come to a long time ago.

“I want them gone.”

“All of them?”

“All of them.”

All of them thought nothing of treating her like she was nothing.

Some cry out in fear, some plead for mercy, some try to put up a fight - all of it equally futile. Some of them crack, some shatter, some split clean in half.

Pyrite sends her crew back on board to prepare for takeoff, offers Pearl her arm, and promises she will never have to wait again.

The walk back down to the dock isn’t long at all, and the station is unusually, pleasantly, beautifully quiet.

The ship departs.

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How would UT & UF Skelebros react to meeting a future friend/crush who essentially owns & runs their own restaurant?



You’ve seen how he is at Grillby’s, with an unpaid tab and slowly drainging the restaurants supply of ketchup. He’d be just as chill as he was with Grillby with you. At least when you’re friends. Once feelings start happening, the poor skeleton is just a mess for words and rapid fires puns to distract you from his nervous demeanor. 


So very excited! He loves to learn about culinary things in general, and if he wasn’t so obsessed with being a member of the Royal Guard, he’d most definitely open his own restaurant! He likes to help you out on his off days, learning your recipes and adding his own expertise. If he starts feeling affection toward you, you might find he has a lot more off days than usual…



Is kinda surprised that you even let him into your establishment at all really? Big ol’ skeleton with a golden tooth doesn’t exactly scream “friendly”. But he likes the place you’ve made here, it reflects you really well. He likes to hear about the story behind the place, actually. If he starts crushing on you, well…It’s a little hard for him. He’s pretty insecure. Instead of the raunchy pick-up lines he usually uses, he makes legitimate compliments about your appearance and the food you cook.


His compliments about you and your restaurant are so backhanded?? He doesn’t mean for them to, he’s not used to having friends okay, give him a chance. He’s trying. But he likes to eat at your restaurant when he doesn’t feel inspired enough to make his own food (which isn’t very often) or when Sans refuses to eat what he makes. When he starts feeling attracted to you…He boats about himself? A lot? About all his good qualities and what he’d amazing at. He sorta yells them. He doesn’t know how to go about it so he just tries his best.

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FUCK that legitimate spooked me for like half a second because its pitch black in my room....wait..wait is-is junkrats teeth just the exact same model for the top and bottom row but rotated around? i mean he has the same golden tooth on the top and bottom if you spin them around...


I think you’re right

what the fuck

Crazy Pant's Mile-High Club

Word count: 1, 643

Summary: Adventure stirs when your trapped on a plane with the Suicide Squad.

Pairing: Reader x Captain Boomerang

“Ye, ya wanna ground me, luv?” Boomerang asked with a lazy smirk. He’s sat on a lazy lounge at the back of the government’s private jet. His body takes up the entirety of its space; jittery limbs, he’s always moving.

“Fuck off.” You puffed out. Head flicks in his direction before it shifted back, your eyes locked on the back of Diablo’s chair in front of you. It’s a danger to have this many prisoners on board, but what perhaps nerved you most was the Australian.

Harley bounced up on her chair. As much as you had tried to sit next to Katana, at least the plane ride would’ve been fairly quiet; the amped up blonde had urged you to sit right beside her. Legs bending, she sat in the most uncomfortable position you’d ever seen. Hands whipped out her mobile from her shorts pocket, discretely. Before getting onto the plane, Flag had thrown tracked iPhone’s at the merry villains. It was his not so secret way of Waller keeping an eye on all of you and for Harley, it seemed, a way for her to start yet another conversation.

[ text to: Boomey ] I want y’ to give me an Aussie kiss!

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