the golden smith

#19 Reilly Smith (Boston Bruins, now Las Vegas Golden Knights)

Recently, the rumors have been spreading Reilly Smith, right-winger of Boston Bruins, has been noticed in a company of a mysterious girl. Not many things are known about her, but one thing is for sure- Reilly Smith’s taken heart will cause many tears and despair, many rumors and most importantly, information about his private life. More on page 20.”
Damn it! When I begun my career in the NHL I never expected other people would try to find out everything about me. That they would start spreading rumors. And now that! It was only one date with Y/N and now they are already trying to find out her name. Hell, even when my stepsister visited me, everyone assumed she was my girlfriend and she got countless hateful messages on her Twitter and her Facebook. And now that.
My phone rings and I look at the screen. It’s Zdeno Chara, so I expect is something related to practice. But it’s not.
“Smith, how come you have never brought your girlfriend to our practices?”
“Zdeno, we are not dating.”
“You seem pretty close to each other,” he answers, referring to pictures in the article. Deep sigh escapes my throat when I start explaining: “Really, we went on one date. Nothing more.”
“You look cute together though.”
Knowing he doesn’t compliment often, I chuckle quietly: “I’ll mark your words.”
“Will you ever see her again?”
“I hope. Zdeno, I have to go. See you later at the practice.”
Before he answers, I cut the call. Actually, I have nothing to do, but I am really not in the mood for anyone’s teasing. My phone rings again and I snap: “What? I am not dating her, okay!”
“Uh, am I disturbing you?” asks quiet female voice on the other side of the line and I feel ashamed.
“No, not at all. Sorry, I thought… ah, never mind. I am glad to hear from you.”
“You don’t sound like. What’s wrong?”
From now on I will always check who is calling before picking up the phone. Even though she can’t see my face, I blush like crazy.
“It’s nothing. Trust me. I thought you were my team mate?”
“Oh, dear, do I really sound like a man?” she laughs quietly and I have to laugh with her. I can’t believe it! It took only one date to fall completely for this girl.
“No, no, no. Ugh, I made a complete jerk of myself didn’t I?”
“Honestly? Yes. But it’s kinda cute actually.”
So are you, I think and smile.
“Do you really think I am cute?” she asks and I realize I must’ve said that out loud.
“Uh, did I say that out loud?”
“Yep, you did.”
“Oh, god, this is getting worse and worse. Listen, before I say anything I’d regret later… will I ever see you again? I mean, can I take you out on another date? I promise I won’t be a jerk.”
Silence on the other side of the line is so long, I fear she might reject me. But her next words warm up my heart: “Reilly Smith, you are the most awkward and adorable guy I’ve ever met and I’d be glad to go on another date with you.”
I chuckle in relief: “Great. I’m looking forward to see you again.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“So, are you free tomorrow evening? I could take you to dinner or something…”
“I work till 10 p.m. but I am free after that.”
“I will pick you up at 10.30., is that okay?”
“What about 11? I need to get dressed and…”
“11 p.m. it is then. Can’t wait to see you.”
“Same here. So, see you tomorrow?”
“See you.”
When I cancel the call, the whole media circus doesn’t seem that bad after all. Even though I made a complete jerk of myself, she wants to go on another date with me. With one eye I catch a glimpse of a wall clock, which tells me I have about three hours until the practice. Well, should be enough for a short nap. With a smile on my lips and Y/N on my mind I slowly drift asleep.

“So, what did he say?” your friend asks excitedly as soon as you put down your phone.
“He wants to see me again,” you answer, barely holding back your excitement.
“I am so happy for you,” she squeals and hugs her. Then she lets you go and asks: “When and where will he meet you?”
“He picks me up at 11 p.m.. I don’t know where he is taking me. But I’ll let you know, okay? Now…I have to go home and get ready.”
“Deal. I’ll call you later. And, Y/N, have fun!”
“I will,” you yell, already on the door stand.

Your shift passes by slowly, your anticipation making nearly impossible for you to work.
“Y/N, what’s wrong with you today? You seem somehow distant.”
“Uh, I am sorry. I’ll focus, I promise.”
Your boss nods, but keeps his eyes on you. It is unusual for you to not pay that much attention to work, so his actions don’t surprise you.
But an hour later you are still a nervous wreck and your boss calls you in his office.
“Y/N, what is going on with you? I am worried.”
“Nothing… just… I have a date later and I am nervous.”
“I am happy for you. Okay, just this time I will let you home earlier.”
“You won’t fire me?”
“Of course not! You are my best employee. Now go. And I hope this boy is worth your nerves.”
“Thank you sir!” you say and nearly run out of his office and to your car.
“Hey, Y/N!” someone calls your name and you turn around. It’s Reilly, running towards you.
“Hey, Reilly! What’s up?”
“Nothing. I just wanted to see you work.”
Flattered by his words, you grinned widely: “That’s the best thing anyone has ever done for me.”
“And I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier. I thought you were my team mate or journalist.”
“Oh, you didn’t see today’s news?”
“No. What am I missing?”
“Well…someone told media I am seeing you and now… oh, shit. Get in the car, now.”
He lightly pushes you in a car and jumps on passenger’s seat.
“Drive. Y/N, please, just hit that pedal and drive out of here.”
Surprised and scared of his behavior, you start a car and drive off the parking lot. Suddenly you notice why he was in such a hurry. The lot was overflowing with journalists, news cars and paparazzi.
“Someone must’ve told them!”
“Do you have any idea who could that be?”
“No. I really don’t know, but when I find out…”
“Reilly, calm down. It’s not worth it.”
“I just don’t want you to get hateful messages on every social network.”
“I think I can handle few jealous messages.”
“Yeah, my stepsister used to think the same. Promise me you will tell me if they cross the line.”
With your free hand, you hold his and say quietly, your eyes focused on the road: “I promise. Now, where are we going?”
“We are taking you home. It’s for the best,” he hurries when he sees you are trying to say something.
“But…what about our date?”
“I will pick you up at 11, okay?”
After few more minutes you park in front of your friend’s house and Reilly looks at you. Your eyes meet his and you both start leaning forward. Your foreheads touch and he whispers quietly: “So, at 11? And by the way, nice house.”
“At 11. It’s not mine, it’s my friend’s. I forgot my keys at her house.”
Your lips almost touch when someone bangs on your windshield. You jump apart and see a journalist with his camera glued to your car.
“Shit! Listen, I’ll get a cab. Get in the house and don’t unlock the door. I will call you when I will be on my way.”
As soon as you jump out of the car, Reilly drives away and you run in your friend’s house. As you approach her room, you hear quiet parts of conversation: “Yes, her name is Y/N Y/L/N and she is [age] years old. Reilly and she met few weeks ago on Bruins’ game…”
The rest of conversation is cut off when you furiously open the door. Your friend looks at you, surprised and shocked: “Y/N, what are you doing here?”
“How long have you been calling the press? How could you do that to me?”
“Just- I- Why does that bother you that much?”
“Because I trusted you!”
“I guess that was a mistake,” she finally reveals her true colors, her friendly smile now replaced with thin line and her eyebrows furrowed. You realize this girl you’ve been calling a friend, is really a jealous girl who would do anything to destroy you.
“You know how hard it was to listen how great your date was? Because Reilly should be mine, not yours. He is way too good for you.”
“So, all this because I went on one date with him? One date was enough to betray my trust. We were friends!”
“We never were. Every time you called me, I felt sick. Just go, I don’t want you in my house!”
You don’t need much to get out of there. Blinded by tears of wrath and sadness, you run out. Still running, you pull out your phone and dial the first number that comes to your mind. Reilly’s number.
“I know who told media everything, Reilly.”
“How? I mean, how did you find that out?”
“I interrupted her. It was my friend all along,” you mumbled through tears, still hardly believing what she did to you.
“Where are you? I will pick you up.”
You look around and tell him on which streets are you waiting him. Soon after, he shows up and wordlessly steps out of the car. He pulls you in his arms, places his warm lips on your forehead and lets you calm down. Your cry in his shirt, but he doesn’t pull away.
“Well, at least everyone will know my heart is taken,” he chuckles, making you look at him: “You mean…me?”
“Yes, you, silly. Ever since the day we met I’ve known you are the one for me. It took one date for me to be 100% sure about it.”
You’d usually wait until third or second date until you kissed a guy, but his words make you break your own rule. Your lips connect into the sweetest kiss you’ve ever gotten.

Yes, you got few hateful messages every now and then, but what mattered the most was that you were accepted by majority of fans, Reilly’s teammates and their girlfriends/wives. You never heard of your “friend”, but it left consequences. Not on your relationship with Reilly, but it was hard for you to open to other people. Reilly helped you all along, supporting you and trying to give you the best advices.

What’s his Name? (Taron Egerton Imagine)

What’s his Name?

A/N: this is set in the fictional world of ‘THE BREACH’ - by LAZY HABITS.

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Sipping on a vodka tonic, you look around the pub packed full of drunk women out on a hen do night. There are a couple of men floating around, only one seems to catch your eye, though.

The blond haired lad sighs, running a hand through his hair, as he squats down to pick up empty beer bottles. He holds a tired expression on his face and you watch him curse slightly as one lady throws pink feathers in his hair. He looks up, catching your eye. You send him a sympathetic smile and he just gives you a short smile back before going back to picking up bottles.

Trying to balance them in his arms, he tries to get up. Seeing him struggle, you leave your post at the bar and run over to help the man.

“Thanks,” he mumbles, once you’ve grabbed a few bottles out of his hands. You both walk over to the bar to set them down.

“You alright?” You ask him.

“Yeah, just a tough night,” he replies, honestly.

“It seems it,” you say, with a laugh, and gesture towards the hen party.

He chuckles, be it sincere or not, you couldn’t really tell. “Yeah, hen do’s aren’t really my scene.” After a second of silence between you both, he asks, “you part of them?”

You nod. “sadly, yes. It’s a friend of a friend’s hen do.”

“Thought you, lasses, like a good hen do?” He sends a smirk your way.

You return an equally as cheeky smirk as you reply, “I’m not like your average lass, you see. I don’t like to drink much, so hen do’s aren’t my scene, either. I’m only here because of my mate.”

“Fair enough.” He goes to say something else but something behind you catches his eye. “I’ve gotta go. It was nice talking to you,” he trails off, gesturing for your name.

“Y/N L/N,” is your simple response. You give him a toothy smile.

“It was nice talking to you, Y/N. This has been the highlight of my night, I swear. I hope to see you again.” He grins at you, before pecking your cheek.

You look down at your heels, to hide the ever growing bright red blush on your cheeks.

“Wait, I never got your name!” You look up to see the mystery man had disappeared into the crowd.

Bringing the cigarette to your lips, you can feel the alcohol starting to take its toll on you. You can feel it streaming through your bloodstream and the buzz is getting to your head. You inhale the smoke deeply and then slowly blow it out. Going for another puff, you hear the exit door to the pub open beside you.

The gorgeous man from before steps out, placing a cigarette in between his lips. You watch him, with eyes full of lust, search his pockets. When he comes up empty handed, he sighs, deeply.

You aren’t going to lie. The man before you is fucking beautiful. His blonde hair sits perfectly on his perfectly shaped head. He has a jawline you could cut onions on, and if you cry, you wouldn’t know if it was because of the onions or because he is just so god damn beautiful.

He looks to the side and sees that you’re already looking at him. His eyes seem to light up and he smiles. Your insides go to mush at the sight of his lopsided grin.

“You got a light?” He asks as he leans against the wall next to you. His arm brushes yours ever so slightly and a jolt of electricity goes through you. He feels it too as he shakes his arm, subtly. You notice. However, it may just be the alcohol streaming through your body.

You hand him your lighter as you finish the rest of your cigarette, chucking it on the ground and stomping on it.

“How’s your night going?” He asks.

You lean on one shoulder, facing him. “It’s gotten a lot better actually, now that you’re here.”

Under the street lamp, you see his deep green eyes stare into you as he smirks. “You’re a lot more flirty when you’re drunk,” he states, as his face leans closer to yours.

Or is it just the alcohol again? You’re not too sure anymore; his presence seems to have gotten you a lot more fucked than what you were when you first went outside for the cigarette.

“You’d have to be stupid to pass up the opportunity to flirt with a man like you,” you reply to him, your eyes twinkling with mischief.

“I must say I’m flattered,” he whispers. His face has inched closer and closer to yours. His breath fans your delicate face, a mixture of alcohol and smoke hitting your nose. Your noses brush together, eyes flutter close and your lips connect to his lips for a brief second before the pub door swings open.

The green eyed man jumps away from you, causing you to sigh, sadly, at the loss of his warm body against your own cold one.

“Oi, get back in here!” The bouncer exclaims, using his arm to aggressively beckon him back into the pub.

The man grunts, throwing his cigarette onto the floor. He sends you a soft smile as he walks through the doors back to his living hell.

You’re left outside, craving his touch even more…and wondering what the fuck his name is still.

You watch the bouncer drag a blacked out girl, vomit around her mouth, out of the club. You feel sorry for the lass for a split second before being grateful that it isn’t you being dragged out like that.

The night isn’t even half over and shit is already going down. The drag queens, that are probably way under paid to be here, dance provocatively on the table tops as women stuff money in their underwear and pour alcohol all over each other. You watch them with a slight distaste.

Through the corner of your eye, you witness the bride and one of her bridesmaids stumble into the bathroom a tad too comfy.

You know what they’re about to do. However, you don’t care; they have nothing to do with you and you have nothing to do with them. They can do god knows what in that bathroom and you wouldn’t give two flying fucks.

You do, however, curse them silently as the urge to piss comes over you, but you can’t even go pee. Unless you are willing to walk in on some kinky lesbian sex. Which you are not. You’ve seen some things in your life, but lesbian sex isn’t one and you definitely don’t want it to be one anytime soon.

After getting yourself another drink and then mentally slapping yourself for 5 minutes straight for causing yourself the need to pee more, you see the bride and bridesmaid stumble out of the bathroom just the same as they did going in.

You do a little happy dance in your head and run to the bathroom before anyone else.

You slam the door shut and lock it. With your hands about to hitch your dress up to pee, your name said in a deep voice lifts through the air.

You jump and turn around to see your gorgeous lover from tonight. He is leaning back against the wall for support. He looks fed up, tired and anything else bad.

“What are you doing in here?” You question him, with a frown.

He points to the door. “I had to stop those two from necking it on.”


“It’s my job.”

“No, your job is to tidy up the mess those girls made. Not stop them from making mistakes,” you say with a hand on your hip.

Suddenly an idea pops in your head. An idea that one hundred percent would not come into mind if you weren’t drunk as fuck.

“How about this?” You start to say, a smirk growing on your face and your eyes twinkling brightly with mayhem. You step closer to him, and you swear he tries to step back but can’t because he is already attached to the wall. “How about I make it my job,” you step closer, “to make tonight the best,” you give him a wink, “and I mean, best night  of your life?”

Your body is now flushed against his as your lips brush his lips. His eyes flicker to your moist lips as you hear him gulp heavily and you feel victory inside you at the fact that you can make this breathtaking man feel like that.

“I know you need it, babe,” you whisper against his lips. Your hands slide down his chest until they hover above his crotch. “I can feel the tension.” His breath hitches as you give his cock a tight squeeze over his trackie bottoms.

“You’re right, Y/N,” he whispers, his voice lacing with seduction, and slams your lips together, closing the distance between you two.

Your lips move perfectly together, fitting like a jigsaw puzzle. His hands cup your face and you can feel him moan into your mouth as you continue to palm his member.

With a swift movement, he flips your positions so that you are now in between the wall and him. His hands move from your face to under your thighs. He lifts you up so your legs wrap around his waist. He works his way down, leaving kisses down your face to your neck. He sucks on your soft spot as your hands entangle themselves in his hair. You stretch your neck to give him more access, moaning slightly when he nibbles at the sensitive part. Your eyes are tightly shut closed, moans and groans erupting from your lips as you feel him successful leave a hickey on your neck.

“Come back to mine,” he softly mumbles into your neck. You nod and he lets you jump down from his waist. You’re about to leave the bathroom, but he grabs your wrist, pulling you back into his chest. He ducks his head down to plant another kiss on your lips and you continue to make out for a few minutes, your hands wrapped around his neck as his slide down your hips to your ass.

He’s the first to stop the kiss. “Come on,” he says, pulling you out the bathroom with a grin on his face. A grin that actually looks sincere and real for the first time tonight.

Your stomach flips and butterflies dance. Your heart skips beats as a genuine smile quirks up on your face.  Your head goes light and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

You’ve only met this man today and you already feel like you’re in love. Lucky to say, he feels the same way.

However, just before you’re about to leave the pub, you stop him from pulling you any longer to ask him a question that you should’ve asked when you first met him.

“Wait!” You exclaim. He turns back to look at you, his hand entwined with yours. He sends you a concerned smile as you ask, “what’s your name?”

He laughs deep heartedly, throwing his head back as dimples appear on his cheeks. Cute as fuck, you think to yourself, mentally gushing over him.

“Taron,” he simply says.

You stare at him for a second, almost getting lost in his green eyes, before testing the name in your mouth, “Taa-ron.”

“Yeah, Taron Egerton.”

“Taron Egerton,” you repeat. “Taron Egerton,” you repeat again, this time sending him a goofy grin. “I like it!”

He chuckles, giving you a grin. “And I like yours, Y/N L/N.”

You giggle as he tugs you by the hand, pulling you out the doors of the pub and down the road into the sunset…

And by that, I mean, his bedroom. ;)

FNAF Theory: The Big Brother Theory

This Theory will draw on evidence from across the 4 FNAF games as well as Sister Location to argue that Purple Guy might be much closer to us as the player than we think. Warning this does contain Spoilers.

If you use my theory to develop any others please give me credit for the parts I contributed.

Perhaps one of the oldest conceived questions of the Franchise is ‘Who is Purple Guy’? Who is the man who killed the children in the establishment that went onto possess the killer animatronics? In the early games both Mike Schmit and Phone Guy came up as possible suspects, mostly because after the release of FNAF 1 they were two of the only characters we could put a name of some sort to. However, we may have been closer to the mark than we first thought. In fact I will argue that Purple Guy has held a key role and appearance in every single FNAF game as well as the confirmed appearance in Sister Location.

Thanks to Sister Location we now know Purple Guy’s true name to be Michael Afton, the son of William Afton the killer. From this people have begun to reanalyse minigames starring Purple Guy in the previous games and drawn the connection that Purple Guy himself is never seen killing children, only dismantling animatronics. The previously named ‘Pink Guy’ is the only one who appears to kill children or appear in minigames where children are killed.

I think it is far to conclude that Pink Guy is in fact William Afton, the true killer, while Michael Afton his son became Purple Guy and later Springtrap.

But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Michael Afton has made other appearances in the games, namely as Mike Schmit, Fritz Smith, and most importantly, The older brother in FNAF 4.

Mike Schmit and Fritz Smith are the easiest to explain so I will begin with them.

At the end of Sister Location Michael Afton is scooped and is packed with Ennard who wears him as a human skin until the body itself starts to rot, at which point Ennard either ejects himself or is forcefully ejected by the rotting body. Michael Afton falls to the floor apparently dead, as we’d imagined he would be considering what had happened to him and his looks. But somehow Baby seems to bring him back to life, perhaps, as we know that Michael Afton is Baby’s brother she wanted to bring him back to life after everything she and the other animatronics had done to him, but the power ended up bringing him back forever - a little like Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. He just can’t die.

Now think back as to why Mike Schmit and Fritz Smith lost their jobs.

Both are fired after tampering with the animatronics and due to odor. This almost seemed like a funny joke at the end of the first games, and tampering with the animatronics might have been a reference to the custom nights that proceeded the firing. But in reference to what we now know about Purple Guy it is very easy to draw a comparison that these two Night Guards, we play as, might very well be the same person, someone who is giving off a bad odor as if rotting and has a history of tampering with animatronics.

It seems almost obvious that looking back we in fact played as Purple Guy in FNAF 1 and on the final night of FNAF 2.

However, the main focus of this is to prove that the big brother in FNAF 4 is also another appearance of Michael Afton whose history becomes more tragic as we continue.

It was speculated after the release of FNAF 4 that the Crying Child was the son of the killer, after all his house was right next door to the restaurant, he seemed to have close affiliation with the franchise and in Sister Location we discover that the Crying Child’s house and neighbourhood are all shown on the map, as well as CCTV footage of their bedroom and the halls that surround it.
We also wondered if there was also a sister due to the pink and flowery room that also resided in the house.

A girl appears in the game with ginger pigtails and bright green eyes that almost perfectly seems to reflect baby’s appearance.

What we know is canon in FNAF 4 is that the guy in the Foxy Mask is the Crying Child’s older brother, and in Sister Location Michael Afton is Baby’s brother. There is plenty of evidence beginning to arise in the games that suggests that there is a blatant connection between these three.

Now as we remember the Crying Child, it is heavily implied, dies at the end of the game after battling in a comatose nightmare after being bitten by Fredbear, in what I believe to be the Bite of ‘83, but I won’t go too much into that for now. He is placed in Fredbear as a joke by his brother and friends, when the jaws snap shut on his head.

Pink Guy killed children, but we know that both Baby and the Crying Child were killed by the animatronics themselves. Just two children killed by animatronics, from there it would make sense that they could possibly be connected to the man that killed the children possessing the animatronics themselves.

We also know it is heavily implied that the Crying Child went on to possess Fredbear (Golden Freddy) which is where the biggest piece of evidence for the connection comes from.

There are two words we have never solved the mystery behind from the first game. The infamous ‘It’s me’ hallucination which appears in two locations.

It appears when looking at Pirate Cove where Foxy is and while looking at Golden Freddy, and there is one thing that connects these two animatronics. The Crying Child of FNAF 4 and his older brother who wears a Foxy mask.

If this theory is being followed then the only known person Michael Afton has actually been responsible for the death of was his own brother when he was still just a teenager. ‘It’s Me’ could be the hallucinogenic words that echo when Michael Afton himself is reminded that he is a killer even if he never meant to be. Golden Freddy is the most infamous character in the game that only Michael Afton has ever had to face.

Golden Freddy only appears in FNAF 1 and on Night 6 while Fritz Smith is on duty in FNAF 2. Golden Freddy is an animatronic that is very specifically tailored for this one character.

So what we can conclude is that Michael Afton is a man who is the son of a child killer, accidentally caused the death of his younger brother while he was a teenager, his sister also later was killed by an animatronic, he is then sent by his father into the death trap which is Sister Location to free his sister’s spirit only to be killed himself and used as a walking skin suit, brought back from the dead only to be left in a rotting state, forced to face off against the animatronics night after night as he continues to try and free the trapped souls by dismantling the animtronics, only to end up locked inside Springtrap, killed again, trapped behind a wall for 30 years before finally being placed as an attraction in Fazbear’s Fright.

I mean… if I was Michael I’d be looking for my father too, he’s got some serious explaining to do. 

That isn’t to say this theory is faultless or explains everything.

After all Purple Guy appears in FNAF 4 putting someone into a costume, whether this is the same Purple Guy or another place where we trip over and have to re-explain things I don’t know, but the rest of the theory seems to fit.

This theory also doesn’t answer the question: Who is Purple Guy? As there seem to be no clues to his identity in this.

Underrated things from The Book Of Mormon
  • Elder Poptarts
  • Satan implying that all Catholics and Jews go to Hell
  • “He answered your prayers, huh?”
  • the golden plates in “Joseph Smith: American Moses”
  • the mission president
  • the gasps of Genghis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler, and Johnnie Cochran when they hear that Kevin broke rule 72
  • the “Hasa Diga Eebowai” reprise
  • “fuck you in the eye!… fuck you in the other eye!”
  • the x-ray of the Book of Mormon in Kevin’s ass
  • “I have maggots in my scrotum” “You should really see a doctor about that” “I am the doctor”
  • Johnnie Cochran playing the bongos in “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream”
  • the entire airport scene
  • “Africa is nothing like Lion King!  I think that movie took a lot of artistic license!”
  • the kraken that shoots Joseph Smith torpedoes that will turn you into a lesbian
  • the insanely fast costume change in “Turn It Off”
  • the fact that Arnold has never read the Book of Mormon
Rick knew that Jerry was tricking him.

I think Rick actually knew that the The Whirly Dirly had that spot where you could actually be killed. And I think THAT’S why he apologized to Jerry. 

hThink about it, WHY would Rick apologize to Beth again? He already did? He knows Beth would accept his apology and say he doesn’t need to apologize in ANY circumstance because he’s faultless in her eyes.

Maybe Rick suspected something, he said it himself that Jerry was a terrible lair. He didn’t freak out when Jerry told him to get out of The Whirly Dirly, not in a normal Rick kinda way…  So Rick just said that to Jerry because he knew Jerry would feel some remorse in trying something fishy. I’m not sure Rick knew exactly what was going on but he apologized because he knew he was going to get some response from Jerry emotionally, hence Jerry regretting his decision to kill Rick, and he did. Jerry felt sorry and tried to make Rick leave the ride, then they get attacked and Rick kills the assassins. Rick was defending both Jerry and himself because he didn’t knew but I think it’s almost impossible for him NOT to know. I think he actually KNEW but he just wanted Jerry to confess himself.

It’s important to take that into consideration that Rick maybe was happy Jerry didn’t get killed just because he said it at the beginning of the episode “If I come home without you I doubt Morty is going to let me off the hook.”  

BUT I do think Rick wanted to just spend some time with Jerry genuinely. I mean before everything, Rick seemed like he was really enjoying himself. Then when Jerry tried to betray him again, he’d had it. He got to break down everything he thought about Jerry. He never ment to kill him “that was never an option”, but he did said everything on his mind.

And in the end… That actually worked. Jerry DID accept what was wrong with him and Rick was HAPPY, satisfied. Like he could actually give Jerry a chance to change. I think Rick actually got to respect A LITTLE of Jerry in this episode. I think there’s so much more potential. SPECIALLY after that smirk with a nod in the end.

Jerry is growing on Rick. But only because he accepted himself and will try to change. 

BUT AT THE SAME TIME, Rick actually may admire Jerry for that… Because Rick can’t accept himself and change. Maybe Jerry on his full potential, accepting shit in life and doing something about it, stop acting like a baby, accept his feelings and stop screwing around with people making them feel sorry for him because he’s no victim, is something Rick wants for himself.

I remember you said

                                                                  ‘don’t leave me here alone’

but all that’s

                       done and

       gone and


Taron Egerton??

If I wrote Taron Egerton ((include all characters he plays)) imagines, would people read them???

I’ve recently fallen in love with the man himself, Taron, and I need to express my love through stories in which I wish would happen to me but they won’t for 3 reasons… 1) I’m never going to meet him 2) I’m probably a tad too young for him… for now ;) and 3) I’m me lmfao

But nah, yeah, I’ve already got an imagine written about him so I may post that soon to see how people like it.