the golden rule ok

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Ok. even if carrie woke quinn up. he's still dead regardless w/o her. she was the only person who wanted to find him. everyone else wrote him off as dead. if you want to say he is suffering because of her, fine. at the same time, he's also ALIVE because of her

Don’t forget, Anon. When it comes to Carrie, we must always focus on the negative and disregard everything else.

The Two Unspoken Golden Rules!

Ok for the most part we as a community are pretty loving and open armed when it comes to this community. We are supportive of each other and don’t attack one another. We also don’t want to make ourselves elitist and shy away new members which I think is great. However I think it’s time that we state the only two Unspoken Rules about being in this community. The Tumblr Community and this doesn’t just apply to Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Lordminion777, Muyskerm or Miss Fushi. This applies to every single fandom out there and needs to be said. There are only two rules and they have always been common sense to the majority of the Community. However I think it’s time those two rules were put out in bold black and white so that EVERYONE gets them! 

Rule #1: NO ANON Hate! Never under ANY circumstance go onto a person’s blog and send hate mail through an ask while on ANON! It doesn’t matter if you have a problem with the person, the art they make or the stories they write. This is completely unacceptable not only from the members of the community but by those who the community is for! 

Rule #2: DO NOT STEAL ART! I know that fan-art is amazing and you may want to post it on your blog or your Instagram. However you do not own that piece of art. You can not use it under any circumstance unless you are given permission directly from the artist and link back to the original post! On Tumblr you can REBLOG art only but never REPOST it!