the golden needle

The Signs As Famous Land Marks
  • Aries: the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Taurus: Space Needle (Seattle)
  • Gemini: Empire State Building
  • Cancer: Grand Canyon
  • Leo: Lady Liberty
  • Virgo: Central Park
  • Libra: The White House
  • Scorpio: "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign
  • Sagittarius: Gateway Arch (Missouri)
  • Capricorn: Lincoln Memorial
  • Aquarius: Mount Rushmore
  • Pisces: Niagara Falls

Potions, phoenix downs, antidotes, and cactuar statuettes. FYI both potions and hi-potions look the same; elixirs and hi-elixirs are identical except that the blue parts are yellow.

In the last pic, those might be golden needles (which cure petrification) but I’m not sure. I’ve never used one to confirm how they look.


En Man Som Heter Ove (2015)

Directed by Hannes Holm

Cinematography by Göran Hallberg

BTS’s reaction to finding out their girlfriend is a vampire:

A/N: Oooh~ I really loved doing this one. Enjoy ^ - ^

Jin: “Why’s your girlfriend so pale? She looks like one of those bloodsuckers.”

Your muscles tighten at the derogatory word for ‘vampire’, and you slink behind Jin, clinging to his hand – your last grip on everything that’s still okay in the world. Ever since the public discovered the existence of vampires, things have been a little weird for you. So far you’ve managed to keep what you are a secret, but it’s only a matter of time…

“Don’t say that about her!” Jin pulls you nearer, so your arms are practically stapled together.

The offender grins down at you, his face screwing up as he does so. “Why not?”

“It’s a slur, and I’d prefer if you didn’t use it.” Jin says. Your hand still roped in his, he pulls you away. 

“Can you believe him!” he cries, once you’re very much alone, “The way people talk, you’d think vampires were a new strain of the plague.”

“Thank you, for that,” You rub your arms up and down him arms, soothing him.

“Why are you thanking me?” Jin chuckles, catching your hands, “You’re not a vampire.”

“Well, actually…” Your teeth begin to sink into your bottom lip, and you have to stop yourself before you draw blood.

Jin’s hands fall from you. “Oh… I never… realised.”

You twine your fingers in his shirt sleeves, waiting for him to do something - respond. His hands resume where they left off on your skin. Your heart can beat again.

After a few moments of silence: “Can I go back and punch that brute for you?”

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Yoongi: “I love you.”

“You can’t. I’m a vampire!” you blurt.

Yoongi blinks at you, angled eyes crowded with bewilderment and surprise.

That was not the way you had planned on revealing your secret. But, his impromptu confession had startled you; it came out on impulse, sort of like a sneeze. Now it’s out there. And you can’t take it back.

“Not really the response I had expected, for my first time saying those words,” Yoongi says.

“Sorry! I love you too!” To know that Min Yoongi – your boyfriend, your best friend, guard of your heart, and prince of your dreams – loves you (you!) fills you up with electricity and fire. You’re so tempted to go and hug him, or kiss him, or… or…

But. That word hangs in-between you now. Vampire.

“How long were you planning on keeping your species a secret?” Yoongi asks.

You gaze at an interesting speck on the floor. You shrug. “There weren’t really any good opportunities to bring it up in conversation…”

Will he leave now? Will he shut you out of his life, and shut up his windows, and wait in his house with a wooden stake for protection?

Tears begin to sting your eyes, making your vision dance erratically. Not seeing him, you jump when his fingers begin crawling along your waist, sneaking around. When did he get so close? His hand supports your back, and he pulls you in, crushing you to his chest. All the heat of contact rushes through you, pushing a blush to your cheeks.


His shoulders shake under your hands. You look up, startled, thinking he’s crying.

But no. He’s laughing. “‘You can’t? I’m a vampire?’” More laughter. “Oh, Y/N, you should’ve seen your face just now! You’re so freaking cute!”

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Hoseok: Hoseok knows something is up. Your lips are white from chewing, your finger nails are bitten to stumps, and you can’t stop fiddling with the sleeves of your (actually, his) hoody. You have something to say.

“What’s wrong?”

You jump, then quickly try to brush off your odd behaviour. “Nothing. Nothing.”

“Come on.” His hands dance through the air, and on finding your wrists, pull you closer to him, “You can tell me anything.”

A shake of the head, and a slipping from his hands, is all he gets. He’s hurt, but he masks it with a smile. “Okay, well then.”

Something ghosts across your eyes – what is it? Guilt? Pity? “Hoseok, I didn’t mean – It’s not that I-” You stumble on your words. “Please don’t be upset.” Sliding yourself into his arms, you guide his hands around your waist, and finding the spot – your spot - on his chest, nestle your head between his chin and his ribs.

The two of you stand like this for a while, just breathing each other, just feeling each other. This is enough for Hoseok – a reminder of your love, how much you mean. He’s content. You’ll tell him when you’re ready, he knows. And he’ll be there to support you when that moment comes.

That moment is now. “Actually, Hoseok,” you pull away from him just enough that he can look into your eyes. They twinkle with stars and broken glass. “There… is something I need to tell you.”

He waits.

“This might be a shock…” You suck on your lips, “If you don’t want to see me again after this, I’ll understand. Most humans don’t want to date us…” Humans? “You see, the thing is… ha! why is this so difficult?”

He waits some more.

“…I’m a vampire.”

Hoseok takes a moment. He pauses. He thinks. Then he pulls you that extra bit closer, till you’re fitted snugly in the curves and edges of his body. “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? You know I’ll support you, no matter what you are. I don’t care what blood flows through you, you’re still you, and that’s the you I love most.”

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Namjoon: “Aren’t you freaked out, now you know I’m a vampire?” you ask, slightly disappointed at Namjoon’s reaction to your big reveal.

He shakes his head, a smirk pulling at his mouth.

“You know I could knock you down, and drain the life from you if I wanted to?” you say irritably.

His finger taps your forehead, a light flick. “Yeah, but I know you won’t. Because.” Tap. “You.” Tap. “Love me.”

You grab the finger assaulting your forehead. “Maybe it’s because I love you that you should be afraid.” A grin slides across your face. “Maybe your blood smells that much more delicious. Maybe your neck looks that much more tempting.” You’re tracing your fingers along his jawline, eyeing the sweet spot on the neck. Without warning, you swoop in, and your lips begin traversing his skin. You only meant to tease, but he tastes so good. Can’t stop now. There’s no mercy in your kisses – all rough, all hungry.

Namjoon’s arms twine around your torso, catching handfuls of your shirt. He’s completely yours now. If your fangs could only pierce below the surface, and suck on that honey-sweet river.

“You can, if you want,” Namjoon whispers against your hair.

It’s all you need to hear. Your pointed teeth are biting down, and there’s that flow! You’ve hit an outlet of liquid gold. It washes into your mouth, flooding your senses. Namjoon grips your shirt harder. Does it hurt? Reluctant, you pull away, the remnants of your feast dripping down your chin.

“Sorry, I couldn’t stop-” You’re ashamed at your loss of control.

Ignoring the blood around your lips, Namjoon pulls you in for a kiss. That says it all – it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt, I love you. You break apart for an instant, then you’re back at it. Breathe. Kiss. You’re up against the wall, Namjoon’s finding the edges of your shirt, drawing it up so that he can feel at the bare skin of your waist. You should feed on him more often, if this is the result.

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Jimin: Things are getting bad. The world is swimming around you, the air in your lungs becoming sticky.

Blood. That’s what you need. Human blood, specifically.

Why? Why did this have to happen in the middle of a date, just when you finally got a free moment alone with your boyfriend? All you can think about is the blood pumping around his frame, seeping through his veins, his arteries, his heart. But. You can’t have him. His blood is off limits.

“Are you okay?” Jimin’s warm fingers are laced through yours. He gives your hand a squeeze.

“I’m fine, just a little light headed,” you manage to say. But you’re not fine. Your legs are slipping from under you. Your sight’s blurring. It’s too late: the world’s falling away.

When you wake up, Jimin is hanging over you, his face filled with concern.

“You’re definitely not okay,” he says, placing your head in his lap, and brushing hair away from your damp forehead.

“Blood,” you sigh, reaching up for him, “I need…”

“What? What do you need?” Jimin leans in. He’s so close. You can smell his blood, feel it pounding through him. Just one sip.

Unable to control yourself, you reach up and pull him to you, so that your lips collide messily. Your fangs unsheathe themselves, and you penetrate the delicate skin just inside his cheek. He stiffens in your hands, tensing, like he’s about to pull away. This is where it ends. But no, he’s still there. His lips are still blended with yours.

“Drink all you need,” he whispers against you, and as his lips quiver, more of his sweet blood splashes down your throat, “You can explain later.”

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Taehyung: Taehyung has always wanted to be bitten by a vampire. It’s not that he has a weird kink, or likes to physically abuse himself - he’s just… curious. Does it sting? Does it tingle? Is it like getting an injection, or is it more akin to a paper cut? Whatever it’s like, he wants to find out. That’s why he’s so excited when you decide to share your secret with him.

“I knew they existed,” he says, bouncing up and down, “I knew it!”

You pause. This was clearly not the reaction you had anticipated.

“You’ve gotta bite me,” he says, eagerly pulling at his jumper, so that it slides off his shoulder, revealing golden skin.

“Taehyung…” you try, “I can’t. I’m not supposed to drink from people I know.”

“Please,” he begs, “I just want to know what it feels like.”

You give him a look that translates to ‘really?’

“Please? Please, please, please, please, please?”

With a roll of your eyes, and a reluctant nod of your head, you ease forward, catching him by the arms. Your lips graze the skin around his neck, feeling out the area. “Are you sure you want this?”

Taehyung winds his arms around your waist in answer.

With that, your fangs slip into his neck.

So this is what it feels like. Like being pricked with a needle. But not any normal needle - a golden tipped needle dipped in the richest wine. It tingles and bubbles through his blood, and, suddenly, he feels awake – alive. His heart is pumping faster. He’s aware of every single atom in his body. But then again… maybe these feelings are more to do with your hands curling around his arms, and your body pressing against his. Whatever it is, he likes it.

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Jungkook: “You’re a vampire?”

“You’re a f-cking vampire hunter?”

You and your boyfriend stare at each other, shock splattered across both your faces. In Jungkook’s hand, a wooden stake stares at you, murmuring of the hatred humans have for your species.

“What are you waiting for?” you demand, “Go on and kill me!”

Jungkook’s head sways back and forth: no.

Anger surges through your veins. “Kill me!” You’re striding forward, grabbing the hand that holds the stake, placing it over your heart.

“Stop this!” He wrestles with you, peeling free form your iron grasp, “I don’t want this.”

“Why? I’m no different from the other vampires you must have killed already.” Tears have traced rivers down to your chin, and are now splashing onto your shirt. There’s no control left in you. Here is the man you love, dressed in the uniform you hate. You can’t align the two. It doesn’t make sense.

“Y/N, listen! I’ve never harmed a vampire. I’m never going to harm you!” Jungkook’s hands are hot on your face; he steadies you against him, “I’m not like them!”

You want to break away, but you can’t. Your legs don’t work. Nothing works.

“Listen!” Jungkook’s shaking you now, but there’s nothing left to stir up. Anger is gone. Fear is gone. Nothing’s left. Jungkook’s lips carve desperate dents into your ice skin, “I love you.”

This sparks… something. Your eyes move over Jungkook, eat up his anxious face, his dazzling eyes, his trembling lips. 

“I love you too.”

You share a secret kiss in the dark, away from the eyes of vampires and humans. You’ll make this work. Somehow?

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Captain Fantastic (2016)

Directed by Matt Ross

Cinematography by Stéphane Fontaine

unfuckthereallife  asked:

Hannah pls share excitement with me, I got whole grain rye flour today and I'm going to try to make my first ever sourdough starter tomorrow!!! also pls share that cornbread recipe with me, I know I can google it anytime but it's way nicer to get an approved recipe from you

!!!! Thats super exciting! Also the cornbread recipe we always use goes like this : 120 gr corn flour, 150 gr regular flour, 1 Tblsp baking powder, ¾ Ts salt, 65 gr sugar, 240ml milk/buttermilk, 1 egg, 2 tblsp butter/margarine. Mix everything together but don’t overmix and then bake at 220*C for 20-40 mins in a loaf baking pan until its golden and passes the needle test :)

Mean Queens Ch.4 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymphs A/N: This is the longest but also quite possibly the best chapter so far/the best thing either of us has ever written. Over 5000 words of pureGOLD, with comedy and getting to know the three mean queens better and oh man, it’s just so good. TOOT TOOT MOTHERFUCK, we really hope that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing, the feedback so far has been fucking incredible and we can’t even begin to thank you enough. Bitch, out.

PureCAMP’s A/N: I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE BECAUSE HOLY SHIT BATMAN WE SEE SOME SNAPCHATS! Sorry for the spoiler. This shit is long. And since this is half my writing i can plug my shit, so I’ll say it now, party is not being abandoned and is being written. Anyways, I hope you love our girls as much as we do. I love them so so much. Thank you all for the amazing feedback, from the bottom of my cold heart you made it warm. ENJOY, AND READ READ MOTHERQUEENS!

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when i say all i want is to please you,
what i’m saying is
i want to complete you
what i’m saying is
i’m willing to shape myself into whatever pieces you’re missing,
even if it means
i will be left with no pieces.
like a dolll, 
i will dismember my body and assemble it again for your comfort.

you would think this is too much, that i’m talking crazy again
but i don’t think you understand how 
this, acting like this, is 
loving you
quite literally
to pieces.

maybe i’m willing to slice me open like that
you only know how to love fragments
and everything else is just
everything else
like you only love this inch of skin under my breasts,
like you only kiss my neck
and maybe this is how you turn everything else,
into something,
into being more than this.

and this is
my limbs scattered with no blood
just golden thread and needles
to stitch me back up before it does turn into blood

and i’m not sure if i’m drowning because
i have carved out my chest to give you my lungs
and i have only been breathing your smoke

this is to say
you still live inside my ribcage
and in every other piece
i gave up to you
to please you
to complete you

you only love fragments,
i only give pieces.

maybe we really are meant to be