the golden masters


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Oh, wow… uh, you made it to Night 3… That’s great. *Banging on door* I uh, probably won’t be around by the time you get to the end of this video… so, uh… if that’s the case… check the storage closet, will ya?

I’ve always wondered what they kept back there… Th-thanks for watching this video and- *growling* Oh no…*SCREECHING* *Dial Tone*


In a good drama can not miss those hugs that say it all………


Oh, hey! Welcome back! If you’re reading this message, congrats for making it through your first night shift. Have a good Night 2: Ink and try to make it back for Night 3: Color if you can. Okay, have a good night and keep an eye on your security monitor.

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Happy 6th Anniversary Ninjago!
Honestly I had no idea it was today. I was just going to post this piece and move on. SUCH PERFECT TIMINGGGG!

The ninja are wearing all their suits from their seasons. I know the suit Lloyd is wearing isn’t from his season, but it represents him really taking on independence and maturity, so that’s why. Their background corresponds to their element as well.

This took approx. 4 months to do. In late September to October I worked on the people. In November I was done but I just left it lying there until late December when I decided to do a background. Welp I am so glad it’s done! After ‘a bit’ of procrastination, the 4 month work period was totally worth it. Myeh I’ll try not to take so long next time ….

Ninjago was my childhood…can’t belive it’s gotten so far. Keep making episodes XD

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