the golden lagoon


this will always be funny to me

yes, cloudtights.

I mean, the fact that he could be so adorbs over his style choices like this, just moments after having a passionate and in-depth conversation about the state of Haiti and volunteering and giving of yourself for the betterment of others not because you’re guilted into it, or because everyone else is doing it, but because the kindness of your heart and depth of your soul is so gorgeous, as gorgeous as your golden locks and Tahitian-lagoon-blue eyes but maybe even more gorgeous because the content of your character is so insanely complex but so full of life and love, that you are constantly doing sweet and generous things but choose to not send out press-releases about it because it is something you feel you just should be doing as a human being on this planet earth, makes you like, so much more amazing than I already thought you were.

and like, I basically have a tumblr dedicated to you. so…like…clearly I thought you were pretty awesome to begin with?