the golden girls theme


This video features the afternoon panel from New Jersey.

Highlights include:

J2 talk about one thing/aspect they’d change about their character

J2 have fun with a fan’s name

J2’ s iTunes (I cut it short because people kept yelling out suggestions)

Fan brings Jared an iced beverage

J2’s favorite scary movie 

J2 talk about their relationship

J2 talk Golden Girls and Jensen sings part of the theme song

Jared tells a story about giving Tom a fake tattoo that looks like an injury 


I’ve been crying for 20 mins. 

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Nicknames: Weasal is genuinely my real life nickname. I have quite a few others too. My Mum calls me Wees, my Dad calls me Squeezy Pumpkin! Weird I know. 

Star sign: Aquarius. I have a tattoo on my foot to prove my allegiance to my sign. Air Goddesses FTW. 

Height: 5′7″ 

Time right now: 11.37am

Last thing you googled: How to listen to Bey’s Lemonade. Which I am now listening to. 

Fave music artist: I don’t think I could choose an absolute favourite. If you MADE me then I’d go for Fleetwood Mac.

Song stuck in my head:  Even prior to the RelicKru post the other day, I ALWAYS have the Golden Girls theme tune stuck in my head. Belter. 

Last movie I watched: American Honey. I thought it was really well done. Really authentic performances, particularly from Sasha Lane. Shining a pretty grim spotlight on that side of America. Shia LeBeouf and his rats tail braid are minging though. 

Last tv show I watched: Santa Clarita Diet. It’s fucking stupid but funny enough to keep watching. I will love Drew forever so happy to watch her eating people. 

What I’m wearing right now: A grey wool dress, a very wintery knitted cardigan, black ankle boots. I’m at work and it’s really cold. I wish I was at home in my jammies. 

When I created this blog: I’m not sure. Maybe a couple of years ago but I’ve only started using it in the past year to try to help me survive life post-Lexa. 

The kind of stuff I post: Clexa, Clexa crack, gay shit, hot and empowered women, random social commentary, cats. 

Do I get asks regularly?: No. I get a few here and there but my Askbox is not exactly a hive of activity! I get more people chatting with me instead. Always happy to hear from anyone though. 

Why did I choose my url: It’s my name and it was available. Kismet. 

Gender: Standard lady

Hogwarts House: Really not my thang. I read the books and liked them but I think I was too old to really get into the whole obsession with it. That and I think Harry is an unbearable little shit of a protagonist. However, Pottermore told me I’m Slytherin. I think it got it wrong because I don’t have all the cool qualities that I understand it takes to be a Slytherin. Who knows/who cares!  

Pokémon team: Pokemon Go Away

Favorite color: Turquoise like the sea in tropical places. I also love teal.

Average hours of sleep: 7

Lucky number: 100. LOL jk jk jk. 

Favorite characters: Books, tv and film? Ok then. Anne Shirley, Alicia Donadio, Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane, Lexa, Clarke Griffin, Furiosa, Ripley, Tamsin, Kenzie, Alabama Whitman, Kate Austen, Leslie Knope, Liz Lemon, Ilana Wexler and a ton more but I think these will do for now.    

Dream job: Intergalactic time travelling superhero

Number of blankets I sleep with: This is the question you want to end on?? I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. Is this a message about the question being so yawn-worthy that I want to get under the blankets? 

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when adore had to pee so jinkx and alaska decided to sing the golden girls theme song 👌💯

golden girls theme: and if you threw a party

me: i would never do that

golden girls theme: and invited everyone you knew

me: no one enjoys my company because i suck

ALSO just to add to the chaos of the day, the Golden Girls theme song has been stuck in my head so while everything was falling apart around me I’d hear a quiet voice in the back of my mind singing “and if you thrrrreeewww a party,”

Lip-syncing is making the jump from drag shows to mainstream

With shows like Lip Sync Battle on Spike and apps like Dubsmash for creating your own lip-sync videos, the trend is on fire. Younger fans might be tempted to attribute the trend to Jimmy Fallon, who routinely features lip-sync battles between himself and his guests on The Tonight Show. That would be a mistake; the trend is much older than it appears.

Watch Terry Crews lip-synch the ‘Golden Girls’ theme to Betty White.


Top Gear Golden Girls theme song.

Haven’t seen this in awhile. Makes me miss them so much.