the golden dome

Slavic music masterpost (1/?) 🇨🇿🇷🇺🇸🇰🇺🇦

Btw the songs in bold are the ones you absolutely have to listen to, no excuses.


Христина Соловій - Под облачком (Under the window, UA)
Jana Kirschner - Sama (Alone, SK)
Kristina - Horehronie, SK
Христина Соловій - Гамерицький край (American country, UA)
Отар Немсадзе з Христиною Соловій (idk the name, but it’s gorgeous, UA)
IMT Smile & Lúčnica - Made in Slovakia, SK
Jana Kirschner - Na čiernom koni (On a black horse, SK)

Sung poetry 

The Retuses - Sagitta RU
The Retuses - Письмо к женщине (Letter to a woman, RU)
Miroslav Žbirka - Jesenná láska (Autumn love, SK)
Jaromír Nohavica - Mám jizvu na rtu (I have a scar on the lip, CZ)
Emma Drobná - čerešne (Cherries, SK)
Михаил Круг - Золотые купола (Golden domes, RU)
М Круг - ВОДОЧКУ ПЬЁМ (We drink vodka, RU)
Владимир Высоцкий - Охота на волков (Wolf hunt, RU)
Владимир Высоцкий - Милицейский протокол (Police protocol, RU)
Jan Nedvěd - Podvod (Deception, CZ)                                                                        

Rock/pop-rock (A short list but I promise these are all gems.)

Океан Ельзи - Не твоя війна (Not your war, UA)
Lucie - Chci zas v tobě spát (I want to sleep in you again, CZ)
I.M.T. Smile - Kapela (Band, SK)
IMT SMILE - Duch človeka (Spirit of a man, SK)
Святослав Вакарчук - Така, як ти (A one like you, UA)


Tina Karol - Nochenka (Night, RU)
Христина Соловій - Хто, як не ти? (Who, if not you?, UA)
I.M.T. Smile - Myslim, ze moze byt (I think it could be, SK)
Jana Kirschner - Pokoj v duši (Peace in the soul, SK)
Hana Zagorová - Maluj zase obrázky (Paint pictures again, CZ)
Kristína - Ta ne (Duuuuh, SK)
Kristína & Robo Grigorov - Na vysokej skale (On a high mountain, SK)
Peha - Spomal (Slow down, SK)
Тимати feat. Григорий Лепс - Лондон (London, RU)
Kristina - Horehronie, SK
Потап и Настя - Почему (Why, RU)
Richard Muller - Cigaretka na 2 ťahy (A cigarette, SK)
Kryštof - Cesta ft. Tomáš Klus (A journey, CZ)
Marie Rottrová - To mám tak ráda (I like that, CZ)

Rap/pop-rap (This one is really short, but Slavic rap sucks so..)

Majk Spirit - Boh Jediný (The only God, SK)
ЯрмаК - Вставай (Get up, RU+UA)
ЯрмаК - Чёрное золото (Black gold, RU)
Majk Spirit - Zbojník (A hooligan, SK)
Rytmus - Povolanie Syn, SK

Bonus: ???

Tina Karol - Pupsik (?) RU
Ivan Kupala - Kostroma RU
Потап и Настя - Край ми э ривер (Cry me a river) RU
Тимати feat. Рекорд Оркестр - Баклажан (Eggplant) RU
Потап и Настя - Чумачечая Весна (??) RU
Настя Каменских - Песня Красной Шапочки (??) RU


Inej looked at her strange crew, barefoot and shivering in their soot-stained prison uniforms, their features limned by the golden light of the dome, softened by the mist that hung in the air. What bound them together? Greed? Desperation? Was it just the knowledge that if one or all of them disappeared tonight, no one would come looking? 

Tiniest cheer-up drabble for @kawaiilo-ren based on 8 Days / Mafia AU.
Feel better because you’re the best (ノ´ з `)ノ♡

Three times Otabek holds Yuri in his arms.

First time is anguish; Yuri glares, complains, sighs and feigns strength. His voice shakes as he flails his arms gesturing at the windows of the lavish room, outside where the hostile world awaits. Yuri gives up, his shoulders slump, his lungs gasp for air and Otabek stands solid, a wordless promise that he won’t crumble if Yuri leans on. Chest of his shirt dampens, his arms bruise under his ink in places where Yuri’s fingers dig into. The first time Otabek holds Yuri, his hands travel through the tangled strands until their breaths are even.

Second time is quiet; Yuri’s head rests on his shoulder and the dawn chill sneaks between their layers before the first rays of light carries warmth to St Petersburg. River flows before them, the walls of the canal is mossy and the railings they rest on cold against their chests. The city is quiet; only runty pigeons stirring at the rooftops and Otabek pulls Yuri to his chest, his arms wrapping around him without ceremony. Yuri is catching up to him, his eyes are now leveled. Otabek inhales the stillness, knowing that they will dive back into life in a matter of hours. Second time, he is tired and Yuri is getting sleepy. He shields Yuri before the sun touches the golden dome of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, wishing the dawn would take a while longer.

Third time is out of breath; they grunt and groan, their limbs stick together with sweat and saliva. His hands burn where they grope Yuri, his body lean, strong and needy under Otabek’s weight. The room is small and it’s dark everywhere but Otabek sees stars whenever his name is uttered, breaking into curses between moans. Third time, they kiss open mouthed, mess up the bed sheets and spent, Yuri falls asleep first his back resting against Otabek. The ice thaws outside his walls, the glass fogged up around the window frame.

Love-filled illustrations from children’s books:

From The Quickest Kid in Clarksville by Pat Zietlow Miller, illustrated by Frank Morrison

From Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara Joosse, illustrated by Barbara Lavallee

From Love Is by Diane Adams, illustrated by Claire Keane

From Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors by Hena Khan, illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini

From Chloe, Instead by Micah Player

From When an Elephant Falls in Love by Davide Cali, illustrated by Alice Lotti

See more love-filled illustrations from children’s books over on our blog.

Slowly, the light moved closer, before what seemed like between blinks the light was suddenly upon him, being thrust into his face and causing him to wince and close his eyes upon the comparative blinding brightness. […]

Gazing down at him was a giant golden eye - but as his own eyes adjusted, he was able to see it was but a mask - a golden, domed mask embossed with an eye that stared down at him. But that wasn’t the most terrifying thing - the mask was upon a giant furred neck, long and wreathed in gold, horns and ears and more gold jutting out from beneath the mask.

Based off of chapter 1 of my YGO fanfiction, Within the Catacombs!

Flash inspiration, just whipped it up for fun, tried some stuff and it turned out p good I think so! [drawing music]

If you want full-res, it’s up for free download in my Patreon!

They say that when you enter the vicinity of Karbala al-Muqaddas and first lay eyes upon the Golden Dome overpowering the skyline, you quickly come to notice that one is missing.
Although both the Shrines are built on the same leveled ground and are of the same size, only the dome of Hadhrat Abbas (as) is visible to the guests entering this Holy city.

When the scholars were asked why the dome of Aba Abdillah (as) is seemingly hidden from view, the reply came saying:

“Till today, those who wish to visit their Imam (as) must first go through his guardian, Abal Fadhl al-Abbas (as).”


The world around you is awash with flashing lights and colors you’ve never even seen before. How you got here, you don’t know, but you’re tumbling head over heels with no floor beneath you.

And suddenly, the lights are gone, and there is a floor: A floor that you promptly slam into. You roll about ten feet before coming to a stop, groaning as you try to calm your aching muscles. When you open your eyes fully, there’s a skylight above you showing beautiful stars.

You sit up slowly, wincing at your protesting muscles. You’re in some sort of golden dome, with a silvery rainbow bridge leading to a shining golden city. “What the hell,” you mutter.

A man stands on a dais in the center of the dome, and you watch nervously as he steps down to your level. His very presence exudes power, and you gulp when you see his eyes are a shining gold. He comes to a stop in front of you, leaning down at the waist to look at you.

“Who are you?” he asks gently.

You gulp and shift the way you’re leaning on the heels of your hands. “My name is (y/n).”

He stands back up to his full height and smiles softly, yet still not exactly kindly. “Come. We have much to discuss.”

wolfishpennings  asked:

A traditional Mando'a Kenobi, adressing Fett in their first meeting. The possibility of change.

OMG the clichés I used here, the deus ex machina and the tropes. Perfect, thank you, that was a lovely one !

Jango stares at the man escorted by Taun We inside his quarters. Apart from the Cuy’Val’Dar wearing some, and the pale copies worn by his clones, the last time he saw proper beskar’gam was when he looked at himself in the reflection of the fresher’s mirror.

He was expecting a Jetii.
What’s a Mandalorian doing on Kamino ?


“Who are you ?”
“I’m someone who remembers who you are, Ner Mand’alor.”


Obi-Wan sees the exact moment Jango Fett’s eyes lose their wary curiosity for resigned fury.

“There is no Mand’alor here.” Fett growls.
“There could be.”

It took time, and skill, to both redirect the Jedi tracking the lead, the clues perfectly difficult yet somehow just easy enough to decipher, leading them directly to Geonosis without going through Kamino, and finding the hidden system himself, lured by the name of Jango Fett.
But Obi-Wan is stubborn, like any good Mando, and he has a purpose.

There’s war looming, and while it’s a Mandalorian’s calling, they would be lambs for the slaughter without someone to unify them.
And he likes Sabine, he really does, but while peace is a noble goal, naivety and willful blindness aren’t the ways to achieve it. You do not erase hundreds of years of culture for the sake of pacifism, not without turning into a tyrant. Change has to come, but as a group effort, not from people never leaving the golden domes of Sundari.

They need a Mand’alor, not a Duchess.

Except the one they have…
Has rejected his title years ago.


Jango sees the blade of purple light arcing towards his neck and is too slow to do anything about it.
Killed by a jetii. Of fucking course.

There the sound of a blaster, and a hiss of pain, and a very glaring lack of death. Jango opens the eyes he wasn’t aware he had closed and stares at the men in tan and black beskar’gam standing in front of him, pressing a hand against a wounded flank and swearing at the Korun Jetii.
Jango may not understand a word of Haruun Kai’s tongue, but he knows how to recognize insults when he hears some.

The Jetii looks startled, and his gaze drops to the side, widening when he catches sight of Boba.
He steps back, glaring and mouth set, but turns back towards the arena, going to help his fellow Force-users.

Jango catches the other Mando just before he collapses, glaring at him.

“Why did you do that ?”
“A flesh wound instead of your head, and you’re asking ?” scoffs the man, removing his helmet, revealing his red hair and blue eyes, his mouth twisted in pain. “It’s not fatal, and I have bacta. Re-attaching a head is a bit more complicated.”
Jango scowls. “You could have died.”
“There are worse fates than that. You are my Mand’alor.”
“I’m no-one’s Mand’alor.”

It’s the young man’s -how did Taun We call him ? Obi-Wan ?- turn to scowl at him.

“You’ll be mine until one of us dies, deal with it.”

He shrugs off Jango’s hand and gets up, wincing. Boba immediately takes his place at his father’s side, despite Jango’s orders, his eyes shining with worry.
Jango looks at his son, as he swears he’s fine, looks at the arena where the droids are corralling the jetiise, Tyrannus ready to sentence them all to death.
It should bring him joy but as he looks at his son, he doubts, for the first time in a long while.

Is this what he wants ?
Could there be another way ?

“Who would come ?” he whispers, halting Obi-Wan’s departure. “Apart from you and your inexplicable faith, who would come, to the call of the ghost of the Mand’alor I once was ?”

Jetpacks’ sounds fill the air, followed by a hail of blaster fire, as dozens of men and women in beskar’gam fly into the arena, firing EMPs onto the droids and coming to the Jedi’s help.
Jango recognize sigils, patterns, some that make him seethes, some that are old friends’.

“They would.”

Gold (Gabriel x Reader)

Request(s): Did someone say Gabriel requests?! I would love a gabe mate!one where they are the only ones to see their wings but only when there is like a connection made (emotional love sort of thing) and Gabe helps the reader out after a nightmare and when she wakes up she is under a dome of golden wings and its like that for weeks until she tells gabe how beautiful they are and like a fluff ending? Sorry if its long


Okay…. How about the reader is separated from her family and she keeps having nightmares about them dying in the worst possible ways. Sam and Dean have tried everything to help, but they can’t really, so they’ve giving up. They’re still there for her if she goes to them of course, and Cas has tried as well but nothing he tries works. Gabe staying in the bunker for like a few nights because of idk… And everyone sleeps through her screaming, but he hears her and you know, throw in some fluff..
Word count: 1608
Warnings: Nightmares, graphic descriptions of death.
A/N: Cover art and beta’ed by @pepperwoodatnight

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“Mum!” you screamed. Someone was grabbing you from behind and holding you, stopping you from running to your mother. A vampire had her by her throat, and you saw every detail of her death. Her screams rung in your ears, the smell of guts and blood attacked your nostrils. You screamed for your life when the vampire drained your mother completely, and only then did the vampire let your mum go, and she fell to the ground with a thud.
(Y/N)!” Sam yelled when he shook you. You screamed and shot up from the bed in a second, Sam catching you in his strong arms. “(Y/N), talk to me, what was it this time?” he asked softly.
“V-vampire,” you stuttered and took a deep breath. You let Sam wrap his arms around you and stroke your back until you’d calmed down.

“NO! GET AWAY FROM HIM!” you shouted, but the werewolf didn’t listen, and all you could do was watch as it tore your father to shreds, and then your sister.
“Wake up, come on, sweetie,” Dean urged and shook you lightly. You sat up and looked around, covered in cold sweat. “Hey hey, take a breath, you’re okay…”

You weren’t okay. Never. Almost every day started with a cold shower and a heavy layer of concealer to cover up your dark circles that became more and more prominent for every nightmare. For weeks this had been going on. Sam tried to comfort you and talk about it, Dean tried to get you drunk at night to ease the dreams, and Cas tried working some mojo on you, but nothing ever helped.

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Loki's boredom

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An: Sorry it took a while anon…but here it is

It all started because Loki was bored… if he hadn’t have been he never would never have found or seen the island.

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How I wish I could be a lost lover, roaming the streets of Najaf just for a glimpse of your (ع) golden dome tonight.

How can I not plead a return?

I don’t want much, all I ask for you (ع) is this:

Every year for as long as I live, grant me your (ع) visitation for my heart cannot bare to reminisce💔

The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I made it! Just, uh, don’t expect anything else out of me for at least two weeks. XD


    Loki was up and about when Frigga came to see him, but she said nothing of it, knowing it wouldn’t get her anywhere. Instead she informed him that Odin would be going to Jötunheim to meet with Laufey later in the day and inquired as to whether there was anything he might feel the need to share before the king departed.

    “I should be going with him,” Loki said as he leaned against the windowsill, tired but not wanting to admit that everyone who’d voiced it was right in that he really shouldn’t be up yet.

    “You’re still recovering and we’re meant to give the appearance that the enemy’s plan is working,” Frigga reminded gently, “Odin would never risk taking you with him until the negotiations were completed were it true, and so he won’t.”

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