the golden antelope


Happy World Wildlife Day!

We celebrate wildlife today and every day on our nation’s public lands. More than 3,000 species of wildlife call BLM-managed lands home - that’s a backyard of more than 245 million acres in 23 states, dispersed over ecologically-diverse and essential habitat.

Enjoy a few of our favorite wildlife photos from your public lands!

“Camani Lomkir” (Canopy Lands) 

The Ushanmaari hunting grounds are found deep within the forest, where trees block out the morning and night sky, but the Canopy Lands is no such place. It is here at the base of the Camani Tree, where most of the Ushanmaari folklore and rituals take place. For light pours through its leaves, and all light is sacred to the Ushanmaari, wither it be moonlight or sunlight. It is also here where the fabled Golden Antelope appears if you’re lucky enough to see it. 

In this piece, Rajah is wearing the Boar warpaint whilst holding the spear of her tribe. A sign of her being not only a warrior but a leader of the Ushanmaari. 

Sajah'ir is wearing the warpaint of the Antelope Stag. A requirement by all men who dwell within the tribe.

***A lot of credit and hearts ( <333) goes to zeiyth and zomgdaehealme for their constant input through out this huge project that I like a crazy person decided to take on. I’ve learned a lot, laughed a lot and cried a lot at my poor muscle anatomy…stuff..ANYWAYS, hope you guys love it! I’m quite proud of it.***