the golden alien

  • Jungkook: WHAT?! THAT'S GREAT!
  • Taehyung: WELL- Wait, what?
  • Taehyung: What do you mean 'man of the match'?
  • Jungkook: Y'know. The dude who's supposed to be the groom's best friend or something ...
  • Taehyung: Do you mean ... the best man?
  • Jungkook: Oh, yeah ... I totally meant that ...
  • Jungkook: *goes back to watching wrestling*

Ring ding dong ring ding dong ring diggy ding diggy ding ding ding

  • <p> <b>Jungkook:</b> Hyung, listen to me.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> I overheard Jimin hyung talking on the phone and ...<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> I think he's cheating on you. I think he's seeing another woman.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Seeing another woman do what?<p/></p>

The Voyager Golden Records are phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. They contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial lifeform, or for future humans, who may find them. Neither Voyager spacecraft is heading toward any particular star, but Voyager 1 will pass within 1.6 light-years of the star Gliese 445, currently in the constellation Camelopardalis, in about 40,000 years.

Golden Ending: Alien Flower People becomes hit new cartoon that usurphs Steven Universe, creating a beautiful world with its own charm that manages to deliver stronger messages than Steven Universe ever could.

Good Ending: Alien Flower People becomes a nice webcomic and gradually forms its own identity. The gay plants will stick around long after Steven Universe has come and gone.

Bad Ending:

  • Jungkook: DUDE!
  • Jimin: What?
  • Jungkook: I'M SORRY!
  • Jimin: For what?
  • Jimin: What do you mean?
  • Jimin: What are you talking about?
  • Taehyung: He isn't talking to you, Jimin.
  • Taehyung: It's that stupid videogame of his. He accidentally killed a teammate.

anonymous asked:

I know you r busy, but I was wondering if you knew any great shifter fics! Cat!Tony or wolf!bucky/Steve. Anything with animals or pack dynamics would be awesome! Thanks you so much, your ficrecs keep me from dying of boredom and instead dying of happiness!

Animal transformation!  Okay, admittedly, I haven’t read a ton of these, but here are some suggestions for you.  I think a lot of pack dynamic fics are A/B/O, which I’m not going to include here, though anyone is welcome to ask, if interested. I’ll stick with actual animal stuff.  


Bucky?  Who the hell is Bucky?

*looks around like I’m on The Office*  


Oh, Purrrfect (Or Alternatively, “Damn it Richards!”) by @inukagome15:   Of course it was all Richards’s fault. If Tony can get through this with his dignity intact, then it’s all good. What? No, he’s not purring!

Chasing the Moon (series) by LoquitorLatinae:  With the recent slaughter of his pack, the Howling Commandos, alpha Wolf Steve Rogers finds a new purpose with the SHIELD organization and the possibility of a new life with his teammates and fellow Shifters Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and of course their human consultant, Tony Stark. AU. Mention of Steve/Bucky, eventual Stony, and hints of Thor/Loki, etc.

The Law Runneth Forward and Back by @sineala:  It’s been three weeks since Tony saved Steve’s life at Mount Rushmore, and they’re not talking about it. It’s going to drive Tony insane. But they’ve got bigger problems, because Nightshade has turned Steve into a werewolf. Again. And all Steve seems to want is to be near Tony.

The Pack by bondboy68:  The Avengers are a werewolf pack. Everything has been going great until Tony starts developing some new feelings toward their Alpha that could lead to a dangerous situation.

Turn Around (Three Times Before Lying Down) by kellifer_fic: Everyone knows that Tony Stark is a playboy, billionaire philanthropist, but what they don’t know is that he’s also a werewolf. When a government agency known as SHIELD finds out, they use this information to force Tony’s hand and bring him into a new elite lycan field team, codename The Avengers Initiative.Suddenly Tony finds himself playing host to a bunch of lycans, a misplaced God of Thunder and an experimental supersoldier that isn’t as dead as everyone assumed. Can his week get any worse?

For the werewolf has sympathy by putthechocolatedown: Tony reached a shaking hand forward and parted the foliage. At first, he didn’t see anything, but a flash of gold near a rocky enclave caught his eye. Swallowing some saliva, Tony raised his eyes to the man on the rock. He gasped in surprise and took a startled step backwards, making to run.“Wait!” cried the man, tail (tail!) swishing behind him. As he drew closer Tony noticed he didn’t actually have feet, but instead paws and hands with tipped claws. And in the place of teeth were razor sharp fangs.Tony backed up as fast as he could, but tripped over his armour. He hit the ground, head smashing against the foliage. The last thing he saw was the colour gold enveloping him. He couldn’t help but think about how warm it was.***Tony gets stuck in the Savage Land and meets a wolfman named Steve and his pack.

Owned to Belong by AllieBC:  In a universe where shape shifters live among humans, life has become suddenly very difficult. New laws requiring human handlers to register shifters as property, for the safety of mankind, have left many half beasts feeling oppressed. Tony Stark, a shape shifter from a wealthy family, is no exception to the law.

What Lies Inside by Penumbren:  When the Avengers discover Captain America in the Arctic sea, they find more than just a new team member: Tony Stark discovers his fated mate. The problem is, Steve Rogers is a man out of his own time and apparently straight, and Tony’s not about to force anything on the man he loves–even if it means his own death. Besides, Tony’s spent his entire life keeping secrets. How can he possibly tell Steve that he’s really Iron Man, let alone a werewolf?

You Know Where to Find Me by @asparrowsfall:  After an Avengers mission goes awry, Steve takes a leave of absence from the team, and he and Tony part on bad terms. But then Steve gets turned into a werewolf, and he finds his shapeshifting linked to his feelings about Tony, who’s had a terrible accident. If Steve never sees Tony again, will he be stuck in wolf form forever?A closely-canon compliant 616 Capwolf story.

Sure Signs of Sanity by CrimesofaDeadpool:  Steve’s a shifter. And sure maybe a Golden Retriever isn’t the fiercest animal out there to be able to shift into, but he likes it just fine. And the cute brunet at the park seems to like it too. Now if only he could just get up the courage to speak to him in person so that Bucky will stop laughing at him.

Finders Keepers by MarvelousMenagerie:  Tony finds Steve’s shield in the woods while on his way to their lunch date. CapWolf has taken a quick run around the forest, and he isn’t prepared for the way his Little Red Riding Hood is dressed.

Captain America: Super Puppy by tellxmebby: Alternatively, “Why There’s a Picture of a Puppy in the Avengers Official Scrapbook”.AKA that time Steve Rogers got turned into a four-month-old golden retriever by an alien yielding a magic ray gun.

For the Love of Musk by orphan_account: Steve has a fetish for a particular odor. One night, much to his joy, Tony reeks of it.An ABO fic in which Steve is an anthropomorphic dog and Tony is an anthropomorphic cat.

Accidents Happen by Pearl_Unplanned:  Of course it’s when Steve’s finally worked up the courage to ask Tony out, he has to go and unlock the clearly locked lab… The project that Tony had been working on has some rather interesting effects.

That Feline Beat by Tito11: Presenting Steve and Tony in the Aristocats!AUTony and his three kittens have been kidnapped from their fancy Upper East Side apartment while their owners are away and deposited on the mean streets of Harlem. Unsure of where they are or how to get back home, they’ll have to rely on street cat Steve to guide them. Will they get home safely? Will Tony’s fear of abandonment cause him to drive away the best tomcat he’s ever known? Only time will tell.

A Purrfectly Apawling Catastrophe by @pensversusswords:  In which Steve accidentally learns a secret about Tony, and that werekittens are an actual thing. Seriously.

Can’t Stop Thinking About You (You’re Too Purrfect) by Fluffypanda:  Tony finds out why using the excuse that he’s not into dudes to reject the God of Mischief is a bad idea. Or He really learns that he should be more careful with his words. He also might realize how much he thinks about Steve. Maybe. There is a river in Egypt Tony is still quite familiar with.

Wet Whiskers by antigrav_vector: When Iron Man is hit by a stray spell and latches onto Steve for the duration… well. Things happen.Mostly fluff. Fluff happens.And some identity porn.

A Bit Fishy by AnonEhouse: Tony annoys Namor who turns Tony and Steve into fish. Specifically, Tony Shark and Steve Remora. They belong together, what can I say?Happy ending for everyone except a few fish that Tony eats.

SMITTEN KITTEN by @not-close-to-straight: Kitty!Tony, Lion!Steve and Wolf!Bucky!– not an ABO fic, even though some people think so because I refer to Steve and Bucky as ALPHA shifters. Thats just because they are super scary also has a Dragon!Natasha and Hawk!Clint and Bear!Rhodey!  (thanks to @ajanamyth for the suggestion!)

  • Dil; Will you marry me?
  • Tabitha; No. Say it like you mean it.
  • Dil; Tabitha. Sweet Tabitha.
  • Tabitha; I'm listening.
  • Dil; Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?
  • Tabitha; Okay. I don't appreciate the sarcasm, but I'll do it.