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Paulette Goddard + Burgess Meredith in On Our Merry Way (1948)

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.


after watching big eden – which is one of the most wholesome and precious and endearing and PERFECT movies i have ever had the pleasure to watch – with siobhan via facebook messenger, our conversation naturally lead to the dearth of uplifting gay romances.

it’s such a sadly small subgenre and it NEEDS to grow, dammit.

and i don’t just want the sub-par romcom plots of the past decade or so, with gay characters sandwiched in – i want us to return to the golden age of screwball comedies. where the obstacles are RIDICULOUS and ultimately pointless; where the plots are certifiably bonkers and the “problems” involve purely external scenario; where the supporting cast is stocked full of colorful character actors. just a silly, goofy, slapstick-filled framework that allows a pair of charming leads to flirt and fall in love and shoot witty dialogue back and forth as they get into and out of their shenanigans.

where is my gay bringing up baby, with nebbish archeologist ezra miller and ditzy high society butterfly john boyega falling in love while wrangling a pet leopard?

where’s my lesbian nic and nora charles series, with dapper priyanka chopra as the cool-as-a-cucumber detective and hayley atwell as her witty socialite wife?

where is my bisexual, polyamorous the philadelphia story with lupita nyong’o as the aloof heiress who has armie hammer, godfrey gao, and bae doona all vying for her affection over one madcap weekend?



Watch AZIZ ANSARI ambush people with Billy to make sure they know it’s THE GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION!

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pre-movie AU, T for language and some sensual content

partially based on this discussion of the culture of Megamind’s home planet (link is nsfw text)

Summary: Roxanne attempts to court Megamind in the fashion of his home planet.

“Minion,” Miss Ritchi says from the back seat of the invisible car.

“Yes, Miss Ritchi?” Minion asks.

He’s driving her home; the evil Plot of the day had malfunctioned—in a way that definitely wasn’t Minion’s fault! Sir’s blueprints were just so complicated sometimes, and it was hard to tell whether the little sketches he put in the corners were meant to be relevant to the plans or if they were just doodles. Apparently the strange wheel-y-ma-jig in the corner of the Typhoon Cheese Machine had been vitally essential.

Sir had been quite upset—not in the theatrical way that he put on sometimes for show, but quietly. He’d been embarrassed, hadn’t even scolded Minion for the mix-up.

Minion thinks Miss Ritchi must have noticed Sir’s mood, because she hadn’t been sarcastic at his expense at all, had actually suggested that she could wait until they managed to fix the machine. And when Sir had grimaced and admitted that he would need a week to build the missing part, she’d said—

“Well, I can’t stay a whole week.” She’d smiled gently. “I have got a job.”

Sir had glanced at her warily, as though he was searching for a hidden insult in the words.

“—but,” she’d continued, smile going conspiratorial, “there’s no reason why I can’t play hooky for one day. You want to watch a movie? Eat some popcorn? Cheese popcorn, possibly? That powdered cheese smells really good.”

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betsforsythetrash  asked:

Oh my god I remember my mom talking about Some Mother's Do Have Em (she always pronounced it like 'some muvvas do ave em so that's how I read it), what's it about?

Hahaha that’s exactly how it should be pronounced that’s so great! Oh man, it’s the epitome of the British sitcom during the golden age of BBC comedy. It’s weird because it’s Michael Crawford who is known for musicals and playing the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, and all of a sudden he took this role and became the nations favourite bumbling fool who just couldn’t get anything right. He’s a guy called Frank Spencer and he’s just completely inept at everything he tries to do but so endearing and he has a wife called Betty and there’s something just so cosy and comforting about it to me, it’s great I recommend it to everyone!