the golden age

Edmund x Reader: Arranged

Prompt/ask: hi! could i request an edmund x reader where they had to have an arranged marriage but the reader loves him and she doesn’t think edmund loves her back? maybe like they’re in bed and sleeping on opposite sides and she wants to cuddle but she’s too afraid to ask him because she thinks he doesn’t love her? idk if that made sense but it would be amazing if you could write it! i love your writing! thank you!! 

Word count: 1,291

Warnings: None

Setting: Golden Age

A/N: Thank you to my lovely friend Danielle (@itsalwaysnarnia) for helping me with part of this story-please give this excellent human being a follow!

Your betrothal to Edmund Pevensie of Narnia was not something you had wished for. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something you had any say in at all.

An arranged marriage was not what you considered the dream future. You couldn’t think of anyone in their right mind who would actually enjoy being stuck with some stranger for the rest of their life, let alone upon meeting them a mere week before the wedding. 

But the moment you met Edmund Pevensie, he didn’t seem like a stranger. No, he was something much more than that in your eyes. It felt as if you had known him in a past life; Perhaps in a dream, or a dream of a dream. It seemed incredibly silly, seeing as you had only exchanged a few words with the young king, and although you were sure he didn’t feel the same, you couldn’t deny how you saw him.


You immediately snapped out of the trance you were in, turning to the dark haired figure standing in the doorway of the castle’s Great Hall.

 “Oh, sorry. I must have, um-” You paused, clearing your throat and avoiding Edmund’s gaze. “Wandered off…” 

The king tilted his head slightly, giving you a questioning look. “Yes, well, you should probably get to bed. It’s, I mean-” He looked at his feet, clearly uncomfortable. “It’s getting late.”

 You nodded, forcing a small smile. “Yes, thanks.” The two of you stood there for a minute. “Right, well, I’m going to uh…” You felt the apples of your cheeks fill with heat. 

“I was just getting to bed, I can walk with you if you’d like.” Edmund offered hesitantly, almost as if he felt an obligation to. 

You nodded gratefully, obliging and taking a step towards the winding marble staircase. “Thank you, Your Highness.” 

Edmund shook his head, almost sadly. “Please don’t call me that. It’s bad enough that we’re stuck in this situation, I don’t need you treating me like I’m somehow…above you.”

 He paused, taking care to avoid eye contact as he walked a few steps ahead of you. 

“Edmund?” You asked, stopping before the entrance to your marital chambers. The king turned slowly on his heel to face you. 

“I’m sorry. For all of this.” You croaked out softly. 

The two of you looked at each other for a moment. Edmund just nodded, remaining silent. He understood what you meant. 

Edmund apprehensively began to unlatch the door, opening it with deliberate listlessness. You took a couple timid steps towards the entrance, watching as the young king tugged at his waist to undo the buckle from the side of his robes.

You stepped into the dark chambers, tugging at the sleeve of your gown and shutting the door behind you as you did so. It made a thunderous sound as the latch clicked once more. 

You had been in these chambers three times before; once on your wedding day and then again on the two evenings that followed. Yet on all three of these occasions, you and Edmund lay on either sides of the bed, not acknowledging each other whatsoever. 

“So,” You said softly, pulling and unbraiding the laces on the back of your gown,  “Uh-”

“You don’t have to try to talk to me.” Edmund replied plainly, letting his robes fall to his feet. “It’s alright.”

 It was immensely dark in the room, so you were unable to see anything more than the general outline of Edmund standing before you. 

You bit the side of your lip, dropping your hands from the laces. “I know, but-” You sighed, gliding your gown over your shoulders and down to your waist. You felt the chilliness in the air run through your body.

Edmund ran a hand through his scraggly hair, looking at you with an odd expression. “Hm?” 

You shook your head rawly, letting the last of your clothing fall and quickly reaching for the nightdress that hung by the wardrobe. “It doesn’t matter.”

You drew what you could see of the bed coverings back, making room for you to lift your legs from the edge of the mattress and settle them under the sheets. It was still cold under the many blankets. 

You sat there silently, leaning against the pillows lining the headboard as you waited for Edmund to join you. You could feel a cool Narnian breeze come in through the cracked window, making you colder than before. Narnia was different than Terebinthia…too different. Nothing was keeping you sane here anymore. 

“You okay?” Edmund asked from beside you. You nodded slowly, sinking down into the blankets.  

Edmund let out a small, slightly defeated sigh, and adjusted his position to rest his head on the flimsy pillows. Although he lay merely a few feet from you, he seemed a great distance away. 

Edmund remained silent, but you could hear him breathing somewhat rapidly. Gradually, your loneliness became much more prominent and the winds became much stronger. 

As you lay there in the cold sheets, restless and completely unsure, thunder began to brew outside your window. You inhaled sharply, praying that the storm would pass. You had never responded well to weather like this.

It was still for a moment before the first lighting cracked. You felt your body tense up instantaneously, your breathing stopping suddenly. You bit your lip, feeling the blood rush to your face and your hands start to shake. 

It was a silly reaction, sure, but you couldn’t help how your body responded.

You gripped the sheets and closed your eyes, holding back the fear that coursed through your veins. You had every intention on letting Edmund sleep peacefully, but with this thunderstorm, it might not go as planned.

“Ed?” You said softly, almost afraid of his response. Edmund groaned from the edge of the bed. 

“What?” He asked, rather roughly. You licked your lips, trying to ignore the sounds coming from your window. “Nevermind. Go back to sleep.” 

You could feel Edmund roll over, assuming that he was facing you now. 

“Is everything alright? You’ve been squirming.” 

Before you could respond, a loud noise that sounded like hundreds of canons erupting came from the window. You whimpered, wincing slightly. 

“I’m fine.” You said hastily, sensing that Edmund was about to say something. You turned away from him in the darkness, clutching the sheets and curling up on the edge of the mattress. 

For a minute, both of you were still. Then, precipitously, you felt a cold arm making its way around your waist. 

You hadn’t heard Edmund move closer to you-perhaps you had been too focused on the horrific noises coming from outside of Cair Paravel-but, regardless, there he was.

You felt his breath on your bare neck as his arm extended to reach all the way around you, pulling his body closer to yours in the process. His lips were mere centimeters away from your collarbone. 

You felt oddly calmed in this position. Even if you didn’t know what to make of it, it was nice to feel his body against yours, keeping you warm. 

“I know the storms here can be a bit scary sometimes,” Edmund whispered, his hot breath hitting your neck with every word he uttered, “You’ll be okay.” He paused, breathing a bit heavily now. “I just want you to feel…safe.” 

You nodded in acknowledgement, a smile beginning to form on your lips. The feeling of Edmund beside you was something you never thought you needed, but now that it was happening, you realized you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

As you lay there, smiling to yourself, the storm slowly dying down and Edmund’s arms around you, you began to think that you would start to feel a little more sane here. 


Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,
At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,

When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.

When Adam’s flesh and Adam’s bone,
Sits at Cair Paravel in throne,

The evil time will be over and done.

the kings and queens of old, adam’s flesh and bone

Edmund X Reader: Proposal

Prompt/ask: Hello! I’d like to request an Ed x Reader where he proposes? Thx 😄

Word count: 677

Warnings: None

Setting: Golden Age

A/N: This is such an overly fluffy fic, it just makes my heart melt. I hope you like it!

Sunsets in Narnia were absolutely dazzling. They were, in fact, of the most resplendent sights you had ever had the fortune of seeing. 

You closed your eyes, small beams of sunlight leaking in through your eyelids as the delicate evening breeze washed over you. 

“Tired?” An amused voice belonging to the youngest king asked from beside you.

 You smiled, steadying yourself on your steed as you kept your eyes shut. “No,” You started, smiling softly, “Just…” 

“Taking it all in?” 

You opened your eyes, turning to look at Edmund. His horse had slowed down to match the speed yours was trotting at. 

“It’s so lovely out here.” You said fondly, looking out at the skies again. At this time of day, every small noise could be heard and properly taken in. The gentle trotting of your horse’s hooves against the sand, the rusting of the nearby trees, the small humming of the birds. It all made Narnia seem so…alive

“Not as lovely as you.” Edmund muttered with a small wink. You wrinkled your nose, giggling slightly. “Oh hush,” You said with a small snicker, leaning over to nudge him.

Edmund’s horse seemed significantly annoyed by this action, as he shook his head violently and swung Edmund off his back. 

Y/n!” Edmund shouted from the ground, a hint of amusement in his voice.

 You laughed loudly, swinging off your own horse to join Edmund on the white sand. The two of you chuckled together, rolling over in the crystal beads beneath you and spluttering to keep the sand out of your mouths. You stopped abruptly as your eyes met Edmund’s. His seemed to be staring through you, and the love in them was unmistakable.

 “Thank you for bringing me out here.” You whispered, breathing heavily against his chest. He smiled, although it wasn’t one of his usual, playful smiles. 

“Can you, uh-” He paused, looking away from you for a moment. “Stand up for a minute?”

“Oh, am I hurting you?” You asked suddenly, quickly rolling off of his side. 

“No! No, can you just…” He trailed off. His confident demeanor had faded, and yet the look of passion across his features hadn’t in the slightest. You got to your feet, your head tilting to the side.

The slowly dying sunlight radiated behind Edmund as he stood to face you, creating an aura around him. The beach was getting chillier, and you noticed a small shiver run through your body-although, of course, that may not have been from the cold. 

“So, er,” Edmund started hesitantly. He wasn’t usually this awkward around you. On the contrary, he was always quite confident and assertive. 

You could hear the small ripples in the waves slow down as you stood there, Edmund reaching to clasp your hands in his own. “Y/n, in the years I’ve known you, you have only gotten more lovely.” He said, looking you dead in the eyes. You could tell he was slowly gaining his confidence back. 

“And although our courtship has been of the most splendid I have ever experienced, I have, well, never wished to marry.” 

You parted your lips, your eyes urging him to go on. 

“Until I realized how much…” Edmund took a breath, releasing your hands and taking a step back. “Screw it,” He said, somewhat loudly, “I’m just going to do it.” 

With that, Edmund bowed his head before you, kneeling slowly as your hands flew to your mouth. 


“Dammit Y/n, don’t ruin this!” Edmund said through a mix of laughter and tears, looking up at you. “Will you-”

 “Yes, Ed!” You bellowed, interrupting him and pulling him up to his feet to crash your lips onto his. As you pulled away, you became aware of the tears staining both of your cheeks.

“Edmund Pevensie, of course I’ll marry you.” You said, louder now. 

“Shhhh,” Edmund hushed, grinning, “Don’t wake all of Narnia, love.” 

You shook your head, biting your lip to stop more sobs from escaping your throat. “I don’t care.” 

And with that, you kissed him a second time.

Headcanon: During the earlier years of the Pevensie’s reign, Peter actually almost made an entire neighboring kingdom wage war on Narnia because he sassed and insulted it’s king terribly. The reason? Nobody knows for sure, but there is one thing people are certain about, never insult something or someone near and dear to the High King’s heart. Luckily, Edmund was there to smooth things over and apologize on Peter’s behalf even though he explicitly stated that he would “rather have his hair shaved off than apologize to that pig”.