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Worse Than Dying

Advent Calendar- 7 Days

Ooh, another new story! Maybe my writer’s block has cleared up! Here’s hoping anyway!!!

Ok, here we have Tony talking to the Reader about what he saw when he encountered Wanda. I changed a few details to fit the series a little bit better. For example, Bucky was in the vision as well. Hopefully the changes make sense to you all (I just feel that, given his closeness to the Reader here it works well).

If you have any feedback, let me know!!! Please enjoy, and let me know if you want to be added to the taglist : )




You heard a commotion coming from Tony’s lab, and wondered what he was working on. You knew that he was feeling very strung out. Scared would not be venturing too far into the realm of over exaggeration.

You knocked hesitantly on his door. The sounds stopped, and after a moment, the door opened just a crack, and Tony was peering out at you, goggles firmly in place.

“(Y/N), what do you need?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to see if you were alright. You’ve been acting a bit odd since we got back from Sokovia,” you explained quietly. You didn’t even mention the strong emotions that you could feel on him, no matter where you were in the building.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Tony rushed, closing his door without another word. You weren’t surprised. He was never very good at this stuff.

“Ok, well, if you need anything, I’ll be in my office,” you called out through the door, palm placed upon it.

You walked to your office, and sat at the desk with a stack of files from the Hydra base in Sokovia. You pulled your notepad towards yourself, and began to read, taking note of anything really important that you would need to look into further, or bring up with someone else.

You were conscious of the sudden quiet in Tony’s lab, but you knew that he was still in there. You tried not to worry. He would come to you if he needed you. You were just concerned about what he might do in the meantime.

A few hours later, there was a knock at your door. “Come in!”

You smiled as Tony awkwardly made his way into the room. He sat across from you, and you smelled the distinct smell of whisky. Even for Tony, it was unusual for him to be drinking at this time of day.

“(Y/N),” Tony finally spoke. “What do you know about Wanda Maximoff?”

You recalled what you had read about her so far in the files. “Wanda Maximoff is the twin sister of Pietro Maximoff. They both volunteered for Strucker’s experiments, and were the only ones to survive. She has powers that are difficult to quantify. She can… get into people’s minds, and move objects and other such things. Why?”

Tony really wanted to speak, but he had a hard time conjuring the words. “I think I may have encountered her.”


“Yeah… I was… I had just found the sceptre, and something… happened.”

You sat patiently, and waited for Tony to figure out the best way to verbalise his experience.

“I saw something. I was in the room, and then I was back out there. Through the rift in space. But, you were there. And so was Rogers, and Banner, and Romanoff, Barnes, Barton, Thor, Wilson. We were all there.

“Except, you were all dead (Y/N). It was my fault.”

“How do you know it was your fault?”

“Because I walked up to you, to check your pulse. You were still holding Barnes’ hand, and you looked like you were reaching out for Rogers. I touched you, and you grabbed my wrist. You told me that it was my fault. I could have saved you all. And it just felt true.”

Tony was shaking. You reached across the desk to hold his hand. “Tony, listen. You aren’t responsible for everything that happens. If that ever happens, it won’t be your fault. We’re responsible for our own actions.”

“But… I got you killed…”

You stood from your seat and rounded the desk, taking both of Tony’s hands, kneeling in front of him. You looked up into his tormented brown eyes, heart heavy. You had to try not to let his fear, and the image of Steve and Bucky dead, cloud your mind.

“I’m right here Tony, and I promise you I couldn’t be more alive. You haven’t gotten anyone killed. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“It didn’t feel that way (Y/N).”

“I know Tony. That’s what Wanda does. She gets into your head. She shows you your worst fears. She has you destroy yourself. Don’t let her win. Please.”

“Why did you all die, and I survived?” Tony asked, though it seemed to you he was thinking aloud. You answered him none the less.

“Because the only thing worse than dying in war is surviving it when no one else did.” You spoke from a great deal of experience as you uttered your words carefully. “And she showed you the worst.”

“(Y/N), please don’t die,” Tony whispered, holding your hands tightly.

“I’ll do everything I can not to Tony. I promise.”

You looked up at Tony. He wasn’t feeling even a little bit better, not that you were expecting him to. You wished you could take away all of his pain, but you knew it didn’t always work that way.

“Well, I should get back to work. I want to get as much done as possible before the party tomorrow,” Tony eventually said, voice a little bit more even.

“Alright. Do you need help with anything?” you asked, standing. Tony didn’t let go of your hands.

“No, Banner’s helping me already,” Tony replied. You got the distinct impression he was hiding something from you, but decided against pressing him. He was stressed enough.

Tony let one of your hands go, and walked to the door with you in tow.

“Thank you Dove,” he said, lifting your hand to his lips and kissing it. He was able to feel the steady pulse in your wrist, and that was comforting for him.

“You’re welcome Tony. Please try to be gentle with yourself.”

He nodded, let go of your hand, and was gone. You knew he wouldn’t be able to stop torturing himself. You both had quite a bit in common.


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“You think you need him.”    (Rafe & Sam thoughts)

Prompt for this post came from this: [x]
Ya’ll got me thinking and… this just sorta happened. lol

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▪ hisomoe:
“I was playing the scotland sequence again, and during the eavesdrop scene Nadine says to Rafe “you need him.” (lets pretend she meant Sam), Rafe’s reaction kills me.”

Firstly, OMG YES! Rafe’s reaction is everything!

Secondly, I’d just like to point out that there’s no “pretending” necessary.

Let me explain.

Rafe, at the time of the auction, still thought Nate was out of the game. Why would he think Nate might be drawn out of his cozy, normal life and show up out of the blue after all these years? In fact, as far as Rafe knew, there’d be no way for Nate to even know about all this. Also, quite frankly, I seriously doubt Rafe would have wanted Nate sniffing around in any way, shape or form. That’s made pretty obvious throughout the entire game. Nate even said that he and Rafe did not make a good team (for many reasons), and that Rafe was glad to be rid of him. He also explains that they never made any progress on the treasure without Sam. But let’s assume - for arguments sake - that Rafe did want Nate to show up… what was his plan? Sit idly by and hope Nate would just appear because why exactly? By Rafe’s understanding, Nate had no reason to be there.

Sam, on the other hand, would have had every reason to be there, and Rafe knew that. Before I get into that though, let’s back track for a moment.

As we now know, Rafe is the one who got Sam out of jail after hearing he was alive. Rafe sought out Sam for help, not Nate.  <THIS.  This right here is important. Remember, again, that Rafe and Nate’s brief partnership didn’t go well. More to the point, Nate wasn’t able to help Rafe at all. So after Rafe learns Sam is alive - Sam, the authority on Avery (which Rafe himself points out) - he sees his chance to get the help he needs. The kind of help that he knew Nate couldn’t (or wouldn’t) provide. So he promptly busts Sam out of prison, and the pair team up to hunt down Avery’s treasure together. Then they continued working together for the next two years. In which time they actually made real progress, found clues, and finally got a solid lead. Rafe spent 15+ years searching and turned up zip! Sam comes back into the picture and poof! Back on track! (Also, let’s be real, that prolly totally annoyed Rafe. xD Poor baby can’t do shit without Sammy’s help. lol)

Sam is the key in this entire quest. Especially from Rafe’s perspective.

((There’s an interesting parallel here regarding what happened in the past and present when they were searching for Avery’s treasure. Many years ago, at a dead end with no leads, Sam gets Rafe to help, they finally make progress. Fast-forward 15 years, at a dead end with no leads, Rafe gets Sam to help, they finally make progress. Interesting indeed.))

Right then, all that’s established, moving on.

Now obviously, Rafe was well aware that Sam not only knew everything he did (potentially more) about the auction, but that he’s probably still on the case. So even having suddenly vanished - possibly with little to no word, leaving Rafe upset and likely confused - Rafe suspected, and was secretly hoping, he’d show up. Either so he could confront him, or just straight up kidnap him. Who knows. lol He was just hoping he’d show up alone.

Regarding the whole Sam pulling a Houdini on Rafe, sadly we don’t know the details, or if Sam gave Rafe any obvious hints (intentional or otherwise) about how he felt, or what he might do. However, Rafe’s reaction later in the story tells me he probably trusted him (“to a point” lol), and didn’t suspect much, if any, about what Sam was plotting. That is, of course, until Nate and Sully showed up. Though I’m certain he had some suspicions before then, right after Sam left.

I mean, two years is a pretty long time to be working closely with another person. I think Rafe might have known how Sam felt about everything deep down. He probably knew just how to push Sam’s buttons (or thought he did), and how to manipulate him (haha, you forget, two can play at that game, Rafe! Sam is pretty damn sly and very clever). Rafe knew just what to say to keep him away from Nate and focused on their goal. He also had to realize just how invested Sam was in this little treasure hunt of theirs (his mistake was failing to realize why). And you better believe he used that to his advantage every chance he got. Rafe had to know Sam wouldn’t just pass up an opportunity like this, regardless of where they currently stood as allies, or enemies, or whatever the hell they were.

Point is, at the time nearing the auction, Sam was in the wind but still in play. Meanwhile, Rafe, though angry with him, knew deep down he still needed Sam’s expertise and clever insights (woo boy, can you feel Rafe’s rage building as you read this cuz I sure can. lol).

So of course he’d want to draw Sam out, and he’d use the auction to do it.

Furthermore, I have a feeling it was Sam who discovered the Cross was going to be at that auction. Sam more or less confirms this when he tells Nate at the pier: “Happened to do a little digging of my own… and uh… I bet you Rafe doesn’t have this”, he says as he hands Nate a copy of the newspaper clipping with the cross and auction info on it.

Now it could be that Sam found this out while working with Rafe, since we know he’s lying about a lot of things in this scene (naughty biscuit). However, there could just as easily be truth in what he’s saying. Maybe he did find it himself. Perhaps Sam was responsible (even if by accident) for bringing it to Rafe’s attention in the first place. Of course, considering the type of event this auction was, it’s just as likely Rafe discovered it through his own high level channels and contacts. Which would mean he’s the one who told Sam about it. Probably soon after that was when Sam skipped out on him (can’t say for sure though).

Either way, the end result is the same. Rafe was well aware Sam knew about everything. Most important of all… that’s the only way a plan to draw him out would have worked. As I touched on previously, whoever he hoped to see there had to be someone who knew everything, or there’d be no reason to think they’d show up.

It had to be someone who knew about the cross.
From Rafe’s perspective, that sure as hell wouldn’t be Nate

Let’s also not forget the exchange late in the story, when Nate tells Rafe he can’t find the treasure without their help, that he still needs them. At first, Rafe appears to consed, but then tells the the brothers plainly:  

I just need Sam  

Even after everything he did, Rafe still believed he needed Sam (which I’m sure he hated to admit, if that conversation with Nadine was any indication). From the beginning, and throughout everything that followed, when Sam first came to him all those years ago, when he discovered Sam was alive in that prison, when Sam seemingly bailed on him, and even after his betrayal was made clear, Rafe always knew he needed Sam’s help to find Avery’s treasure.  It was always about needing Sam.  And you can be sure Nadine picked up on all this. She ain’t slow in the head. Girl knows what’s up.

You don’t gotta pretend Nadine was talking about Sam.

Nadine was talking about Sam. [x]

▪ Rafe:  “Well, I didn’t think he’d show up!”
▪ Nadine:  “Or maybe you wanted to draw him out.”
▪ Rafe:  *scoffs*  “Why– Why the hell would I do that?”
▪ Nadine:  “Because you think you need him.”
▪ Rafe:  “……”

Trust me, guys, it’s got nothing to do shipper goggles.

When everyone knows you don't watch The Simpsons and you still pull this one off...

Our party got in a fight with a wizard (always a mistake) and one of our team took an unfortunate Acid Splash spell to the face. As we were low level, this was met with some protest as it caused significant amounts of hurt.
Hit Player: Wait, do my goggles help here?
Me: Are you serious? “Zee goggles! They do nothing!”
Everyone: *raucous laughter ensues*

The goggles do nothing! At least they look good, though.

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