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Taylor calling a fan's unborn baby "little angel" makes me feel too many things.... how is she even gonna call HER unborn baby one day? I'm crying, Shay. Imagine her being pregnant. Oh my god... she'd love this baby to death, honestly. @taylor I want you and Joe to have your own little angel very soon <3

This woman has the most amount of love bundled up in her honestly she would be the best mother ever 

Bias list?

I’ve decided imma do a bias list of all my bias’ to show some love.

Park Chanyeol

My ult bias. Everything about him makes my heart swell. His smile

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good god, that smile could make the worst day ever into the best.

he’s so talented. like get you a mans that can do it all

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he’s the biggest goofball :) like??? protect him???

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Chanyeol is my everything. He is someone I have grown to really love. We all know that feeling for their ult bias. How they make you feel all tingly and weird? Is that just me? Okay. Whatever. You’re lying to yourself if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

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Jackson Wang

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Jackson is someone that is talented and humble. He loves his members more than any other idol I’ve ever seen. He cares not only for his fans but for just about anyone he meets. We don’t deserve Jackson Wang in our life. He’s too pure for this cruel world

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Me too Yugyeom. Me too. 

Kim Mingyu

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How is he so bad boy one second then all fluff ball the next? I don’t get it? 

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He’s honestly so handsome. I cry myself to sleep at night just knowing that Mingyu is alive and is perfect and is ruining my expectations for all men out there. If you’re not Kim Mingyu, please don’t talk to me :)

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god is testing me. 

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Lee Taemin

Do I really need to explain this? 

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Don’t @ me on this but like he’s THE king. THE KING. Notice how I said THE KING. 

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Catch me crying in da club at this comeback. Cya. 

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how is he so cute? like? i need him to stop. 

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don’t touch me. Taemin makes me emotional. 

that’s it. I’ve really done it now. why did i do this to myself bye. 

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I just remembered this yesterday but god men are so evil. 

One day in 10th grade I was having a very severe panic attack after I was unfairly accused of many things by the two white editors-in-chief of the school newspaper (fun fact: after they graduated I wrote for the paper and became the staff photographer for it lol so anyway). I was breaking down into hysterics, crying, and having difficulty breathing, as I waited outside the school for my mom to pick me up. Now, notably, I hate crying, and I especially hate crying in public. I almost never cry. I think I cry maybe once or twice a year. But I was in the midst of a panic attack so I couldn’t really control my actions.

This fucking white guy who would always mock me and condescend to me and antagonize me (and he ~jokingly~ called me a “whore” on multiple occasions for who knows what reason) started trying to mock me again but when I screamed “I’m having a fucking panic attack” he stepped back, shocked, and looked sheepish for all of 2 seconds and then said “okay well I’ve had them before”. 

Literally like????? Who the hell cares? You were about to mock me which would’ve made me collapse into further histrionics and then turned around and made it about yourself to alleviate your shock/guilt? Jfc. 


Spelling “Hakyeon”: countdown to #HappyNDay ♡
N: NNNNN (VIXX’s outstanding, loving, and very emotional leader, we love you too!)

You know what I wanna talk about?

How through the whole episode Jake was frantic and nervous and obsessed with winning the heist so that everything would go according to plan. How when it was just him and Amy in the evidence lockup, his reactions to her figuring everything out were so obviously fake. How right before Amy was about to open the box, he didn’t know what to do with his hands.

But as soon as Amy read that inscription, and as soon as he was down on one knee, he was calm.

He was calm because it’s Amy. Amy Santiago, his partner of the last eight years. Amy Santiago, his best friend. Amy Santiago, the love of his life. Soon to be Amy Santiago, his fiancée. Amy Santiago, his wife.

And as soon as he remembered who he was talking to, all of his nervous energy disappeared. He was so calm and peaceful when he was listing all the things he loves about her, because he’s been telling her all those things - in his own unique way, sometimes - for the past eight years. He’s said it all before, and she’s still there. She still wants to be with him. She still loves him.

And suddenly everything made sense to him and he wasn’t scared anymore. Just absolutely, impossibly, unbelievably, head over heels in love with her. And it seemed so ridiculous to him that he was ever scared in the first place, because at the end of the day it’s Amy. It’s always been Amy.


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

so i just watched the video the leafs put out about violence against women and homophobia.
i watched it twice.
to say i am shell shocked is the most base description of my emotions right now.
i spent just about ten minutes crying and am still tearing up occasionally.
do you all know how many people follow the leafs? whether theyre on tumblr or not, whether its a casual following or an obsessive following, do you all know HOW MANY PEOPLE this video could reach?
that’s millions of people watching a video of two of their alternate captains, a star defenseman, and a man whose literal job it is to fight on ice, shouting down violence against women. pledging to empower the women in their lives. casually (it was only mentioned once, by morgan rielly) but firmly shutting down homophobia. promising to stand with us as allies.
hockey is a lot of things for a lot of people on this site. for me it’s always been a safe place, discourse and occasional toxicity aside.
nothing has ever made me feel more grateful, or more validated in my chosen safe space, than this video. and maybe thats dramatic. maybe thats stupid. but my team, and one of my role models, just showed that they are, without a doubt, on my side, and as much in my corner as i am in theirs.
and that? that means everything to me.

some pick-me-up prompts
  • “Hey, nerd! …go kick their butt.”
  • “You are loved.”
  • “Morning, lovely. I see you got out of bed… I’m proud of you.”
  • “You’re like fall… I love fall.”
  • “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy.”
  • “Picture yourself as a cat. Are you fluffy, hairless, big, small? What color are you? Well, no matter how you are, I got news buddy, all cats are cute. You’re cute. Your flaws are cute. Your personality is cute. Your mistakes? You guessed it, cute. Now, you wouldn’t treat a cat badly, right? You’d feed it, love it, support it, right? …‘cause if you wouldn’t then I’d whoop your ass, so you better love yourself no matter what, cutie.“ 
  • “Someone, someday, is going to write a sappy poem about you. And even though it’s super cliche, you will love it to pieces. You’re so adorable.”
  • “I hope you have a wonderful day.”
  • “You are your worst criticizer, seriously, all those things you’re worried about, they are absolutely fine.”
  • “Have you eaten in the last hours? Drank enough water? If not, do it now or I will… fight you… with my love…. yeah!”
  • “Keep going, love.”
  • “Look at you, god… you’re amazing.”
  • “It’s okay, you’re allowed to cry, just let it all out.”
  • “You’re strong and I care about you.”
  • “I love and support you.”
  • "You’re numb. You’re tired. You can’t seem to do anything. You want to give up. Well, I’m here to say, please. Just one more push, just one shower, one tiny task, one more day of looking after yourself. It’s hard, but I’ll be here on the other end, I’ll be there when you close your eyes tonight and you picture me, with the biggest smile on my face. One more, for me, for you.”

You know, if I wasn’t part of this fandom, I might think this show is actually scripted. 

Because, in the campaign guide Matt released several months ago to the public, there’s this:

“The actual date of the [Matron of Raven’s] rise to divinity is unclear, but the Night of Ascension is nonetheless celebrated on the thirteenth day of the tenth month. Many people of Emon see this cheery celebration of the dead to be unnerving and macabre, but the Raven’s followers believe the honored dead would rather be venerated with cheer, not misery.”

Now Matt, in his final description of the campaign, with the exposition of that evening in Zephra, said “…Cuersaar the thirteenth, the tenth month of the year…”, which means that Kiki gains a raven companion on the day where those devoted to the Raven Queen celebrate those who have passed, and remember their legacy. 

But, this campaign closed on the 13th of October, the tenth month of our calendar year, at least where I live. (give or take a few hours, depending on the time zone)

And I can’t think of a better time to send these characters off than on a day where, in their fictional world, there would be people finding joy and hope in the stories they left behind them.

(all credit to the og revelation made by @tieflingofcolor​ on discord <3)

Loser Club hc

  • Winter break turned out to be beyond freezing
  • They couldn’t even go outside to play in the sparkling white snow
  • After through planning and it freezing to death all the losers are in the safety of Bill’s house
  • They’re fighting over what movie to watch when Bev dumps out her backpack that was filled with makeup and I mean filled
  • The boys have never seen so much makeup and just gape at the sight
  • Bev declares that she’s gonna do each boys makeup
  • They protest so loudly and almost hysterically
  • But in the end they couldn’t say to no to Bev I mean how could they
  • So with some pop music (nkotb) playing in the background Bev gets started
  • Ben is first why because Bev has always wanted him in makeup
  • She sets aside neutral colors like olive, grey, muted blue, champagne and a few other colors for Ben
  • She gives him olive eyeshadow with touches of neutral blue, it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t make him look awkward but enough to bring out his eyes with brown eyeliner
  • She uses champagne powder to cover up any red spots and blends them into his skin and lastly she applies some nude lipstick
  • Ben looks freakin gorgeous omg were the losers in awe
  • Next was Bill, for Bill she mostly used light colors like pale pink, coral, light purple, and a little lavender
  • Lavender and light purple was his eyeshadow with a little brown eyeliner to accent his eyes
  • Pale pink blush and soft tan to to hide and blemishes
  • She gives him coral lipstick as a finishing touch and Stan almost faints but how attractive and beautiful Bill is like Stan just can’t cope
  • For Richie, Bev gives him a punk rock look I mean it’s not like they’ve discussed this before oh no definitely not
  • She applies deep purple eyeshadow with thick black eyeliner cateye style
  • His blush is a dark brownish and his lips are coated in black lipstick
  • Richie flips and he is so excited I mean he looks so badass and Eddie can’t stop staring at him with utter fascination
  • Stan gets all nude colors and boy does he look good
  • She gives him light pink blush to bring out the natural beauty Stan already has I mean this boy doesn’t need makeup he’s so gorgeous without it and Bill just keeps stuttering
  • Mike gets all the bold colors and I mean bold. Bev uses bright orange eyeshadow and he just looks stunning, she adds highlights to his face to bring out his features and man it does lastly she gives him sunshine yellow lipstick and Mike is practically glowing that’s how stunning he looked with the bold colors on his dark skin
  • Eddie gets all the glitter and sparkles
  • His eyeshadow is a glittering pink that makes his soft eyes shine, he gets the lightest powder and then sparkle blush that make his cheeks look so pretty and then Bev gives him cotton candy glitter lipgloss
  • Richie just starts crying because Eddie looks like a god he’s just so beautiful
  • The boys decide to collaborate and do Bev’s makeup instead of her usual look they use soft colors
  • It takes them many tries but they give her sky blue eyeshadow and pale green eyeliner
  • Light champagne powder and pink blush they also give her the glitter lipgloss she gave Eddie and she looks like a goddess as well
  • Ms. Denbrough takes a couple Polaroid shots of the group and each loser gets a copy
  • It was the best winter day ever
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