the godfather of hip hop


Q: The age of fans ranges from people in their teens to people in their 50′s. BANAs (B1A4 fans’ nickname) is a great fandom, do you have any special ways of communicating with your fans?

Jinyoung: I often meet with BANAs in person and I frequently talk with them on our internet fancafe. I go there everyday, and I upload photos. Other singers would do the same, but our fans are number one. Our fans always know out hearts.

Q: You are well known as a group where relations between members are very good. Is this the result of mutual efforts?

Baro: I was picked first for B1A4, followed by Jinyoung Hyung, CNU Hyung, Gongchan and Sandeul. I tried to get closer to everyone from the beginning. Since I was a trainee, my Hyungs have led me and the other two well, so there’s no reason to fight. 
CNU: Everyone is innocent (laughs).
Jinyoung: When we work, we support each other as fans, monitoring and cheering for each other. 

Q: What is B1A4 for each of you?

CNU: I think it is myself. I feel like I have everything. 
Baro: B1A4 is a friend to me because I met my Hyungs when I was a senior in high school. My own old friend.
Jinyoung: It’s family. We have spent almost half of my life together. It’s as precious to me as family.
Sandeul: It’s my name. At first it was awkward to act as a singer, but after spending 6 years with the members, I want to live a whole lifetime known as B1A4.
Gongchan: For me, it’s a heart. In the sense that it’s five people who run together (laughs). 
Baro: Wow! In that case I’ll change mine to liver. When things are hard it detoxifies everything (laughs).   

Q: What do you usually do when you rest?

Jinyoung: I compose or watch a movie. When you watch a movie you get an indirect experience, and that gives me new inspiration for songs.
CNU: I rest when I’m making music. 
Sandeul: Sometimes it’s fun when I wander around by myself. When I do that I usually go to the cinemas or an amusement park to play. 
Baro: I walk my dog, read, and watch movies comfortably at home. I also study English. 
Gongchan: I play video games or workout to relieve stress (laughs).

Q: There’s something that peaks my interest. What kind of woman attracts you?

Jinyoung: A polite woman.
Baro: A person with good thoughts and words.
CNU: Someone who looks after me well. I’m attracted to the typical motherly style. 
Gongchan: A woman who only looks at me and likes me.
Sandeul: I’m attracted to the ‘push and pull’ expert types who play with my heart well.

Q: What would you like to do on White Day if you had met your ideal person?

Baro: I would want to give them smooth and sweet chocolate milk. Especially Namyang dairy chocolate milk. I don’t drink other types well (laughs). 
Jinyoung: We like domestic products rather than foreign ones (laughs).
CNU: I really like chocolate. That’s why there is chocolate milk in the fridge. I often drink it all in one go. There are times when people have come and watched me.
 Gongchan: I also want to give them chocolate products rather than love. I like the feeling of the leftover lingering sweetness. 

Q: Which person do you admire the most?

Jinyoung: My parents. Since I was young I thought my parents were very nice and I admired them. I will try to be a person like my parents. 
CNU: The members. I often feel like I’m working within a team of good artists. They are always respectful and proud friends. 
 Sandeul: My Dad. When I was one or two years old, I remember watching and taking in the sight of my Dad silently enduring the weight of life, my Dad’s love gradually grew and deepened and it rid me of any hardships. 
Baro: Tiger JK, the Godfather of Korean Hip Hop. I listened to his rap and then began rapping myself. I respect the lifestyle, and it is so cool and nice to find out that there are many more things to learn. 
Gongchan: I also admire my Dad the most. Like him, I want to be a cool and bright father and man. 

Q: During you work within B1A4, what has been your most memorable stage?

Jinyoung: Our debut stage. It was the first time one of my dreams had come true, as well as the first time I got to meet fans. 
CNU: Our solo concert in February. I’m the happiest when I’m meeting fans and spending time together with them.  
Sandeul: I was also really impressed by the banner that the fans were holding at that concert, “We are always here’. It is a moment that I really don’t want to forget.
Gongchan: I also can’t forget that concert. My younger brother came up from our hometown Suncheon to see the concert and I was very proud of him. I’ve always thought of him as a child, so when I saw him doing well by himself, despite my efforts I was overwhelmed.   
Baro: Our first concert. When I was a kid, it was my dream to perform live. No words could describe how happy I was.  

Q: Do you have a wish for 2017?

Jinyoung: A lot of our fans worry that I am weak, so this year I set a goal of ‘let’s get a healthy body’. I’m working hard right now. 
Baro: I would like to have an outdoor solo concert in the Summer. Personally, I want to go backpacking in Europe by myself. 
 Sandeul: I would like to travel all over Korea with my luggage on my bike. Later on I also want to try travelling abroad. 
CNU: I hope we release lots of albums, and I want to have a brilliant year with my members. Personally, my only wish is for health. Good health. 
Gongchan: I want to show our fans a lot of good performances as well as travel alone with my brother who came to the concert. I was so sorry when my brother couldn’t go when I went on a family trip (laughs).

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Hip Hop….the whole chemistry of that came from Jamaica. In Jamaica, all you needed was a drum and a bass. So what I did was go right to the ‘yoke’ – I cut off all the anticipation and just played the beats. I’d find out where the break in the record was and prolonged it and people would love it. So I was giving them their own taste and beat percussion wise…'cause my music is all about heavy bass.
—  DJ Kool Herc (Godfather of Hip Hop)