the goddess shines


Jeez, I barely get any time to myself anymore, but that’s okay. I’m really enjoying school, and I feel like I’m getting better at art, so badabing! :3

ANYWAY. I received a question a while ago asking about the marknings the Divine have in the Goddess!AU, so I thought it’d be cool if I drew headshots to showcase some of them. :3 This is part 1 of a few, so be prepared for more in the future. In the meantime, here are the first batch of Gods/Demigods in the AU!

Every Divine, half-blooded or no, are born with these permanent markings on their bodies. Each god’s markings are unique to them and there isn’t any other quite like them. When the Divine is actively using magic, their markings glow, their brightness depending on the level of power is put into the magic. The markings also act as visual signs of emotion change. When angered, afraid, or in the throws of pleasure, the markings glow again, their brightness once again depending on just how intense the feeling is.

So there ya go! I’ll draw more soon, but if you’d like to see the markings of specific Demigod/God, let me know! Until then, I hope you guys like this here doodle! ^.^

✨Acrylic on canvas painting✨
A fraction of the whole. Stay tuned in for the unveiling of the finished piece.
“Goddess of the sacred feminine, embodied in your vessel of light. Let us honor your infinite intelligence, that shines bright though all of the night. As a symbol of forgiveness, of empowerment and strength. An eternal flame of wisdom, carried with every breath that you take.”
~Artwork & poetry by Tori Bird Pope aka @jah-feel ~


When someone asked me if I would be on a film about the Trolls dolls back in 2013, I said hell no! But now, I couldn’t be more proud.

One of my goals at PDI Dreamworks was to work with Kendal Cronkhite, the shining mother goddess of production designers. She would head up this project. I was still skeptical. It would take a lot of heavy lifting. I wanted to see animation incorporate a more sophisticated aesthetic, be as modern and relevant as fashion, interior and industrial design. I shared some art inspiration with Kendal, one of which was Amelie Flechais’ comics, Sayuri’s World, an incredible fiber installation artist, and Philip Vose’s grungy indie art. I was genuinely surprised when Kendal’s response was to run with it! I was stoked enough to work on a film I believe in. But it keeps getting better! I ended up hand building stop motion scrapbook sequences that weave in and out of the film. Stop motion at Dreamworks Animation? How unreal! That led to our studio’s first ever Little Golden Book and so much more. Can’t wait to share it all. Congrats to the entire team!  

Trolls comes out in theaters today! Go check it out, I dare you not to smile.

thehoneybeewitch  asked:

Do you know who/what organization actually wrote the Gospel? I can't find them anywhere on their website or facebook page. I am interested, but it makes me uncomfortable that I can't find a source.

The short answer is that nobody really knows. The longer answer doesn’t really give much more information, but does give a few specifics -

Glenn King’s Wordpress blog, Thea Haus/Devotion to the High Queen of Heaven, writes on the origin of the Scriptures:

… While the various chapters/sections of the Filianic scriptures were initially written during the early 1970’s they were not published at that time; nor were these writings initially compiled into a unified book form. Instead various single chapters or groups of chapters from what are now the Filianic scriptures were circulated singularly in groups of several chapters among the members of the small Madrian and Aristasian communities in pamphlet form during the 1970s and 1980s …

The process of collecting the chapters together in a single volume was ultimately completed by the Madrian community (Ekklesia Madriana) … The Madrians not only compiled the scriptures as a unified whole but they also added to that central core a substantial amount of liturgical literature that had been developed for that community’s use. … the Madrian community collapsed during the early 1980s but not before a Phillip P. Jackson had acquired a full volume of the Madrian Scriptures which he published under the title of the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians.

King goes on to note more modern editions and their work in editing or adding pieces, so that is a good page for info on the formation of the Scriptures.

Sarah Morrigan’s edition of the Scriptures, called the New Celestial Union Version (NCUV) notes in the introductory section:

The origins of these scriptures are obscure, but are largely in this present form since the 1970s when small communities in Great Britain and Ireland [wrote] them down.

There’s an interesting post I found a while back on the history of Filianism, written by the Mad Diviner:

Filianism is inextricably linked to a series of texts known as the Filianic Scriptures, which seemed to have originated in Britain in the late 1960s. Many Filyani claim they are much older, but this is unsubstantiated. Conversely, though, many claim they were channeled, making this a faith based on what Tumblr would likely call “unverifiable personal gnosis” or UPG for short.

Back to King’s blog, in his post “Filianism 101″, there is a little more detail into the nature of the groups that originated the texts:

The modern religion of Filianism (many of its aspects are premodern) was initiated in the Oxford, England of the early 1970s. At that time a member(s) of a small group of female students of Oxford University’s Lady Margaret’s Hall composed a small group of short writings which came to serve as the basis of a religion centered on  the adoration and worship of Dea / the Goddess for several small groups of women. The two most important of which were the Ekklesia Madriana, the Community of the Madrians and the Aristasian  Community, which still exists today under the name of the Daughters of Shining Harmony.

Reading about some of the earlier groups made me a little uncomfortable when I was first getting into Filianism, but ultimately I like a good deal of what is in the Scriptures. There are parts I’m not sure I like because they remind me a good deal of Christianity, but I really like the majority of it. And that’s more than I can say about any other religious text I’ve ever come across.

King also writes that he “is impressed by much of Filianic thealogy” and that he “still feel[s] that the Deanic/Filianic scriptures to a significant degree [are] divinely inspired" while also saying that he doesn’t see them, nor any other set of scriptures, as perfect. And that’s really where I stand, too. They aren’t perfect, but close enough for me.

It’ll have to be your personal choice as to whether or not that is the same for you, though - and it’ll be good to see the scriptures with a bit of history behind them as well; and understanding more of the groups and their activity in the past may help you navigate them better in their modern incarnation. If you still have any questions, or I was confusing at any point here, please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to help!

Isis: Rite of the Night

I hail You and praise You,
Glorious Goddess,
At the end of this day which You granted me.
May my actions within its hours be
judged to be justified,
And my words within its hours found to be true.
Drain from me all ill intent and action;
I offer to You all energy I have locked
In unworthy action or reaction
May tomorrow by Your grace find me
Wiser and my joy in the Universe still greater.
I ask Your welcome now in the Temple;
Accept me this night for rest, for study, and for worship;
Grant me dreams of meaning and the memory to recall them.
Hail to You, Goddess of the Starry pathways,
Hail to You, Goddess of the Deep Black,
Hail to You, Goddess of the Shining Sun at Midnight,
May I partake of Your glory forever.

on the ambiguous unity of the Dionysian woman

Tricked by his own oath,
   Zeus slew his beloved Semele
      with his own thundering power.

She descended.

From her
   the thunderous bull-god rescued
      the Divine Child, Dionysos;

who himself
would die
and be reborn;

but she descended.

He saved her heart
      and bound it to himself.

As a bull
   he raged across
      the seas;

he seduced
      a shining goddess;

who some call Europa,
a maiden

but others call Pasiphae,
a wife;

either way,
      the bull-god seduced her,

and to her he fed the heart,
      and she conceived the pure

rebirth of the god’s lover,
      the purest one,

Ariadne! The blessed star-bride!

Who at last
      met Semele’s son

in the underworld,

where they raised

each other

to become lords and queens
of heaven and earth.

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Freya, Goddess of gold,
inspire me today.
Teach me to walk through my day
with pride in my own being,
with confidence,
with power.
Goddess of fiery passion,
bless me with the insight
to the marrow of my bones
that I am a person of worth
in the eyes of the Gods
the eyes of the ancestors
and of myself.
May I radiate this
and transforms all I meet.
That is my prayer for this day, oh great and powerful Goddess,
that I may mirror Your presence throughout my day.
In return, I shall praise You always,
and lay amber before Your image,
consigning it to the sacred fires that burn
when the day is at its longest.
Hail Freya, shining Goddess of gold.
I praise You.