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Anakin was de aged, to a 7/8 year old. Rex was charged with looking after him, which is easier than expected given the "horror stories" about young Ani that the other jedi had told him. In fact, he notices that Ani is terrified of him but tries not to show it. Ani even lets Rex pick him up! It turns out his general was a slave, and he think he's his owner and doesn't dare to protest to anything Rex would do. Rex is horrified and has no idea what to do about this.

Sad thing is Rex probably came down pretty hard on him at first in an attempt to curb the worst of the horror-story behaviors while they were in an active war-front. He needs the kid to know he’s serious because there’s a lot of really bad trouble Anakin can get himself in that could lead to his own serious injury, death, or capture. And Anakin just very quickly nods along and agrees because he’s scared out of his fucking mind, in a foreign place and with a new foreign owner and he has been taught that the best thing to do is just keep his head down and behave.

And Rex is probably pretty proud of himself at the fact Anakin’s behaving so well. It wasn’t so hard after all. He probably just chalks the fear up to incredibly foreign situation and the fact that Rex, okay, did sort of scare the crap out of him in getting him to understand the rules.

Then Rex finds out about Anakin’s past.I feel like Obi Wan’s the reason it gets found out - he finally catches up to the group and gently quizzes Anakin to try and figure out, you know, what in the hells happened and how to fix it - he asks Anakin what’s the last thing he remembers and Anakin says some moment from his childhood and then says that Rex is his new Master. Rex points out that he couldn’t be seeing he’s not a Jedi and Obi Wan just calmly goes “he doesn’t mean Jedi Master” and it just clicks. And he feels pretty terrible.

Then I feel like Anakin ends up being spoiled by like ALL THE CLONES because, look, they have their own unspoken issues about their lives and the fact they’re basically property in the eyes of most of the Republic but that is very much their issue, not something for their General to have had to deal with. And they feel like shit for making him feel like he was still stuck in that position while being with them. So they’re making up for that screw-up as well as… trying to make-up for a childhood of slavery. Also they’re now like uber-pissed whenever they run into slavers again.

SO I have just finished ACOWAR and this is what I have concluded..

(chronologically from my notes)

-Feyre is so badass at being undercover

-long distance relationship feels

-Ianthe is a piece of SHIT

-Dagden and Brannagh are like Desda and Eska from Legend of Korra

-Some similarities between Tamlin/the wall/Hybern early in the book are looking reeeeeeal relevant to some certain *ahem* political things going on in the USA rn


-Eris makes me suspicious considering he is literally named after the goddess of Discord who famously sowed the seeds of the Trojan War

-more invisible hands!?!? *wink wink* hey Manorian i c u

-Feysand being the ultimate relationship in YA/New Adult lit to look up to because C H O I C E  and  E Q U A L I T Y dammit!


-Amren Nesta friendship

-omg could you imagine them and Manon all hanging out.holy mother

-Rhys’s self sacrificing tendencies hurt my heart

-i want to see stuff from Rhys’ perspective while Feyre was undercover

-The library reminds me of the Guggenheim museum and if you disagree you’re wrong

-Rhys is the Mom Friend™

-in ACOMAF i thought the bone carver was just baby Rhys but OMG its their future kid. holy shit

-When it was mentioned that a Fae warrior’s blood ran into a human line.. HMM who could that possibly mean??

-Seraphim interesting interesting

-Elain is PSYCHIC 

-Feyre falls face first into mud when she falls asleep sitting up. DEAD

-”You are selfless, and brave and kind.” p 376 OH INTERESTING RHYSAND ARE YOU DIVERGENT

- “…wear that crown to bed. only the crown.” p. 402

- “You bow to no one” p 402- this made me think of LOTR but alsoooooo of a certain someone who is heir of ash and fire and will bow to no one….

-Helion makes me think of Apollo

-Helion’s thighs

-feminism for all the wives/mates to become HIGH LADIES fuck yeah

- “50 years of Gossip”

-When Tamlin rolls into the meeting

- “The sun was shining when I left you”

-Amren being attached to the blood ruby 

-Amren and Varian


-Azriel attacking Eris

- more with the GENDER EQUALITY PLS (Viviane, yas girl)

- “I shall Consider” remember in EoS…. Remember???

- Helion’s bisexuality

-Helion is LUCIEN’s baby daddy

-Helion’s thighs

-Elazriel !!!

-Bryaxis is bae

-Nesta the witch

-the focus on how being narrow minded is bad!!!! very relevant

-Cassian reminded me of Achilles during the first battle scene

-when nesta detects Cassian’s injuries: Maaaaaaaaates


-a few pages later:


-”I need to-to die for it to be stopped?” 529. NO SARAH NOT AGAIN PLEASE

-crying because the suriel died

-p 552-3, the cauldron looking back at them reminded me a lot of the Palantir and of the Eye of Sauron. loved the LOTR parallels whether or not they were intentional.


-when Elain got kidnapped by the Cauldron i just pictured it skirting up to their camp and her getting in and it driving away like nyooom nyoom

-it was late at night dont judge my sleep deprived brain

-aw Tamlin did something right for once



-i didnt seee that coming but omg it makes so much sense

-Andromache, again a reference to the Iliad (Andromache was the wife of Hector)

-p 600- when they are gonna have the big battle while the Made ones nullify the king’s power over the cauldron- LOTR parallel to when the Rohan and Gondor forces draw out the orcs and the Eye while frodo and sam Do the Thing™

-in short… Feyre is Frodo


-YAY monsters

-When Spring and Autumn show up!!! love that trope

-oh shit more Hybern… theyre all fucked…

-AcCePt!!! Seraphim and MR ARCHERON

-and VASSA

-sidebar, Vassa being the firebird is an interesting parallel to Russian folklore and history. not to mention the Weaver reminds me of Baba Yaga a little bit but ANYWAYS



-Enchanted Cauldron Journeys™ 2.0

-The entire scene between Nesta Cassian and Mr. Hybern King


-ugh yes.

-punt that bitches head like a deflated football!!!!!!

-yeah i said it.

-Amren is….. Satan?

-That was the Lucifer story, right? Are we all in agreement there??

-The cauldron is a big ol womb

-Mother+Cauldron=life, gift of life

-its the universe

-Rhys dying literally ruined my life

-even tho i knew it was gonna happen ( i saw a spoiler by accident)

- “Be happy, Feyre” Tamlin redemption arc?

-Rhys’s first words when he is Rhysurrected™

-Oops dont overcook Amren!!

-Nesta spat on Hybern’s corpse

- “We’re opening the fancy bottles”


-one more time for good measure:

Helion’s thighs

ugh. This book i swear to god


what are you doing to me sarah!??!!??

Freya is the goddess of war, love, and fertility. She is the daughter of the sea god Njord, and sister to Frey. She has many admirers and treasures, and also knows many different powerful magics (which she taught to a select group of gods, including Odin).

She has taken an interest in the heroic dead. While many people are familiar with Valhalla, Odin’s Hall for the slain, few know about Sessrumnir, Freya’s hall. Freya always gets first pick among the dead, and so it can be argued that living in her hall is a more sought-after prize than Valhalla.

In ancient Philippine mythology, Mayari is the one-eyed moon-goddess of war, revolution, beauty and strength- daughter of the chieftain of the gods, Bathala, and a mortal woman, Mayari battled with her brother Apolaki, over who would rule the earth.  

She graces the night sky with her light, and she is said to be the loveliest out of all the gods. 

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Anakin finds a way to project his memories to Kylo. He shows him how much he hurt doing bad things to his family and how much he wanted to leave the dark side. When Hux starts to comfort a broken down Kylo, he projects losing Obi-Wan and Padme and the pain he felt then. Kylo, once he regains himself starts trying to convince Hux to leave with him, realizing how much he cares about him.

You know at first Kylo probably just assumes it’s his own ‘weakness’ being a particular problem for him that day. He just needs to mediate some more and it’ll go away and he’ll be stronger and able to focus on the duties Snoke has given him. Except it doesn’t go away and TBH when he meditates on his grandfather’s image it just becomes so much stronger. Unbearably so. Probably because I’d have it as just the emotions disconnected from anything else that he gets first. It’s only as Anakin gets better at transmitting it does the memories join the emotions and I mean there’s all these people that Kylo doesn’t know, never knew and he suddenly feels this strong connection to them all that cues him in that it isn’t just him that’s causing this but his Grandfather trying to send him a message.

Then Kylo tries to reconcile the memories with Snoke’s teachings because surely Snoke has been leading him towards his grandfather’s legacy? That’s what he’s been told. But the memories don’t match up with anything Snoke has told him. And Vader doesn’t seem like he was created through sudden enlightenment that his previous life was wrong and actual dedication to the Emperor but the desperate act of a person trying to protect his family. And it just becomes too much for Kylo to take anymore and he breaks.

Then Hux finds him and tries his best to comfort him, despite having no idea what could suddenly cause Kylo Ren to break down this much.

When Kylo does finally get himself back together from all the emotion he’s been forced to feel and revelations he feels from them he tries to explain it to Hux and the fact they both need to leave the First Order. TBH I think it would be a pretty hard sell. Hux knows that Snoke isn’t as good of a leader as he claims to be – he plans on overthrowing him. He doesn’t see why they should just leave, not currently while their positions are relatively secure. And “I have had an enlightenment through the Force” is not a good enough justification for why they should leave.

TBH I feel like the greater part of the fic (if this was a fic) would be spent with Kylo trying to convince Hux to leave with him while also trying to contact his mother to help overthrow Snoke while Hux keeps arguing that the First Order is what they’ve built. And it represents their ideals. Why would they abandon it without good reason? Also more force-ghost shenanigans as Kylo tries to get Anakin to teach him how he’s supposed to convince Hux to listen to him (which, you know, seeing as Anakin failed to convince any of the people he cared about to stick with him after he turned he probably isn’t the person you want as the advice giver in this matter).

Why do people obsess over Greek GODS

Artemis: a queen, one who shuns the presence of men. Ruler of the night sky and the hunt, she doesn’t give a flying fuck about your gender roles.
Women can be single. Women can be hunters.

Athena: a scheming, cunning, genius woman, Athena is the mastermind behind every battle. Goddess of both wisdom AND war.
Women can be smart. Women can be warriors.

Aphrodite: a gorgeous woman, beautiful beyond belief, she was married off to a man she did not love. She refused her husband, and is with the chaotic man she truly loves. She loves romance novels and tragic love stories without your permission or stereotypes.
Women can be independent. Women can be beautiful. Women don’t have to love you because you say so.

Persephone: she is Queen of hell and goddess of springtime, drawing the line between death and rebirth. She loves her husband and mother, but refuses to let anyone tell her who to be or where to go.
Women can be sweet. Women can be brutal. Women can be complicated.

Hera: a practical woman, she is the goddess of marriage, her husband is always off fucking mortals. And she always makes sure he pays for it. This doesn’t stop her from being a fair queen, even more of a ruler than her husband.
Women can be powerful. Women make their own choices.

Demeter: a farm girl at heart, she rules the harvest, her mere emotions causing the seasons. Her daughter eloped with the god of death, and she misses her every day. She loves her loyal farmers and the crops they tend.
Women can be nurturing. Women can be depressed.

Hestia: a goddess of small renown, Hesta gave up her spot on the council to Dionsynius to keep order. She is the goddess of the hearth and home, fire and family. She represents the controlled chaos of a fire in the fireplace or a family in their home.
Women can be sacrificing. Women don’t need to be super to be important. Women can be chaotic.

Enough with this patriarchal Greek society. We all know who really ruled Olympus.

finally I got back to working on the gods and goddesses’ character designs for my project on Hades&Persephone. This is Athena, the goddess of wisdom and military strategy: I still couldn’t come up with a convincing design for the full armour (especially for the helm) but overall she will look like this. Artemis and her are very important figures in Kore’s life, since they are both very fond of her and teached Kore tons of things (among which fighting with the spear and the javelin). Let me know what do you think. :)


Temple  of Athena Nike

Athens’ Acropolis, Greece

420 BCE

Stylobate: 8.27 m x 5.64 m; height: ca. 4 m.

The Temple of Athena Nike was named after the Greek goddess, Athena Nike. The temple is the earliest fully Ionic temple on the Acropolis. It was a prominent position on a steep bastion at the south west corner of the Acropolis to the right of the entrance, the Propylaea. In contrast to the Acropolis proper, a walled sanctuary entered through the Propylaea, the Victory Sanctuary was open, entered from the Propylaea’s southwest wing and from a narrow stair on the north. The sheer walls of its bastion were protected on the north, west, and south by the Nike Parapet, named for its frieze of Nikai celebrating victory and sacrificing to their patroness, Athena Nike.

Nike means victory in Greek, and Athena was worshipped in this form, as goddess of victory in war and wisdom. The citizens worshipped the goddess in hope of a successful outcome in the long Peloponnesian War fought on land and sea against the Spartans and their allies.


Mythology Posters: Athena, also known as Pallas, is one of the Twelve Olympians and the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Philosophy, Craft and War, though she only took part in conflicts to defend the state and home from outside enemies. She’s a daughter of Zeus and Metis, born fully armoured from her father’s head, and the patron of a Athens- something she achieved by winning a contest against Poseidon by offering the city’s inhabitants the Olive Tree.

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Crack AU where Anakin can all of a sudden hear the background music that we all hear. Those pleasant chats with Palpy become a lot more ominous. Though Anakin admits that the fights have become a lot more epic. Thoughts?

Hahahahaha. Love it!

And okay, my first though was “and the galaxy was saved because even Anakin Skywalker would struggle to keep trusting Palpatine with that music playing in the background”

Anakin think he’s gone COMPLETELY insane (maybe he’s finally been electrocuted too many times and its fried his brain). He doesn’t tell anyone though because he can still fight just fine just… everything is a lot more musical. He doesn’t want to be thought crazy and taken off the front lines.

Once he figures out what the various musical cues mean he actually finds them useful in figuring out how dangerous a situation is. Also battles are so much cooler now and boring landscapes are slightly less boring because at least now they have mood music. Yep, he can live with this.

(Although he is always confused why the ominousness that is The Imperial March starts playing at some of his decisions)

I feel like at this point Carrie Fisher has ascended past just being a revered figure and has kinda passed into myth/goddess level. I don’t just mean people building personal memorials or shrines to her. I mean that there is a genuine, dedicated group of people living their lives in honor of her and who she was and her values, giving thanks to her, asking her for guidance and protection. Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia are not just cultural symbols or inspirations, but as one entity they are seen to watch over and safeguard her ‘followers.’ There are things these followers do in her honor: endeavoring to become more confident and kind, following her footsteps by raising awareness about mental health, speaking out on behalf of minorities and the undervalued. They do these things because these are things Carrie did and entreated others to do. This, essentially, fulfills the classic definition of a religious organization.

Congratulations, Carrie. You’re a goddess in our eyes.