the goddess of misery


Greek Mythology Series: Children to Nyx and Erebus (Revision)


Greek Goddess (Daimona) of Misery, Woe, Distress, Suffering & Suicide

Oizys is the twin to Momus (Mockery) and daughter to Nyx & [possibly] Erebus. She is seen drowning her own suffering, and most know she does not like who she is. She lives near the Acheron River (River of Pain), some believe it was named after her because she causes the spirits of that river to be restless with her presence. Oizys name translates to pain, she goes by a few different names. In Latin she is known as Miseria or Tristitia. Aesthetically she appears as a winged woman with curly hair and white eyes. She also has a mouth full of fangs and long nails, like her sisters The Keres. Momus and Oizys were banned from Mount Olympus when her twin was criticizing the Gods. Zeus kicked them off and caused them to land into the Underworld. She is linked with her siblings Moros (Doom), Lyssa (Madness) The Keres (Violent Deaths) & Achlys (Death Mist).

No but do you know how substantial the snapping moment Percy had in Tartarus was when he tortured the Goddess of Misery? How significant his moment of realization was?

The white-green poison kept pooling, little streams trickling from the plants as the venomous lake around him got wider and wider. Lake, he thought. Streams. Water. Probably it was just his brain getting fried from poison fumes, but he croaked out a laugh. Poison was liquid. If it moved like water, it must be partially water. He remembered some science lecture about the human body being mostly water. He remembered extracting water from Jason’s lungs back in Rome… If he could control that, then why not other liquids?

Up until that point, Percy hadn’t really controlled things that were partially water. Salt water and pure water sure, but never liquids that were only part water. The only other time in my recent memory where he had done something vaguely similar was when he willed Piper’s Cornucopia to spew Diet Coke, and even then he wasn’t really controlling the Diet Coke itself. Or the time where he controlled sewage water, but he was still controlling the water in it, not the debris polluting it.

The reason why this moment is so important is because it was a monumental shift in his powers. The ability to manipulate and control all liquids that are only partial water is a power with scary potential. As Percy said himself, the human body is mostly water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

Like do you know the endless possibilities to this?? He could literally clench his fingers and you’d be splattered like a bug on the windshield.

But, you’re asking, if he had this insane power why didn’t we see it in Blood of Olympus?

The one main reason is this: 

Annabeth sounded terrified. It took Percy a moment to realize she was terrified of him.

“Percy, please don’t ever…” Her voice broke in a sob. “Some things aren’t meant to be controlled. Please.” 

His whole body tingled with power, but the anger was subsiding. The broken glass inside him was beginning to smooth at the edges.

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, okay.”

Percy, I think, after leaving Tartarus and was able to think with a clearer mind would have vowed to never use a power like this if it had scared Annabeth to an such an extreme. But the real question is if is he would want to use it.

Do I believe that is the end of that display? Absolutely not. I think he would have trouble controlling a power like that, the way his emotions are so finally tuned with his powers in all. And with him trying to keep it a secret, it’s bound to get spilled. 

In fact I think with proper training he could use his newfound powers to his extreme benefit.

All I’m saying is that Percy is scary powerful and with no narration from him in boo, I think there is a lot more significance to that scene in Tartarus.

Greek Mythology - Uncommon Deity Aesthetics

O I Z Y S, Goddess of Misery, Depression, Woe, Anxiety and Suffering

Oizys was a daughter of Nyx, and sometimes Erebus as well. She was the twin to Momus, the God of Satire and Mockery. 

While not much is out there on Oizys, she is at times mentioned to feel guilt for those whom are affected by the suffering that is always lingering around her. Imagine: laying a heavy burden across anothers shoulders, draping them with pain and sadness…Hearing their wails and cries as they crumble underneath such an overwhelming power…How could one not feel even the slightest ounce of remorse from knowing that you are the cause of their suffering?

Who knows…She has never attempted to ease the pains that she has caused.

Have you ever just stopped and thought about how powerful and strong-willed Nico di Angelo actually is?

-He went into Tartarus ALONE OF HIS OWN FREE WILL and came back. Even Percy- who Nico called the most powerful demigod he’s ever met- acknowledged it, and he would’ve literally gone insane if it wasn’t for Annabeth.

-He was so depressed that even the goddess of misery had nothing worse to give him. GODDESS of misery.

-He was almost killed shadow travelling. HADES warned him he could die and he still went on for Camp Halfblood, which never accepted him.( Atleast, that’s what he thought anyway)

-He survived a jar full of poisonous air with just a pomegranate seed per day in coma. And if that’s invalid, he lasted a lot more time than he was supposed to.

-Nico’s agony in Cupid’s palace: Grass around him dying, stones cracking and waves of darkness rolling off him so strong that when they hit Jason, he almost lost consciousness. JUST WAVES.

-He’s scared of Love more than he is of Tartarus. Him coming out of his shell and being able to tell everyone(or at least some people) about his feelings-something that wouldn’t have been accepted AT ALL during his time…

-When Nico got mad at him, Jason wanted to draw his sword just in case and he thought Nico might be MORE THAN HE COULD HANDLE even though he’d met plenty of scary demigods before.

-This may or may not seem to be a very solid argument, but strong willed because when he met Percy at Camp Jupiter, he STILL LOVED HIM, and Percy probably looked so lost and forlorn, wouldn’t you have blurted out even 1 tiny thing that could’ve made him feel a little less helpless?

-How many 12 year olds can achieve the title GHOST KING? Even if they WERE Hades’ kids.

-He radiates death, KRONOS’ ARMY fell back from him.

-He matured so much after ‘The Last Olympian’ no one needs me to explain this point further.


neoklaitus  asked:

When I was a little ignorant child, I never thought I would like some show with female antagonist, now I love and praise the Diamonds every single day.

I love them. I love the complexity they bring into the situation. It would’ve been so much easier to just make them emotionless. Just have them be these goddesses that just want to destroy for the sake of others’ misery. It seems like some fans don’t understand that making the Diamonds PEOPLE (bad people, but still people) not only adds to their appeal as villians- but makes our heroes so much more interesting and complex. Because Rose didn’t shatter a giant robot. She shattered a person. Think about how hard it was for her to come to this decision- as a gem that didn’t want to hurt anyone, who fought for peace, of all things, to come to the conclusion that the only way to free the earth is to kill another person.
I always say that the most interesting kind of villians are the ones that almost entirely mirror the heroes- it emphasises that the hero
Is good because they chose to be good. It shows people that everyone can become either a villain or a hero- depending on the way they choose to react to the same situation. The fact that the Diamonds deal with grief, just like the crystal gems, but in an incredibly unhwalthy ways- shows us what our gems could’ve become- if they didn’t have empathy and guidance (Steven).

Ok so I have to get this off my chest (this might be a spoiler for those who haven’t read the percy jackson series or the heroes of olympus series)

I’m TERRIFIED of dark percy. TERRIFIED.

Seeing that side of him throughout the pjo and thoo series was genuinely terrifying for me because I never thought he’d take in that side of him, until I read the house of hades. The scene between him and the goddess of misery absolutely scared me shitless. When he laughed, when he was killing her; all of that struck something inside of me. He literally had the goddess of misery at her knees and he enjoyed it. I’m not just terrified of dark percy, but I’m also terrified for percy himself. Now of course I wanna see dark percy about once or twice in the trials of apollo, because it’s percy jackson (duh), but I wanna see him either overcome or realise this change inside of him in the series too.

Now we all know Percy as the sarcastic little shit who we all love and that seeing him go dark is either really sad/scary or really exciting (it’s up to you), but think about it; Percy Jackson - son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson, the one who destroyed Kronos and Typhon, the one who defeated Ares, helped destroy Gaia and rescued Thanatos, etc - turns dark and changes forever. Leaves the hearts of everyone he loves and holds dear. It’s scary. Scary that someone who risked their life about a gazillion times to rescue anyone and everyone, just turns away and becomes dark. Just think about what would happen. Empathy link with Grover and Grover himself; gone. The love emitting from everyone around him; gone. Chiron; gone. His friends; gone. Tyson; gone. Annabeth; gone. His own mother will be freaking out over her son that changed so much. 

Rick Riordan, I love you so much, really I do, but I swear to god; if you throw Percy down that deep, dark hole again, I will find you and I will- ok best not go there. 

A Cornucopia of Conundrums

Part 1. Part 2.

Summary: “So what you’re saying is; you had a one-night stand with some yakuza lordling and now you’re preggo with his baby?” SasuSaku. AU.


Fortune favors the brave. And the brave, make their own fortune. ~ The Perilous Sea, Sherry Thomas



Sakura was not above admitting that had it not been for Yamana Ino, she’d have never made it through the first few months. Only for a record breaking day, was she allowed to wallow in her misery, and then, like a golden goddess of vengeance, Ino had swooped in and thrown in her face: applications for Fellowships. Sakura had taken one look at the thick bundle of her shattered dreams and promptly burst into tears again.

Ino had refused to take any of it. “Haruno Sakura!” she’d cried, “You get the fuck up and apply for a fellowship right this second or I'll—I’ll disown you!”

Sakura had sniffled at her. So Ino had sat down beside her and put a comforting arm around her shoulder. “Come on,” she’d urged gently, “Let’s get this party started again.”

“What’s the point,” Sakura had said dispassionately. “In a few months, this baby is going to be born and I’ll have to be a full time mom anyway.” The notion had been so disheartening, she’d almost keeled over again.

“No” Ino had countered with such utter conviction, that Sakura had been slightly taken aback. “You’ll get a maternity leave, and after a few months, you’ll start taking on light shifts and the baby will go to daycare. In fact,” she’d leaned forward and grabbed the bundle of applications and started sifting through them efficiently, “Let’s select a hospital that has an awesome daycare as well a good fellowship program.”

Sakura had put a hand on her belly and wondered what she had done to deserve Ino. “Ino—,” she’d started to protest, but eyes blazing, Ino had raised a hand in the universal sign of stop.

“We’re not talking about this anymore,” she’d said, and with an economy of movement, shoved a handful of forms in her lap. “Start filling them,” she’d ordered. “You’re going to be organized, be prepared, and be on time.” Her voice had been perfectly ferocious and terrifying. “If you can manage that, there might be a chance for you. If you can’t, I wash my hands off you, Forehead.”

In the end, they’d settled on Konoha Memorial.

A week later, she’d gotten the call.



If Ino was a creature of whimsy, then Sakura was a creature of pragmatism. She liked to be prepared. And so, while Ino helped her manage the more…surreal aspects of her life at the time, Sakura got to work. If it was anything she’d learned in the past few days, it was that she did not like to be caught unawares.

Uchiha and Senju were notoriously famous—dating back to Edo Period. Uchiha descended from the bakuto branch, while Senju’s had adhered from tekiya. Somehow, the peddling of illegal goods had turned into a big profitable business for the Senju’s at the same time some, long dead ancestor of Uchiha had entrepreneured a very handsome, very illegal and very successful gambling business; and thus, the Village of Konoha had started thriving.

Disguised as machi yakko, the syndicates had run like a well-oiled machine, smoothly hiding any and all criminal behavior under the disguise of kigyo shatei, until one day, Tobirama Senju had murdered Uchiha Madara’s only living brother.

Driven half mad with grief, Madara had ordered a zetsuen on Tobirama’s life, who had absolutely refused to back down. The full might of Senju, apparently against Oyabun Hashirama’s blessing had gone to a vicious, bloody war against the Uchiha.

Sakura had studied the statistics; the number of people who had died, most of them innocent bystanders and her heart had clenched with fear. God, she’d thought dazedly, these people were monsters.

Apparently, the gun fights and bombs and terrible, terrible stuff had gone on for more than a year and a half, after which Oyabun Hashirama had ordered a hamonjo on his brother as a compromise with Madara. Then, and only then, had the murders stopped. But to this day, the bitter rivalry between the two syndicates remained.

In the turf wars almost sixty years back, there had been hand guns, machine guns and, when a certain party had turned even more deranged, rocket launchers. Now, if they were to ever decide they didn’t want the other side to breathe, there would be drones, 3D guns and if someone acted as senile as Madara had acted back then, neutron weaponry.

She had closed her eyes and let that sink in. Then tentatively, she’d reached out and ran a search on the Uchiha-rengo. Three tiers down the family tree she’d found him. Uchiha Sasuke, his name was. In the small headshot attached to his name, he seemed so…human; like he wasn’t capable of such cold-blooded savagery.

If she hadn’t just had an eyeful of Uchiha Madara’s sanguinary antics, she might have been tempted to reach out to him.



Every morning, since the end of September, at precisely seven in the morning, Sakura’s insides heaved, and she would barely be able to make it out of bed and to the side of the toilet before every bit of food she’d eaten the night before came right back up.

How long she’d kneel there, heaving, she wouldn’t know. But when she would come out of the bathroom—feeling a bit better, the basketball-sized jumble of nerves in her stomach shrunk to the size of an acorn—Ino would be waiting for her. Bleary eyed, she’d pat the space next to her and Sakura would collapse in her arms.

“Ino-chan,” she’d asked one day. “How does one have unprotected sex and not remember it?”

“Remember the sex?”

“No. The distinct lack of a condom.”

“It must’ve been one hell of a night.”

“Augh,” Sakura had grumbled in disgust. “It was.”

Ino had sighed tiredly. “Fucking shallow, double-crossing creep. He’s a little better than a common prostitute.”

“Sure, let’s go with that,” Sakura had agreed.

They’d lay there for a while until Ino had to get up for an early demonstration. Sakura had offered her a ride, and on the way, Ino had very matter-of-factly told her, “You can’t go regretting stuff because there wasn’t anything else that could’ve happened.”

Sakura had eyed her sideways as she’s slipped on her sunglasses and examined herself in the rearview mirror. “What do you mean?” she’d asked.

“You know,” Ino had said, slipping off the glasses and rubbing a smudge of lipstick from the corner of her mouth, “It’s cause and effect. Every time anything happens, it’s because of all the other things happening all over the world. Any time you make a decision, there wasn’t anything else you could’ve done because it was who you were, and it was all the things that had happened up to then that made you decide that. So there’s no point regretting anything.”

A moment of stunned silence, and then Sakura had scoffed. “So by your logic, all my life has led to the point where I say fuck it, I want that dick?”

Ino had laughed; and the loud, happy cadence of it had made Sakura smile. “Hey, you are the one who said it.”



In the biting cold of November, Sakura had finally mustered the courage to get her first ultrasound. The room had been bright and sterile and the seat had been cold. She could see the soft flakes of snow falling outside the window, and she’d imagined that it would feel just as cold as the ultrasound gel being rubbed on her belly. She hadn’t told anyone; not even Ino. She’d wanted to do it alone—to see her baby for the first time in the privacy of her mind and soul and not be judged if she found she didn’t love it.

She needn’t have worried. The moment she heard the small, amplified heartbeat; she was in love.

So much so, that when she had been handed the picture, she’d made a beeline to her car with a fist sized lump in her throat and driven all the way to the outskirts of Konoha suburbs, and parked right in front of her mother’s neat, manicured lawn.

There had been tears in her eyes as she’d rung the bell—and rung it again and again and again, until Mebuki had pried the door open and stopped dead in her tracks. Those clear, bright orbs of brown had regarded her—tiny baby bump and all—with an intensity that had made her warm with embarrassment.

Without a word, Mebuki had opened the door just as wide as her arms, and Sakura had felt like a child as she’d hugged her mother close.

“Who’s the father?” Mebuki had asked in her blunt, no-nonsense way that night.

“I don’t know,” Sakura had lied.

They hadn’t shown it, but Sakura could tell her parents had been disappointed.

“He didn't—,” Kizashi has started fretfully, looking anywhere but at her, “He didn’t force himself on you right?”

“No,” Sakura had been quick to reassure. “No, no, no. It was totally consensual and a total mistake!”

Kizashi had exhaled in relief.

“Does he know?”

Sakura had been smart enough to notice the shrewd glint in her mother’s eye to recognize the trick in that question. “I just told you,” she’d said slowly, patiently, deliberately as to leave no room for doubt. “I don’t know who he is, where he is, where he’s from, or—anything.”

“Then we’ll find him,” Kizashi had assured gently, slipping an arm around her shoulders and holding her close. Sakura had melted in his embrace, all the worries slipping off her shoulders, if only for a moment.

“Please don’t,” she’d asked them in a small, vulnerable voice. “I don’t want him to know.”

And that had been the end of that.



“What do you think it’ll be; a boy or a girl?” Ino asked excitedly.

“I bet it’s a boy,” said Mebuki, sure and confident of herself.

“Nope. It’s definitely a little girl in there,” said Kizashi, grinning in the driver’s seat. “I can tell.”

“Yes,” said Mebuki, a smile in her voice, rolling her eyes fondly, “Like you can tell the difference between an eggplant and a brinjal.”


Sakura laughed. “I really don’t care.”

“Twenty bucks says it’s a he,” Ino challenged from the back.

“I’ll be very happy to take your hard-earned money, Ino-chan,” said Kizashi happily.

“Are you guys seriously betting on the gender of my baby?” asked Sakura incredulously.

“I’m with Ino-chan. You’re definitely losing this one, husband,” said Mebuki completely ignoring Sakura’s indignant cry of ‘hey!’

At the hospital, they’d all stood around the ultrasound table, and Ino had attached herself to the sonogram machine, which she knew how to read. Sakura’s OB had not been impressed, and as soon as the monitor had transmitted the video, Ino’s eyes had found Sakura’s.

“It’s a girl,” she’d whispered wetly.

Sakura had known. Somewhere deep inside, she’d known. Her baby was a girl—a strong, smart, independent, beautiful girl. She was going to love her so much.

“Oh,” Mebuki had choked on happy tears and Kizashi had had to put an arm around to support her. Together, they’d helped Sakura up, and held her in their arms.

God, she’d thought, her daughter was going to be born in so much love.



“Wow…” Moegei had frowned in disapproval. At seven months, Sakura’s belly was perfectly swollen, and her mood swings had taken an exchange of sorts with weird food cravings. The baby especially liked to eat ice-cream with bell-peppers. It had not been as disgusting as Sakura had feared.

“Sensei,” Takumi, one of the Resident’s on her team had probed hesitantly. “Touya-san is awake. His kidneys are recovering nicely.”

“That’s great, honey,” she’d patted him on the cheek and he’d scowled like an adorable puppy.

She knew her resident’s weren’t exactly fond of her patronizing maternity, but she made up for it by giving them live opportunities to learn in the OR. The baby now weighed exactly 2kg’s and measured approximately 44 cm from head to toe. More than twice a day, she changed positions, and Sakura made sure to check her fetal position at least once, to make sure she would crown perfectly.

“Senseii,” said Moegi, leaning a little in her chair and smiling playfully, “When’s your baby due?”

“Two months,” Sakura replied, chewing on a stick of raw bell-pepper and flipping through her tab. “Miyazawa-san’s craniotomy is in two hours. Who wants to take the lead?”

All hands shot up and Sakura grinned. “Well let’s see who won’t crack his head on the first try.”



Eight months in and she’d felt like she hadn’t seen her feet in decades. She wadled around the house when Ino was out and watched all six seasons of Winx Club sitting straight backed in bed when Ino was home; It was the only thing the baby allowed her to watch.

The pressure on her bladder was incredible. Every time she felt comfortable, her body decided it was time to pee. And thus, she’d lay long hours in the night, planning for the baby’s future; she’d visit her every hour in the hospital day-care, make sure to keep any and all technology away, at least for the first few years, and when she would be old enough, she’d send her to an amazing Kindergarten she’d researched on KonohaOnline a few days ago. They’d visit Mebuki and Kizashi every Saturday and when the baby would turn five, she would quit the hospital and start a private practice.

Her name, she decided, would be Sarada; from Saraswati. Like the Goddess, her baby would be kind, gentle, wise and courageous.

Not once in her plans, she’d made contingencies for Uchiha Sasuke.



The day her water broke, it had been a downpour. The wind had risen to a howl and the first fat drops of rain had splattered just as they’d reached the hospital. Sakura had barely managed to keep herself upright as her father had driven like a mad man all the way to the hospital. Every time a contraction hit, she’d gasp and had have to brace herself against the side of the car door; it had felt like the baby had pinched the inside of her abdomen—hard. Each sensation had been short, but the dampness between her legs had been irritatingly sobering.

“Ino,” Mebuki had shouted in her phone, while holding tight to Sakura. “Her water just broke. Hurry!”

Grasping the sides of the hospital bed, Sakura had been surprised at the intensity of the contractions. For several minutes, she could talk and relax; then the ache in her back would turn into a searing pain that had felt like her entire midsection had been squeezed by a tourniquet of straight pins. Then the pressure would ease, and all she’d be left with would be a dull ache in her back.

She’d been between one of those, when Ino had been ushered into the room in a whirlwind of sanitary gowns and antiseptic masks. Gingerly, she’d held on to Sakura’s other hand as she’d arched her back and grit her teeth against the fiery pain of a contaction.

They’d been there; all three of her people as she’d screamed and raged at the nurse to put it in—just shove it the fuck back in and cut it out of her! They’d been there as she’d let out the tail end of a wail that had fused together with Sarada’s as she’d slipped out of her.

They’d been there as she’d, weary, and bone tired and sweaty, been handed her baby, and they’d been there as she’d held her close and cried—because, she’d finally realized; this little slip of a human, so beautiful and so breakable and so damn precious, had been the best thing that ever happened to her.



Nico Di Angelo

This is a huge long post about why I love Nico Di Angelo and why he is my fictional child for my friend Sarah who decided to insult him in front of me. No, i’m not trying to prove any points. I’m literally just explaining why I love him so that maybe you might not insult him ever again yeah? Yeah, insulting him in front of me actually hurt.

You told me that ‘Nico was useless, he didn’t do anything but pass out the entire series’

First, Nico fell into Tartarus completely and utterly alone and the goddess of misery found his pain so miserable and painful that she couldn’t physically give him any more pain. He lived through this. In his time in Tartarus, he talked to a dangerous titan to try and save Percy’s life. This later DID save Percy’s life. And I think you would’ve passed out if you were suffering from so much pain that even the goddess of misery couldn’t make you any more miserable. More so, Nico shadow traveled a huge statue and two other people halfway across the world to help stop the demigods from fighting and unite them.

You also said that ‘emo kids aren’t cute’

no, their BADASS AND AWESOME, and they’re adorable. ESPECIALLY NICO, so shut the fuck up.

You said ‘Nico had the worst character development ever’

Well first, did you take a look at Leo, Frank and even Percy? Leo turned instantly from this adorable boy tapping out I love you in morse code to his mother all the time to a love smitten guy who began spending all his time trying to find a girl he knew for like a week. Frank? Where was that insecurity about the firewood? Percy? No heroes don’t have a dark side. But Nico? Nico had the best character development of all. He started off as this tiny cheerful little Italian who talks with his hands and got excited at the tiniest things. He then lost his sister, the only person he had left, and like anyone, went through such deep grief that he was physically changed. He went through the land of monsters, and managed to emerge having only become stronger. He went through more pain than you could imagine, and he never changed the fact that he was still the person willing to risk his life and travel halfway across the world to help people that had never done a thing to help him.

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