the goddess and the nerd


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 10/?

Hey, I think you’re really cool, I like you a lot. Maybe we can hang out…or something


i’d pick you first

Happy birthday, VAMNit! - A Lin-Manuel Miranda timeline.

2011: the one when Method Man and Mary J. Blige sing for Vaneeeeeeeeessa. (video available on Vimeo)

2012: the one when “see you tomorrow!” And the day after.

2013: the one when Vanessa reads the love while he drives.

2014: the one when a happy face turns into an angry raspberry cyclops, and Vanessa is best of wives and best of women & a nerd goddess.

2015: the one when Vanessa is still best of wives and best of women and Lin-Manuel should level up.

2016: the one when Vanessa is once again best of wives and best of women.

2017: the one when Vanessa leads the way and is so good, “there’s nothing that her mind can’t do” and her face bids us good night. (she’s a genius and a superhero, after all).


welcome h o m e

my thoughts on season 3 of voltron?… that shit gay