the goddamn avatar

congratulations lok, you made me draw something for the first time in months, and also cry of happiness for the first time in my life


alaynnstone asked: avatar: the last airbender or the legend of korra

Is it your own destiny? Or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you.

anonymous asked:

what did pineapple pizza ever do to u to deserve this treatment

listen to me you godless scum

there are five tastes. salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami. or, sorry, that last one is actually pronounced 


because it’s actually the best taste of the five. just, like, the best. like, y’know how aang completed the gaang bc he was an airbender but he was also the most powerful of the five of them because in addition to being the airbender he was the goddamn avatar? it’s like that. 

Pizza, as one of the single best foods, nay, best things on god’s gay earth, is Umami flavored. it’s savory, it’s got a richness to the cheese and a unique flavor profile intrinsic to the sauce and it’s all held together on top of the dough, which is the best kind of bread because it’s got the highest amount of bread/cubic meter of any bread, and it’s highly customizable bc of it’s modular toppings. 

HOWEVER, some have seen fit to abuse this privilege by tainting the beautiful tongue-gasm that is pizza with toppings that are EXPLICITLY outside of the Umami wheelhouse. Pineapple is the worst of these offenders.

pineappel’s a fruit. fruits contain sugars. y’know what category sugar falls into? SWEET. not umami. putting pineapple on pizza is tantamount to putting lemons onto pizza, or apples, or even pretzels. they just don’t belong on that pizza. it’s like driving a monster truck through a ballet recital- both components are all well and good on their own, but when you mix them it’s a sheer unmitigated disaster and someone’s gonna wind up with multiple broken ribs. 


Undertale Avatar AU because i saw an avatar video yesterday so here you have it

Undyne is a waterbender obv, Alphys is from the Earth tribe but can’t bend, Papyrus and Sans are firebenders (even if I think he would hide it mostly, and probably be more of a lightning bender?? or maybe the goddamn avatar himself????? idk) and Frisk is an airbender 

still here you go

The Last Airbender's Drinking Game Is The Quenchiest

     Adventures. The four elements coming together. A hero to unite the land. All of it makes me wanna drink. This show has always been a personal favorite of mine, and if it’s not yours then it’s certainly about to be. 


1.) Someone gets separated from the group. 

2.) Sokka provides comic relief. 

3.) Zuko doesn’t listen to advice or words of comfort. 

4.) The comet, solstice, or Fire Lord are mentioned.

5.) Toph’s blindness is made apparent. 

Special Rule: Drink once for water and firebending. Drink twice for air and earthbending. 

Take a shot:

1.) Azula fight. 

2.) “Yip Yip!” (must say before shot.)

3.) Iroh proverb.

4.) Episode ends with gang flying on Appa.

5.) Sokka tries, and fails, to provide assistance. 

Finish your goddamn drink:

1.) Avatar state! 

2.) Katara tries to be a mom. 

3.) Aang starts a sentence with. “The monks taught me…”