the goddamn avatar

The only ‘blue lives’ that should matter to you, are the goddamn Na’vi from AVATAR… who were, in a pretty blatant fashion, a metaphor for the racism/genocide/appropriation/colonialism perpetuated on poc throughout history by predominantly white people… 

congratulations lok, you made me draw something for the first time in months, and also cry of happiness for the first time in my life


Undertale Avatar AU because i saw an avatar video yesterday so here you have it

Undyne is a waterbender obv, Alphys is from the Earth tribe but can’t bend, Papyrus and Sans are firebenders (even if I think he would hide it mostly, and probably be more of a lightning bender?? or maybe the goddamn avatar himself????? idk) and Frisk is an airbender 

still here you go


I LOL’d. Oh this parody and my sides.