the god within

don’t you just love it when jungkooks eyes go : ✨🌠💫✨💫🌠✨✨🌠💫✨⭐🌟✨💫🌠🌟✨💫⭐🌠💫🌠✨🌟🌟⭐✨💫🌠⭐⭐💫💫🌠🌟⭐🌠💫✨


Meanwhile, Oikawa is sulking hiding behind a rock.

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Did Mad Sweeney put the coin back in Laura because she didn't give it over willingly?

I’M GOING TO ANSWER THIS REAL QUICK BECAUSE THE LAST EPISODE OF AMERICAN GODS MEANT A LOT TO ME. it’s probably one of my favorite episodes of television that exists.


what has happened in the show WAS NOT REVEALED IN THE BOOK

so we find out sweeney is the reason laura died. everything has been a setup for shadow up to this point. but this entire episode followed the old tale of a woman who he showed great mercy, and wild peril, towards. but in the end, he showed her the softest, kindest part of a leprechaun and saw her to the afterlife with a gentle hand. she was devoted until the end, and he recognized that with everything he was.

so finding out what wednesday had him do, the coin resonated and screamed to him, and while he could’ve taken it, he then yells to the skies in Old Irish:

Créd as co tarlaid an cac-sa dam? Nach lór rofhulangas? Is lór chena, ní am olc! Ní am!

which translates to:

What is it that has brought this shit to me? Is it not enough that I have suffered? It is enough indeed, I’m not evil! I’m not!

he brought laura back to life because he couldn’t give up who he is, which is, in the end

an inherently good being that gives back tenfold of what he receives, which is more often than not a few breadcrumbs from those who still believe in his magic ;n;


{Butterfly E3}{1513}
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My Prof. didn’t yell at me sooooo Gramander WWI AU comic as promised!

The end is up to your interpretation.
1. Percy really went home to Newt  … or
2. It was just his wishful dreaming

It’s all up to you!

PS: Again inspired song ‘Unchained Melody’ and my interpretation are Under the cut! 

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Poetry recs? Like your absolute absolute favourites

Okay these are the ones that made me die a little

Some thought on the new villian Stefano Obscura:

So, there are multiple things i would LOVE to bring up, thanks to my amazing friend @gothserved for all of the insight.

So lets start this theory up shall we?

We see Stefano a couple times in the trailer…


First off, we see his eye which we get sucked into– which is very obviously a camera lens. Whereas his other eye looks, almost broken? And that’s where his hair covers so hmmmm?

See, his other eye looks to be scarred– or almost just completely not there at all.


We see stefano stab someone and then the camera-ballerina monster take a picture– Which right before this Sebastian was told to ‘Appreciate the Art’

So Stefano is obviously trying to show him something, what? Well we’re just going to have to see!


We see Stefano completely freeze time– which is something Ruvik can do, so it’s odd that he can as well! – Then Stefano vanishes just as Ruvik could…


We see someone, which I have already assumed it is Stefano taking a picture in a flash of memories,

See, the leather gloves, his eye is covered and only one is showing. MIGHT BE A LONG SHOT BUT IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE TO ME IF IT IS HIM.


The monster who he is in control of is literally a camera,

which seems like Sebastian is going to get blinded a lot by flashes in the game LOL… But more importantly he’s a photographer– hmmm… I’m interested to see how this goes now…


Now this is where things slowly start to get interesting because i’m going to be bringing Ruvik into this scenario… Crazy I know but hear me out.

Right before Sebastian is cornered a bunch of crows come to save him with the… White stuff? Regardless The most symbolic thing to me is the crows who always seem to be watching him… So is there someone looking out for Sebastian? 

Well, another long shot but on the official website, we see Stefano being pulling into the white stuff as well…

Now, doesn’t that arm look familiar? It’s scarred and definitely not one of lauras, considering we would of seen the long nails… So, Is it Ruvik? I personally think so. Even though Ruvik got out of stem his influence seems to be inside STEM still after he has left– so is he watching out for Sebastian?


Anyway feel free to add onto this! This is just what I’ve thought on this new Villain.

like oil in a seed 
like fire in a stone 
I search the outskirts of my soul,
looking for him

but I forget that he doesn’t live with me,
but within me

—  God 

Negan FT. team shirts! Haha now I want to draw Rick in a “Team Family” shirt or something. Everyone needs shirts for the war. Also throwing in the beard for this one haha. ♦♦♦

World of Wakanda is literally about black lesbians (and white men showing up where no one wants them and subsequently gettin they ass beat)

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???