the god tier aspects

useful things for sprite edits

the beta kid sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the beta troll sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the alpha kid sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the alpha troll sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the beta kid symbols and text colors, edited from the MSPA wiki

the beta troll symbols, blood colors, and text colors, edited from the MSPA wiki

the alpha kid symbols and text colors, edited from the MSPA wiki

the alpha troll symbols, blood colors, and text colors, edited from the MSPA wiki

the god tier aspect symbols and colorschemes provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the god tier class sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the god tier sprites, edited from the MSPA wiki

feel free to use these as you wish. if you need a sprite made, send me a message and i’ll do it.

our galaxy and homestuck

in case you didnt get the space symbol: its our galaxy. the milky way consists of a center (the so-called bulge) and six arms spiraling around it.

External image

the galactic center (rotation point) of the milky way is located in the sagittarius constallation, hence equius’ association with milk. in this center is also a supermassive black hole which explains the his role as a void player - and the void symbols design as being the space symbol lacking the middle.

External image

there might even be a lot more connection i havent made yet but ill keep an eye out for more of hussies shenanigans.

and then a fun extra part after u got your classpect down, is looking at you, looking at your god tier, measuring the distance between the two, getting out the map and all the steps and thinking hmm. whats the best way to get there? driving? swimming? airplane? boat? is it two steps away or two miles? do i gotta plan for a week trip or do i just gotta nudge myself to the left on the couch a bit?

and the aspect that best defines the kind of path to your god tier, but not the god tier itself, is the aspect your denizen represents

fo instance if two different people want to sit on the coach called Rogue of Mind, and person A is simply across the room, but person B is in the next country all the way across an oceanic obstacle made of say, Hope, as a random example, that they have to overcome before they can sit on the Rogue of Mind couch,

then Person A likely has a Mind Denizen since all they need to do is slightly tweak their orientation with regards to Mind. Theyre Denizen is more like, a home tutor on proper couch sitting etiquette.

and Person B likely has a Rage Denizen, to help them overcome this Hope obstacle thats getting in their way. Theyre Denizen is like, a boat

both Denizens are helping them get to their classpect, but its just these two particular people need different kinds of help getting to the same place

God-Tier Symbols 2: Keys

A long, long while go I made a series of symbols to represent one’s god tier: both aspect and class. I’ve been wanting to update those for a while. I wanted to update them to be gender neutral, and able to fit anybody’s head canon despite what they thought about the class’s partner or active/passive positioning. I was also just kind of bored of the circle-thing. So behold, my new system for God Tier Symbols, shaped after keys.

The horizontal line means “passive” and the vertical line means “active.” However, if you have a different head canon about the passive/active nature of a class, all you need to do is change the direction of the line without having to come up with an entirely new symbol. Take these, pop the aspect symbol into the circle, and you have described a classpect.

But what if you need more than just a classpect? What if you need to specify what timeline, what character, this classpect belongs to? Because let’s be honest, Homestuck (and fandom!) gets confusing. So this is when we add keychains, which get real complicated real fast.

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The Breath Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

Keywords: Disconnected, Apathetic, Indifference, Detachment, Options, Liberties, Freedoms, Independence, Movement, Separated, Flexibility, Airy, Immaterial, Intangible

Symbols: Pnuema, Wind, Wings/Flight, Bubbles

Breath is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Blood. When I think of Breath, I think of the pure Disconnects between yourself and everything around you. It is the choice to be Apathetic and Indifferent with maintaining the Bonds that you have. It is any and all Detachments from anything that you willingly have. It is the Options and Liberties that you willingly make or have for yourself. It is your Freedom from the matters and concerns of anyone other than you. It is your Independence from people and their Independence of you. Breath is what Moves and Separates you. Those Flexible things that you pick up and put down on whims. It is the Airy world of the Immaterial and the Spirit of the Pnuema, those things that exist Intangibly that you can’t touch or hold. Breath fills your Spirit with the Air and Lifts you Up on Wings, Separating you from everything. It is this Flexibility of Movement that lets you go wherever and whenever you please, nothing able to hold you down in one place.

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Interesting Homestuck Idea

So we learned a new thing about godtiering from Terezi: Remem8er.  When one godtiers, their former self does not merge with their dream self like we once thought was implied with Aradiabot’s explosion (which may have had some other cause if we reexamine I suppose), but rather dies like anyone else would.  Kind of existential, but hey, those are the facts.

Moving right along, I had an interesting idea, as the title implies.  So we know there are three different ways to godtier.

  1. On the Quest Bed (or Quest Cocoon), but it requires two lives to work (IE waking self dies and dream self godtiers)
  2. In the Quest Crypt, but only if a player has died before entering will there be one in the core of their respective city-planet (Prospit or Derse).  Only requires one life, and does not consume others, but could possibly interfere with ghost-selves.
  3. On the Sacrificial Slab.  This one is always found in the moon of Prospit or Derse, regardless of life/death status upon entering.  Dying upon it warrants instant resurrection, and only requires one life to make use of.

So in any typical session, a player will have 2 ways to godtier unless they died before entering and stayed around as a ghost, which is not typical.  This begs the question, can one godtier twice?

Since the Slab only uses one life, hypothetically one’s dream-self could die on the slab and resurrect as a godtier.  Like with Jade and Jadesprite, this change of state would sever the waking/dream relation and make them independent entities, that is until the player dies on their Quest Bed.  If this logic holds out, then technically the godtiered dream self who is now their own person would still be recognized as a dream projection by the game.  If the player the died on their quest bed, they would use their already-godtiered dream self to ascend a second time and become one entity.

Anyone have any other thoughts on the matter?  Do you think this is possible?  If so, what do you think a godtier-x2 would be like?  If not, why not?

>Kenken: Be the hero of your own story

This is still swollen as heck because I literally *just* got done but, here’s the *HUGE* thing I was talking about (also since someone asked, yes feel free to reblog!).

Getting a tattoo of my god tier has been on my bucket list for years, so keeping this quiet was a huge effort for me. This series has been the single most influential and beneficial thing I’ve encountered in my entire life, in all aspects of my life, and now I have a permanent memoir of it. “Be the hero of your own story” is one of my own philosophies, and I think it fits this series perfectly.

To paraphrase Vriska: You don’t have to be extraordinary or have superpowers or even be ‘good’ to be a hero, you just have to decide to be one, to know who you are and stay true to that.

Happy 4/13 everyone! The comic may be over, but the story never ends.