the god of the crawling eyes


I was just recovering from a break up and had actually bunked school. I was lying in bed with a tub of ice cream and I heard my mum and agent crawling up the stairs and I was thinking ‘Oh god, what have I done? Are they going to come and tell me off and that I have to go back to school?’ And then she went ‘Surprise! You’ve got the Tim Burton job.’ I was balling my eyes out, but look at that – doesn’t the universe work in such amazing ways? [on finding out she landed the role of Emma]

there’s a chance to grow darker. there’s a chance my bed space could be filled with stardust. my god, does he know that I’m only a child inside? does he know I crawl into the fridge for a taste of the strawberry yogurt? some nights I lay on the rug frozen from all the sweetness of what my tongue can do. the way I squirm when destiny averts her eyes, and how I smile with all my ink-stained teeth. every time someone mentions love, I reply with a flimsy, ‘where were you?' 

I’m stringing raindrops into a poem, so I won’t have to call it a thunderstorm. or trauma. I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t understand terror. all I know is absence and endless questions. I can’t tell if I write to forget, or to remember.

'where were you when I still knew love? where were you before the train doors closed? where were you when the circus lights came on? where the hell where you sleeping?’

—  STRINGING RAINDROPS INTO A POEM // Patricia Camille Antony
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Warning: NSFW

You had been reading in the common room for 20 minutes.  Everyone was gone except Loki and yourself.  It was a rare occurrence for anyone to be alone here.  Most missions involved everyone now a days.

You and Loki however were unneeded as it was a basic ground and pound mission.

Laying on the chase you started to get twitchy.  It had been months since anyone had touched you.  There were just some days you thought you would crawl out of your skin you were so horny. 

This was one of them.

You put down your book completely unable to focus. Closing your eyes your neck leaned back onto the pillows.  Your hands tangled in your hair. Lush curls spilling around your head.  The light enhancing the golden undertones of your chestnut mane.

A contended smile gracing your lips as your hands worked down to your neck.  Fingertips sliding while your nails grazed your sensitive skin. Peaking over you spotted the god. Your hand dipping into your top to tease your nipple into a hard bud.

While you and the god didn’t like each other there a certain amount of respect.  Mingled with a decent amount of sexual tension.

“Loki.” You said grabbing his attention.

“Hmm.” The only response as he turned a page.  After a verbal sparring match that left you both bereft.  You had an unspoken agreement to keep the sass to a minimum.

“Are you busy?” One hand now stroking your inner thigh.

“Not particularly. Why?” He had noticed your movement.  Watching you out of a mirror that was angled so he may watch you. You were other worldly for a midgaurdian.  The sexual chemistry between the two of you was enough for him to view you as fantasy.

Smirking you turned to face him.  Hand falling from your thigh only to dive into your panties.  Your finger teasing your clit as you felt your body slicken.

“Want to have sex?” Loki jerked momentarily startled by your surprising request.

Arching his eyebrow he turned to take in the full effect. One hand supporting your head.  Lips parted while your chest began to pant in time with your strokes.

His eye’s darkened to a stormy blue. Placing his book down while his hand stroked himself through his pants.

You were nearly irresistible, wantonly displaying your sexuality before him.  Slowly lifting his head into a nod.

That was all you needed to move yourself over to him.  Positioning yourself so as to straddle the Asgardian.  Your hand moving to untie his leather pants.

Eye’s locked while his hands slid up your skirt.  Hands cupping your ass as he pulled down your panties.

Both of you trying to remain in control of your breathing.  Both of you slowly losing that fight.

When his member was finally free standing completely erect you positioned yourself.

Grasping him enough to guide him in to your slick heat. Placing his cock at the bundle of nerves as you slid it down to your waiting heat. A gasp escaping you while your other hand grabbed his shoulder. His hands squeezing your ass in an attempt to fully impale you upon him.

The second his head popped between your lips you had to close your eyes. Biting your lip to keep the sounds in. You didn’t want to give Loki the satisfaction of knowing how good he felt.

Getting your breathe under control you began the achingly delicious slide down. Loki slowly filling you, him grinding his teeth.  He had never had sex with a midgaurdian before.  You were so tight he couldn’t help but begin to pant.  Using all of his will to stay his desire to cum right then.

When you were finally filled to the hilt completely taking him in. Grabbing each other in an attempt to rediscover your self-control.

Both of you giving a satisfied smirk at the success. The next moment you were moving your hips up and down in a steady rhythm.  Smiling with abandon at the friction it was creating.

“Fuck Loki.  Mmmmm yes oh fuck. Hnnnn” Your hand grabbing your breast as you bounced on his cock.

Loki pulling you forward to grind his hip bone into your clit.

All you could do was gasp a small laugh escaping. Leaning into his muscular body whispering indecencies into his ear.

Right before either of you could cum Loki flipped you onto your back. Your legs in the air while he grasped your thighs.  Pounding into you with more force.  Hitting the G spot behind your wall.  Your back arching as you came hard onto his dick.  Loki still sawing into you as your orgasm wracked your body.

“Fuck stop nnnn soo good.  Fuck me from behind.” You managed to mumble out.  Loki putting you onto all four’s.  Upon reinsertion Loki nearly lost it.  Forcing himself to stop, which gave you a moment to recover. 

Your skirt up above your ass his cock penetrating you was sight to behold for Loki.  One of the most powerful and intelligent creatures he had ever met was on her knees. Bouncing on his cock while you turned to look at him.

You gave him a smirk as you rolled your hips.  Loki grabbing your skirt to maneuver you better. A moment later he was cumming inside of you.  Causing you to shiver.  You loved this feeling. Which was why you were on birth control. Being immune to all diseases was just an added bonus.

Loki was hard by the time the thought was done.

“Again?” Loki smirked smacking your ass as he rotated his hips leaning forward to hit a new angle.

“Oooo good choice.” Rocking his hips into you slowly. 

“Faster Loki.  I don’t want to leave my chambers tomorrow.”

Loki kissed your back moving to a seated position he had seen called reversed cow girl.

“Hmm dammit.” You gasped surprised by the move.

“Thought you might like that pet. Now ride.” His dominant behavior riling you up and making you hot.

You rolled your hips while rubbing your clit.  When you didn’t go fast enough Loki pulled your hair. His fingers wrapped in your curls. Lifting his hips at an angle to get as deep as possible.

“Loki that was my cervix stop it.” He smirked hitting it once more to prove he could.  Then lowering himself back down. After you partook of a second orgasm. You layed next to each other.  Each relaxed and content in post orgasmic bliss.

“Thanks.” You said after a few moments of silence.  Each of you getting dressed.  Leaving to your room.  While the only evidence of the interaction the smell of sex in the air.

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(Send me a single word and I’ll write a small fic around it!)

“NO!” Alya screeched.
“Alya?” Chloe looked up from her homework, which, unfortunately, was not doing itself.
“No, this can’t be happening!” Alya buried her face in her hands, throwing her phone across the room.
“What can’t be happening?” Chloe crawled over, picking up the phone. “What happened?”
“My ship!” Alya screamed. “It’s ruined!”

Chloe arched her eyebrow, and stared down at the phone. A picture of Chat Noirnperched on the window to Marinette’s room glared back at her.
“Babe,” Chloe looked up. “We’ve been through this. Chat and Marinette are just friends.”

Alya wasn’t listening. She was too busy curled up under her blankets, crying quietly. Chloe rolled her eyes.

“For God’s sake, Alya, you take this shit too seriously.”

I’m sorry I’m bad at making eye contact and that I turn away from you when I get nervous, whenever I look at you I see the way your ex hurt you and I want to get close enough to crawl inside your heart and mend the god damn thing together, hoping you’d trust me enough to let me stay there.

I’ll dig my head into your blankets and cover my face and you’ll assume it’s because I don’t like looking at you, although you’re the kind of perfect the shade of blood red could be compared to, you just make me nervous and my heart starts to beat faster than the hit on the radio you know every word to.

We could blame each other for waiting for so long to come together, but we were both stuck on the edge of the highways curb with our eyes forced shut, trying to meet each other in the middle, both of us afraid of our bodies getting shattered by a car not wanting us to make it or that each other won’t be brave enough to take a step on to the road.

I want to yell and shake your body and tell you I won’t hurt you but at the same time I want to lay by your side and talk about music and how my favorite kind was when we made it with our tongues. Most of all when I spill out the courage to say how much I want you, I hope you can mean fully say you’d like it if I stayed too.

—  T.P.R
Winchesters Don’t Giggle

So, @misswhizzy and I were having this discussion the other night about giving Dean a back rub, and whether he might be ticklish… and this sort of happened… Liz, this one’s for you :) <3 Tags under the cut

“Ohhhhhhh…..” Dean groans, loud, crawling slowly up the length of the mattress before collapsing on his face. “Everything hurts.”

You rub the sleep from your eyes as you sit up, reaching for his shoulder. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“Shapeshifter kicked my ass. Like Danny Glover says in Lethal Weapon, I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.”

You crawl out from beneath the covers, leaning over to kiss his cheek. “I’m sorry, baby.” You pull gently on his button-down, sliding it down his arms and tossing it to the floor. “Here, let’s get your shirt off, I’ll rub your back.”

He moans again, whether at the thought of a massage or just moving enough to remove his t-shirt, you’re not sure. You go to the bathroom cabinet and grab some baby oil, then climb back onto the bed, carefully straddling him and sitting down on his upper thighs.

“Just close your eyes and relax,” you say softly, and he shifts a little beneath you, settling in. You pour a little oil in your hands and rub them together, warming everything before touching him, and he lets out a long sigh as you run your hands lightly over his shoulders, then down until you reach his waist, distributing the oil over his smooth, tanned skin, admiring the light sprinkling of freckles dusted over his body. You move back up to his neck, rubbing a little harder now, dragging your fingertips down his neck and across the curve of his shoulders, smiling at the little noises he’s making, not bothering to try and hide his pleasure.

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Passive-Aggressive Partnership

Parts 1-20 / Part 21 / Part 22 / Part 23 @coveofmemories @bleedreid @my-xomatosis-s

Part 24

Next Part will probably be the last. 


Just as Spencer hit the floor, Morgan and Hotch fired off a round a piece, hitting Boyland in the shoulder and the head. 

“Spencer!” Y/N screamed, her kicking against the coffin resounding from under the bed. “Spencer!” Her throat was raw from screaming.

As Morgan knelt next to Spencer to make sure he was okay, Emily and JJ reached under the bed to pull the coffin out, freeing Y/N from her isolation. She poured out of the container, tears painting her reddened face as she crawled to his side. “Spence, oh my god, Spence,” she cried, shaking him as she looked behind her. Boyland had been shot right between the eyes. It was over. “Spence, wake up.”

“I’m f-fine,” he said quietly, a smile coming to his face as he lifted his hand to caress hers. “Vest.” Boyland had only managed to get off one round before being taken out. They knew it was going to end in a shootout. He lifted his hand to his chest, tapping the bullet with his hand. Thank god he was wearing a vest. It would’ve hit him square in the chest otherwise - killing him instantly. “Are you okay?” he asked, pushing himself up off the ground as his teammates gathered around them both. “Did he hurt you?”

“I’m okay,” she sobbed, crawling into his lap. “I knew you wouldn’t stop looking for me.”

“Never,” he whispered, finally allowing the tears to fall. He’d been working on autopilot since she’d been taken, not giving his mind time to linger on what he would do if he couldn’t find her, if he’d been too late, if she’d been taken away in front of his eyes. “I knew you’d keep fighting.” As she looked down, she pulled off her shoe, examining her foot to see if she’d hurt herself by kicking the coffin. She would’ve ripped her feet apart if it meant getting back to the life she’d built for herself, the friends she never expected to have, and the boyfriend that had actually been sitting in front of her eyes for years. “We need to get you some medical attention.”

JJ reached out for her hand, but it felt so far away. With help from her and Morgan, Y/N was finally able to get to her feet. “I’m so sorry,” JJ cried, wiping Y/N’s hair out of her face.

“For what?” she asked. She hadn’t done anything wrong. She was just so glad to be out of that container. Looking toward the box, she wondered how she even fit in there. It seemed so small. And if it weren’t for the team, it could’ve been her eternity. What would’ve happened if they hadn’t have found her? Would she have continued fighting until the very end? Maybe she would’ve provoked him enough to kill her and put her out of her misery. Maybe she would’ve taken her own life to end the torture. Or worse, maybe she would’ve been there for the rest of life, eventually thinking that that was where she was meant to be. Thankfully, she’d never know. She’d never have to live that reality.

“I should’ve gone into the office with you,” she said, enveloping Y/N in her arms. “If I’d been in there he wouldn’t have taken you.”

Maybe. But nothing was guaranteed. “Possibly,” she replied. “Or he could’ve killed you and taken me anyway. I don’t blame you, okay?” Suddenly, it dawned on her that the last time she’d seen her intern she was lying flat on the ground. “Jessica,” she said frantically. “Is Jessica okay? He said he was going to shoot her, that’s why I went quietly.”

“She’s fine,” Hotch said. “A little shook up, but she’s perfectly fine. Don’t worry.”

“Oh thank god,” she sighed, leaning into JJ’s shoulder. “I need to see her as soon as possible. She needs to know I don’t blame her.”

As JJ helped her up the stairs and out of the cabin, Morgan extended his hand to Spencer. “You need to get checked out too,” he said. “Getting shot is no joke.” 

“I got hit in the vest, Morgan,” he said, doubling over and taking a deep breath. “I’ll be fine.” The two started to walk away and Spencer caught sight of Boyland, taking note of the bullet wounds in his shoulder and head. “Who shot for the head?” he asked.

“Me,” he said, matter-of-factly, “I wasn’t about to let him get off another round.” And god, he was stubborn. “You’re going to have a gigantic bruise,” he said, placing his arm underneath Spencer’s to help him up the stairs. “You’re getting checked out too. If you won’t listen to me, Y/N will kill you.”

“Did I just hear that you don’t want to get checked out?” Y/N asked as Spencer came up the stairs. “Morgan’s right. You’re getting checked out or I’ll murder you.”

“You can’t boss me around,” he laughed.

“Yes, I can.”

With the ambulance just outside, Spencer went from Morgan to Y/N, taking her out to the ambulance so they could get checked out together. “I would’ve missed you bossing me around,” he laughed. “I’ve kind of grown to like it.”

“I will forever boss you around,” she replied, sitting down at the edge of the ambulance. She had a bruise on the left side of her face from the punch Boyland had thrown earlier, and her feet were a little bruised up from all the kicking, but other than that, the emotional and psychological wounds were worse than the physical. “How is he?” she asked the EMT about Spencer’s bruise. He’d been hit directly in the chest, so he was going to be massively bruised and sore for the next week or so, but he too would be fine.

After letting the EMTs do their jobs, she sat in his embrace just thinking for a moment. “Thank you,” she said, turning into him and kissing his neck. “Thank you for not giving up on me.”

As the wind blew their hair about, he brought his hand up to her face and brushed his lips against hers. “I wouldn’t have. I’m too crazy about you to give up.”

“You’re crazy about me?” she smiled, washing her tongue over his bottom lip before taking his mouth in hers. “I’m kind of crazy about you too, you obnoxious pain in my ass.”

Spencer laughed as she stood up and grabbed his face in her hands, devouring his kisses while the rest of the team looked on. “I think they’re gonna be okay,” Emily said to JJ. “How’re you feeling?” She could still see the guilt painted all over JJ’s face. “She doesn’t blame you. You have to take that at face value.”

“I know,” she replied. “I just can’t help feeling like she’s going to break down at some point, realize what actually happened and what could have happened, and blame me, which I would understand, because I blame myself.”

“Neither of them blame you,” Rossi said, placing his hand on her shoulder. “It’s over.”


“You alright?” Spencer asked, watching as Y/N stared out the window with tears in her eyes. She’d been through so much in the past couple of weeks, it was a wonder she hadn’t broke out into sobs until now. 

She nodded, a cry getting caught in her throat as she turned to him and grabbed at her throat. “I’m alive…” she said, “Why am I crying when I’m okay? I get to go home.”

“It’s completely natural,” Spencer replied. “You’ve been through a trauma. A very real, very frightening trauma. You can’t expect that just because your alive everything is fine. You’re going to be on edge for a while, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a little bit of PTSD.” When he looked over toward JJ, he could see the guilt wash over her.

A sob rolled through her has the members of the team listened in on her horrible experience. “I just…that box…that’s my worst fear, Spence. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe. If it wasn’t for the fact that I grabbed onto the pants I’m wearing, I wouldn’t have even had any sense that I was a real person, you know? Like…none of it felt real.”

“That makes sense,” he said, grabbing her hand and rubbing the back of her palm. “But you’re alive. You’re okay. I’m here and I’m not leaving.”

On the way back to Quantico, Y/N silently sobbed in the back seat, thanking any God that would listen for sparing her life while she fell asleep on Spencer’s shoulder.

ok but at some point declan probably tried to dream things into reality and then failed and then tried again and again hoping his father would care about him if he proved himself. but it never worked and that only made him feel worthless and different and every time he’d look at some dream object in the house he would feel like smashing it to the ground - that’s probably why he was glad of those boxing lessons, because they kept his rage in check, plus some part of him hoped being good at that would make niall look at him with eyes full of pride and god, how hard he must have tried to suffocate that need for approval and acknowledgment, it only made him feel smaller and a failure. 

how many times do you think little declan had nightmares but was afraid niall wouldn’t care because they weren’t real enough so he just hugged his pillow and hoped niall didn’t hear him cry into it (not that niall was home often)

and it was probably little ronan who would crawl in bed with him and just hold his hand. 

I wish you could be here when everything gets quiet. Because the moment everything stops, is the moment everything starts in my head. It’s the overwhelming realization that I feel. So Fucking. Alone. It’s 11 o'clock and I’m thinking about the laundry I should probably put away or the food I should probably eat or the fact that I’d probably feel better if I showered. But before I know it, it’ll be midnight and I’ll be thinking about too much
and too much
and fuck it’s 11:04
and I’m already thinking too much
and my heart hurts and my eyes are tired
and my god I’d do anything
just to have you here for a moment
to make me forget anything
that’s too much

Now it’s 12:37 and I’m scared to go to bed. I’ve been standing at the edge of my bed for over an hour and I’m scared to crawl under the covers and feel the emptiness around me and feel the hard grasp of “lonely” take me by the throat and push me down further in this dark hole of whatever the fuck i’m feeling all the time.

—  i wrote this over two months ago and still need you just as much

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rewrite this update pls I need Nat remembering everything and a hug and I just need them in love and healing

her eyes open slowly. light filters through her blinds and hits her face, offering a brief flash of warmth before a shadow cuts in front of it. she blinks.

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Sammy hushes Dean’s protests as he sinks down onto his big brother’s cock. Dean’s eyes are closed, tears prickling behind his eyelids. He never wanted this, but it happened, God help him but it happened on a drunken night when Dean was whiskey weak and unable to stop his baby brother from getting on his knees and sucking him deep into his throat, then crawling on top of him and riding Dean while his nails left red half-moon marks on Dean’s arms. Dean had watched as his Sammy, thirteen year old Sammy, came messily all over himself as he bounced on his big brother’s cock.

Sam’s eyes were almost black then.

They are now, too, as he rides Dean, slowly and obscenely. “Daddy,” little Sammy moans, pinching at his own nipples. Dean tries to push him off. He tells him to stop, he feels bile rising in his throat. “Sam,” he begs, voice breaking and small in the dark and dusty motel room. “Don’t do this, please.”

The expression on Sam’s young face is frighteningly cold and merciless. “Gonna make you come this time, daddy.”

When Dean inevitably does, he wants to die. And Sam’s eyes still scare him.

Monsters crawl out of Tartarus all the time. They come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe, one day, a three headed hellhound puppy crawls out. it’s just an innocent pup, so Hades really doesn’t have the heart to kill it. He gives it to Hermes to give away. Hermes is at a loss as to who would accept a hellhound  pup with three heads, who’ll probably grow up to be murderous. He is sitting at a tavern, thinking. Just then a huge, hairy stranger walks in and orders a drink. Hermes notices that he is crying and muttering something like “Ergog”. “I’m Hermes”, the god introduces himself. The stranger turns to him, wipes his nose and eyes, and holds out a huge hand, “Rubeus Hagrid”, he says.

You’re going to end up sneaking in at the dead of night, I can feel it. I’ll think it’s sleep paralysis because I’ll hear you coming into the room and see the light peering from outside the room before you shut it and slowly crawl over me. Your hollow dark eyes are all I can stare into and feel the nothingness but hunger within them, and your tongue slowly falls out, and you peer your canines. God, so many people would call you a monster but I don’t see it as a bad thing. At least not anymore. You’ve convinced me otherwise, and we made a deal together.

If you won’t harm my family, then you’ll harm me.

I hardly wince, and a nice sigh leaves my mouth when your curved nails slowly trace marks and signatures into my torso after you pull my shirt up. I hear you humming under your breath as you make sketches on me with crimson rivulets, and it feels wonderful. Like I’m numbed from every sensation from agony, and all I can do is watch your every moves and I feel you eager against your pants. Then you start to leave black and blue shades onto my stomach and hips, with teeth grazing my skin, and your harsh purrs rumbling against sensitive flesh. Claws will dig into my thighs and slowly open wounds along my inner thighs. That’s so you’ll make me feel everything. Jesus fuck, when you dig your tongue into the wounds, I remember how soft and long it is, and you’re gentle even when you drink all the crimson away. After you lean up to give some soft kisses and nips on my neck to show how much more you love me, I feel you rub against me. Now it’s time.

Claim me.

I won’t resist. ♥

Harry shifted in his position on the bed as he tried yet again to escape, tugging on the handcuffs and making them rattle. He looked around the dim-lit room, waiting and waiting for you to come back. Fuck, how did he even get in this position? It all started when you suggested a little game - but Harry didn’t think it would end up like this. In fact, he much rather preferred having you cuffed up to the bed instead of him! 

A pathetic whimper left his mouth when you walked into the room dressed in nothing but a particularly revealing set of lingerie, Harry’s eyes blowing wide as he allowed himself to scan his eyes over your figure. God, you looked amazing. All he wanted was to be able to run his hands along your body, maybe give your bum a little squeeze if he really wanted to. 

“Y/N, please..” He croaked, practically lurching forward when you had crawled onto the bed to give him a chaste kiss. “Yeh win, yeah? I don’ wanna play this game anymore..” Harry trailed off, his tongue running over the side of his mouth as you reached behind to unclasp your bra. He remained speechless when you went over to straddle him, the bra straps already sliding down your shoulders. 

“I need you to do something for me, Harry..” You exhaled, your hand sliding down his bare chest. So close, so close until he could feel your hand around him. 

“Anythin’ for yeh..” He murmured, gasping lightly when you leaned in and began nipping at the skin of his neck.

“Wake up.” What? He stared at you in confusion as you gave him a glare with your hands on your hips.


“Harry, wake up!” All of a sudden, there was a bright flash of light, Harry opening his eyes to see you straddling him while holding a pillow up above your head - clearly you were about to smack him awake. 

“What the-” No, no! He was in the middle of the greatest dream and he was so terribly close - this wasn’t happening!

“There we go! It’s nearly 12 in the afternoon, you lazy bug.” You smiled, tilting your head as you tossed the pillow to the side. 

“No.. no, no, no!” Harry whined, his eyebrows furrowing together as he thought about what could have happened in the dream. Maybe if he fell asleep again it would come back! 

“Oh, don’t be like that. And don’t go back to sleep! I’ve already prepared lunch for us and the tea’s getting cold.” You tapped the tip of his nose, leaning down to give him a kiss before getting off of him and making your way towards the door. 

“Y/N?” Harry called out, making you turn around to look at him. 


“Would yeh ever be interested in usin’ handcuffs on me?” 


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  • Matt: We can't kill anyone!
  • Elektra: Okay. But what about severely maim? Is that on the block?
  • Matt: NO! that man dead?!
  • Frank: No, I just snapped his spine. He's fine. Crawl it off, you wimp!
  • Matt: ...god DAMN IT!
  • Frank: Now, Choir Boy, what happened to no taking the lord's name in vain?
  • Matt: Get out of my face or I swear.
  • Elektra: You swear to what?
  • Frank: Yeah? Swear to what? GOD?!
  • Matt: ...I will kick you off this building.