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The Mountain Goats - The Legend Of Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero, Sr. has died. Champ, when we met, you were gracious, kind, open, & giving. It has been an honor over the past few years, to be in touch with you - to hear from you at holidays, to see what a true champion you were in life. I will miss you so so much. - The Mountain Goats


Born down in El Paso where the tumbleweeds blow
To the middleweight champ of all of Mexico
Dad fought many bloody battles and raised four sons
Chavo was the oldest one
Old man Gory could pop like a live grenade
Raised his boys in the way of the trade
Hector and Mando, young Eddie G
Chavo meant the most to me

Look high, it’s my last hope
Chavo Guerrero coming off the top rope!

He came from Texas seeking fortune and fame
Rose pretty quickly to the top of his game
Defender of the downtrodden, king of the hill
Tag-team champion with Al Madril
Before a black and white TV in the middle of the night
I’m lying on the floor, I’m bathed in blue light
With the telecast in Spanish, I can understand some
And I need justice in my life, here it comes


Red Shoes Dugan
Holding his arm high all out of breath
I hated all of Chavo’s enemies
I would pray nightly for their death
Descending like fire
On the people who deserved it most
Always completely unknown
Outside of Texas and the West Coast

He was my hero back when I was a kid
You let me down but Chavo never once did
You called him names to try to get beneath my skin
Now your ashes are scattered on the wind
I heard his son got famous, he went nationwide
Coast-to-coast with his dad by his side
I don’t know if that’s true but I’ve been told
It’s real sweet to grow old


the shot you wanted (zimbits, 6k)

This fic started out as a drabble in response to @iwantakokokringle’s request for a “zimbits zoo meetcute”. 6000 words later and here we are…

“He’s late,” Bitty grumbled as he bounced up and down on his toes, trying to spot the photographer in the swarm of students around them. His search was a little hindered in that he wasn’t sure who he was looking for exactly. He had only corresponded with the Daily’s photographer Brian over email and Brian’s student ID picture left a lot to be desired in identification purposes.

Next to him, Trina shrugged as she leaned over the card table they had set up to be their ticket booth for the weekend. The poster board that they had decorated to proclaim loudly “SAMWELL DANCE PRESENTS THE PETTING ZOO! ADMISSION 3 TICKETS” flapped in the wind as she taped it a little more securely to the table.

Just then, he spotted a tall dark-haired guy with a camera slung around his neck through the crowd. The guy was taller than Bitty would have guessed based on his student ID picture and a lot better looking, but the heavy-duty camera and the slightly lost look on his face as he scanned the crowd seemed like pretty good indicators. This was Brian at last. Bitty waited another minute as Brian looked around the crowd and with a roll of his eyes, he plunged into the crowd to retrieve the photographer. He had things to do this afternoon that did not include waiting around for the Daily’s errant photographer after all.

“For God’s sake,” Bitty said to himself as he dodged a gaggle of girls to land himself in front of the photographer. He still hadn’t managed to catch Brian’s attention until he reached out and grabbed his arm. Brian looked down at him, clearly startled, and frowned. Bitty immediately took his hand back and cleared his throat. “You’re looking for the petting zoo, right?” he asked.

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presumably because i have incriminating photographs of john darnielle stealing the key to the city, i was allowed to do another tour poster for the mountain goats. the topic of the poster is werewolf.

printed by my dudes at industry print shop in texas, available in the cities that are written on it on the dates that the concerts happen, possibly online afterwards, depending on how many people are too terrified to buy one in person.

i grew up pretty obsessed with wrestling and i am of a background whose traditions emphasize the dominance of werewolf over all other monsters, so this one was especially fun to do.

ierohero  asked:

The mountain goats have a mexican wrestling concept album called beat the champ which I love,,, might not be ur taste but I thought I'd throw it out there to combat all the marianas trench recommendations lmao

werewolf gimmick rlly stood out and i admire the concept… but yeah it’s not my usual taste