the goats are eating the grass

Shepherds in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia. The animals are not fed grain, so every day someone has to lead them to areas where the snow is not as deep so they can find grass to eat. The backpacks the herders wear are for putting newborn lambs or kids in to keep them warm. Photo by Tariq Sawyer.


Rest in peace to my favorite goat, with the most beautiful soul. Over these last two years I’ve connected with Clark in ways I didn’t know to be possible with a farm animal. When I first moved to Kentucky he was just a little, shy baby and slowly, with the help of some tasty grain, I was able to gain his trust and love. Clark never tried to head butt me or eat my hair like the other boy goats. He would come when you called his name (unless he was munching on a yummy patch of grass) and would always lay right next to me when I sat on the ground. So I guess what I’m getting at is he was literally the best goat you could ask for, and I will always hold a very special place in my heart for this loving boy ❤️

A lot of people on tumblr enjoyed Clark so I figured we could all give him one last goodbye 😭

  • Aries: ram running thru the forest n butting people
  • Taurus: bull eating grass
  • Gemini: twins that never stop arguing
  • Cancer: crab hiding in its shell
  • Leo: lion roaring n flipping their mane
  • Virgo: virgin goddess of the harvest
  • Libra: aesthetically pleasing scales
  • Scorpio: poisonous horny desert animal
  • Sagittarius: half man half horse that shoots flaming arrows
  • Capricorn: half goat half fish that climbs mountain for clean air
  • Aquarius: water god that likes humans
  • Pisces: two fishies chasing each other

My brother used to be a radio announcer in a rural Australian town and one time he had nothing to talk about so he told the listeners about how his lawn was getting long and asked if anyone wanted to lend him a goat to eat his grass and someone got back to him and delivered a goat to his place that they’d do a live cross to every few hours then they got hacked by Anonymous


Daredevil goat confronts & befriends tiger who was supposed to eat it

If you’ve ever struggled with the riddle about a farmer having to cross the river in a boat while carrying a tiger, a goat and grass, then perhaps this story from Russia’s Primorsky Safari Park can be used as a cheat code of sorts.

Amur, a Siberian tiger, living in the park has reportedly befriended a goat called Timur, after park officials had sent the goat to the tiger’s enclosure as a prey.

According to the park’s director, Dmitry Mezentsev, Amur usually eats live animals twice a week, and in the past, it had killed many goats. However earlier this week, after Timur had been sent to Amur’s enclosure, the aggressive goat started to charge at the tiger, confronting it with its horns.

Thereafter, in another act of defiance, Timur occupied the space that Amur usually sleeps in, leaving the tiger with no option but to take refuge on the shelter’s roof, reports Huffpost Weird News.

Mezentsev says that Amur appeared confused by the strange situation and decided not to mess with Timur. And now, it seems that the early animosity has been put aside, with the two of them developing a friendship and following each other around.

I have some terrible news.

I just ordered a pizza. With a bunch of stuff on it that I thought would be delicious. Spinach, arugula, basil pesto, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella……

But. Nope. It was terrible. This is the worst pizza ever. I never thought I’d meet a pizza I didn’t like. But I hate this. It’s horrible.

I’m so sad.

Flourite for Gemsona Week CC:

Name: Flourite, Rit for short.

Age: fuck knows
Gender: uses male pronouns
Height: around 180-185cm 


  • Owns a cat and tree ducklings.
  • Illiterate (cant read or write).
  • Scared of dogs.
  • Pickles can apparently hurt his fysical form so much he’ll retreat to his gem.
  • Was once eaten alive while healing in his gem, doesnt like to talk about it.
  • Lives on a mountain cliff surrounded by ocean and forests. One open plain he uses for training and a safe place for animals like sheep and mountain goats to eat grass off of.