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The Reunion

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - Avengers x female!Reader

Request: Hey Bae 😚 would you like to do an imagine where you were Buckys wife in the 40s and after he got taken by Hydra you went through the same fate. Now 70 years later they found you during a mission captured and take you to the compound. Bucky feels overly happy but fears you won’t recognise him, but you do. So over the time you slowly get along with the new life and also your feelings for Buck didn’t change, you just experience a more intense love life 😉 this would be great & some smut hehe -anon

Warnings: Smut/NSFW (18+) - fingering and oral (female receiving) - some language - a wee bit o’ angst

Word Count: 3.6K

A/N: College is really stressful and I’ve had such a bad mental week, it’s been great. Any ways, here’s some good ol’ smut! There’s plenty more where this came from, so I hope it’s what you were searchin’ for. Requests/asks are still open, so feel free to drop somethin’!

Bucky’s P.O.V.

Y/N. Her name was Y/N.

It’s missions that this that remind me of her. The flakes falling around us bitterly kiss my face as Steve and I trudge through endless mounds of snow, heading for the large, rusted metal door embedded in the rough stone of the mountain. This is where I was kept under HYDRA control - where my previous life has ended and this new one began.

Y/N was my comfort - she kept me grounded. We had first met during a night-out in the city. I had convinced Stevie to go to a club with me, and she was the first woman I saw when I stepped into the dim room. We spent the whole night drinking and chatting, and by the end of the night, I knew she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with - I just never knew our time together would be so short.

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Got any tips for getting your crush to notice you?

Joker: Okay, so today we’ll make it our goal to get to the stairs of the third floor, clearing out all enemies and treasure along this one. That way, we-


Yusuke: Just act casual and they’ll notice eventually.

Truth Or Consequences

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Word Count: 2.8k (One Shot)

Genre: Fluff

Summary: A simple dare has you wondering just how innocent Do Kyungsoo is 

Warnings: Light Teasing, Language

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“Tell me that you are well enough to play.”

Neil reluctantly drags his gaze away from the court to meet Wymack’s stern look, and he offers one, curt nod, knowing full and well that any verbal response won’t end in his favor thanks to the rasp that’s clinging to his tone.

Neil can see the hesitance coloring Wymack’s narrowed eyes and opts to risk his hoarse voice to further emphasize that he can do this. “I can play,” he says, tone pushing past the rasp to come off as eager and confident. He bounces on the balls of his feet, gaze darting from the Wymack, to the court, then back to his coach.

“Don’t make me regret sending you out there,” Wymack says just as he nods toward Dan to lead his team out onto the court.

Neil offers one final nod right before he steps out onto the court. He eyes the large, orange paw print painted on the floor as pride swells within his chest, and he moves to his starting position as he mentally shoves his ailments into the far back of his mind.

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Just Friends | Jeff Atkins

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“Friends don’t touch each other like that” Jessica mumbled to y/n as Jeff wrapped his arms protectively around her waist as they watched the guys play soccer at the beach. 

Usually Jeff would be playing with them but y/n knew he was too distracted by the group of guys that had claimed a spot next to them, that were constantly chatting and checking Jessica and y/n out. 

Y/n brushed off her friend’s remark and just leaned back against Jeff feeling his strong muscles embrace her, y/n couldn’t fight the smile that formed on her lips as the feeling of Jeff’s arm holding her made her feel so safe and secure.

Jessica coughed pulling y/n out of her trance and gave her a look, “we’re just friends” y/n said half-heartedly although she knew the truth and of course so did Jeff, his hold tightening around her. 

Y/n laid on Jeff’s bed in only his shirt, it was midday and he had gone to baseball practice while she was asleep, leaving her a note on his bedside table and a kiss on her forehead. Y/n sighed and got up after half an hour of just laying in bed playing on her phone, y/n slip on one of Jeff’s boxers just in case his parents were home. Y/n yawned while walking down stairs deciding to make breakfast, she knew Jeff probably hadn’t eat properly before he went to practice so she wanted him to have something to eat when he got home.

Soon enough y/n had cooked some pancakes, bacon and egg, she was setting the table and when she heard the door unlock, she continued doing her thing then smiled feeling arms wrap around her waist.

“Good morning princess, what’s this?”

“Nothing special, I just wanted you to have a proper breakfast”

He grinned and kiss her shoulder, y/n turned to face him and smiled seeing Jeff’s sweaty but still adorable face.

“It’s always special if it’s from you.” He admitted placing his forehead against hers making her blush. 

Bruce’s party had taken y/n away from her usual nexflix marathon, Jessica had called her out since she hadn’t gone to the last few parties so she came to make Jessica happy. Y/n walked in dressed in her sexiest dress, earlier having decided that if she was going to go out she might as well go all out. Stepping into Bruce’s house she instantly got looks and just smiled in return, walking to the kitchen to grab herself a drink, she didn’t notice a particular baseball player staring intently at her.

Monty pushed Jeff who seemed to be in some trance as y/n walked into the room.

“Just friends huh Jeff?” Monty teased making Jeff roll his eyes, he knew this was how things would be if the two left their relationship unlabelled but that was how they liked it.

He glanced back up at the girl who just a few days ago was withering underneath him as he fucked her. Jeff closed his eyes remembering that night, their moans filling the (luckily) empty house, their bodies intertwined as they both left marks on each other. Monty pushed Jeff again as he noticed him getting a little excited , a loud laugh from Monty caused y/n to glance over at the two boys.

She smiled and strutted over to them holding her drink, she realised there was limited space around the boys and decided to sit on the lap of a flustered Jeff. Monty smugly smirked at the two as he leaned back and sipped his beer, Jeff glared at him and his hand found its way onto y/n’s hip, she loved back, closer against Jeff’s chest then froze as she felt something particularly hard against her ass. Jeff instantly grabbed her and held her still so she didn’t cause his problem to grow, though his attempt to stop her y/n began to circle her hips against Jeff’s crotch. 

Suddenly Monty got up, “okay this is too much for me, have fun, be safe and Jeff tell me if you find a girl that’s willing to be ‘just friends’ with me eh?” Monty winked and walked away leaving a grinning y/n and a flustered Jeff in the corner of the living room. 

Zach and y/n sat next to each other as they studied for their English exam that was on Friday, y/n sat seemingly close to Zach as they shared a book that was needed for the test. Y/n didn’t notice her hair covering the book until she felt it being pushed behind her ear, making her blush as she realised how close Zach was in doing so. 

A slam of books on the table pulled the two away from their encounter, y/n shyly moved away from Zach and looked up at the fuming boy that interrupted them, Jeff. Y/n knew Jeff was mad but just continued to work as she didn’t want to handle Jeff’s jealousy, and they fact that she did nothing wrong justified her actions. 

Zach awkwardly got up, silently packing away his things, he mumbled an excuse before kissing y/n’s forehead, y/n and Zach had a brother/sister relationship so it was natural but to Jeff it was such a threat that he wanted to tackle Zach right then and there.

After some time of silence from y/n with Jeff trying to get her to talk, resulting in him getting told to ‘be quiet’ several times, when finally, the librarian came around and asked Jeff to leave. He sighed a glanced at y/n but her frowned eyebrows let him know she was pissed at him, so he unarguably left and went to sit outside the library, willing to wait however long it took for y/n to either finish studying or calm down. 

After a couple of hours with many people entering or leaving the library, Jeff was dozing off while waiting when he saw a familiar (your/hair/colour) girl exit the library, she glanced at the jock sat on the floor in front of the library but turned away and continued her walk to her car. Jeff stumbled after the girl, his mind fuzzy with fatigue but his goal was clear.

“Please y/n wait” he begged but wasn’t given an answer.

He sighed and followed her outside to her car, she unlocked it and opened the door just for a hand to push it back closed. She glared at the boy.

“Talk to me baby girl.” She shook her head in response and Jeff groaned at her stubbornness.

“Look I’m sorry okay,” Jeff started at y/n gave him a look to continue “I just…I was jealous. I hate how close he gets to you and I feel like he wants to take you away from me,” y/n rolled her eyes and he continued “I know, I know, you guys are like siblings but still…”

Y/n felt as though Jeff had nothing else to say so she attempted opening her door again but Jeff kept his hand against it.

“Fine you want more? I love you y/n! There I said it okay? I love you. You stubborn brat that for some reason I am absolutely obsessed with, I love you.”

Y/n smiled at the ground trying to hide it from Jeff but of course he saw it and pulled her close to him so their foreheads resting against each other.

“I think you owe my something in response princess.”

Y/n looked into Jeff’s dreamy blue eyes and sighed, licking her lips before saying, “I love you too my jealous Jeffery.”


A/N: Thank you for reading, I just wanted to write this because I loved the thought of being ‘just friends’ with Jeff so I hope you enjoyed it and please don’t be afraid to request ♡

proud (an antoine griezmann imagine)

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summary: atletico madrid get knocked out of the copa del rey and antoine looks to his girlfriend for comfort

You hadn’t been able to make it to the game that evening. Instead of heading to Barcelona to watch the match live and cheer Atletico on from the stands, you’d been forced to rely on Twitter, thanks to your boss insisting on holding a meeting the next morning at 9am.

If it were any other match, you would have been disappointed. Instead, you’re kind of grateful. Watching Antoine’s face fall and a sad smile grace his features as the team applauded the away fans had been bad enough through your laptop screen, and you’re pretty sure seeing it in the flesh would have been enough to make you never want to watch a football match again.

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Cap’s Girl - Sidney Crosby Imagine

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inspired by this imagine

We were walking hand in hand into the arena. I looked to Sidney his jaw was clenched “Babe you okay?” I asked him Sid looked at me giving me a small smile  “I’m fine” he lied but I let it go as he kissed my forehead.

The Penguins were playing against the flyers which was the reason Sid was so quiet understandable since he was determined on taking them down. 

Sid was changed and ready to play, I walked over to him “Baby you’ll do great win or lose I love you” I smiled standing on my tiptoes to kiss him “okay guys it’s time” Sully called causing us to pull away I turned around “Y/n didnt realize you were here. How are you?” he asked hugging me “i’m great how bout you Sully?” I replied “great” he smiled Geno walked over to us “you let Cap’s Girl come to bench?” he asked Sully expectantly “sure get into uniform Y/n we’ll see ya in 5″ he beamed.

“Is that okay with you?” I questioned Sidney “course it is Babe you know I love having you with me” he smiled I mimicked his smile then headed off to change.

I met Sidney while I was working as a Physical Therapist for the team. It started off as not so stubble flirting to dating. The team gave me more of a laid out working schedule since Rodrick joined the crew,which was great.

I headed to the bench standing next to Sully and the other therapist Rodrick. Sid began talking to Kessel on how they were going to play when Giroux came over “Hey Sexy why don’t you work on our side” he winked “pass” I rolled my eyes Sidney got up territorially “Fuck off Claude” he spat Giroux leaned over with a sly smile “if it’s a Captain you’re looking to fuck I wouldn’t go for Crybaby Crosby over here” he smirked thats when Sid held his hand up to punch him “catch you on the ice Crosby” with that he skated off.

Sid walked out and into the change room “I’ll talk to him” I told Sully following after him. Sid threw his stick angrily “I hate that fucking asshole” he grumbled I grabbed him calming him down “Babe don’t let him get to you he’s an ass” I informed him “I just hate how he objectified you” he explained “i know baby i know” I nodded.

Flower walked in "Game starts in 5” he informed us I nodded at him as he left. “you okay?” I asked Sidney “nothing a game wont fix” he gave me a warm smile I pecked his lips quickly and lead the way back to the bench. - The game was great the crowd were loving every minute of it. The pens were winning 3-1 it was almost time the intermission. We were all calm no injuries till Claude slammed into Geno totally knocking him on his back “Shit” I cursed Sidney looked to me then back at Geno as he stood on the bench.

 When I saw he wasn’t making any attempts at getting up I headed to him “Geno you okay?” I asked him “back hurt” he replied “can you get up?” I questioned “I don’t know” he responded “lets try okay” I held his arm as Kessel held his other. We both helped him to the therapy room I dismissed Kessel once Geno was seated on the table he nodded and headed back to the game. I checked Geno for anything broken but he said he was fine it was just the impact and he was okay to return. We heard footsteps it was Sid “Geno you alright buddy?” he asked him “I’m okay Sidney” Geno told him “that fucking Giroux he did it on purpose he knows your my best friend” Sidney spoke with his jaw clenched “Babe relax Geno’s fine thats all that matters” I tried to ease his anger. 

I cleared Geno to play so we all made our way back to the game the refry thankfully gave Pittsburgh a powerplay while Claude had a penalty. We scored two more goals thanks to Sid and Geno but once Giroux’s time was up all hell broke loose he was in a face off against Sidney I dont know what he said but I could tell it pissed Sid. As soon as the puck dropped and Sid passed it to Phil he threw his gloves and attacked Claude. He had some great throws in before he slammed Claude to the floor with a bloody nose gaining him a penalty with 5 minutes left in the final period. 

 As the buzzer rang and the crowd cheered everyone waved and left. I waited patiently for Sidney once he skated to me I noticed a small cut just above his lip but he stormed past me. “Let him cool down Claude said some not so great things” Oli explained I nodded heading to change my clothes and to wait for him at the back where we always met up.

 40 minutes later Sidney showed up “Hey Baby” i smiled he clenched his jaw “Sid whats bothering you?” I asked softly he looked down then up at me “Claude said he slammed Geno so he could get a good look at your ass then proceed to explain how he’d ‘take care of you’ if he had the chance” Sid ended with his lips in a line I moved my hand to touch his face “he was pushing your buttons to get you to snap he’s an asshole forget him just know I chose you and only you” I smiled at him wholeheartedly “i know it’s ju-” I interrupted him “I understand and thats okay” i nodded “i love you so much y/n” he leaned down to kiss me then pulled away “and i love you” i beamed.


The Night We Met (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: Cursing, masturbation, angst
A/N:  Inspired by Lord Huron’s album Strange Trails. I highly suggest listening to the song that inspired the title, as it was the basis of the whole thing. Get your damn hankies out bc this is a bitch.
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~3400 words

When you had not touched me yet, Oh, take me back to the night we met

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tp zelink - height difference: One day the princess catches Link in the kitchen, trying to grab something from the upper cabinets but he can't reach it. She offers to help and what Link does next WILL SHOCK YOU! He lifts her up in his arms and ask her to grab it for him LOL

Had to go with the library. Sorry :,(

“Shit…” Link half grunted, half whispered as he tried to reach for the book that was in one of the higher shelves inside the library. He was going at it for a few mins now, but all of his efforts were to no avail.

He spared a look at the other end of the room. His pride wouldn’t let him bring the small ladder she was standing next to. No, no, no…that would make HER notice and he knew, it wouldn’t take her seconds to figure it all out. She was the bearer of Wisdom after all.

He returned his attention back to his goal. He was starting to get annoyed, so he jumped and he regretted the second his boots hit the floor.

He whirled his head back at the place she was standing at and saw her watching him with curious, wide, velvety blue eyes that he loved so much. Her curious expression turned into one of amusement when she put one and two together. She slowly shut the book she was reading and held it to her chest. She all but floated to his side, taking small, fast steps towards him. The mirth in her eyes became more clear as she stood next to him, observing the scene. She started talking and her beautiful voice filled the room.

“Do you need help?” She asked. All innocent and pure. Tucking a strand of hair behind her pale ear.

“No, I am fine.” He answered in one breath.

She got a little closer to him and he cursed his wolf powers, when her perfume and scent filled his nostrils.

“Are you sure?”

She was by no means, taller than him, but the heels she wore gave her an inch or two over him. He knew, she wasn’t asking for him to let her try to reach for the book. She wasn’t dumb and stubborn like him, she knew her limits. She was offering him, her advice on how to get the thing…but his pride wouldn’t let him to give up so easily and choose the obvious way.

An idea formed in his head and he glanced back at the bookshelf for a second, then turned to stare at her face with an intense gaze, which caused her pale cheeks flush pink as she held his gaze.

“You know what…maybe I do need your help.” At last he spoke.

“Huh…Ho–Yeeek” she let out a surprised yell and dropped her book, when he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her over his head as if she weighed nothing.

“Can you get that book for me? The one with the green cover.” He asked.


She shivered. The feel of his calloused hands on her waist caused the butterflies flutter inside her belly. She reached out for the book with a shaky hand, taking it out of the shelf.
Curiosity came over her again and she read the name of the book.

How to grow taller within a month


He set her down and she could finally breath normally again. She smoothed her dress and cleared her throat before handing him the book he wanted, while he returned her the book she dropped.

“Didn’t know you were unhappy with your height…”

“Who? Me? No, I am fine. I am taking this book for a…friend. Yes. That’s all.”

She quirked one delicate eyebrow. “Is that so? A friend you say…”

“Yes. A close friend…” He smiled nervously “…anyways, Thanks for you help, princess.”

And with that said, he practically ran off.

She just stood there, smiling. Thinking to herself.

‘Oh, you…pumpkin head dummy. You don’t need to be taller than me for me to like you.’


When he returned a month later, at least 5 inches taller than her and she thought, maybe she did like him better when he was tall and all over her lithe form now…
Yes…she could get behind that idea. Xoxo.

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Hello! How about Bendy teaching his S/O (who is really shy) how to dance?

Bendy teaching his S/O how to dance Headcanons:

  • It all started when you both were listening to music together
    • Featuring, of course, Bendy dancing to the music while his S/O watched with a smile on their face
  • He asked you to dance with him, like a gentleman 
    • “May I have this dance,m’lady?” 
  • Was at first shocked when you turned him down
    • resulting in him being very sulky due to rejection 
  • Boris later confronting him saying you did not know how to dance
    • Bendy not knowing why you just did not tell him, but remembering you were very shy 
  • Ever since he learned this, he made it a personal goal to get you to dance with him 
  • Borrowing records from the music department to find the perfect slow song to dance to
    • Once finding the perfect song he would get the scene ready for you. 
  • Which included lit candles, dim lights, snacks, and a clearing in the middle of the floor 
    • Finally finishing the last touch by putting on his best dress tie for the occasion, while feeling a bit nervous 
  • He would practically drag his s/o to the room to surprise them, while being a gentleman as if it were their first date again 
    • After complimenting his s/o and enjoying snacks he would begin the lessons 
  • “Alright doll, just put your hands here” 
  • Accidentally stepping on his feet a couple of times 
    • Resulting in a hurt but smiling bendy, because he honestly loves his s/o so much 
  • He would start out by simply swaying in the same spot
    • Looking his S/O in the eyes and complimenting them, saying how beautiful they are 
  • Then he would get the idea to have his s/o stand on his feet while he would move around
    • Honestly just loving how close his S/O is to him 
  • Finally taking it a step further by trying to move to the beat
    • And pleasantly surprised when his s/o begins to get the hang of it 
  • “I see a dancin’ career in your future, sweetcheeks!” 
  • After a couple more lessons he would then advance to his favorite type of dancing - swing dancing 
  • Honestly so proud of his s/o 
    • Often showing off his s/o dancing skills
  • But only he can dance with his s/o 
    • Jealous demon 
  • Overall a great teacher 
    • love him 

Anonymous said:

Stuckony AU Tony and Bucky are together and love each other very much. Steve had always liked Bucky but stepped back when he realised Bucky likes Tony. When he started talking to Tony he started liking him too and was horrified with his feelings. Tony and Bucky had always liked Steve but thought they would have no chance since Steve never showed any indication. The three talk when Steve starts withdrawing and end up together. Happy ending.

This is going to be a multi-part fill. There will be a happy ending, but you know these boys. They have a lot of baggage to sort out. This is NOT Civil War compliant. Picks up after Age of Ultron. I just didn’t want to deal with that mess in this one. OTL. The pain of being a Stuckony shipper.

EDIT: Since I am planning to make this a pretty long fic, the rest of this will be posted on AO3. I’m amandalee727 on there! Thanks for reading! :)

Tony paused the work he was doing on the latest model of the suit, his heart beat picking up in his chest. The lights had gone out in a sudden flicker. All of his holograms that had been up for his reference had blinked out and left the room in near complete darkness.

“Friday?” He tried to see if the AI was still up and running. He was met with silence. Great. He probably wouldn’t be able to alert the team, either. Whoever had made it this far was good. Too good to forget about bypassing the emergency signal that went out to all members if there was a sudden outage in Tony’s lab.

Tony dropped his tools carefully and turned in his chair, only to let out a terrified shriek as he saw a man standing directly behind him. He picked up a nearby wrench and swung blindly, but a gleaming hand caught his wrist.

A lot went through Tony’s mind in that moment. The grip was gentle, first of all; obviously not meant to incapacitate Tony, just stop the wrench from meeting its goal. The goal being the intruder’s face.

The second thing he noticed was, well, the shining metal hand that had actually caught him. There weren’t too many people with metal hands. Tony let his eyes flicker up, and yep, that’s what he’d thought.

James Buchanan Barnes was standing in his lab, blue eyes eerily cold as he stared down at Tony. 

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Member: Jun
Genre: idk? It’s cute but it’s not fluff? 
Word Count: 808

(A/N: This is a gift for @hobiessmile for valentines day, it’s based on the Jay Park song Solo c: )

As a member of a popular idol group, Jun was used to being looked at and wanted by girls all over the world. It was an ego boost, that’s for sure, but he didn’t let it get to his head. He just wasn’t used to being the starstruck one. He was at an award show after party when he noticed her standing there.

She was a girl he had seen in the tabloids, and had even heard some of her music. She was part of a new girl group that had just debuted a month ago. I mean, he got to meet a lot of other idols. But this time, it was different. She was…well, she was stunning. He also might have looked up a little, or, actually, a lot about her on some fansites about her group. He knew exactly how tall she was, her favorite color, and he’s watched about ALL of the fancams of her from their performances. But hell, there she was. In real life. For lack of a better term, Jun’s bias was standing in front of him. And she was by herself. And she just so happened to be you.

However, he wasn’t nervous about it. He wasn’t concerned about messing up his words or making a fool out of himself. He was riding a high that only came after a fantastic performance, and after the award show he was feeling absolutely alive.

He slowly made his way over, and stopped a few feet in front of you. You looked up at him and smiled.

“Hey.” you said, looking up from your phone. “Oh, wow, you’re from Seventeen! I really like you guys!” And in that moment, all of his confidence melted away. You were looking at him and talking to him, and oh my god you were even complimenting him. His breath caught in his throat and he coughed, trying to cover it up.

“Yeah! Your group is pretty okay too, I know a few of your songs. The dances are good.” he said with a smirk, trying to play off how stupid he felt. He called your group ‘pretty okay’. That didn’t even sound like a compliment; he basically just called you guys mediocre. Uggggh. This was already heading south.

“Really? You think so? That’s actually really cool to hear from you.” you said, not seeming to find Jun’s comment as terrible as he thought it had been. He moved to lean his back against the wall beside you, so that you were both facing the same direction looking out across the room. He noticed Hoshi chatting up one of the girls from AOA and laughed.

“They look like they’re getting on well.” Jun laughed, trying to change the point of discussion so he didn’t accidentally insult you any more than he might already have.

“Yeah, that’s an understatement.” you commented as Hoshi leaned in and kissed the girl on the cheek. “Y’know, none of the fans would ever suspect how many idols actually date other idols.”

“Yeah…” Jun said, running his hand through his hair. “Um, speaking of which, are you here by yourself tonight?”

“I’m here with my group..?” you said, kind of confused.

“No, I mean, are you…with anyone? Like are you, um-” he mumbled.

“Single?” you suggest, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, that’s what I meant, um, are you single?” he said, laughing awkwardly.

“I am.” you said, looking up at him and smiling. He smiled back, kinda blushing. It wasn’t his goal to look like a schoolgirl, but he couldn’t help it. The cool-dude-man-bro exterior had lapsed for a second as he internally fangirled. He quickly regained composure, though, fixing his shirt and running his fingers through his hair for the millionth time.

“Then dance with me.” he said, offering his hand. Schoolgirl gone. Wen Jun-fucking-Hui activated. You put your phone in your pocket and took his hand, letting him lead to you the dance floor. He guided you into the middle of the crowd of people gently moving to the rhythm, stopping in a small clear spot. He pulled you closer to him, and his other hand came to rest on your hip. Your cheeks flushed a little, not having expected him to be so forward in touching you like that. “If this is too much, I can stop.” he said, looking you in the eye, making sure you didn’t feel uncomfortable. You shook your head and smiled though, you were more than fine having him dance with you like this. The two of you ended up spending the rest of the night together, not only dancing but genuinely getting to know one another – and liking each other.

Both of you left in the early hours of the morning with a smile on your face and a new number in your phone.


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Rafael Barba and Cry Tough by Poison

Holy Hair Bands, Batman! I couldn’t even find a cover of this one (well, lots of dudes playing electric guitar in their bedroom…)

Lyrics are here for anyone who wants to check out the inspiration for this one.

Also, since @ohbelieveyoume mentioned Yelina some days ago…it seemed like a good time to bring her back.

Originally posted by justraulesparza

Barba paused at Carmen’s desk as she stood to help him with the files he carried under his arm.

“I’m buried today, so only the important ones.”

Carmen nodded, familiar with Barba’s shorthand, complete sentences and pleasantries for other days. It also meant what she was about to say was that much harder.

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Survival of the Fittest Has Never Been a Bigger Lie: Part Five (Final)

For @sorcererinslytherin. Holy hell we made it through. I did it. I sat down and wrote the final chapter. It turned out to be long just like last time, so I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for all the support. I really appreciate it and I can’t wait to get started on the next story!


Three years after the beginning of the end, Jack found himself alone with his long-time friend Joel. They were all they had left of their old life back in the city. The others of their group had left, died off, or been infected.

The last time Jack faced a bad horde is when they were picking over a strip mall. Cornered by a nasty horde, they fought their way through, tripping and scrambling over piles of trash and makeshift barricades. And Jack thought they were going to make it. Until Joel tripped and a zombie fell over top of him. Joel screamed loud and shocked. Jack ran back to smash the zombie’s head in. He picked up Joel and half dragged him away into a room where they could lock the door. The horde followed them, knocking at the door.

“There’s a window,” Jack said hurriedly. “We can climb through it and get out of here.”

“Jack,” Joel said, panting.

“Come on. Help me move this desk.”

“Jack,” Joel said again, and Jack paused. He turned to look at Joel. Joel removed his hand from his shoulder. It came away bloody. “I’m sorry, man.”

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Damage: Tyler Joseph Imagine: Request

Anonymous said to allthemimagines: Hi! I was just wondering if you could write a Tyler Joseph imagine for me. One where the reader is dating Tyler, and they go on tour with him and they meet his ex girlfriend who lies to Tyler’s significant other and says that they continuously flirt and they want to get back together. Then the reader fights with Tyler on the bus and throws things and gets really heated and he explains and lets the reader get angry but then there are cute reassuring cuddles and fluff at the end? <3


Working as a roadie for Twenty One Pilots was one thing, but being able to see your boyfriend, Tyler Joseph, and travel the world with him was simply amazing. When he wasn’t with you, you were working and then rest of the time you guys were inseparable, until today. You had an hour before you had to get back to setting up the stage for tonight’s show in Ohio, and instead of being with Tyler, you watched him talk to HER. Her being his ex. They were laughing together, smiling, she kept twirling a piece of hair around her finger and touching Tyler’s arm when he said something funny. You wanted to tear her arms off.

The fans outside waiting in line had seen her coming into the venue and were posting infinite amount of pictures of them two together. You always knew to avoid hate once you began dating Tyler, but it wasn’t the hate or the tweets saying “Kristy and Tyler need to get back together” or “goals!! Y/N who?”

It hurt. You looked back up from your phone and saw that Tyler had disappeared, but Kristy was walking straight towards you, her heels clicking on the floor, her red dress tight around your body and her make-up done. You stood up as she stood in front of you, “I’m going to keep this short and clear so you understand, obviously you’ve seen the tweets, and it’s true. Tyler and I are getting back together. I’m surprised he hasn’t dumped you yet since he’s been texting me that he was going to leave you weeks ago to get back with what he really wants and needs, me. You’re four years together meant nothing. He told me himself.” She swiped her phone open and laid it out in front of you and you saw the texts saying exactly what she had told you.

You didn’t think. You kept her phone in your hand and stomped out of the venue, avoiding everyone you passed, even Josh. You went straight to the bus hoping he was there and there he was, grabbing something from his bunks. He turned and smiled, “Hey, babe! What are you-” He didn’t finish because you threw Kristy’s phone at him, hitting him in the neck. “What was that for?” He asked. “How could you do this to me, Tyler? I literally gave everything I could to you and then this?! I thought you were better than everyone else, but i guess not!” You screamed. Tyler picked up the phone off the floor and you watched his face as he read the texts.

He laughs. He fucking laughs. “Why the fuck are you laughing!” You scream again. He’s still laughing and begins walking towards you, “Because, didn’t you think it was weird that I would type like Kristy? I don’t say “totes”.” He shows you the phone and he’s right. He opens the contact connected to the texts and it’s not Tyler’s number. Add bad grammar to that, and it proves it wasn’t Tyler. He laughs again and you slump on the couch and laugh at yourself. “I’m an idiot. I’m sorry. I just… I saw her flirting with you earlier and she comes looking like that while i’m in a crew t-shirt and Vans and then she said you were leaving me and then that, I’m sorry, Tyler.” You say. He crouches in front of you and he’s smiling wide at you which you thought was odd because you just threw an phone at him.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous. Even if you throw things at me.” You face-palm yourself and sit forward, kissing him on the cheek. He takes your face in his hands, “Understand, that I have eyes for you and only you and that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of our lives. You really think I would leave you for a girl I dated in high school? I wouldn’t leave you for anyone. Four years with you have been the best and the rest of my life with you will be even greater.” He kisses you softly and his lips remain there for a second. When he pulls back you see a little black box in his hand.

“I came in here for this. I was going to do it tonight, but I guess now could be a good time. I meant what I said when I said i’d only have eyes for you for the rest of my life. Marry me, Y/N.” He opens the box and in it is a gorgeous ring. Your mouth drops open and tears are on your cheeks, “Yes, Tyler. Of course!” You tackle him in a hug onto the ground, kissing him over and over. “If the rest of our life is like this then I definitely picked the right girl.”

word prompt || jinhwan
  • prompt: rain, apartment, apology; jinhwan
  • notes: these prompt scenarios are typically supposed to be short and sweet but I got a little carried away with this one :3
  • genre: angsty ish w/ cute ending

Originally posted by teambgasm


           In three more minutes, you could officially say that a full 24 hours had passed since you had last spoken to Jinhwan. It was definitely the longest the two of you had ever gone without contacting each other in the slightest; no texts, no calls, no going out to find the other to work out this issue.

           Truth be told, you woke up this morning with the goal in your head to make the first move and try to talk to Jinhwan. You didn’t want a stupid fight to get in the way of your relationship, that was ridiculous.

           But when your feet hit the cold, hardwood floor, and your ears picked up the slightest pit, pat of the rain hitting your windowsill, you knew you wouldn’t step out of that apartment. Besides, Jinhwan made it very clear last night.

           “I think we both need a break.

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In existence since the 1800’s, Florida Water is known for its refreshing citrus smell and its strong cleansing properties. Called “The most popular perfume in the world”, it’s named after the legendary Fountain of Youth, which is purported to have been located in Florida.

Florida Water was first introduced in the United States in 1808. With a base ingredient of alcohol, Florida Water contains a blend of dissolved essential oils, including lemon oil, orange oil and lavender oil. Sold in general stores and pharmacies, it was instantly lauded for its many uses. Men and women alike benefited from the refreshing properties it possessed. Said to cure a headache, soothe a fever and scent a home, the benefits of Florida Water were hailed by all. Its strong magical properties have made it a staple in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria and Wicca practices.

The Many Spiritual Uses Of Florida Water
There are a myriad of ways to incorporate Florida Water into your spiritual life.

The stimulating citrus and floral scented cologne is commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. Some replace Holy water with Florida Water.
Wiping down all of the items on your altar with Florida Water will cleanse them of any negative energy and clear them to receive messages from the spirits and ancestors. NOTE: When wiping down candles, wait until the candle is completely dry before lighting.
Also used in spells, Florida Water is used to remove heavy vibrations and to encourage the expression of emotions.
It has calming affect on people and some believe it can help depression. Use your body to keep sadness away.
When seeking guidance from ancestors, placing a glass of Florida Water on your altar will clear the air of any static and interference to allow for a clear reading.
For help attracting love or unblocking obstacles relating to a current relationship, add a few drops to a bowl set beside your bed and light a red Attraction Candle while focusing your intention on your desired goal. *Be aware, Florida Water is flammable and should never be placed directly on a candle or too close to a flame.
When blessing and cleansing a new home, mix Florida Water with Basil and Rue herbs and anoint your floors, windows and doorways for protection, prosperity and luck.
Washing with Florida Water soap will cleanse you before a ritual. Add a few drops to a spiritual bath to rid yourself of negative energy and encourage protection.
After a bath, dab some Florida water cologne on your head, neck, heart, and feet for protection and a feeling of balance.
Bring peace into the workplace by using Florida Water Spray in your office.
Wash your hands with Florida Water Soap after engaging with negative people or being in a negative environment.
Those who tend to engage in gossip or just talk too much can benefit from it’s calming affects.
Add some drops to ink and paper when writing out spells.
Other Popular Uses For Florida Water
Florida Water can also be used to help ease aching muscles and soften ones skin before and after shaving. When suffering from sunburns and bug bites, dabbing a small amount of Florida Water on the affected spot can offer relief. The invigorating citrus aroma of Florida Water makes it an excellent perfume or cologne. Its cooling properties are excellent for those in warm climates.

In use for centuries, this versatile product has certainly proven to be a useful staple in any home and in many magic and religious practices.

Source: Original Botanica

Netflix and Friendship?

Relationship: Michael x Reader

Words: 1009

Masterlist l Request

Author’s Note: This was so much fun to write and I’m really happy I got the chance to explore less dialogue writing since it’s something that can be really hard for me sometimes. Anyways, feedback is always welcomed! :) PS your english was perfect! 

Netflix and chill was a popular saying amongst your dorm floor. In fact, within the first couple weeks of the semester an application for Netflix partners was sent out and made mandatory to fill out. It was your floor’s goal to make sure everyone one had a proper partner to binge watch television with and maybe even fool around with, if that’s what you were looking for.

Coming from a rather secluded town, you were appalled to learn what the college definition of Netflix and chill was. Needless to say, when it came time for you to fill out your application, you made it clear that absolutely nothing would be going on with your partner except watching Netflix.

When it came time to assigning partners, the girls in Room 202, who created the application, were in charge of figuring everything out. And while, you didn’t necessarily trust a group of college freshman to pair you to a binge watching partner you didn’t complain. At least, when the whole thing was said and done you’d have someone to fangirl over Game of Thrones with instead of you brother who lived hundreds of miles away.

Regardless of how stupid this all sounded weeks ago, now you were forever grateful for the girls in Room 202. Had it not been for their crazy idea, you would be watching Legally Blonde alone in your dorm room instead of sharing the tiny twin bed with you new best friend Michael.

“I wish I was as cool as Elle Woods,” Michael sighed, letting his head rest on your shoulder as he situated himself farther down the bed.

“You could be Elle Woods if you wanted to be Mikey. We just have to get you a tiny dog.”

“And I’d name him Pikachu instead of Bruiser.”

“Right. Plus, you’d be a video game designer instead of a fashion major turned law student.”

“Or I’d just be a college drop out walking around town with my tiny chihuahua Pikachu.”

“Bad day?”

“Apparently I’m not good enough to be a designer because I can’t draw digitally yet,” he grumbled.

“So you just make a hand drawn video game. Animators used to do it all the time with movies. Plus, you haven’t taken a proper digital art class yet, you’ll get the hang of it.”

Michael let out a dramatic sigh before nestling his head closer to your neck. This was a new side of him you hand’t seen before. It was usually him who was comforting you, leaving you a bit clueless on how to make him feel better. So you dropped the subject and focused back on the television, something you think Michael appreciated very much.

With the television being the only source of light in your room, you hadn’t noticed how tired Michael had gotten until he let out a yawn followed by a hushed apology. You couldn’t be mad at him – even though his yawn distracted you from your favorite “bend and snap” line. Instead, you lowered yourself further on your bed, allowing for his head to rest on your chest instead of the your uncomfortable shoulders.

Another raspy yawn later and somehow your fingers had found their way into Michael’s disheveled hair. Usually, it was his fingers that would play with the strands at the end of your hair, curling them in his fingers or simply smoothing out your tangled ends but this time it was your turn. Without a second of hesitation, you let your fingers rake through the boy’s beautiful blonde locks. His corse hair, thanks to all the bleaching, a nice contrast from your smooth hair, that had yet to be bleached despite Michael’s yearning for a “punk rock best friend.” Your hands roaming through his hair, before your nails scratched delicately at his scalp earning a low whimper from him.

The withdrawal of your fingers from his hair was met with a displeased groan, until your hands fell to the familiar pale skin of his arms. Trailing down his bicep, your fingers raced to the harsh black lines that marked his porcelain skin. You immediately began tracing over the lines that wrapped around his arm, before finding the newest bit of ink he had added right before the semester had started. And while, you hadn’t known him before the particular tattoo had manifested on his body, you knew it was the freshest by the way your fingers ran over the still raised lines of it. The foreign texture was enticing to your fingers as they continued to trace the shape on his arm, you only hoped you weren’t causing Michael any discomfort.

Despite the allure of his tattoos, your fingers dragged up his arm landing on a spot that had been untouched by a needle and black ink. It was there, on the inner part of his bicep (the one without his favorite saying sprawled on to it) that you allowed your fingers to absentmindedly draw shapes. The first being a simple spiral, making his body produce goosebumps that lined his smooth skin. From there you used his arm as a canvas and your fingers as a pen, tracing in shapes that you had been taught to draw at the ripe age of three.

It wasn’t often Michael and you were this touchy with one another. Sure, there had been “accidental” butt grabs and things of that nature but this was different. This was more intense. And while the two of you had never spent the night curled in each other’s arms, tonight was going to change that. With each brush of your soft fingers your eyes fluttered shut, leaving the sound of Elle Woods kicking ass in the court room to mix with the sound of the snores escaping from both of your bodies.

And if the future had been unclear before this evening, the morning only brought more uncertainty. Leaving the both of you to question if you had really meant that nothing besides binge watching television would happen when you submitted your application all those weeks ago.

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