the glutton wants

“A man’s appetite can be hearty, but a woman with an appetite is always voracious: her hunger always overreaches, because it is not supposed to exist. If she wants food, she is a glutton. If she wants sex, she is a slut. If she wants emotional care-taking, she is a high-maintenance bitch or, worse, an “attention whore”: an amalgam of sex-hunger and care-hunger, greedy not only to be fucked and paid but, most unforgivably of all, to be noticed.”

— Jess Zimmerman, Hunger Makes Me



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people are always talking about how dean eats so much b/c when he was a kid he didn’t know where his next meal would come from and that’s fine if u think somebody is an overeater because they were starving at one point in their life but also please consider the fact that when faced with food he deems “gross,” dean would rather starve than eat the gross food. and that doesn’t just include healthy food. dean complains about diner food in season 1, he complains about a tuna sandwich in season 4, for fuck’s sake he complains about cake in season 7.

might i suggest that dean is not an overeater because he knows what it’s like to starve, but in fact dean is an overeater because he fucking loves /good/ food and is actually a huge food snob.


  •  She has a phobia of caterpillars and well anything that comes from one, moths & butterflies. After waking up with them crawling all over her, she was pretty much done with them for the rest of her life. They creep her out, especially the way they move.
  • Very flexible, able to do acrobatics; flips, splits you name it. This was mainly because she was taught Karate & Taekwondo growing up in the lab. It was apart of the fitness routine she was required to do for experiments. 
  • Macie has a fast working metabolism, meaning she also has a big appetite. She can eat a lot in one sitting.The more the better. She can be a glutton; when she wants to be and gains no weight. Her favorite things to eat are clementines.  
  • It takes her a while to grow attached to someone, but when she does, she can get really affectionate. She enjoys head pats a lot which stems from one of the few happy memories she has.
  • Summer and Spring are definitely her favorite seasons, she thrives in hot weather and sunshine. During the time, she likes to meditate out in a field or a spot that has a lot of greenery and flowers, helps her relax and learn self control but also likes to take naps in the same places. 
  • and she hates dogs, unsurprisingly. 
Strangers 33

Updated my college AU, new chapter can be read below or on FFN hereย or from the beginning here

Chapter Summary: Maka and Soul watch bad TV and Maka has a hard time handling Soul trying to learn a new instrument.

Bendy, K, and Proma edited this in like three hours so I could publish fast so shout out to them and everyone who wrote quickies with me to get it done.

Sweeter Than Heaven

July 16th

Maka is wiped from work and exhausted from another week in hell, aka an apartment with no air conditioning in which her roommate decides that hanging out shirtless is acceptable. Rude. She puts some macaroni on the stove and Soul has the nerve to ask her if sheโ€™s making two boxes, the glutton! She wants to make a sign that says โ€œNo Shoes, No Shirt, No Service,โ€ but she dumps in a second box because sheโ€™s too nice for her own good. He should praise her pasta making benevolence โ€“ her pathway to heaven is secured.

Soul lounges on the couch with his laptop propped up on the coffee table so she deposits his bowl on the table next to the computer, her butt on the couch next to him, and her legs unceremoniously in his lap โ€“ totally because itโ€™s just more comfortable than the table and definitely not because she is demanding of physical contact.

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2nd Stretch Goal HIT!! + New Goal & Tier + Yoshino Appreciation Day

You guys are AWESOMMMEEEEE~!!! In 1 day, we manage to hit our 2nd stretch goal!! Yey~!! This means the game will be fully voiced! The only downside to this is, it will mean more production time. We have not estimated the timeline yet but the first output (Sirius’ route) will still be in Q4, we will make it happen. Check back for our weekly update!

New Goal
So what’s the new goal tier? Since the 3rd stretch goal is an opening video, we want to compliment it with a theme song! Let’s try to aim for a theme song!

New Tiers
If you have not noticed, we have added a new tier called ‘Entree - Vegetarian Glutton’. We wanted to put 'Entree - Vegetarian Buffet’ but it’s not exactly a buffet hahaha *ahem, excuse us*. So this tier is basically 2 times of what you get in 'Entree - Vegetarian’ with a dollar discount. You can install the game in 2 different platforms or give a copy to your best friend! Due to high, unfair shipping cost, we are unable to offer an 'Entree Glutton’ option…

(ENTRÉE - VEGETARIAN GLUTTON) = 2x Vegetarian Entrées
(ENTRÉE - SEMI GLUTTON) = 2x of Entrée with 1 artbook + AUD8 shipping
(ENTRÉE - GLUTTON) = 2x of Entrée with 2 artbooks + AUD8 shipping
All 3 new tiers offer 1 dollar off per set compare to regular tiers.

Yoshino Appreciation Day
Within hours of hitting the 2nd stretch goals, we have been swarmed with tweets and even a fan art of Yoshino! Check this one out, it’s by pomp-n-power!

It’s as if you guys KNEW what’s coming! *lookout for spy cameras* We decided to give you a treat because you guys are so awesome! We had to hold Yoshino down to get this shot. No need to thank you, you guys deserve this.

Like what you see? That’s it for us today! Hope we hit another stretch goal tomorrow!!


Who says food in the UK isn’t good?

L-R: (1) fishcakes, Shropshire chicken, mac ‘n cheese and a pint at the Cape of Good Hope, OX; (2) drinks and a “light snack” of gnocchi at Under the Stairs (it was indeed), ED; (3) roastand veg at formal dinner, Oriel College, OX; (4)-(5) outsanding beef-haggis burger and kedgeree at The Dogs, ED (v. highly recommend); (6) Under the Stairs’ version of fishcakes; and (7) self-proclaimed “best artisanal pizza in the UK” at Franco Manca, Brixton, LO (not quite, but it was quite good).

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