the glowing effect!!! like a boss!!!

Literally no one asked game review! Hyper Light Drifter (2016)

Publisher/Developer: Heart Machine

Genre: 2D Action role-playing game

TL;DR: This is a great game and if you have the money and are looking for some action this game is for you! Also the art style is amazing!

Story: The player controls the character, The Drifter, whose occupation is being a drifter. The Drifter is afflicted with a sickness that causes spells of weakness and coughing up blood.  

The Drifter’s objective is to try and find a way to cure this illness because along with the feeling of physical pain there is a feeling of being cursed with visions of an evil entity, a possible way to find a cure, and a terrible future and or past. 

This leads The Drifter to collect shards of an ancient technology to maybe have a chance at finding a cure.

Gameplay; The game runs locked at 30 fps which may bother some but for others it doesn’t affect the way they’ll slash and shoot their way down this branch of fate. This game encourages adventure by allowing you to choose one of four huge areas where you are to find the shards previously mentioned. 

The combat is fun and satisfying when finally slashing or shooting an enemy that has killed you multiple times. By the way if you’re good at fast paced action games then you’ll be fine, if not prepare to die, a lot. The way the game handles death is if you die in a dungeon it may restart you at the beginning of that room but if you collected any items in that room you’ll have to collect them again. 

There is a variety of guns in the game with upgrades for more ammo, and for the sword, The Drifter’s main weapon, has different sword skills to make defeating enemies different rather than just charging in and slashing. There are other upgrades for bombs, multiple dashes, and the amount of health pack upgrades, but all of the upgrades including the ones for weapons are not necessary but very helpful.

Character: The characters speak in noises and in pictures of what they need or what has happened to them and all of their designs are great. 

There is also a character called, The Guardian, who is also a drifter for spoiler reasons and he saves you from being unconscious in the middle of nowhere. He also seems to have abilities and helps with information along the journey. But not only does he help you it appears he is prone to helping people.

Music: All of the music is composed by Rich “Disasterpeace” Vreeland. The music in the dungeons gives off a creepy, eerie vibe but it makes you feel that there is imminent danger but at the the same time fills you with the sense of wonder of is there loot in here? How much of the currency is hidden in here? Or if there are any of the shards to progress your game? This is why the soundtrack of the game is available for purchase because it is so good, at least in my opinion it is.

The game’s overall look: The game uses a pixelated style and uses bright and glowing colors to emphasize importance and pique interest. At times it uses this effect of what looks like the game glitching to show something is happening and usually it is something bad. The designs for the enemies, npcs, and bosses are fantastic and get you thinking what had happened to this world that make these characters look like this, is it just fantasy game? Or is there a reason for these designs? Personally I believe that pixelation is hard to get right and make look good because there are games that have a pixelated style but don’t really nail the good looking aspect but instead have the aspect of looking retro to capture attention. 

Obtaining the game: This game is (going to be) available Windows, OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, OUYA, and Wii U. I’m not sure about all of the platforms but it is definitely currently available on steam for 20 bucks and it is extremely worth it. So if you want a game that is challenging and will keep you on the journey for adventure and finding a cure to your curse then I recommend this game.

Overall I would rate this game a very solid 9/10