the glow of the predawn sun

Birthday - DP

Drabble request: Birthday

Requested by astrophantomplanet.


Jack woke up extra early on the ninth of December.  He slunk out of bed, careful to not wake his beautiful wife, walked past his sleeping children, and padded through the dark house.  The sun was hours from rising.  A cold chill had crept into the house overnight, making Jack shiver as he creaked open the door to the lab and worked his way downstairs.

Not turning on the fluorescent lights – they would be blindingly bright – Jack stood at the bottom of the stairs to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the lab.  Ectoplasm glowed from hundreds of different places in the lab, like little flashlights scattered around.  Green mist spun from the open portal, dancing across the floor in a glowing carpet. 

In the silence of the predawn hours, the ectoplasm buzzed.  The small overhead fan clicked as it spun in lazy circles.  The acrid scent of ozone curled through the lab.

Jack grinned.  This was his favorite place in the world.

He moved down through the lab, daring to walk across the darkened lab in bare feet.  The ectoplasmic mist on the floor was disturbed by his passage, swirling up like little feathers before settling back down to the floor.  Really, he should turn on the air filters and clean the air before being down here for too long, but something else that had his attention this morning.  It sat on the table in the corner of the lab, a bright green bow on top.  It was his birthday present.

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