the gloves tho

someone: i always skip “to break in a glove” to be honest…like what’s the importance of a baseball glove, wtf


Oh sweet summer child, Dr. Flug.

You deserve all the flowers. 

Preferably woven into a crown. 

*Cries a tear*
So like
This is my new son you guys.

I will protect him with my life :’)

Iffffff you guys have never seen the show Villainous before, please go watch it, Episodes are only like a minute.

Loving my son will water ur crops and add years to ur life.

——Z  13 Jun, 2017, 4:40 pm on Nintendo 3DS

Btw I was listening to this song while drawing this and its just so gentle. Like him. :’’)))) 

With this one, I’m probably, definitely, on the sinful side of the fandom.

another bnha oc bc i couldnt help myself~  he wants to design hero costumes and stuff like that :D

the desire doesn’t have to be anything big, just whatever’s on the forefront of their mind,  like, you could be thinking abt being hungry for lunch and walking down the hall and if he’s not wearing gloves and your hands accidentally brush up against each other you turn around and suddenly see a bunch of chicken nuggets just floating in the air


And just one more for today~ Nadiv’s look hasn’t changed at all in a year, minus hiding his backpack and getting a neat bow!

Nadiv served as a Warden before pursuing his Wyld hunt, eventually picking up the mantle as -the-Commander of his group, enlisting the help of Cahalathin and others along the way. He’s polite and patient when dealing with others (and dotes greatly upon his pet Wyvern and River Drake), but ruthless and absolute in battle. Nadiv awoke from the Dream during the celebration of the Mad King and wears the phantom’s hood in honor of it, though he’d never outwardly admit just how cool he thinks the Mad King is.

Gear: Phantom’s Hood, Firstborn Shoulderguards, Firstborn Coat, Nightshade Gloves, Firstborn Leggings, Firstborn Boots

Dyes: White, Illumination, Indigo