the glorious bird

We are the Velvet Gems!

We are the Velvet Gems
We’ll always fuse the cards
And if you think we can’t
We’ll always find a way
That’s why the people of this world believe in
Margaret, Elizabeth, and Igor and THEO!


RIP in pieces.

That’s it, I’m getting kicked off both fandoms.


The Slovenian word for friend (prijatelj/ica) literally translates to “by-the-flock(er).”
Now, coincidentally enough (or is it?) a group of chickens is called a flock, which is further proving the assumption that Slovenia and its inhabitants are inherently intertwined with these glorious wannabe birds.


The characters are all inspired from this glorious beeper birds video ==> HERE

October 1st - 5th
The Finch Family - A family of bird shapeshifters, introducing the freakout sister, the freakout brother, and the other freakout triplets.

October 6th
The Hand - The finch family’s long old nemesis. He loves touching them.


Art & Characters © 7-Days-Luck


Draco was a wounded snake. He remained with his belly flat to the ground, hiding in the darkest bushes to remain safe from predators while he healed. But Luna couldn’t be slippery and silent and serpentine. She couldn’t be confined to the darkness like he was. Luna was a glorious, colourful bird; she longed for the open skies and the summer sun, and to swoop and soar and circle the fluffy white clouds. Her kind heart kept her wings clipped, and Draco took her for granted.

Read my full Druna story Desert Love here. Please leave your feedback :) 

Draco/Luna aesthetic, as requested by bellaemysclarke <3

You are everything good in the world & you are all I see.
I feel you in the sun that shines on my cold pale skin
I see you in the flowers that bloom with beauty and every leaf that changes with each season
Today is the first day of spring
The beginning of everything all over again
Kind of like the way I fall in love with you all over again
Not just every season but every day
Again. And Again. And again.
You are the butterflies that spread their wings in the pit of my stomach
And the fresh green grass that’d I’d like to lay with.
You are every raindrop, reminding me that small things can be beautiful too.
You are laughter and the glorious sounds of birds chirping all in one
You and I will spend each season learning to love new things
We will grow like spring, not stopping until ours sky’s are the bluest blue that blue can be
We will spend each summer counting seashells we find, and watching the oceans waves reminding us that big things can be beautiful too
Every fall, I hope we fall even more in love. Long walks through pumpkin patches, and jumping from one crunchy leave to the next.
We will catch snowflakes on our tongues and remind each other what winter tastes like.
Please stay for every season.

Seasons //k.m.f//