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Immigrants Write: The Best Books to Understand Our World | Signature

As always, but perhaps now more than ever, books are key to fostering knowledge in uncertain times. Here at Signature, we turn to the best books to understand our world, nation by nation. In an ongoing series, we present a look at a nation that’s on our minds through a literary lens, recommending reads by that country’s citizens, or by others who are intimately acquainted with that nation. We’ll update this rundown of what we’ve got on offer as the series grows. Happy reading, and happy learning.

Featuring books on Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Iran, with many more to come.


Hi! Lots of people have asked me about what paper, sketchbook, pen, ink, etc that I like to use, so today I’m going to post pics of them, complete with their names/brands, and where you could purchase them. 😊 


  • Back-left: Arches watercolor paper - gummed block - hot pressed. The texture is very smooth. 
  • Back-right: Arches watercolor paper - gummed block - rough texture. 
  • Front-left: Global Art Materials Hand Book Travelogue - Large Landscape Front-right: Global Art Materials Hand Book Travelogue - Square 
  •  Where you can get them: all of them can be found in, Arches paper can also be found in online art supplies store such as Jackson’s


  • Left to right: Cotman 111 Round, Cotman 666, Kuretake water brush (size Medium), Pentel Aquash size Small, Pentel Aquash compact size (the tip is size Medium) 
  • Where you can get them:, Jackson’s Art Supplies, I think most online art supplies stores sell them


  • Top-left: Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Watercolor - Set A
  • Top-right: Holbein 14 colors set from Stickerrific (I chose the colors myself and they made the set for me) 
  • Bottom-left: Sakura Koi portable watercolor set Bottom-right: the box and plastic half-pans were from Jackson’s, the paints are mostly Holbein and Cotman. 

Where you could get them: 

  • Dr. Ph. Martin’s: I got mine from Amazon. 
  • Holbein: Stickerrific, you can also purchase the paints individually and in sets in online art supplies stores (again, I got mine from Jackson’s)
  • Sakura Koi: Amazon
  • Cotman: I got mine for free from a workshop, but Cotman paints is available individually and in sets in Amazon and other online art supplies store. 


  • Topmost: pen nibs, I use g-pen, maru pen, and saji pen. I bought mine from Stickerrific and from a shop in 
  • Below the nibs: pen holders I use, from top to bottom: Tachikawa pen holder, a generic black one whose brand I can’t remember, and Nikko maru pen holder. Bought from that shop in Rakuten. 
  • Bottle: Liquitex black acrylic ink. It’s very thin but intense, and it dries quickly. I always use it with my nib pens. 
  • Below, from left to right: Mono Zero eraser, Sakura eraser, Snowman drawing pen 0.1 and 0.05, Tachikawa School G-Pen size Fine and Extra-Fine, Sakura Gelly Roll white, Zebra Millipen (blue) 

Where you can buy them: 

  • Japanese pen nibs and pen holders: Rakuten, I think jetpens has them too. I think Stickerrific also sells some Japanese nibs and holders. 
  • Liquitex ink: Amazon (I think), 
  • Mono Zero, Sakura eraser: uhh I don’t know since I got mine from a local bookstore, but I believe you’ll find it in online stores if you google it. 
  • Snowman drawing pens: jetpens has them as far as I know. 
  •  Tachikawa School G-pen: Rakuten Sakura Gelly Roll, Zebra Millipen: jetpens


What strikes me most about the state of the world is the bullshit idea we used to hear that people were doing everything for their kids. Now, at least, we know they drive around in their 4x4s and fly to their pointless meetings and vote for their sham governments for themselves.  We’re not trying to build a world for our kids; we’re trying to build wealth and status for ourselves. The only things we will leave our kids is a dying fucking world. You traveled into your kid’s future,  and used the fuel and bulldozed the trees and poisoned the seas. You choked them with your skiing holidays, your iphones and your lifestyle supplements.
—  Frankie Boyle
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Name: Zac
Age: 25
Country: Australia 

Hey, so I’m currently a university student in Brisbane, Australia. My majors are, French (Haven’t started my French courses just yet), Political Science and Journalism. My interests include; books, political discussion, global affairs, human rights, films (foreign, indie, the bizarre, disney etc.), writing, and exploring art galleries with no real sense of what is actually on display. I’m really interested in giving snail mail ago, especially with the exchange of postcards etc. I’m looking to do a study exchange in Lausanne, Switzerland, so it would be great to make some friends beforehand. Really just interested in broadening knowledge of different cultures and making friends for life :).

Preferences: No homophobes, transphobes, sexists, racists, or bullies. Maybe a few people who speak French, so when I start I have some people to practice and hopefully not embarrass myself with. Oh, fans of The Newsroom, The West Wing, or Frasier would be great too. Also Harry Potter.

Today is the first day of spring. My law class finished early. So I had time to read my book for global literature. My goal is to finish it for tonight because I have until 23th to finish my paper about it. I love spring so much. It’s get me very motivated to work harder. I can do anything!

  • Vernon: *is questioning his sexuality*
  • Vernon: guys are hot
  • Vernon: girls are hot
  • Vernon: Why is everyone so hot?
  • Wonwoo: *not looking up from his book*
  • Wonwoo: global warming
  • Vernon: *pauses*
  • Vernon: makes sense