the glittery trousers

no offense but how can harry make anything look good? sneakers with a suit? marvelous. gold glittery pants? heavenly. grandpa trousers and a bowl cut? revolutionary. ikea sofa fabric? awe-inspiring. dam that man can work anything.

anonymous asked:

okay okie okaie!! choukei pranking their bros is a must, BUT what type of pranks do you think they'd do to each other? (inspired from reading abt ur dick tattoo hc lol)

Oso without dick humour is like the sun with no sky, what a charmer xD


- Kara is a very very heavy sleeper so he often wakes up with obscenities drawn all over him, jenga structures balanced on his forehead, removed from his place in the futon and shifted somewhere else lmao
- Such tight pants are just ASKING for very uncomfortable/squishy/freezing cold things to get stuffed down them.
- “Karamatsu, come here!” [proceeds to skoosh him in the face with whipped cream when he walks in the doorway]
- Replaces Kara’s shampoos with mayonnaise or mousse pudding.
- Puts black ink on the insides of his shades that gives him some impressive black smudges when he takes them off - which is hilarious for when he’s trying to talk to girls.
- Taping p*rn over Kara’s favourite movies and watching him scramble is particularly hilarious.


- Hiding all of Oso’s clothes and switching them with face-shirts, red glittery trousers, face underwear and Oso causing upset in the home when he opts to walk around totally naked instead lmao
- Rolling Oso up in the futon when it’s Kara’s turn to put it away and he won’t get up. He and Jyushi tried running on top and rolling him around the house one time.
- Fake-flaunted a phone number he claimed a girl gave him around Oso once and allowed him to steal it from him, but when Oso called, Totty picked up.
- In return for Oso swiping some money from his wallet when he wasn’t looking, Kara replaced some of the faces in Oso’s comic books with cutouts of his own face.
- Telling Oso that there’s a call for him from Totoko and watching him run into a wall of clingfilm.
- Waiting for Oso to come home from Pachinko while up on the roof and blasting him with the water hose.