the glittery trousers

no offense but how can harry make anything look good? sneakers with a suit? marvelous. gold glittery pants? heavenly. grandpa trousers and a bowl cut? revolutionary. ikea sofa fabric? awe-inspiring. dam that man can work anything.

anonymous asked:

And just yesterday I was talking about how much I miss Harry wearing skinny jeans but now... knowing this... I'm just like... yes baby! You work that flare!! Like can you imagine not being ALLOWED to wear an article of clothing?? That's insane... Imagine the sense of freedom he must've felt when he wore those BELL BOTTOM GLITTERY GOLDEN trousers with PINK FLOWERS on them???? My sweet dandelion 😢

HUGE MOOD. I am 100% a skinny jean harry lover because I have a thing for his legs….BUT I WANT MY SMOOCHIE TO BE HAPPY AND IF THAT’S SOME SICK ASS BELL BOTTOMS, I WANT HIM TO HAVE THEM ALL