the glitter thread

  • junkrat, waving a pink cocktail as he talks: i'm thinking... glitter
  • junkrat: sheer, light, floaty. with threads of glitter.
  • reaper, sketching notes, with a pencil clipping slightly thru his ear: so, the opposite of last year.
  • junkrat: right.
  • reaper: fairy's a little on the nose, isn't it?
  • junkrat, sipping cocktail: hey, be glad i talked hog out of his fursuit idea
  • reaper: hold on. i wanna hear this.
  • roadhog, without looking up from his romance novel: 's not a fursuit. it's a were-boar costume
  • reaper: oh, that's good. i'm over-ruling him, you should do that
  • junkrat: oi, oi, wait a tic!
  • junkrat: if roadie gets to wear a fursuit on halloween, so do i
Prove Me Wrong

Viktor/Yuuri soulmate AU, part ¼. The one where Yuuri has know for ages that Viktor is his soulmate, but is still pretty much the last one to know that Viktor is in love with him. This part SFW.

Thanks, @tchy.

Viktor Nikiforov’s long hair is lifted from his neck, knotted delicately and pinned with gold thread; with glittering stones that seem to reflect the golden blades of his skates. He is both masculine and feminine, or perhaps neither. His head is bowed in concentration, and his breaths are deep and even, steady, steadying.

This is his debut, graduating from the junior division. Yuuri, with his hands wrapped around his knees, is watching it on the big old TV in the public lounge of Yu-topia, because then if his parents hear the quiet noise of it they should think that a guest is responsible. It’s one in the morning, and tomorrow he will sleep through history and be kept behind after class.

A quarter of a world away, Viktor’s coach lifts his jacket from his shoulders as Viktor stoops to remove the guards from his blades, away from his neck, the low dip of his costume revealing the fine line of his neck, the edges of his shoulderblades, a fine dip pulling the eye further down along his spine—

And Yuuri sees it.

Yuuri is meant to see it. Yuuri, specifically, of everyone in the world, is meant to see it.

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dejitaru49  asked:

You're an amazing person with a lot of talent and I hope you have a great valentine's day ♡

Aww, thank you so much. I don’t know you that well yet, but that just means I get all the more time to find out. I hope you have a very nice V-Day as well.

not like this:

HERE’S ANOTHER KARABITA FICLET don’t be fooled by the valentine, this one is short and tooth-rottingly sweet. (Though, uh, warning for a mild injury.)

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helen and aline— they were both dressed in golden gowns, golden thread glittering like starlight in aline’s black hair. they were both so happy, their faces outshone their gowns. they stood at the centre of the ceremony, twin suns, and for a moment all the world seemed to spin and turn on them.

for @blackthornhelen, who reminded me we need more heline!!

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( since I'm in a full swing procrastination mode, I thought I'd stop by and tell you that you're pretty great. just as a friend, you've been kind and inclusive and friendly since the moment we first talked. and that's always made me smile. so- I have to put this into your ask box to let everyone know that you're really just wonderful. and if they're not following you/chatting with you already- they're really missing out on a wonderful relationship. so they should get on that pronto. )

-SC RE AM S-  Melindaaaaaa im crying this is so sweet omg  !  i’m so glad you think so esp when someone bothers to comment on me without including peter  (  not that i don’t think that’s good either  ),  it makes me feel so  !!!!!!!  this means so much to me okay ;u;  i am so happy i made you feel that way bc it’s really what i actively try uwu  ALSO GOOD LUCK ON YOUR MIDTERMS tomorrow and thursday B)))) i have faith in you  !

Night walking protection & invisibility glamour

For those of you in need of safe passage after dark, whether you’re out drinking with friends or roaming between ports, I’ve made a spell jar for night travel protection and invisibility.

As a lifetime collector of curio, I had lots of weird stuff laying around even before I started practicing, which I now use in my craft (that hobby of mine was perhaps a sign of things to come). But there are several redundant ingredients in this jar, and if you only have one for an intended purpose, that will serve you just as well.

  • A jar small enough to carry (a sachet is good too)
  • *Cat fur (for watchfulness, intuitiveness, silent movement)
  • Mugwort (protection, safe travel)
  • Poppy seed and/or mustard seed (invisibility, confuse enemies)
  • Paper and pen
  • Safe travel sigil (I used a pair of Icelandic sigils, one on each side, against theives and against evil by land and sea)
  • Dark blue glitter (protection, invisibility)
  • Gray thread (glamour, invisibility)
  • Candle (either dark blue, or one of the gray-scale colors: white, black, or gray)

Draw your sigil on your paper and charge it however you prefer, but a silent method may be preferable in this case. As my sigil was double-sided, I held it between my wrists and charged it with my pulse.

Set aside your gray thread. Light your candle(s), and begin placing the rest of the ingredients inside your jar as you focus on stilling your energy, cloaking it from those around you.

Take your gray thread. As you tie a knot in one end of the thread, whisper,

I pass through the night silent, light-footed,

As you tie a knot in the other end, whisper,

Invisible to all the monsters of the darkness,

Now loop the thread snuggly around the neck, and as you tie a knot to secure it, whisper,

And the shadows protect me from harm.

Cap your bottle and use wax from your candle to seal.

If you leave decently long ends on your thread, you can tie it onto a necklace, belt loop, etc, to wear.

*I hope this doesn’t need saying, but just in case, please collect your cat fur ethically. I used saved fur from a deceased kitty of mine. If you have your own cat, use shed hairs if possible. You can also scritch a friendly kitty with bent fingers, which they will enjoy, and after a few passes you should have a bit of hair on your hands.

     @micahryder !

          Being forced to watch a death had never crossed Bambi’s mind, her faultless bravery simply believing people would be setting fire to cars and stealing, but the stranger’s clenched grip on her body proved that this was not some kind of nightmare.  Let––– –– Me––– Go! ” She yelled, winding her elbow up to deliver a blow to the stranger’s gut. He fell to the floor just in time for her to rush forward, pushing his accomplice off of the girl he was about to harm,  you need to get out of here! ” She exclaimed, watching as the girl scrambled away, but leaving herself in harm’s way.

Site Write: Day 15


Dawnmender Quest: Arcanic Anomalies

The gossamer thread glittered between her long fingers like dewdrops on a spider’s web. An experimental tug found it supple and strong, with just enough give to allow its manipulation without fear of breaking.

Feainne expertly threaded it through the curved needle in her other hand and snappily threw a few more stitches into a torn piece of softened leather. Satisfaction glinted in her narrow eyes when she pulled at the seam, finding the sutures steadfast. She pushed herself up, clearing a space at the desk from dozens of half-stitched leather scraps and unspooled spellthread, and whisked a quill and ink from the nearby shelf.

High Confessor Blackwood and Dawnward Dawnsworn,

My research into the Fal’dorei webbing has concluded thusly:

When spun together at a minimum of three strands thick, the webbing makes for excellent suturing material. Thinner threads will be more successful on superficial wounds and delicate internal structures. Their arcanic properties lend to their flexibility and relative strength for such a thin material. As the threads grow thicker, their propensity to snap under strain grows. I recommend such threads for large, deep wounds that must be kept immobile anyway.

I have not progressed to tests on humanoid patients and await your review and order to do so. It is my professional opinion, however, that this material will prove extremely useful for the Dawnmender unit.


Dr. Feainne Sunblossom, Emberward

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           Tobias?! Lorelei?! ” She ran through the front door of her home, blood visibly running down her forehead which she furiously attempted to wipe away, exasperated at the entire situation.  Hey! Are you guys here?! ” She yelled again, knowing both of her moms would be out helping others, leaving the house defenseless.


Helen and Aline were both dressed in golden gowns, golden thread glittering like starlight in Aline’s black hair. They were both so happy, their faces outshone their gowns. They stood at the center of the ceremony, twin suns, and for a moment all the world seemed to spin and turn on them.

Helen and Aline drew the marriage runes over each others’ hearts with steady hands. When Aline drew Helen’s bright head down to her own for a kiss, there was applause all throughout the hall.


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Haz`le froze with the Fierce Deity mask in her hands. It partially wasn’t her fault. Partially. Hi bag had opened and the mask had fallen out. It hadn’t been the scary mask with the weird eyes, so she picked it up curiously just to examine it.

She looked at him, looking a little guilty. “Sorry, it just fell out. Really.” She handed it over to him.

The merchant sighed heavily, rubbing his temples. He shouldn’t be so angry, not when she was being honest with him. He took the mask carefully, so not to startle her anymore then he had. 

“I apologize, my dear. If it had just fallen out then I shouldn’t be cross with you. However, I would take caution with which ever mask falls out of the bag, yes? I wouldn’t want anything else to happen to you.” Especially if it were Majora’s Mask. 

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challenge #2: favourite otp with a Blackthorn

“Helen and Aline were both dressed in golden gowns, golden thread glittering like starlight in Aline’s black hair. They were both so happy, their faces outshone their gowns. They stood at the centre of the ceremony, twin suns, and for a moment all the world seemed to spin and turn on them.” 

Come one- Come all -AU

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Haz`le hobbled next to him. It was clear to see how hurt she was. Covered in grime and yuck. She hardly made a noise as they moved, she was too scared to do so.

She stuck close to him, right by his side. Her hand shook in his. They were almost to the exit, before they crossed the line, she hesitated.

It had… been so long. Part of her was scared. Scared to hope that she could actually leave this place and never return. Scared that the others would find her. Scared that she would end up where she started.

She took a deep breath and stepped over the line.

He paused as a tug pulled him back for a moment. He looked toward the girl with confusion, but said nothing and patiently waited for her. Perhaps she was tired and needed a rest. He kept an eye out for trouble while she took her time.

As she stepped over the threshold, the older man could only smile. She wasn’t out of the woods yet. They were still in danger being so close to the circus. She looked so tired and worn from the torment she was put through.  Yet, he could almost feel the contentment coming from her. It wasn’t over, but she was out. She had made it out.

“We aren’t out of danger yet.” He reminded her. He let go of her hand to turn and kneel down. His hands clasped behind his back. “Climb on.”

The Little Fairy

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Haz`le raised her eyebrow at him. Sweetheart? She wasn’t a child, even though she was the size of one. She turned away from him, her lack of sleep and the conditions she was in had put her in a bad mood.

But as she moved her leg jostled against the inside of the tree and she hissed in pain. The long scratch on her thigh she had gotten yesterday was certainly not doing her any favors.

And then her stomach growled loudly.

Traitor. She thought to it.

Izaic frowned when he heard her hiss in pain. So she was hurt. With her facing away, he couldn’t tell just where that wound was. She must have been having a rough time by how she was acting now. Though, he couldn’t blame her for not talking to him. Any smart kid remembered what their parents told them about strangers.
Of course, most kids weren’t in situations like this. Lost in the woods and hurt. 

And hungry by the sound of her stomach just now.

“Hungry, huh?” Izaic smiled warmly. He stood up, looking around the area. Sadly, there weren’t any nearby fruit tees. And there weren’t any he noticed coming up to this point. He didn’t even have any food. Why would he need it when he didn’t require food? He hummed, brows knitting together as he thought.