the glitter man

a malec au where alec is a libraian’s assistant at the local library with cute glasses and who can always be found with his nose in a book in the corner (most likely shakespeare or robert frost) and magnus goes in one day to check out a book and the librarian is sick so alec is manning the library and magnus immediately sees him and is struck by a love arrow of cupid cause wow that nerdy tall boy with the flushed cheeks and messy hair and oversized sweater is adorable and alec is so enchanted by the gorgeous beautiful muscular man with glitter on his cheekbones and in his hair and the exquisite and lavish clothing and the kind look in his pretty eyes and everything about him is perfect and magnus goes to the front desk where alec is and alec realizes that he’s been staring for a while and he coughs and looks down, blushing like crazy as magnus smirks at him. “what do you want to check out?” alec stammers and magnus grins at him, mischief in his eyes. “the librarian.” he replies flirtatiously and alec chokes on his tongue (the fact that he’s technically not even the librarian doesn’t matter to him now).

*jazz hands* relativity falls portal!Mabel

the eye doesn’t do anything it just signifies that she’s a super cool old pansexual lady with a missing eye

Also she needs a monocle probably but Grunkle Dipper can have fun trying to force that on her later

(concept: your role on the cipher wheel is set by the actions you take in life and by coming to gravity falls first she became the all-seeing-eye)

anonymous asked:

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i’m so moved, i’m crying.


So I don’t know about you, but I’ve LOVED some of these glitter makeup looks girls and guys have been rocking at festivals. Although, I’ve always been like, ok how do they find all this glitter, how do they get it to stick etc… but CHECK THIS OUT.

It’s a kit! IT has eyelashes, color matched glitter and even some ideas of how to apply it all in the kit!! I’m dead. Seriously, I’m going to share a few of these kits the next few days cuz I’m in love with them and everyone should know about these.

Pink Mermaid Festival Face Pack: Nic Love on Etsy, $30.29, Buy it Here