the glitch mob

And there are many ways, and many are sad
And there are many days, and many are dead
So they follow without choice, and never let you down
And you swallow their voice, and leave them without their own sound

I’ve been working on this drawing a lot, and now it’s finally finished! I was really inspired by the northern lights we get around this time of year, plus I wanted to combine the atmospheres from the songs A dream within a dream and Moutheater (warning: the chorus is pretty loud) since they both remind me of the Outsider. High res on dA!


Sherlock - The Empty Hearse - An Army Couldn’t Hold Him Back HQ (The Glitch Mob)

Filous is mainly known for his remixes that he’s been doing as of late ranging from Tove Lo to Milky Chance and now he’s graced our ears with a brand new track called How Hard I Try with featured singer James Hersey. His first original song is definitely a good one with vocals that are reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and with a calming electronic backing track that compliments the vocals and creates a really soothing and chill atmosphere. Cannot wait for his EP Dawn to come out - Jakk