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Make Me Choose

Anonymous asked: blichael (blake/michael) or blellie (blake/nellie)

When asked whose elimination was the hardest for him to watch “It would definitely be Nellie…she is such a nice person, such a good person, she’s just the sweetest person ever - I could just say what kind of person she is like a million times. She’s great, she’s a beautiful girl, she’s awesome in every single way…and just to see her have to go was really emotional.”


Dianna has had more to do and more changes as an actress than any of the other characters on Glee. So do you have any kind of secrets to tell them how you keep in character while singing? I think one of the most common things for people to do is just think, ‘I’m so focused on my lines, I’m so focused on my words. These people can’t affect me’ But, they need to affect you.