the glee cast is all warblers

Goodbye Glee ProjectTumblr / Twitter

So the last season of glee just started, and we want to do a little goodbye project from the fandom for the cast and crew.

What is the project?
We want to send postcards from fandom, expressing our love to the cast and crew of glee. We all take a picture of ourselves with the L sign, make it into a postcard, and write on the back a message of love and appreciation to the cast and crew. You can write whatever you want, the only thing we ask you to add is the hashtag #goodbyeglee so they can understand we are doing a joint project.
You can also add your name, age and country, or anything you want, get creative! 

When should I send the postcard?

Fans who live outside the US should send it around february 1th, and fans who live in the US should send it around february 5th. That way the postcards will arrive roughly around the same time. (We hope!)

Where should I send it?
Please send all the postcards to:

Glee Cast & Crew
c/o glee
5555 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Does the postcard have to be me doing the L sign?
Absolutely not! You can get as fun and creative as you wish with your postcard. You can draw your favourite character doing the sign, take a picture of yourself singing, throwing a (pretend!) slushy at someone, or wearing a glee related costume (warbler blazer, cheerio uniform, letterman jacket, a typical character outfit). If you have any other idea that wasn’t mentioned here, and you’re not sure if it’s ok, you can always message us and we will be happy to help!

The most important thing is that we want many people taking part in this! So please spread the word, reblog, and share this post! We want this project to include all of fandom, so we need your help reaching to every corner of it.