the glass of wine

Jumped: Part 2

Part 1

After a day of marathon shopping with Oliver, I was ready for a quiet evening at home. I reheated some pasta and curled up on the couch with a book (that I totally intended to read but probably wouldn’t), a glass of wine and my phone. My fingers were itching to pull up the picture from earlier. I wanted to play it cool and pretend like I hadn’t been affected by my celebrity encounter, but I was. And it wasn’t that he was famous (I was pretty sure). It was him, it was this guy who had this presence that I couldn’t describe. The banter on the phone, the blueness of his eyes, the rush of my heart when his fingers brushed mine, these were the things that stuck with me, that had been circling my brain all day.

With a sigh, I gave up my pretense and opened the photo app on my phone. There it was, the selfie. He was right. I did look terrified. My eyes were wide, my lips pale and in a tight line as I stared into the camera. Wow. Thank god he had sent himself the Minnie Mouse picture and not this one. He looked much better in the pic, unsmiling and maybe a little tired but he was a naturally photogenic guy and his blue eyes and the dark stubble on his chin framed a really handsome face.

I switched over to the text message he had sent himself, the infamous Minnie Mouse picture. It was taken four months ago on Halloween at my friend Margot’s annual party. The theme had been Disney but it was not a family friendly party. My mini skirt and fishnet stockings were modest compared to some of the other costumes. There were more slutty princesses than you could count. Oliver had dressed as the priest from The Little Mermaid, complete with a tented shift.

Niall’s number stared at me from the small screen of the phone. I knew I would never call it, one humiliation (okay at least three humiliations) in front of this guy were enough to last a lifetime. But I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. If he were smart, he’d be changing it soon anyway after giving it away to a total stranger. Finally, I gave into my baser instincts and opened his contact. I printed his name (which I had to google for the spelling…and then maybe looked through the images a little) and then added his cropped out face from our selfie. I stared at the face and name, replaying our interactions and wishing with everything I had that I didn’t want to talk to him again.

I was startled out of my daydream by a text alert. Pinching myself to make sure I hadn’t actually fallen asleep and that this wasn’t a dream, I read his name. Text message from Niall Horan. Exiting out of the contact, I pulled open his message and immediately started to giggle.

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hs-1dfan  asked:

Dirty talk Thursday: Imagine coming home from work having the most horrible day and you've been talking to harry about it. You're in the kitchen, harry comes in says " let's make you feel good again" bends you over and fuck you right then and there. K bye..

And it’d be something so natural and sincere, that it’d catch you off guard - his willingness to make you feel better in the best way he can.

Cause he knows maybe a bath and a glass of wine would also help, he knows that. But he also knows that after you’ve had a bad day, all you need is closeness - his arms around you, his lips on yours, his skin against yours.

So when he has you naked, back pressed to his chest, legs spread and mouth open into a breathless moan while he fucks into you, one hand gripping your breast and the other between your legs, brushing against your clit, he knows he’s giving you exactly what you need - something good to erase the bad from your day.

Where: Ballroom
Who: any and all

Jairus held a glass of wine in one hand, the largest he could find, and took small sips as he wandered through the ballroom. With each sip, another burst of flavor appeared on his tongue, bringing forth a memory of something he’d loved once upon a time, and still did in some cases. The tang of salt water lingered on his lips this time as he licked away the latest sip of wine, surveying the dancers filling the ballroom. He adjusted the skull covering his face, and found a spot along the wall to lean against and simple…watch, for a time. Taking the occasional sip, searching for the one taste he wanted the most of all, and had yet to find.

The French King sat motionless upon his throne as his blue gaze skimmed the sea of people. Giving a nod to his guard, the man cleared his throats and captured the attention of the court. Pleased with the results, Charles came to his feet and lifted his glass of wine. “–With great pleasure, I receive you all and welcome you to France. May we all bask in this new found peace and friendship. God be with us all,” he announced in a tone loud enough to linger through large room. Bringing the glass down to to dismiss their attention, Charles began to float around and mingle with his foreign guests.